David Guetta - Bang My Head (Official Video) feat Sia & Fetty Wap

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    (David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Nick Rotteveel, Marcus van Wattum, Christian Karlsson, Sia Furler, Vincent Pontare & Magnus Lidehall)
    Produced by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Nicky Romero and Marcus van Wattum
    Publishers: What A Publishing Ltd; Piano Songs/ BMG Talpa Music B.V. (BUMA) / Sony ATV (BMI); Nicky Romero Music/BMG Talpa Music B.V. ; EMI Music Publishing Ltd ; Universal Music Publishing AB.
    All Instruments and Programming by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Nicky Romero and Marcus van Wattum. Guitars : Pierre-Luc Rioux. Piano : Giorgio Tuinfort
    Recorded at Piano Music Studio's Amsterdam, Netherlands and Protocol Studio's Veenendaal, Netherlands
    Recording Engineer: Marcus van Wattum
    Vocals Engineers: Benny Steele, Chris "TEK" O'Ryan
    Mixed by Daddy's Groove, David Guetta and Marcus van Wattum at Test Pressing Studio's Naples, Italy and Protocol Studio's Veenendaal, Netherlands. Mixed by Paul Power and Giorgio Tuinfort at Power Sound Studio's Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Sia appears courtesy of Monkey Puzzle Records and RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment for the World, and courtesy of Inertia Music for Australia and New Zealand
    Fetty Wap appears courtesy of 300 Entertainment
    (P) & (C) 2015 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

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  • Runtime: 3:34
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  • Angelina Silva
    Angelina Silva 51 minute ago

    is that Adriana Lima?

  • Sylle MKK
    Sylle MKK 12 hours ago

    World's best song?!

  • Sylle MKK
    Sylle MKK 12 hours ago

    I LOVE IT!

  • Richard Smedley
    Richard Smedley 13 hours ago

    Such inspirational lyrics.

  • Robert Mackie
    Robert Mackie 1 day ago

    Does this song lift you up or what?

  • Stephen Atkins
    Stephen Atkins 2 days ago

    Need to get out more if only just heard it lol

    UNKNOWN 2 days ago

    Can't understand her lyrics at all until you search for lyric of this music in Google.

  • Aron Juares
    Aron Juares 3 days ago


  • stephen barendz
    stephen barendz 3 days ago


  • Aron Juares
    Aron Juares 4 days ago


  • Anna Paula
    Anna Paula 4 days ago

    2017 ?

  • brytani urbina
    brytani urbina 4 days ago

    Amo esta canción......😍😍😍😍😍ARRIBA EL POP

  • John Mosquera
    John Mosquera 4 days ago

    the best

  • leonardo flores
    leonardo flores 5 days ago


  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez 5 days ago

    which part is better?
    Sia part vs. Fetty Wap part

  • Rachid Ferdouz
    Rachid Ferdouz 5 days ago

    David Guetta dia feat

  • Yael Hasson
    Yael Hasson 6 days ago

    wEON, sinceramente arruinaron la versión original ¬¬

  • Aroh Rl_9
    Aroh Rl_9 7 days ago

    this song and this one's for you by guetta for euros 2016 have similar beats

    SUMIT BARAI 7 days ago

    damn what a voice sia has

  • Carina Najar
    Carina Najar 8 days ago

    In the song sia sings super good

  • Cansu Ayık
    Cansu Ayık 9 days ago

    Who is watch in 2017?

  • Maximiliano Morales San Miguel

    i love it this song it my favorite sia and david is the best

  • B.O.F. Murphy
    B.O.F. Murphy 10 days ago

    wow,I ♥ you

  • Khaled Idir
    Khaled Idir 11 days ago

    super ❤

  • Ozan Ünlü
    Ozan Ünlü 12 days ago

    burda turkler her yerde dimi

  • Ndioro Gueye
    Ndioro Gueye 12 days ago

    Why do we only hear songs about sex, and drugs at the radio when song like this exist! This song is amazing !!!

