Bermuda Triangle And Waverly Hills Hospital - Q+A

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  • Did we actually catch a ghost on camera at Waverly Hills?


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    Avenger Bomber
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  • SealMeat IsBestMeat
    SealMeat IsBestMeat 20 hours ago

    Shane is the only reason why I watch/subcribe. Ryan is just annoying, replace him. It's like he's incapable of thinking logically.

  • TD Hobi Hotdok
    TD Hobi Hotdok 2 days ago

    "Drink the blood of seagulls" JUSTIN SEAGULL?! ANY ARMYS HERE?!

  • Unknown _159
    Unknown _159 3 days ago

    please do the case of JonBenet Ramsey!!

  • Lily Nguyen
    Lily Nguyen 7 days ago

    *ghost strangles Shane*
    Shane: just the wind

  • Parvathy Biju
    Parvathy Biju 8 days ago

    It's a portal to the ghost zone! CASE CLOSED

  • Emily loveshorses
    Emily loveshorses 10 days ago

    I'm always scared when I watch these videos :(

  • Savannah Melissa
    Savannah Melissa 11 days ago

    I like how the books behind them are sorted by colours

  • AirisLT Gaming
    AirisLT Gaming 12 days ago

    MMaaаakeе Him Noooоticeee Yоu =>

  • Unique Element
    Unique Element 13 days ago

    Okay honestly people keep talking about ships and planes disappearing over the Bermuda triangle but why the hell does no one send a freaking submarine to the place I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!! You could at least try doing that.

  • Mamoona Sadia
    Mamoona Sadia 14 days ago

    Are You Whaaaat Heee's Loooking Fooоr?

  • DEUnknownPLAY3R
    DEUnknownPLAY3R 14 days ago

    ghost are real.

  • Artastic Nerd
    Artastic Nerd 14 days ago

    Best show on BuzzFeed👏

  • Seren McKeever
    Seren McKeever 14 days ago

    In answer to the ball bouncing two extra times, my ten year old sister turned to me and went (while shrugging), "It bounced of a wall to under that graffiti."

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 14 days ago

    If Shane ever asked me my age I'd definitely lie bc I'm only 18 but he's my favorite person that I've never actually met

  • Divya Sood
    Divya Sood 15 days ago

    Ryan had such an infectious laugh I love it

  • Park Bg
    Park Bg 15 days ago

    2:53 "what are u doin" I CRIED FROM LAUGHING OMFG

  • TasoanSpawn
    TasoanSpawn 16 days ago

    Don't stop these either. They are awesome.

  • Melissa Flora
    Melissa Flora 18 days ago

    They are so fricken' funny! They remind me a bit of Mulder & Scully!! 😉

    Ryan ( or anyone who enjoys these vids) would probably enjoy the Event Group Thriller Book Series by David Lynn Golemon. A great series for anyone who loves X-Files or theoretical musings on the unknown.

  • 222 Paranormal Podcast

    Great show

  • Al Mac Clem Dava
    Al Mac Clem Dava 20 days ago

    I just noticed that shane looks like zaza pachulia

  • nil -
    nil - 21 day ago

    They work so well because Shane is so incredulous/amused by Ryan's optimism and strong beliefs in the supernatural, and Ryan is so amused by Shane's cynicism lmao!

  • Lorisa214
    Lorisa214 21 day ago

    Do The Black Donnellys from Ontario, Canada!!

  • Minhee Yang
    Minhee Yang 21 day ago

    they need their own channel

  • Cryssi Ortiz
    Cryssi Ortiz 22 days ago

    This is the BEST part of Buzzfeed! Shane and Ryan need their own show! Ghostin'!

  • Aden Collins
    Aden Collins 22 days ago

    play one man hide and seek

  • TheKatVocals
    TheKatVocals 22 days ago

    I love this show you guys are so awesome!! This is literally the only reason I'm subscribed to buzzfeed!!

  • Quinn McCarley
    Quinn McCarley 22 days ago

    Gonna have to dislike because no big foot walking by at 0:42

  • a rainbow kitten
    a rainbow kitten 22 days ago

    actually there is a explanation for it. there are pockets of methane gas at the bottom of the ocean. and there's a lot of earth quakes. so when those pockets rupture. the methane rise to the surface of the ocean and catches the boat or plane and brings it to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Ruby Sapphire
    Ruby Sapphire 22 days ago

    *watches this* *downloads Twitter and Instagram and stalks them both and spams with questions and theories* (this is what the average unsolved superfan would do of they didn't have social media)

  • Malliee Wright
    Malliee Wright 23 days ago

    Do Jeffery Dahmer Please!!!

    BOBAFETT895 23 days ago

    you guys need to meet Robert the doll

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 23 days ago

    You know what??? I always believed Area 51 is the way hiding illvermony....... and I still do

  • Agie Kelly
    Agie Kelly 24 days ago

    The only danger of Ryan and Shane being in a sailboat wouldn't be that their in the sea it's that it's. ryan. and. shane. in. a. sailboat. alone. at. sea.

