Schubert - Ave Maria

Saw a new "Mythbusters" commercial today that butchered the structure of this beautiful song. I felt compelled to lay down a stanza.

Playing piano on my electric, sorry for the synth piano sounds! That said, anybody want to donate me a real piano?!

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Author Joadson Serrinha ( ago)
Belo sonido

Author Donato Cicogna ( ago)

Author Rob Blokdijk ( ago)
heel mooi, gevoelig en ingehouden. precies zoals het moet zijn. lijkt mij
moeilijk met zo,n instrument er een tedere klank aan te geven!

Author Masercool R.S ( ago)
Que hermoso suena.....

Author Cynthia K. ( ago)
Love this; it made me cry. Gonna make an effort to master this to your

Author TheDigitalDev ( ago)
Sounds so silky, jesus

Author German Guillen ( ago)
que bella interpretaciòn.

Author Grashuehnchen ( ago)
WOW - I am not a trombone pro although playing for some years - but THIS
sounds just perfect :) Thx for sharing!

Author James Kiker ( ago)
Wonderful. Such beautiful tone. I'm an adult beginner, and aspire to sound
like that one day.

Author Stephanie Hernandez ( ago)

Author hector paez ( ago)
muy lindo

Author Donat Krasniqi ( ago)
very nice color of notes
ty for posting this awsome video dude .. :)

Author Frank Lombardo ( ago)
awesome job

Author Marcin Jarosiński ( ago)

Author LELIA MOSSORA ( ago)

Author Cyrano Ferguson ( ago)
phrasing and vibrato is perfect I love it !! just the right of frequency
every time

Author bionicpotato ( ago)
I didn't know a trombone could sound that good! Excellent performance! :)

Author Pedro Costa ( ago)
Adorei a forma de você tocar como também do seu som muito suave. :-)

Author Ken Lappin ( ago)
Luscious Sound well played!.

Author Antonio Martinez ( ago)
Beautiful sound!

Author brainamputees ( ago)
Very nice! Wonder if I'll be able to play like that some time. The sound is
so gentle and warm...

Author gossipgoatsx ( ago)
beautiful tone quaity!!

Author lolloPelz ( ago)
Very beautiful!! What a warm tone!!!!

Author piuskerala i ( ago)
Thank You Alex Van Duuren for posting this soft and soothing performance

Author Robert Lawrence ( ago)
Not bad, not bad at all - keep it up. You've got a very nice tone.

Author Pc305Videos ( ago)
well done man 

Author tulip hong ( ago)

Author Marc Cesarini ( ago)
can i have the piano accompaniment ??? where do you have this 

Author John Doe ( ago)

Author Roman Fabian ( ago)
very nice playing ! keep on! 

Author tobias dutta ( ago)
its wonderful can you send me the notes? Iam 11 years old and learn
trombone i want to play ave maria on a concert.You can send me maybe the
notes of

Author Brecht van Iersel ( ago)

Author Brecht van Iersel ( ago)
This is w

Author Katie Prutsman ( ago)
Wow, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ponnsss ( ago)
Tu gere tro ma geule continu as comme

Author REV99REV99 ( ago)
what is the trombone??? please

Author Pablo Ruiz henao ( ago)
Beautiful playing man... very enjoyable :)

Author Joel Chevyman ( ago)

Author Dean Suitman ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful my friend. Thanks a Lot.

Author Suprem Rai ( ago)
Do You Know Where I Can Get The Sheet Music For This Piece? Thank You And
Amazing Trombone Skills!

Author Johnny Guerrero ( ago)

Author tromuniapp ( ago)

Author tromuniapp ( ago)
go to 8notes, then trombone, then free sheet music

Author Brett Kelly ( ago)
The tone was full where needed, soft were needed, and forgiving in the
whole. The performance mastered your understanding of the musical concept
of an Ave Maria. Absolutely beautiful

Author Mannie Fresh ( ago)
where may I buy this score for piano and trombone??? 

Author Luke Miller ( ago)
Brilliant Tone :) Didn't sound like mud like all trombone players at my
school :)

Author MyShotek4You ( ago)
Pieknie ....

Author MusicOfthePlains ( ago)

Author MusicOfthePlains ( ago)
Bravo! Great quality... nothing to fancy or showy... just beautiful

Author Brian Johnston ( ago)
Obviously lyrical trombone is a major strength of yours! I can truly feel
for the emotion. Brilliant playing!

Author ClearBlackWater ( ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday :D

Author Jason Elliott ( ago)
I know this was uploaded quite a long time ago but just wanted to let you
know your musicality is refreshing. Keep the great sounds flowing! Thanks
for the post!

Author EHLOCALz ( ago)
Beautiful piano!

Author JamesEarl Mackey ( ago)
Thank you for this post . I played Trombone in grade and high school It had
been 42 years ago But know you have gave me back the bug and will start to
play once more take care the best to you From Earl I hane a conn 88h

Author David Thurston (562 years ago)
what type of trombone is that, cause im playing it on my trombone right
now, and my tone sounds nothing like that, raspy but clear. 

Author Felicia LBieber ( ago)
@TheCoreValuesdotcom oh np lol:P

Author Carl Runsten ( ago)
Very good man. You will one day enrich the world with your talent and the
fact that you picked up on the commercial and decided to honor Jamie, Adam
and Franz speaks of a very industrial mind. All luck to you. Cheers 

Author shoopwhoopX ( ago)

Author Alex van Duuren ( ago)
@dustinmcclelland15 Thanks for the kind words! And yeah, pick up the horn
again!! Now that there's no pressure with school you can just have fun with
it right?

Author Alex van Duuren ( ago)
@felicias07 sorry I was never able to find it after that first time that I
heard it. I guess it wasn't a very popular commercial.

Author Felicia LBieber ( ago)
do you have a link by any chance of the commercial?

Author Dustin McClelland ( ago)
I must say I could listen to you play for hours... I started trombone in
6th grade, and played up until I graduated high school... 1st chair for the
entirety.. I haven't played mine since mid 2007, and listening to this
makes me want to dust it off. Amazing job

Author Alex van Duuren ( ago)
@bryce1nico2 Thanks for the kind words! Just finished two M.M. degrees at
the Univ. of Michigan this past May (Trombone Performance and Chamber
Music). Started on Euphonium actually, 6th grade, picked up trombone in
late high school. And yeah I play jazz, what kind of trombone player would
I be if I didn't!? :)

Author SpaceOddity ( ago)
@SheepEl Try looking up "Christina England" and Ave Maria on YouTube. It
might be the same version.

Author stevenwall2010 ( ago)
good job btw.

Author stevenwall2010 ( ago)
can you put a link to the commercial?

Author SheepEl ( ago)
@NielThomas16 The song was made by Franz Schubert, but I can't find the
exact version with that lady singing. I have an iPhone and I used the
program Shazam to tag the song. It came up on the program as Ave Maria
(Orch, Laszlo Kovacs) Franz Shubert. I can't really find that version, but
I'm going to keep looking. Thanks for the help! :)

Author SheepEl ( ago)
Does anyone know who the person was who was singing Ave Maria in the
Mythbusters commercial?! I want an MP3 file of it so bad!

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