Maroon 5 - Animals

Maroon 5 - Animals

Director: Samuel Bayer

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Runtime: 4:41
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Author Enriqueta Flores ( ago)
I loved you

Author Julia Beatriz Viana ( ago)

Author Thecrazygamer 3d ( ago)
for real... BLOOD. that freaks me out. :/

Author Yuna Hina ( ago)

Author Poo Head ( ago)
Wrong video

Author Poo Head ( ago)

Author Tim Wan ( ago)
3:28 thank me later

Author Juan Pablo Muniz Parrandas ( ago)

Author เบียร์ ไงล่ะ ( ago)

Author LiamDude EPIC ( ago)

Author Alle Stocks ( ago)
This is fucking creepy. But it is a good song.

Author Sharon Willick ( ago)
I gotta say James looks awesome playing guitar & singing in this too, the whole band but he stands out!

Author Robo_Destroyer / Darth Troller ( ago)
Maroon V was better before

Author Creeperboy ( ago)

Author Alison C. ( ago)
Love the music and the video even though it's kinda weird 😅.

Author faye kennedy ( ago)
I <3 this song

Author Liam Weston ( ago)
In this video, when he surrounded by Dead pigs, he kinda makes me think of bloody face in American Horror Story Asylum.

Author vandana parthan ( ago)
yeah yeah I can't deny yo whoa like animals year owww preying on u 2night like animals dont lie

Author Jordan Hurtado ( ago)
the song starts in 0:40

Author Enzo Varela ( ago)

Author dillon 0499 ( ago)
almost like a snuff film but less gruesome

Author Ginger Slime ( ago)
Misheard lyrics-

Just like animals, animals, like animals balls


Author Mert Korkmaz ( ago)
bu bildiğin porno amk

Author celida a rodriguez de carvajal ( ago)
animals animals animals

Author jossy kassa ( ago)
my girl is so hot but she is anowing

Author IDItheCRAZY ( ago)
looks interesting. btw he looks hot

Author RobloxianNub Nopby ( ago)
holy sheet just founded my boner

Author boss boy ( ago)
how is this not age restricted

Author shabina wani ( ago)
f**kng hot song

Author Tushar Jain ( ago)
the song is really good...but the Vedio sucks...all about the beef in the Vedio ☠

Author Get Shrekt ( ago)
whos the girl

Author gam3rlike xon ( ago)

Author shanny murphy ( ago)
-hate him- love him💕

Author shanny murphy ( ago)
love him 💕💖

Author Maarika K ( ago)

Author Purwo Harjo ( ago)

Author Gracie FUCHSHOFER ( ago)
Awesome song

Author Anlaşılmaz ( ago)
Son sahneleri porno 64 e yükleseniz yeridir aq

Author Darth Cynue ( ago)
Whats that girl's name?

Author Pro Zilla ( ago)
Good song, but disgusting video even for non vegetarians like me.

Author Gaurav Sharma ( ago)
loved this song lol same situation here.

Author Renata Reis ( ago)
Porra caraio

Author นพดล คูละโคตร์ ( ago)
เเน่เเน่เลยVVFwave Kung ชั่ว

Author Abdul Ahad ( ago)
this song makes me so mad this song is very sexy

Author Explosions Kid ( ago)
he's like a stalker for most of this

Author PinkiePie Cupcake777 ( ago)
This is creepy but I love it ^^ it reminds me of a horror movie like texas chainsaw massacre even though I didn't watch the movie but i find it pretty cool and creepy

Author mich mellon ( ago)
this video must have triggered the VEGAN community.

Author Nathaniel Tuakimoana ( ago)
Bitch! Sorry kids if your reading my comments but he's a fucking "idiot"

Author Nathaniel Tuakimoana ( ago)
Teaching these kids things like this

Author Nathaniel Tuakimoana ( ago)
You fucking bastard bloody idiot shesh

Author Nathaniel Tuakimoana ( ago)
This "Animals" Video taught me a load of bad things when I was kinda little kid and plus I'm a educated 12YR boy now I ain't listening to any of this shit

Author kiss girl ( ago)
3:24 ..Watch your hand adams 😂😂

Author Tony Reckless ( ago)
This video gave a whole new meaning to the song.

Author Linda Ellingson ( ago)
Love this... makes me an animal!

Author Shawn081810 Evans ( ago)
you shold not make no music you are a dum

Author Adolfo Bazail ( ago)
It's better if u hear this song with out the weird pictures

Author D GAMES avs ( ago)
Good you song

Author Carlton- Gameing ( ago)

Author Daniella Castillo N ( ago)
Tyler and Hannah Baker...

Author Jessica Collins ( ago)
one of the werdest videos ever but nice song buddy

Author Luis DemattiaBitencourt ( ago)
quem not gostou dessa music vai toma. .nu cu

Author john earnest Garcia ( ago)
Werid and normal kisses

Author john earnest Garcia ( ago)

Author john earnest Garcia ( ago)
This video its werid be becase blood kisses ao werid

Author Tenar10r ( ago)
Crazy stalker wrongness all over the place; but DAMN!!!!

Author Bibek Rai ( ago)
this video is creepy like it showed peopels body O_O but i like the song

Author Samuel Gizaw ( ago)
why did you pause it at 0:33

Author Teammatethaturr 7 ( ago)
What the why was there someone eating someone wierd😱

Author free advertisment ( ago)
great song

Author Nymsuren Nymka ( ago)

Author John ( ago)
christina grimmie

Author Gelson Gelyton ( ago)
algun BR curtindo esse som em 2017? showwwww

Author Loretaac ( ago)
Hey it's the guy from 13 reasons why lmaoo

Author Bonnie The Rabbit ( ago)
i hate the video and love the music

Author Elton Drizaj ( ago)

Author Momo backgame ( ago)

Author Phat Nguyen ( ago)
you guy are best

Author Dante fernandes ( ago)
alo alguem que fale portugues aqui ?

Author Maggie Grinie ( ago)
Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!! dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Cesar Jodar ( ago)
Lol , he copy like an animal

Author Cesar Jodar ( ago)
who knows roblox? Then this music remembers me of roblox in 2015 It was so beautiful

Author Sami Hilmi omar ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Çağlar ASLAN ( ago)
Maroon 5 ^^Ocak Dışısın !!!^^

Author Amanda Blanford ( ago)
Good song

Author Sarah Mix ( ago)
are you f****** teddy bear smell like f****** rideables dolls

Author Maria José Pinto ( ago)
Quem tá vendo em 2017

Author Sarah Mix ( ago)

Author Adrian Hernandez ( ago)
fuck off Hayley lamb

Author Josip Mršić ( ago)
stranger danger stranger danger!!!!!!!

Author Melissa Jhsn ( ago)
like animals🐅🐅🐅

Author Brun1nha Noob ( ago)
animals 👍 :-:

Author Sharon Willick ( ago)
Love the song, I like the version on the beach with Behati & other Victoria's Secret models too but I'm surprised that no one mentions the full on nude sex scene with Adam & Behati running through it...

Author Vishnu Sharma ( ago)
1:43 look at the reflection

Author แมงปอ ตาตี่ ( ago)

Author Mari Carmen Saura ( ago)
que asco

Author khongkiat kk ( ago)

Author Natalka Stoklasova ( ago)
I like it

Author سجاد علي ( ago)
3:56 maroon are naked😨

Author Mohammad Habibi ( ago)
Who's Watching in 2017?

Author RCB QUỲNH ( ago)
I like animal.i vietnames

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