How to install Simple Native Trainer in GTA EFlC (script) PC

Thanks for watching, this video mainly covers how to install mods into gta eflc and how to get them working, i also show proof that it does work by giving a quick demo.
VIDEO TIMELINE so you don't have to watch the entire video and get on with your life (LOL)

Downloading: 0:02

Selecting the parts to install: 0:25

Finding the directory to install the mods: 0:45

Installing the mods: 1:08

Quick demo of the trainer: 2:30


Word instructions

1. download the trainer and asi loader from the descripton(links below)
2.find your EFLC directory, go to..
Computer/Cdrive/program files/Rockstar games/ EFLC

If you go it with Steam then Go to...
Computer/Cdrive/program files/Steam/steamapps/Common/Episodes from liberty city/EFLC

And if you downloaded EFLC as an addon then just drop the files into the GTA IV directory ( computer/Cdrive/program files/Rockstar games/GTA IV)

3. Drag Scripthook.dll, Dsound.dll and if your installing the Trainer then also, TrainerTBOGT.asi and .ini, TrainerTLAD.asi and .ini
4.start the game and play! have fun


Trainer ( This may/may not be the latest)

ASi Loader

Winrar ( this you will need to open the files, if you already don't have one)

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Author Amedjtouh Lounes ( ago)
your graphisme it not okay

Author playstationmanrocks ( ago)
your song is fucking annoying

Author Cliktiik ( ago)
it doesn't matter in which order you put things... right? ( Cause I put the
trainer, and then the dssound.dll, but it doesn't work, but I don't know
why, maybe is because of that ) help?

Author Vinayak Talavadekar (Vinuu) ( ago)
sry crashed 

Author Vinayak Talavadekar (Vinuu) ( ago)
I crached my game 

Author mastouri seif ( ago)
toi pc !

Author mastouri seif ( ago)
toi pc

Author TitaN Rap ( ago)
when I pressd F3 the trainer didn't work. I'm using windows 8 how can I
make the F3 work like windows 7. Help me anyone please who knows
how...please :)

Author Kacrond ( ago)

Author TheMinecrafter1703 ( ago)
You must press F3

Author Astronotix 757 ( ago)
How do I pm you? I cant find my directory.

Author gvgf- therandomgamer ( ago)
OK so listen this.When i don't have the dsound.dll my game works.BUT ! when
i put it in it doesn't work ! HELP me please though i really want to mod my

Author sonicfan4612 ( ago)
just get rid of the files and your game should work again but you wont have
the trainer dsound always crashes my game.

Author Tom Clifford. ( ago)
Help? As soon as gta iv bogt loads (when it says the ballad of gay tony)
the game closes, and says its not responding..

Author Tom Clifford. ( ago)
thanks for breaking my game..

Author Liam ( ago)
My game runs perfectly fine but in game when i press f3 i get no menu 

Author gin5sey ( ago)
just create the scripts folder yourself in the GTA EFLC directory. 

Author breakinmedia ( ago)
anyone know how to install .cs script files? normally people says put them
in Gta4 script folder but its not there for EFLC

Author Novislav Djajic ( ago)
xmods4reel please reply when i started to plat GTA BOGT my game just closes
out randomly so my game game is screwed up so please help & reply.... Thank

Author kostas volioths ( ago)
me too 

Author kostas volioths ( ago)
me too 

Author Matt4542 ( ago)
That music is FUCKING AWFUL.

Author PixelFlameStarter ( ago)
do these work in multiplayer?

Author OpZize ( ago)
i got a keyboard without numpad what do i do??? 

Author Omg It's Me! ( ago)
thank you! you're the best :) the ASI loader does not work 

Author BigT ( ago)
your asi loader link isnt working for me 

Author BlinkZieMuZic ( ago)
does this work online?

Author Nicolás Bellic ( ago)
Thanks bro it works!

Author Rudy .W. Sanchez ( ago)
the key u gave me it's not working ???

