Training Vin Diesel and John Cena!!!

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    {DB} DYNAMICBOMB 10 hours ago

    i knew the last one was going to happen

  • EEProductions EJW
    EEProductions EJW 12 hours ago

    i never understood the use of straps

  • George Ramos
    George Ramos 22 hours ago

    Training for fast furious ?/

  • SpY 2.0
    SpY 2.0 22 hours ago

    2:15 OMG

  • harvey orbeta
    harvey orbeta 23 hours ago

    what company logo is Vin Diesel wearing on his shirt? i'm a 3rd world shit head sorry.

  • Victor Everlove
    Victor Everlove 2 days ago

    That was REALLY stupid! OK, I started laughing when Cena started dancing(?).

  • Drangel Juega
    Drangel Juega 3 days ago

    Bald battle? saitama wins :v

  • Garrett Saulnier
    Garrett Saulnier 3 days ago

    Where's john cena? I thought the title did he was in here?

  • Dragon Ball Zone
    Dragon Ball Zone 3 days ago

    You should change the title of your video since there was no John Cena.

  • M Hero
    M Hero 3 days ago

    vin diesel needs some lesson how to train bicep....

  • Satyam Samaroo
    Satyam Samaroo 3 days ago

    who else searched for "John Cena Dance" after the video lol

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 4 days ago

    Cena is a beast and is properly strong

  • dedetop10
    dedetop10 4 days ago

    cena 3:05 3:23 havin dance fun kkkkkk

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 4 days ago

    that knee part was fucking edited. lol that was hilarious

  • Kimberly Reynolds
    Kimberly Reynolds 5 days ago

    Ronald isley

  • Michael Dorado
    Michael Dorado 5 days ago

    form form form vin diesel tsk tsk tsk.

  • stannjob
    stannjob 6 days ago

    Here is when you realize that Vin Diesel wasnt born to be a bodybuilder

  • - SÄGI-
    - SÄGI- 6 days ago

    1:55 Chon Cena agressive retard😂

  • E.g.gaming Garcia
    E.g.gaming Garcia 7 days ago

    You're using your back

  • Justin
    Justin 8 days ago

    Awesome video. I've been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can see the video about my body transformation on my channel

  • comedy gold
    comedy gold 8 days ago

    whys vin struggling with 50lbs tho?

  • Kevin Tietz
    Kevin Tietz 8 days ago

    Bro you needed lifting straps on a 95lb barbell curl???

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer 9 days ago

    The man at 3:20 lol

    DJ STYLE 11 days ago

    gain the pain

  • collin northern
    collin northern 11 days ago

    vin diesel looks and sounds like a bitch, give me a break.....fucking pussy!!

  • Hot Girls
    Hot Girls 12 days ago

    Haay Guys Can You Suscribe My Channel W Hit A Like In My Videos Pliiiz Guys

  • Montana Marshall
    Montana Marshall 12 days ago

    as soon as i saw that hat i lost any respect, what a fuckhead

  • Joey Knelsen
    Joey Knelsen 12 days ago

    dude he's only lifting 50 pounds on the weight it said 25 and 25+25=50 c'mon Vin I can lift that!

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 12 days ago

    OK now we know bin could beat the rock after that high knee

  • Bn Neth
    Bn Neth 12 days ago


  • Themole Rat
    Themole Rat 13 days ago

    I would say john cena is more stronger in my opinion with his powerful strength

  • dave vu
    dave vu 13 days ago

    click bait video. I don't see John Cena in the video.

  • Cristi BELEAUA
    Cristi BELEAUA 13 days ago



    dang cena you better watch out that dude at the end looked like he wanted to tap yo ass

  • Jordan Harston
    Jordan Harston 14 days ago

    Cena way better

  • Jordan Harston
    Jordan Harston 14 days ago


  • Emix SP
    Emix SP 14 days ago


  • Cipriotumaf
    Cipriotumaf 14 days ago

    1:34 film name ????!?????

  • I cant find a channel name

    Was he curling 50?

  • TheBlackFTW
    TheBlackFTW 15 days ago


  • Evan Darrow
    Evan Darrow 15 days ago

    I only clean 185 lbs 😨😨😨

  • Vasco Laine
    Vasco Laine 15 days ago


  • Anani siken
    Anani siken 15 days ago

    Song by 1:20 pls ?

  • alexfithero
    alexfithero 15 days ago

    I got a awesome program too 2 days a week lol

  • MPG
    MPG 16 days ago

    That end doe 😂😂😂😂

  • F3tz xD
    F3tz xD 16 days ago

    That cap xDD

  • Nabil Safwan
    Nabil Safwan 16 days ago

    the ending was lit

  • Bomb3R Zanna
    Bomb3R Zanna 16 days ago

    Like for Vin Diesel

  • ScorpDoesRBLX
    ScorpDoesRBLX 16 days ago

    Where is John???   I can't see him.

  • Victor Davis
    Victor Davis 17 days ago

    vin's shirt has the logo from madden mobile 17 boss

  • Don Ramón
    Don Ramón 17 days ago

    My name is! , ¡¡¡Jhon Cena!!! , ta tirotii ti tirotii ta tirotii

  • ThatBoyMosh Savage
    ThatBoyMosh Savage 17 days ago

    disel over cena anyday cena cena is a beast but he used steroids

  • dion mitchell
    dion mitchell 18 days ago

    I love it because it shows how fare you can go and when you reach your goal it's simply awesome feeling to have.

