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Author P.Kay (5 years)
pls pls pls i need the name :D

Author Marco T (5 years)
que vergonha

Author Renata Moura (4 years)
inha inha inha , o forte delas é a COORDENAÇÃO ! rs

Author loip1982 (5 years)
mas parecen locas antes que bailarinas.... que perdidas estan... no pueden
ni bailar

Author P.Kay (5 years)
thx very much ;)

Author Caio Ribeiro (5 years)
concordo, se queriam dançar lambada, colocassem a música de kaoma, isso aí
é só coreografia! Lambada tem que ter par!!!

Author Leo Mattos (5 years)
It's Ivete Sangalo singing.. from Salvador-BAHIA she sings AXÉ, mixed with
very good players... a lot of Jazz sentences... This drumms is Timbal,
famous by Charlinhos Brown.. try find them!

Author Julia Sousa de Arruda (3 years)

Author supersexysweetheart0 (5 years)
k rraro se mira k todas traigan zapatos blancos, y k aya solo una k traiga
zapatos negros,, jejejeje, y lo k no me gusto es k abia una muchachas k
estaban mirando al lado para ber lo k asia la otra, eso es una sena de k no
practico los pasos,,

Author barbaritaln (3 years)
pobrecitas son muy tiesas para bailar .. que verguenza no bailaria asi en
la calle ...

Author 2Good2Be4Ever (3 years)
They are having fun performing in the street. Not quite altogether, but
it's alright for beginners. Thanks for uploading the video.

Author P.Kay (5 years)
Oh I <3 it soooooo much! But this version is different and I like very much
the drums in it! Lovely :D Do u know the name of this version of Lambada?

Author MultiGolozo69 (3 years)
no me gusto y miren que yo si soy admirador de buenas hembras

Author Ana Azevedo (3 years)
Lambada???? Onde????

Author Floydian76 (3 years)
seu porra! não tem vergonha de publicar essa porrada?

Author omarcho7 (3 years)
q feo no saben bailar jajajajajjaja pobrecitas

Author masyapacani (5 years)
Que lambada es esto.

Author Ivette Santos (3 years)
no me gusto el video para nada

Author Amy Diaz (5 years)
@pkayVIP .....(Kaoma - Lambada) diz is the original song....♥i love it!!

Author UTsmak30 (5 years)
estan tan perdidas, si fue una competicion me imagino que no ganaron!they
are so lost it look so wrong

Author teenfashionuk (6 years)
This is a good dance addition, is there other examples of this Dance
Troupe? I assume it is Brazil.

Author Esteban medina garcia (5 years)
de donde son ???????

Author Anelise Belusso (4 years)
Era pra ficar bonito? kkkkkkkkkkk Era pra ficar zenzual? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Author jessica dejojutla (2 years)

Author wildangus999 (3 years)
the girl with the blue skirt is hot

Author P.Kay (5 years)
What is the music? Awesome!

Author hadita166 (4 years)
era una rutina de ejercicio? la verdad es que no bailan...son como muy
tiesas o algo asi...muy mal

Author Amy Diaz (5 years)
(Kaoma - Lambada)

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