  • Elvira Igorevna
    Elvira Igorevna 13 days ago


  • A d r i a n c o n s t a n t i n e s c u

    fetty wap damage the melody

  • Dumitru Marcel Mitria

    Fetty Wap 1:59

  • A d r i a n c o n s t a n t i n e s c u

    fetty wapp = no

  • Daiana Ramos
    Daiana Ramos 14 days ago


  • Laila Patricia
    Laila Patricia 14 days ago


  • Micro penesito VC
    Micro penesito VC 14 days ago

    No se ingles pero solo se decir, Hello my brothar

  • AnderssonArad
    AnderssonArad 14 days ago

    Fetty Wap: -- "" dihgajjd dhsg nxhwgssk sjkehgidhjs hwjihdahdh ""

    Jules: -- "" English motherfucka do you speak it ? ""

  • GekidoLAUNCH
    GekidoLAUNCH 15 days ago

    When he's thrusting his dick into your mouth near a wall 🍆💦💦😩🙌🙌

  • Aymie Martin-Holmes
    Aymie Martin-Holmes 15 days ago

    Not heard this song in ages❤
    Love it❤
    Give a like if you agree❤

  • MelissaPlotagon fgvgffggf

    "I will ride a buffalo."

  • Teresia Akinyi
    Teresia Akinyi 16 days ago

    keep it up guys, I love the song very much n to add on that, Fetty Wap killed me with his voice

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 16 days ago

    is that the guy from Bad Romance?

  • benjamin Miami
    benjamin Miami 18 days ago

    I love it

  • Marius Marcu
    Marius Marcu 19 days ago

    foarte mult imi place acest hit💕

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 20 days ago

    is anybody watching this in 2017?

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King 22 days ago

    Every time I hear Fetty's part, I hear "my children are smelling and that makes m happy" and after that, I can't take what he's saying seriously. I know that isn't what he's saying but the first time I heard it, it gave me a laugh.

  • Davi Steinkopf
    Davi Steinkopf 23 days ago

    Amo ❤

  • Diogo Matos
    Diogo Matos 24 days ago

    Best video clip i've ever seen 👍👍

  • Thomas smile
    Thomas smile 25 days ago


  • Thomas smile
    Thomas smile 25 days ago


  • Alina  Cardenas
    Alina Cardenas 25 days ago

    me encanta david guetta preferidas Bang mi head y titanium idolo

  • Unfitproduct
    Unfitproduct 26 days ago

    not bad.

  • Александр Семенов

    Девид, ты сделал наш мир лучше!

  • andrea urrutia
    andrea urrutia 29 days ago

    fantastic song 👍

  • Luis Gavilanez
    Luis Gavilanez 1 month ago

    Still prefering the first version :v

  • thakur chand
    thakur chand 1 month ago

    what is the name of that beautiful girl ??

  • Cade Del Rey
    Cade Del Rey 1 month ago

    Literally searched for sia ooooohhhhhh

  • Mr Cocky
    Mr Cocky 1 month ago

    can i get likes for no reason?

  • Mery Corderito 666
    Mery Corderito 666 1 month ago


  • Jhòmer Gòmez
    Jhòmer Gòmez 1 month ago


  • Inés Slime
    Inés Slime 1 month ago


  • Washington Gomes Lara

    muito bom

  • GodMother Vee
    GodMother Vee 1 month ago

    Just here for the fashion

  • Sergio Ricardo
    Sergio Ricardo 1 month ago

    Bolsonaro 2018

  • AdiLadi GT
    AdiLadi GT 1 month ago


  • Ramos D
    Ramos D 1 month ago

    Is there a faster version of this track? This is the first time I play it on YouTube and it sounds slower than the one I always hear at the gym.

  • Radeon extreme
    Radeon extreme 1 month ago

    when you realise you havnt listened to this in a year "bang my head across the wall"

  • 太郎曙
    太郎曙 1 month ago


  • guani lucas
    guani lucas 1 month ago

    This song is pretty damn good 😊

  • Ariadne Hunter Hidalgo


  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor 1 month ago

    Love this track. Love Sia's vocal…simply magical...

  • AngelVargasVevo
    AngelVargasVevo 1 month ago

    this song is art🚬

  • anoir elgareh
    anoir elgareh 1 month ago

    I invite you to embrace the religion of Islam

  • Siddhartha Khare Khare

    Is that guy Apashe sitting in front of David Guetta

  • Computer Science
    Computer Science 1 month ago

    David Guetta + Sia = Other DJs Bang their Heads why they can't create such great Music Whoaa ! :x

  • Epic Zoak
    Epic Zoak 1 month ago

    Anybody know what sia is saying, like, at all? I don't understand any of it, literally any of it, I understand Fetty Wap more than sia, that's sad

