FIFA 12 Ultimate Team - Infinite Coin/Pack Glitch - NEW !!

YummyGummyBears1000's webcam video 14 October 2011 07:55 (PDT)

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Author Kurtis Stewart ( ago)
free fifa 13 coin giveaway add imthetoastbeast on ps3 only

Author Michael g ( ago)
Guys it’s easy, just send an email to and
tell them that you got hacked and you lost messi, ronaldo, xavi or any
player that you want and an amount of coins (be reasonable). They will
replace it in 24 hs or less. Just complain to them, there is a lot of ppl
hacked every day so they will replace everything without an investigation.
Just send them your fifa account email, password ,security answer, platform
and the list of your “lost players”. Enjoy

Author Mark Benson ( ago)

Author thegooner131 ( ago)
It dosent work..where's my free packs eh?!

Author mw3UNIQgameplay ( ago)

Author QuiteCanine ( ago) mailed these guys haha stupid idiots got cavani
for nothing haha just said i lost him :L

Author HNITB ( ago)
you cunt

Author HNITB ( ago)
such a bellend

Author John Brawn (1463 years ago) Free pack hack! Quick before EA fix it!

Author Flouze ( ago)
EA and other big company's don't ask for password, they don't need em' ;-)

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Not Really As I Haven't Asked For Any Personal Details How Can I Scam ?

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Clearly He Is A Scammer.

Author Gabriele Gosetti ( ago)
i see u love caps

Author killerrhys1 ( ago)
well said

Author josh moorehead ( ago)
why dont you just talk

Author thomas miche ( ago)
lol of course, an email adress with mistakes, and, requesting
password of course, we're juste a bunch of stupid potatoes and we're gonna
email this like fucking ducks. Or maybe should I report you to youtube for
phishing attempt ?

Author Alex Henney ( ago)
scammer alert

Author FIFALegacy ( ago)

Author JOSHMAX1MUS (1910 years ago)
Fuck off cunt, try to make ur own money instead off making fake email
addresses so u can steal other teams that they have earn unlike low life
scum like u, so FUCK OFF and try to play the game properly.

Author Micheal Welsh ( ago)
hey everyone i messaged the EA and said that i lost everything, including
messi,ronaldo, rooney, and other players I wanted and i said i lost 100,000
coins and they refunded me with it all. message; include you ea email; ea password; and
security answer.

Author ThezDGG ( ago)
want me to get you some free coins and players, send me a message on here
and i will let you know how :D

Author BillyyOMG ( ago)
its fake wen u buy fifa 12 u get a free gold packs for free nowin specaual
addition evrey moth

Author Jack David Clayton ( ago)
Look How many Dislikes Your Getting?! Because This Video Is Bad?!

Author Stain957 ( ago)
@paul grace EA@GMAIL ? LOL GMAIL

Author Jak Edgley ( ago)

Author pretendingtosleep ( ago)
Was this patched?

Author paul grace ( ago)
i can duplicate players if you want, i wont ask for your email and password
etc. so im not going to hack you

Author bailey avis ( ago)
wtf do you mean bye potato your not funny so dont try to be

Author Tommy O'Donnell ( ago)
what other gliches can u do?

Author pedo bear ( ago)
Why Do You Type With A Capital Letter Before Every Word?

Author Topon Kaka ( ago)
Hi, have you heard of this program called the Intellitus Cash System?
(check google). My brother says it makes people lots of cold hard cash.

Author Jesus DelaCruz ( ago)
Seems legit. Fucker.

Author SuperGraphicsHD ( ago)
Free players on my channel

Author WildfireROMS ( ago)
he got it due to he had fifa 11 before and get free packs, this isnt a
glitch/hack dont give him your password!

Author william pegg ( ago)
thanks afonsohbk that website works i got 50000000 coins today :D

Author Michiel Bouten ( ago)
Check out this FUT FIFA 12 Autobuyer

Author George Mb ( ago)

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Why Lie , I Havnt Had 1 Email From You ... ?

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Please Inbox Me To Discuss My Glitches , Thanks For The Interest

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
This Glitch Dosnt Work Anymore Its Been Patched, But Inbox Me And We Can
Discuss My Other Glitches If You Want To . Thanks For The Interest

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Im Getting Anoyed Now With Everyone If You Open Your Stupid Fucking Eyes
You Will See I Told You This Glitch Has Been Patched,But No No one Reads
The Writing So If You Dont Like It Stop Looking At My Videos Trying To Find
A Way To Get Coins For Nothing An Play The Game I Bet More Than 1/2 The
People On Fifa Who Has A Top Player Havnt Got It Themselves From Playing
Games Theyve Just Spent Loads Of Money Like Little Low Lifes HINT:Use Your
Dole Money On Making Your Life Better Not Buying MS Points

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
If You Inbox Me We Can Arrange For Me To Email You My Glitch For Pc , No
Passwords Or Questions Asked ?

Author Cameron Wade ( ago)
how do you make unlimited coins on fut on pc, anyone know?

Author hoer es ( ago)

Author TheWildWelsh ( ago)
does this work on PS3 aswell?

Author sharniihazlett ( ago)

Author Chilli ( ago)
Hello Darren Johnson, Am John Fuckyourmumhard, If you will give me your fut
12 question password and email I will buy you a dictionary

Author Alex Raine ( ago)
it EA not Ea, and your capital letters for the start of every word? STFU kid

Author jmio0 ( ago)

Author tommyboi416 ( ago)
no it dont ive done it and still havnt got them !!!

