FIFA 12 Ultimate Team - Infinite Coin/Pack Glitch - NEW !!

YummyGummyBears1000's webcam video 14 October 2011 07:55 (PDT)

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Author James MIllward (2 years)
ure a scammer m8 and everyone nows it so stop doing it or the police will
track u down they did that to me and i only got off with a warning

Author 914hazza (2 years)
waste of time they take your players

Author David Gbenoba (2 years)
@khanj100 loool who would do that

Author John Brawn (1 year) Free pack hack! Quick before EA fix it!

Author viklenator (2 years)
hello would any one be able to lend me money on fifa 12 please

Author AlFiERoBbIe (2 years)
@khanj100 haha your such a deep and a asshole fucking cunt

Author Buurzt (2 years)
@Ben Morgan Fuck off you wannabe hacking twat

Author POWERDOG151 (2 years)
You try it trust me but they said to me only for Xbox

Author TehHeadquarters (2 years)
HAHA, LOL at YOU! Hotmail.... HA. Faggot.

Author ThezDGG (2 years)
want me to get you some free coins and players, send me a message on here
and i will let you know how :D

Author Daniel Atkinson (2 years)
Selling David villa and fabregas to buy tevez - best trade offer can have
them, just email me the offer and ill reply to the winner on ...

Author BANNED FROM YOUTUBE (2 years)
Luv the description :D

Author JOSHMAX1MUS (2 years)
Fuck off cunt, try to make ur own money instead off making fake email
addresses so u can steal other teams that they have earn unlike low life
scum like u, so FUCK OFF and try to play the game properly.

Author mw3UNIQgameplay (1 year)

Author matty davies (2 years)
@TheGrasshoppers321 R u sure it works?

Author MrColeclark1 (2 years)
@jmhlegend how long does it take for them to reply just sent message now

Author AlFiERoBbIe (2 years)
@jmillward97 hes not a scammer hes not asking for your details

Author SempreInterNelCuore (2 years)
You want my e-mail? Here it is:

Author Jesus DelaCruz (2 years)
Seems legit. Fucker.

Author shane thomas (2 years)
MrStreetScootering leave the kid alone it worked if u dont have enaything
nice to say jog on

Author Pael Thomas (2 years)
/watch?v=KwBZZYvJi28 go here IT WORKS!

Author JN Rozy (2 years)
Wait I don't understand can you reply plz

Author HNITB (1 year)
you cunt

Author pottermouth24 (2 years)
@sammyjones74 ill add him now!

Author pedo bear (2 years)
Why Do You Type With A Capital Letter Before Every Word?

Author Ryan Cooke (2 years)
He's a bell? Says the scammer ahahaha your so sad.

Author Fifa12GamingCFC (2 years)
The only reason u got that is because u got ultimate edition of fifa 12 u
son of a bitch

Author 1xK1NGx1 (2 years)
@ELIT3xDALE Okay now stop trying to scam.

Author Owen Morris (2 years)
It gives u free packs every month when u have an ea season ticket or
whatever they're called

Author scooterskilze (2 years)
Don't do it I've tried all of there glitches and they sold all of my
players to there team and I had the holle barcarlona team

Author Steven Gardsson (2 years)
this one is mutch better !! /watch?v=npSsImIdA9I

Author Liam Riddoch (2 years)
them quike sell everything then buy 1 bronze play with the coins

Author Lionel Messi (2 years)
Im Getting Anoyed Now With Everyone If You Open Your Stupid Fucking Eyes
You Will See I Told You This Glitch Has Been Patched,But No No one Reads
The Writing So If You Dont Like It Stop Looking At My Videos Trying To Find
A Way To Get Coins For Nothing An Play The Game I Bet More Than 1/2 The
People On Fifa Who Has A Top Player Havnt Got It Themselves From Playing
Games Theyve Just Spent Loads Of Money Like Little Low Lifes HINT:Use Your
Dole Money On Making Your Life Better Not Buying MS Points

Author ellliott campbell (2 years)
If you want a duplication glitch on xbox360 message me or add z L1mTeD HD z
I am doing the first 10 people so hurry

Author shane thomas (2 years)
thanks m8 it worked :)

Author DiirteeStank (2 years)
@viklenator ill lend you coins. pm me

Author Lionel Messi (1 year)
Clearly He Is A Scammer.

Author HNITB (1 year)
such a bellend

Author TheWildWelsh (2 years)
does this work on PS3 aswell?

Author Caerau13 (2 years)
your from maetseg

Author IQS017 (2 years)
Loving how your all trying to hack people's accounts, with fake made up
websites and hotmails.

Author Jacob McKay (2 years)
63Likes 9Dislikes < Foosh All Haters! - Check my channel out on the latest
way to get Fifa 12 UT packs for 150 coins - more than 50 requests a day and
comments to prove it works - go try!

Author Jake Lack-Smith (2 years)
Please guys don't enter any details if the website you get told about has
got yola. Then that's a free website maker and is not legit

Author Lionel Messi (2 years)
This Glitch Dosnt Work Anymore Its Been Patched, But Inbox Me And We Can
Discuss My Other Glitches If You Want To . Thanks For The Interest

Author Stain957 (2 years)
@paul grace EA@GMAIL ? LOL GMAIL

Author William Ruiz (2 years)
bedt way to check if those offers are legit is to make up a new account and
send them that info

Author yolo (2 years)
Thats called fifa ultimate edidition

Author Lionel Messi (1 year)
Not Really As I Haven't Asked For Any Personal Details How Can I Scam ?

Author paul grace (2 years)
i can duplicate players if you want, i wont ask for your email and password
etc. so im not going to hack you

Author wspkkk (2 years)
plz shut up u irish crack head ginger retard , the only coins u got are the
spare coins u got from your tranny mother after she sucked the whole
neighbourhood LOL

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