Watch How A Surprise Bake Sale Made People's Day!

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  • We partnered with our friends at Nestlé Toll House to throw an amazing bake sale for people who want to help their loved ones. A mom who wants to help her son's preschool, two students who want to help a friend in need... everyone was excited to support these incredible people! When you bake some good, you never know what incredible moments will come of it! And who wouldn't be excited to do some good if it means eating cookies?
    If you could take over a bake sale for a day and help someone you care about, who would you raise money for?

    Learn how you can get involved and #BakeSomeGood for your community:

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Comments: 29

  • Maya Elaina
    Maya Elaina 9 days ago

    what's so bad about nestle?

  • Dee Omar Legacy
    Dee Omar Legacy 1 month ago


  • xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx

    They should have laced the cookies with crack, so people would get addicted and buy more

  • DanDann
    DanDann 1 month ago

    im sad that you guys would have anything to do with Nestle :'(

    IIKHALAII 1 month ago

    It would have been nice but the acting is just to obvious.

  • Julia Esther
    Julia Esther 1 month ago

    nestle, really? very soul-less company...:(

  • jessica t.
    jessica t. 1 month ago

    the idea itself was beautiful..unfortunately it was sponsored by such an awful company ><

    • jessica t.
      jessica t. 1 month ago

      hey sorry for the late reply, i didn't get the notification :/

      i personally consider nestle an awful company because, they used to send employees of the company, dressed as medical staff, to third world countries promoting their milk powder by giving away free products without any education, which is especially in these regions a terrible thing to do. Children were put at risk because mothers didn't have access to clean water. In other occcasions the infant got  used to the new milk and the mothers breasts didn't produce any milk anymore, which then brought the mothers into great trouble because they couldn't afford to buy the milk powder.

      another reason is because the way nestle as a company or better said the owner of this company wants to privatize water, therefore of Course gaining more profit through selling bottled water.

      they used to use child work for their  chocolate products (not anymore but only because they were sued for it)

    • Niamh Lynch
      Niamh Lynch 1 month ago

      why are they awful? just curious

  • Hafsa YOUTUBE
    Hafsa YOUTUBE 1 month ago


  • Smok
    Smok 1 month ago

    This is awesome <3

  • Kerri Cz
    Kerri Cz 1 month ago

    Well I doubt that guy raised enough money for his sister to get an apartment from just one bake sale... but cute video anyway. Lol

  • Alvaro Alas
    Alvaro Alas 1 month ago

    wow good video

  • wolven moonstone
    wolven moonstone 1 month ago

    this channel is a precious cinnamon roll and must be protected

  • Philip Gipson
    Philip Gipson 1 month ago

    Well done, my friends!

  • eladbari
    eladbari 1 month ago

    *OK, OK ..we got it. It's a forced Nestle Ad..*
    *You don't have to shove it up our throats, guys... :|*

  • DreamCreations
    DreamCreations 1 month ago

    This would be something I would love to do soul pancake! Also if you can check out my email I sent to you too, it is very important 😊

  • Cooking Lessons for Dad

    Chocolate chip cookies would be the first thing I would buy at a bake sale (plus brownies!).

  • Vanessa Low
    Vanessa Low 1 month ago

    1:13 looks like Jazmine Garcia!!!

    • Vanessa Low
      Vanessa Low 1 month ago

      exactly! :)

    • Ric Pallo
      Ric Pallo 1 month ago

      Vanessa Low yooo I was just gna say isn't that Omar's girl? 😅

  • Carrie Crespino
    Carrie Crespino 1 month ago

    This is amazing. i should really try this.

  • Wren Mendes
    Wren Mendes 1 month ago

    this channel is so pure and amazing I love SoulPancake so much 💗

    • naeem channa
      naeem channa 1 month ago

      Wren Franta-Sivan-Mendes I agree with you 💙😊

  • Marisa & Smajo
    Marisa & Smajo 1 month ago

    Hey guys, we are a long distance couple and will be together in May. We have many big things coming! Go check us out if you want and subscribe for updates! Let us know what you think!

  • Jordan Pinkston
    Jordan Pinkston 1 month ago

    They should've made soul pancakes

  • Daro Atroshee
    Daro Atroshee 1 month ago


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