Author Pael Thomas ( ago)
/watch?v=KwBZZYvJi28 go here IT WORKS!

Author zKraazeh PSN ( ago)
An EA Worker With a youtube username as xGodzJD lol ..

Author Triqz ( ago)
does it cost for the second account u made???

Author MrJUSSIRULES ( ago)
ive been scammed plz help

Author jordan william ( ago)
check out the video on my channel for free legit COINS !!!

Author swifterxd ( ago)

Author jschwartz79 ( ago)

Author TheMattBox360 ( ago)
I don't understand?

Author shane thomas ( ago)
MrStreetScootering leave the kid alone it worked if u dont have enaything
nice to say jog on

Author shane thomas ( ago)
thanks m8 it worked :)

Author ABC 123 ( ago)
It gives u free packs every month when u have an ea season ticket or
whatever they're called

Author SempreInterNelCuore ( ago)
You want my e-mail? Here it is:

Author TehHeadquarters ( ago)
HAHA, LOL at YOU! Hotmail.... HA. Faggot.

Author Morgan Rees (935 years ago)
can u do this on 11

Author fifaboy1100 ( ago)
1976 so ur 36 and playing games get a life

Author MrNathancook5 ( ago)
Putting capitals at the start of every word.. nice.

Author cauley wing (693 years ago)
scammer i got hacked,luckly my friend knows how to do the dupicate glitch
so i got my team back look on my channel if you want it done

Author jasonadams1290 ( ago)
email with (name of player) (email
address) (password) (answer to security question)

Author Pael Thomas ( ago)

Author Nick Tsalikis ( ago)
send your ea email, ea password and your security answer to this email and you will receive 100k coins no scam who
ever thinks its a scam the will be missing out!

Author Charlie Howes ( ago)
Send an email to I sent them an email saying I
lost 56k and in 4 hours they actually gave me the money back you can lie
about anything but they won't believe you unless you have over 1k and lower
than 50k because they think your lying otherwise.

Author addse100 ( ago)

Author Toby Reynolds- Cotterill ( ago)
I can duplicate your coins and players for free message me on xbox:
SparingRoom1 you DONT need to give me your email, password or security

Author GibsonHD ( ago)
Yeah, EA really has a hotmail address. STUPID WANKER

Author Dan squires ( ago)
I just emailed EA saying i lost messi and 100k and i just recieved messi
and 100k!!! all i did was send an email to
with my EA email, password and security ansswer and within 1 hour i got
them!! if you are strugggling making a team you have to try this!

Author xSamsCinema ( ago)
the only way your helping is if we wont to start over again, and btw (your
email address is cool)

Author JordantheConquerer14 ( ago)
you won't know until you try it! Look guys im only trying to help you all.

Author JordLFC (1718 years ago)
PM me for a free duplicator

Author William Ruiz (1060 years ago)
bedt way to check if those offers are legit is to make up a new account and
send them that info

Author JN Rozy ( ago)
Wait I don't understand can you reply plz

Author angrysand ( ago)
yeah, EA use hotmail..... Scamming cunt.

Author JordantheConquerer14 ( ago)
hey guys guess what?? found ea fifa ultimate team customer help and emailed
them that i went on my xbox and i had messi and 200k but they had gone, so
guess what the next day i had messi and 200k!! haha stupid fucks if u want
to con ea aswell here is the email:
although i had to give them my password and security word thing it's worth
it as now i have a beasty team!!!

Author Liam Riddoch ( ago)
them quike sell everything then buy 1 bronze play with the coins

Author Boris Johnson ( ago)
yeah i click send but nothing happens..

Author Steven Gardsson ( ago)
this one is mutch better !! /watch?v=npSsImIdA9I

Author Matty Davies ( ago)

Author Matty Davies ( ago)
@TheGrasshoppers321 R u sure it works?

Author spursrule57926 ( ago)
i know a real duplication glitch! look on my channel and look on my video!
if you think its a waste of time, it has proof on how i get on my laptop,
wat software i use and how i duplicate it! go have a look!

Author scooterskilze ( ago)
Don't do it I've tried all of there glitches and they sold all of my
players to there team and I had the holle barcarlona team

Author Ryan Cooke ( ago)
He's a bell? Says the scammer ahahaha your so sad.

Author shy fly ( ago)
LOL u have to write messages on ur phone to talk LOL i bet ur squeky little
kid l ololol

Author OdyssryGamingUk ( ago)
@fifaultimateteam21 Me

Author aCruelMeatSack ( ago)
@wEPrOgAmE i can do a 200k kit hack for you on ps3 if you want. for the
200k kit hack on ps3 add karri200... first come first serve

Author TheEAService ( ago)
you have to give away players so people will add you ha ha ha you not got
any mates wanker

Author kyle walker ( ago)
How many accounts can u have?

Author 1xK1NGx1 ( ago)
@ELIT3xDALE Okay now stop trying to scam.

Author Daniel Atkinson ( ago)
Selling David villa and fabregas to buy tevez - best trade offer can have
them, just email me the offer and ill reply to the winner on ...

Author SXI Smiley ( ago)
@MrTwiggy007 That's funny another guy said virtually the exact samething

Author ELIT3xDALE ( ago)
OMFG u won’t believe this guys but yesterday I sent an email to saying that I lost David Villa and 350k because
I lost connection, they asked me for email, password and sercurity question
then 24 hours later I went back on my xbox and david villa and 350k was on
my account. The funny thing is that I never even had them in the first
place =))))))))))) WWOOOOOOooooOOOOOO!

Author reeceskedon911 ( ago)
go to my youtube for free players!

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