  • Elise Frigoli
    Elise Frigoli 25 days ago

    I love that they debunked the camera guy in the background. They could have glossed over those comments for entertainment value, but the fact that they brought it up and explained it makes the times in the show that something is less explainable seem much more genuine

  • MlpMovieMagic
    MlpMovieMagic 25 days ago

    I doubt you guys'll see this but you should totally look into the Lady in Red that apparently haunts the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. And maybe also the Waterfront Station in Vancouver. But I think the Lady in Red is the most interesting.

  • CoolHouseCat
    CoolHouseCat 25 days ago

    I was expecting the picture of the cameraman to not scare me...but it did. lol

  • Bailey Clyborne
    Bailey Clyborne 25 days ago

    Shane how can you possibly believe 100% that it's not aliens. we live on a floating rock in a endless space with no real end. you can say as a "scientist" that you don't believe because no has seen.

  • Kristina
    Kristina 26 days ago

    which episode is the one with the blue ball?

    • Kristina
      Kristina 26 days ago

      nevermind, found it :D
      The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital

  • Alex Papadopoulos
    Alex Papadopoulos 26 days ago

    LOL @ Satanic Verses book

  • jenandotherdrugs
    jenandotherdrugs 26 days ago

    I'd love if they had a podcast 😭❤️

  • ABCD U can't see me
    ABCD U can't see me 26 days ago

    either Shane a ghost or Ryan is a ghost I just feel it

  • Claire Zhang
    Claire Zhang 26 days ago

    it'd be cool if you talked about the assassination attempts/conspiracy theories - like Princess Diana's death and the JFK case

  • Helen Vallente
    Helen Vallente 26 days ago

    You should do The Lochness monster or the champion lake monster they have a theory on it saying they were time traveling monsters

  • justine rose
    justine rose 26 days ago

    The bravest one is the camera guy tho like every paranormal series

  • Mariah Stavros
    Mariah Stavros 27 days ago

    I live here in Louisville and our area code is 502 and i think thats weird because thats the room were the nurse killed herself

  • MirageGamer-xPro
    MirageGamer-xPro 27 days ago

    To me, Shane looks 50 % like Messi...

  • Sandrine Maurin
    Sandrine Maurin 28 days ago

    Мesmerizeeee him =>

  • DreamCastleProductions

    6:00 ah, so that's the real poor sole we've all been feeling bad for

  • Cindy Irizarry
    Cindy Irizarry 28 days ago

    I love Ryan Smile

  • Cainmak
    Cainmak 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who keeps looking at the Death Beam book in the background?

  • Emmaline Lancaster
    Emmaline Lancaster 29 days ago

    If this series ends without Shane finally believing in the paranormal, IM RIOTING!!

  • Ashley Lariosa
    Ashley Lariosa 29 days ago

    I really hope I dont see a video titled 'Why I Left Buzzfeed' from either of them. bec Chris Reinacher leaving really bummed me out no more Chicken Watch videos with Keith :(

  • Robin Masih
    Robin Masih 29 days ago

    There are actually more magnetic places such as the Bermuda Triangle, an example of this is is the devil's triangle

  • Emily Totallynotbees

    1:35 Shane looks so very tired

  • keira Stewart
    keira Stewart 1 month ago

    And it's not real

  • keira Stewart
    keira Stewart 1 month ago

    I live in bermuda

  • Johnna Gabrielle Catap

    you should go to the philippines there are so many haunted places here

  • PandaKitty AJ
    PandaKitty AJ 1 month ago

    Unsolved mysteries need their own challenge.

  • Judikaël G
    Judikaël G 1 month ago

    Someone likes some Anne Rice.

  • Brandon Jones. Stick bot,lego,Minecraft, songs

    I m scitd now😞😞😫😫😫😐😐

  • im an alien
    im an alien 1 month ago

    "maybe he's with dinosaurs" I can't stand Shane 😂😂😂

  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker 1 month ago


  • Vin Milan
    Vin Milan 1 month ago

    What if a hobo bounced the ball a few extra times

  • bunga hatti
    bunga hatti 1 month ago

    tag yourself im *"if you get dehydrated at sea i think you can drink the blood of seaguls"*

  • yang yixi
    yang yixi 1 month ago

    I recall an episode of X files is about that those who got lost in the Bermuda triangle were actually transported to the past.

  • winifred hentzel
    winifred hentzel 1 month ago

    the scariest part of the little "ghost cameraman" video was the face that ryan was making haha

  • xXPandaMiniXx
    xXPandaMiniXx 1 month ago

    What about when they were down in the tunnel and it looked like two glowing eyes towards then in one frame? I forget the exact time in the video though

  • Justin Hamilton
    Justin Hamilton 1 month ago if seagulls were plentiful enough to live on their blood. You ever try to catch a seagull, never mind tried to catch one on a boat.