    • Mia Hd
      Mia Hd 1 month ago

      I understand her

  • Francisco Mtz
    Francisco Mtz 1 month ago

    Like Si Hablas Español

    • Mia Hd
      Mia Hd 1 month ago

      Si si amigo, si si

  • Luciano Roman Favela Basoco

    se que te vale madres mi comentario y no lo tomas en cuenta ^_= ^_= ^_=

  • Life Enjoyer
    Life Enjoyer 1 month ago

    hello ♡

  • MyGuyWiFi
    MyGuyWiFi 1 month ago

    My children are smiling and that makes me happy -my fav line :p

  • Mohamed Gamal
    Mohamed Gamal 1 month ago

    David + SIA = no1

  • ღkittzellaღ
    ღkittzellaღ 1 month ago

    I will ride a buffaloooo 😂

  • Teniola Anipole
    Teniola Anipole 1 month ago

    I have being looking for this song for like ever

  • Joao Pedro Moreira
    Joao Pedro Moreira 1 month ago

    Nao sei pq feat sia ela nao participou o video so nao é dela mas se eu baixar no meu celular como musica nem vou lembrar desses nomes no título exceto o carinha que aparece rapidamente

  • Berry Gaming
    Berry Gaming 1 month ago

    whats this video about?

  • Beef Watermelon MSP
    Beef Watermelon MSP 1 month ago

    bang my head again buffalo?

  • Beef Watermelon MSP
    Beef Watermelon MSP 1 month ago

    bang my head against the wall
    i like cheese but i'm balling to fall ?

    sorry I think thats it

  • Fatih Burak kaya
    Fatih Burak kaya 1 month ago

    Guetta naptın Guetta

  • faithful gamer
    faithful gamer 1 month ago

    i literally typed in " I will ride a buffalo" and ended up here.

  • Cameron Clack
    Cameron Clack 1 month ago

    Anyone else think the actress looks hugely like Maggie Greene (twd)/ or Lauren Cohan

  • moasb moasb
    moasb moasb 1 month ago


  • PuppyLover
    PuppyLover 1 month ago

    hahahahah oh my God in literally dyign

  • Melahat Ayaztekin
    Melahat Ayaztekin 1 month ago


  • DJEarthzhaker
    DJEarthzhaker 1 month ago

    'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

  • NyanCatGaming
    NyanCatGaming 1 month ago

    Who Else Thought She Said "i will ride a buffalo"

  • Ni'ara Oliver
    Ni'ara Oliver 1 month ago

    I just love this song this song is life 😍😍😍😍😍👏👏

  • 21crybabiesinthebluebadlandsneighborhood


  • Matias Arce
    Matias Arce 1 month ago

    Bang my Head (feat. Sia)

    David Guetta

    Buy for USD1.29


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    I was bound, was tired
    Hadn't seen a light so long
    Thought I lost my fight
    Couldn't find my way back home
    And I felt the light stepping out of me
    I was bound, and tired
    Waiting for daylight (Daylight daylight, and I)

    Bang my head against the wall
    Though I felt light headed, now I know I will not fall
    I will rise above it all
    Found what I was searching for
    Though I felt light headed
    I should have failed, and nailed the floor
    Instead I rose above it all

    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Bang my head against the wall
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Instead I rose above it all
    (Bang my head against the wall)

    When you think you're giving up, just know
    You might think you're dying but you won't
    And you feel the life stepping out of you
    But when you think of giving up, don't (Oh)

    Bang your head against the wall
    You may feel light headed, but you won't crawl, no, you won't fall
    You will rise above it all
    You'll find what you're searching for
    And you may feel light headed
    You think you're gonna hit the floor
    Instead you rise above it all

    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Bang your head against the wall
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Instead you rise above it all
    (Bang my head against the wall)

    I have broken wings
    I keep trying, keep trying
    No I won't give up
    Oh I'm flying, oh I'm flying

    Bang my head against the wall
    Though I feel light headed, now I know I will not fall
    I will rise above it all
    Found what I was searching for
    Though I felt light headed,
    I should have failed, and nailed the floor
    Instead I rose above it all

    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Bang my head against the wall
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Bang my head against the wall (Ooh)
    Bang my head against the wall (Ooh)
    Instead I rise above it all

  • Al Nero
    Al Nero 1 month ago

    this song is great grettings from Albania

  • Emiliano Jaret Camacho Garcia

    like si les gusta David guetta

  • Andy
    Andy 1 month ago

    captions dont work..

  • Alessandro Navarro
    Alessandro Navarro 1 month ago


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