Tractor crash,Tractor accident compilation 2015 Part 4

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  • flávio br
    flávio br 29 days ago


  • Daniel Forget
    Daniel Forget 7 months ago

    I enjoy so much farm tractor fail, they shouldn't be allowed on any roads except for dirty road, which they are build for. Those often causes accident due to a very low speed on 90km roads, people try to passing those jerks driving at 20-30km.

    • Yoshi LP
      Yoshi LP 16 days ago

      Daniel Forget Most stupid comment I've ever read.

    • Nittelay
      Nittelay 7 months ago

      without tractors driving on these roads you may not eat bread in the morning. Most importantly they clear snow on these high speed roads some places, other times in the city. All in all why cant the overtakers be more carefull?

  • guy p
    guy p 1 year ago

    the Russian tractor handles like the American Mustang

  • Tom Coleman
    Tom Coleman 1 year ago

    good video, liked

  • thecohorts
    thecohorts 1 year ago

    Glad to see that the Russians drive their tractors about like they drive their cars

  • Bukkitcraft_YT
    Bukkitcraft_YT 1 year ago

    tow Crash

  • That Guy 79
    That Guy 79 1 year ago

    video should be called "tractor has a shitty day!"

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins 1 year ago

    2:56 was great! That's what you get Merc driver for being a d*ck

  • Ryan Haywood
    Ryan Haywood 1 year ago

    any one hurt

  • Ryan Haywood
    Ryan Haywood 1 year ago

    so sorry for you all

  • Kenton Groombridge
    Kenton Groombridge 1 year ago

    Inadvertently clicked, but it was worth it.

  • Dusty Fortier
    Dusty Fortier 1 year ago

    Really ?? Is there one sober Russian?

  • Alexander Zaks
    Alexander Zaks 1 year ago

    держитесь от Тракторов, Самосвалов, Военной техники, как можно по дальше так как выигрывают при аварии всегда гиганты (

  • Finlay Armstrong
    Finlay Armstrong 1 year ago


  • юрій
    юрій 1 year ago

    ну раша ,є раша

  • J Watters
    J Watters 1 year ago


  • christine chapuis
    christine chapuis 1 year ago

    Impatience et inadaptation pout les maître mots...

  • jaqjaques
    jaqjaques 1 year ago

    Russia... No one is safe

  • amy stewart
    amy stewart 1 year ago

    4.49 this video is from the future!

  • James Williams
    James Williams 1 year ago

    Loved that last clip!

  • Danny Meijer
    Danny Meijer 1 year ago

    Snow on the road? lets drive fast...stupid russians even the farmers ar drunk

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