How to install Simple Native Trainer in GTA EFlC (script) PC

Thanks for watching, this video mainly covers how to install mods into gta eflc and how to get them working, i also show proof that it does work by giving a quick demo.
VIDEO TIMELINE so you don't have to watch the entire video and get on with your life (LOL)

Downloading: 0:02

Selecting the parts to install: 0:25

Finding the directory to install the mods: 0:45

Installing the mods: 1:08

Quick demo of the trainer: 2:30


Word instructions

1. download the trainer and asi loader from the descripton(links below)
2.find your EFLC directory, go to..
Computer/Cdrive/program files/Rockstar games/ EFLC

If you go it with Steam then Go to...
Computer/Cdrive/program files/Steam/steamapps/Common/Episodes from liberty city/EFLC

And if you downloaded EFLC as an addon then just drop the files into the GTA IV directory ( computer/Cdrive/program files/Rockstar games/GTA IV)

3. Drag Scripthook.dll, Dsound.dll and if your installing the Trainer then also, TrainerTBOGT.asi and .ini, TrainerTLAD.asi and .ini
4.start the game and play! have fun


Trainer ( This may/may not be the latest)

ASi Loader

Winrar ( this you will need to open the files, if you already don't have one)

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Author Amedjtouh Lounes (1 year)
your graphisme it not okay

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
not too tech sabby I mean

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
well. on the WinRAR, I cannot find the asi loader, how do I find that.
sorry for the anger you might be feeling. I am just too tech sabby

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
I cannot find dsound.dll

Author Ottawa Emergency Vehicles (1 year)
your song is fucking annoying

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
ok, got it to work, will tell my friends about you

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
might be because I don't have but my
internet is acting up, and I will have to do it later.

Author Lizzy Graham (1 year)
I would like to say... thank you, all the other tutorials out there would
not help me, but you my friend have helped someone out a lot.

Author RanDomeProductions1 (4 years)
thanks alot my game woudnt start:(

Author TheFuzeKiller (2 years)
I am trying to install spark iv and i get an error that says : Could not
find the EFLC directory. Please selecte the directory contaning EFLC.exe

Author Michael Kevin (4 years)
why my launcher always CRAshes?.... ive follow all of your instruction but
it always crash when i click run as admin...

Author Timotjuhhhh (3 years)
@crackdownvids Same problem here :o

Author ZappyxxxD (3 years)
@ZappyxxxD no no its ok i must run as admin xD THATS ALL WORK

Author Jiten Patel (2 years)
Can you get a snow mod on ps3

Author yehiawy333 (3 years)
@xmods4Reel ok thanks a lot!

Author kostas volioths (1 year)
me too

Author xmods4Reel (3 years)
@TArboXManT what are you talking about? just follow the instrutions

Author Mr Jacob TDSK (3 years)
how button do i click on

Author TheMinecrafter1703 (1 year)
You must press F3

Author DejwiDosTV (4 years)
Who system you have because i have this game but ams normally I do not know
I am doing the first mission for 1 hour

Author OpZize (2 years)
i got a keyboard without numpad what do i do???

Author XXXCompAssesXXX (3 years)
Is your computer a Mac running on Bootcamp Windows 7?

Author Deejaayyfreak (1 year)
but it works thx :D

Author xmods4Reel (3 years)
@robert212123 glade i could help........ XD

Author xmods4Reel (4 years)
@Raffi12341 well uninstall it and try a different tutorial on youtube

Author Hermann Fegelein (3 years)
@manthefull i got it to work

Author Tony Vercetti (3 years)
@dialga265 Well apprently u dont have the SYSTEM requirements so i suggest
to upgrade u r pc and install Thanks, Manthefull

Author ledbus (3 years)
Maybe no-one read it Now i try help peoples and no-one read it i say just
make a backup to safe the Gta iv/ELFC

Author WannaBeFamous13214 (2 years)
does it work 4 xbox 360

Author ZappyxxxD (3 years)
@jordi123ist u must open as admin..

Author Lucas Leide Drake (3 years)
Do you play on a Mac ?

Author GeneralCange (3 years)
Since I'm on a laptop, what keys do I use? s:

Author Kacrond (1 year)

Author jordi123ist (3 years)
@ZappyxxxD me to why i get that

Author Denis Hoffrichter (4 years)
i'm shure it works but the game cant reade dsound.dll ... why ?

Author xmods4Reel (3 years)
@seansean98 so happy i could help lol

Author TArboXManT (3 years)
do i have to downgrade my eflc? :P i have no clue on how to do this haha i
suck lol but pls help me :D

Author Deejaayyfreak (1 year)

Author Daniel Østensen (4 years)
Dosent work

Author MrBlacky (2 years)
Man how you get dsound.dll where can i find that? plz help!

Author Omg It's Me! (2 years)
thank you! you're the best :) the ASI loader does not work

Author Haloowns2 haloowwwnn (3 years)

Author Alke Liebich (2 years)
wat is the song??

Author MrTupac222 (3 years)
for the dsound.dll run the game with admin

Author prestb (4 years)
@xSyncroniizedx A numpad? If that's what you mean, then yes.

Author Candy Coke (3 years)
i cant find the dsound.dll why can't i find it? please would be wery happy
for some help :)

Author Niska Magnusson (2 years)
strangely i downloaded trainer 6.4 and i didnt have the sound.ddl file,
however i continued to follow your instructions without that file, will it
effect anything?

Author ZappyxxxD (3 years)
@jordi123ist u click on right button on mouse and press run as

Author SolidBigBoss89 (4 years)
I cant install the EFLC why ?

Author Danila Sjatkovski (2 years)

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