  • Oddess Goddess
    Oddess Goddess 1 month ago

    If you go into the Bermuda Triangle, watch out, you are in the sea of monsters. THE CYCLOPS WILL GET YOU (like if you get the reference)

  • Pug PvP
    Pug PvP 1 month ago

    Yknow wht sucks? these guys can't appear in any other cntent or reply to any of our comments or they'll get fired :/

  • Alexis Rose
    Alexis Rose 1 month ago

    Isn't the 'alternate Bermuda Triange' called the Dragon's Triangle?
    The book Deep Fathom by James Rollins talks about it a bit, and it is pretty interesting to think about

  • idc Meh
    idc Meh 1 month ago

    next on buzzfeed unsolved: The Drak net cases

  • Jonah Earls
    Jonah Earls 1 month ago

    what abunt the kerns of the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Haider Abbas
    Haider Abbas 1 month ago

    I think you two should have a netflix show.... and shane, you're amazing, often times you say the exact same thing that I've been thinking.... and to all the ghost and demon believesr out there, why do you have to come up with supernatural causes for the events that have a lot of plausible and reasonable and natural causes ??? All the things people claim are the work of supernatural beings can be explained with careful examination and reasoning

  • Bess Of Hardwick
    Bess Of Hardwick 1 month ago

    "Maybe he's with dinosaurs now!" LOL

  • Nadya Patricia
    Nadya Patricia 1 month ago

    satanic verses on the back? really?

  • Meghan Adkinson
    Meghan Adkinson 1 month ago

    Please keep making buzzfeed unsolved 😭 I've watched buzzfeed for years now and this is definitely my favorite kind. You all are a perfect combo

  • Ulises Aguilar
    Ulises Aguilar 1 month ago

    When Ryan said "there's other sciences we don't know about, like science that explains aliens", we do know about it, sort of, there's recently this thing called astrobiology that studies life that isn't on earth

    AREDD 1 month ago

    only thing great that came out of buzzfeed

  • Alice Bea-Holl
    Alice Bea-Holl 1 month ago

    Any one else think that their cameraman looks like Corinne from ThreadBanger

  • Woody Fruity
    Woody Fruity 1 month ago

    the ball... why did it stop at the middle of the hallway

  • Chisa Winchester
    Chisa Winchester 1 month ago

    pls do mandela effect. im really curious about a man from non exist country (or is it?) called taured

  • CarowTheDreamer
    CarowTheDreamer 1 month ago

    Okay this is a great idea!

  • Kendall Mason
    Kendall Mason 1 month ago

    I say this on every video, but you guys have GOT TO LOOK INTO THE JERSEY DEVIL!

  • m28
    m28 1 month ago

    Buzzfeed better better paying Shane and Ryan generously, without them, the amount of viewers lost would be insane...

  • Farhan Wazir
    Farhan Wazir 1 month ago

    You guys doing a great job for all of the people who watch your videos 🤗

  • Lingon Berryschnorrer

    So Shane is like Dr Richard Strand

  • royarden11
    royarden11 1 month ago

    I LOVE the two of you together! such a great, funny team. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK.

  • arlene james
    arlene james 1 month ago

    YES they revealed the camera man!

  • Rebecca Villebro
    Rebecca Villebro 1 month ago

    Love that they actually show you what really happened and don't lie to make a good show. Like the ghost/cameraman. They could easily say that I could be, but they tell the truth. That's really cool, and makes the series a lot more amazing! ☺️🤙🏽🙏🏽

  • leonardo ossandon
    leonardo ossandon 1 month ago

    I'm I the only one who got bummed out when he said Trump instead of Obama

  • Blair
    Blair 1 month ago

    Awesome job. Love Shane & Ryan

  • laurashlley
    laurashlley 1 month ago

    "I got trump on the horn: 'we gotta put more money in this' " LOL I'm laughing so hard

  • Maren McIlvaine-Newsad

    You guys should do one about the Macomb IL, poltergeist. Or just them in general. I hate scary movies, but this I'm not scared of for some reason. You guys are awesome and keep up the amazing stories!

  • Lareina Davis
    Lareina Davis 1 month ago

    when they say go back and watch the video its likes teachers saying "go back and walk this time" after they see you running in the hallway

  • M̡ͤâs̩̅s̜̈͟a̴͐c͍ͫ͞ȓ͓e̶ n͑a̴͓m͜e̞͢s̋

    is Shane taller than Ryan or is Ryan taller than Shane

  • ShortyStarRose
    ShortyStarRose 1 month ago

    you should put your Twitter and Instagram handles in the description please please

  • Geetika Agarwal
    Geetika Agarwal 1 month ago

    How deliciously ironic would it be if Shane saw absolute proof of a ghost but Ryan misses it?

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith 1 month ago

    Please go to the bell witch cave!!

  • harley Khan
    harley Khan 1 month ago

    the ball that stopped on rayn's name was how can Shane deney that that was creepy ....

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