  • tjsmoothrock
    tjsmoothrock 18 days ago

    I AM GROOT!!

  • pooli ramesh
    pooli ramesh 19 days ago

    super practice

  • Entertainment Tales
    Entertainment Tales 19 days ago

    3:00 should be the new Planet Fitness commercial.

  • Selena H
    Selena H 19 days ago

    Vin diesel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Totalitarian TV
    Totalitarian TV 19 days ago

    2:55 -2:56 looks like a CGI face kicks in.

  • Killian Heth
    Killian Heth 19 days ago

    Why did vin diesel struggle pulling 95 from the ground. Lol

  • The Guy
    The Guy 19 days ago

    yo curling 135..

  • samera kari
    samera kari 19 days ago

    Deepika Padukone - Vin Diesel HOT SCENE XXX | XXX: Return Of Xander Cage | Behind The Scenes view more detail above link

  • Dai Britto
    Dai Britto 19 days ago

    2:51 treino assim deve zuar toda a coluna

  • Raffael Hertkorn
    Raffael Hertkorn 20 days ago

    John Cena drops the weight and the fucking floor starts shacking

  • izrafil aratuc
    izrafil aratuc 21 day ago

    jhon cena dancing made me laugh hahha

  • Kevin Durig
    Kevin Durig 21 day ago

    Vin Diesel didn't lift a heavy weight in this whole video. For all the juice heads that say it's the hard work not the injections...BULLSHIT!

  • farhan warsame
    farhan warsame 21 day ago

    john cena would eat vin deisel for diner ahahahhaahhahaha

  • Donta Beale
    Donta Beale 21 day ago

    cen need to stay off the steroids

    MCES LEX 22 days ago

    bumper plates

  • Frank Gonzalez
    Frank Gonzalez 22 days ago

    you bitches talking about steriods,train and take steriods and you'll never look like John Cena

  • LJK Designs LTD
    LJK Designs LTD 22 days ago

    All these people complaining about steroids. I love watching people who use steroids deflate over a period of about 3 weeks. Very entertaining. And also enjoy having multiple organ failure so you can look like a huge pregnant freak.

  • Carl Baker
    Carl Baker 22 days ago

    cena is stronger than diesel

  • Strong Muscle
    Strong Muscle 22 days ago

    Very Strong

  • JayP2424
    JayP2424 23 days ago

    1:33 ¿Movie?

  • EC Kong Kim Fook
    EC Kong Kim Fook 23 days ago

    What song the first video?

  • Phenom Menon
    Phenom Menon 23 days ago

    I feel like Vin Diesel knows he's still fat, that's why he only wears shirts with arms cut off.

  • Tyler edens
    Tyler edens 23 days ago

    I didn't see Vin at all

  • Jose - Gaming & More!

    WTF?! I dont know dumbbells and Fred can fly!

    17GIOVANILOPEZ 24 days ago

    MAMBA MENTALITY! Vin Diesel is sick

  • Kristina M. Flynn
    Kristina M. Flynn 24 days ago

    damn Vin your all full of pure muscle, hell yeah baby 💋

  • pkpoints
    pkpoints 24 days ago

    Misleading title... I only saw Vin Diesel

  • Arron Whyte
    Arron Whyte 24 days ago

    Tbf if you were as built as Cena you'd dance like that at the gym too

  • caleb Riggle
    caleb Riggle 24 days ago

    why was there weights just floating in half the video

  • Melanie Pe
    Melanie Pe 24 days ago

    Daddy's Home ???? Oh lala..hehe

  • theoGnRfan
    theoGnRfan 24 days ago

    Cena is a beast!

  • Angie Morgan
    Angie Morgan 25 days ago

    Cena Rules

  • bavariasuhl
    bavariasuhl 25 days ago

    terrible fucking form

  • Witting Dart
    Witting Dart 25 days ago

    the ending tho.

  • Cristian Fuentes
    Cristian Fuentes 26 days ago

    es john Dena I torettp

  • Mintu Majumdar
    Mintu Majumdar 27 days ago

    love you John... dancing moves was awesome

  • andy gomez
    andy gomez 27 days ago

    vin diesel is week .he only had 35+35+25 and he was just dying

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson 28 days ago

    cena is a strong dude

  • Suleman Khan
    Suleman Khan 29 days ago

    please add a video of Cristiano Ronaldo training

  • Rick Rojas
    Rick Rojas 29 days ago

    vin diseal sucks..

  • GoldKapo
    GoldKapo 29 days ago

    Song intro?

  • GoldKapo
    GoldKapo 29 days ago

    Music at 0?

  • Arctic EMIN3M
    Arctic EMIN3M 1 month ago


  • aryan jha
    aryan jha 1 month ago

    lol vin is kid in front of cena

  • Wan Yaacob
    Wan Yaacob 1 month ago

    Great human design, incredible strength, Wasted video.

  • Siddharth Tripathi
    Siddharth Tripathi 1 month ago

    jhon cena is the best

    12,234,465 views 1 month ago

    I've zero respect for either of these two punks. Dumb clowns on steroids

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