Sheet music, melodytracks and backtracks.

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Author Lubov Afonina (3 months)
Вы, лучший !!!!!

Author Daniel Ridhwana (6 months)
it's totally cool what's the name of song

Author Lee Terry Meisinger (5 months)
Every time I check out this great video it just gets better- a classic
accordion video.

Author Valentino Panti (29 days)
you're a complete artist, my congratulations

Author SeniorVolf (26 days)

Author János Bolló (19 days)

Author patrick materazzo (2 years)
WOW!!! This is the best rendition of this song I have ever listened to. The
accordionist is fantastic and the chicks aren't bad either. USA

Author sufr50 (2 years)
Where is this? HEAVEN!!!?

Author Maestro0nullsieben (2 years)
just raped the thumbs-up button d|^_^|b i love that :)

Author szunaj415 (2 years)
Super wykonanie. gratuluje!! jk

Author darekziom5 (2 years)

Author MARCO PROIETTI (2 years)
this is video...beautiful...good

Author Марина Климова (2 years)
Олег, это потрясающе!!!!! Подскажите, а в какой программе Вы себя вырезали
и накладывали фон?

Author Nino Gonzalez (2 years)
Perfecta música para mover las caderas. Los nueve muertos que no les gustó
esta interpretación son unos pasmados. Me fascina la destreza con que tocas
el acordeón. Me dan deseos de irme a Brasil ahora mismo. Saludos desde la
Florida Central, un puertorriqueño admirador...

Author Renáta Böjtös (1 year)
You are good!!!! Very good

Author Oleg Baksheev (11 months)
Thank you!!!

Author JacquiT3 (2 years)
Really great playing. Im guessing those semi naked ladies help with the

Author anglani savino (2 years)
bellissima interpretazione...bravoooo

Author urfunked (2 years)
Incredible, great player. Just loved this version.

Author Oleg Baksheev (2 years)
@RolandfionaRuby123 Thank you very much! Again I like Australia and I want
to Australia!

Author Roland Thewes (2 years)
no I mean the music tico tico not the clip lol

Author MrCharliedub1 (1 year)
A big thanks to OlegBaksheev for this upload ,great tune love it a lot it's
my no1 right now and what is tune call that he is playing :)

Author Oleg Baksheev (3 years)
@udo52531 Thank you, brother, thank you!

Author alain laplaud (1 year)
waouuuuuuuuuh !!!!!!!!!!! Magnifique quel virtuose!

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)
Thank you Steven!!!

Author Mike Mastropaolo (1 year)
Thank you so much!! Look forward to playing it. My accordion is over 50
years old and am looking at new ones. Trying to break the code on the
Roland Models. A little confusing. E mail

Author Oleg Baksheev (2 years)

Author TheYepess (1 year)
mój tata ma na imie roland

Author Giulio Sironi (2 years)
Molto bravo, complimenti,bella musica ben suonata .Bel video. Ciao Giulio

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)
Thank you!!!

Author Aggelos Bacharidis (1 year)
try to open more the bellows to lool like more real cause i knows its a
digital accordion btw excellent !

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)

Author PHOBOSEDEMOS (2 years)
Brazilian song.Brazilian girls are beautiful

Author JON195660 (3 years)
Шикарный клип,виртуозное исполнение!!! Так держать!!!

Author Lee Terry Meisinger (1 year)
Gets better every time I listen to it

Author Руслан Гаджиев (1 year)
Круть какая!!! Ууууууххххххх!!! Класс!

Author Oleg Baksheev (3 years)
@JON195660 Есть,так держать!

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)

Author joão carvalho Oliveira (1 year)
O ritmo e a alegria , na interpretação fazem da Música Brasileira ÚNICA!

Author serge debaecke (11 months)
Superbe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author scandalli53 (2 years)

Author Nobby W. (2 years)
You play this song super good. I have never heard such a improvisation. You
re`` simply the best.Many graetings from Germany Nobby W.

Author accordioncafe (2 years)
Great playing, hot vid, amazing sounds from the accordion. Areally well put
together production. A pleasure to listen to you and the girls were
mmmmmamamia ######

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)
Благодарю Вас!!!

Author GeoDX25 (2 years)
Ну клип, конечно, немного хулиганский :))) но в целом очень динамично!
Заметно, что автор - человек увлеченный и играет с большим удовольствием и
профессионализмом. Глиссанды вообще дьявольские!

Author Oleg Baksheev (1 year)
Благодарю Вас Руслан!!!

Author amarcordeon (2 years)
Awesome! Fantastic! My applause! Congratulations! ****** Lillo

Author Lidio Desideri (1 year)
desideri ..sei un mostro di bravura........

Author Mike Mastropaolo (1 year)
My e-mail address is thank you so much! I am a
Shriner and we do a fund raiser melodrama in March. I will play ths during
the intermission if I can master it by then.

Author Oleg Baksheev (2 years)

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