Author MrGoro6 ( ago)
i cant find eflc i can find rockstar games but no eflc folder

Author dylan mills ( ago)

Author Milked Man ( ago)
Please just leave,it would do the intelligent ones a favor...

Author Lance J Nolasco ( ago)
the loader will be needed ??? 

Author zsombiman ( ago)
how can i in steam have gta eflc?

Author HelpChannelable ( ago)
help i dun hav the eflc folder><

Author WannaBeFamous13214 ( ago)
does it work 4 xbox 360

Author Cancurr ( ago)

Author cCamCc cam ( ago)
never mind i got it to work 

Author cCamCc cam ( ago)
im sorry to say this but everything is good expect the trainer doesn't
start i did everything right 

Author Danila Sjatkovski ( ago)

Author Skillful ( ago)
Man how you get dsound.dll where can i find that? plz help!

Author Skillful ( ago)
I think I'll have problem with dsound.dll, I don't know where to find that,
plz help me :)

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
Just glad to help

Author TheGookstain (452 years ago)
SAME HERE man idk what i did wrong

Author Arian Vučilovski ( ago)
thank u sooo much man! i was looking over 100 videos how to install mods on
eflc but nothing worked and then at last i tryed your method and it works!
man, im soo happy, thank u so much:) btw sory for my bad english 

Author TheFuzeKiller ( ago)
I am trying to install spark iv and i get an error that says : Could not
find the EFLC directory. Please selecte the directory contaning EFLC.exe

Author MultiSurfer11 ( ago)
i want to install nixo222 eflc mod but he gave hotkeys didn't give any
instructions to install. that mod is awesome, please can you tell which
directory we have to put the files in?

Author MrJigsaw1999 ( ago)
sorry for late answer is gta 4 cars same as EFLC i mean if i download a car
from of gta 4 it can be used in EFLC

Author 3b3l1 ( ago)
what i did wrong? when i dragged that dsound.dll into my EFLC folder and
then started the game,there pops up some kind of error and if i take
dsound.dll out of my EFLC folder it works but there is no trainer in the
game of course. !PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!

Author Jiten Patel ( ago)
Can you get a snow mod on ps3 

Author TDATheGreat ( ago)
I can't get it to work because of dsound.dll. If I put it in my GTA EFLC
folder then I can't start the game and if I remove dsound.dll from my
folder I can't use the trainer. Plz help 

Author TDATheGreat ( ago)
If we do that then we can't start the trainer. 

Author bucky sligo ( ago)

Author Niska Magnusson ( ago)
strangely i downloaded trainer 6.4 and i didnt have the sound.ddl file,
however i continued to follow your instructions without that file, will it
effect anything?

Author Haulin45 ( ago)
remove DSOUND.dll ... don't put it into your gt4 folder

Author GravesGaming ( ago)
"Application Error - Exception EFCreateError in module DSOUND.dll at
000116C5. Cannot create file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GTA 4
EFLC\asilog.txt'. Access denied." What the hell is this supposed to mean?

Author Conorama ( ago)
do these work on multiplayer on eflc?

Author Trustern ( ago)
Just play the game as administrator ? :L 

Author REXFORGT ( ago)
Thank you! All the other nerds gave me shitty installation guides! THANK

Author Alke Liebich ( ago)
wat is the song?? 

Author Zakaria no ( ago)
okey, how open the menu in the game?

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
You have 2 options 1. get a plug-in keyboard with the num bad 2. Search
google for the Trainer for Laptops (its an older version though)

Author ledbus ( ago)
Maybe no-one read it Now i try help peoples and no-one read it i say just
make a backup to safe the Gta iv/ELFC

Author Kirby Helmuth ( ago)
Err GTA san andreas is easier to mod than GTA eflc ahahha!! 

Author Haloowns2 haloowwwnn ( ago)

Author Mr Jacob TDSK ( ago)
how button do i click on 

Author chupacapre ( ago)
This shit does NOT work. I have followed your instructions and it is not
satisfying. You clearly stated you updated your links - well you don't, the
ASI Loader link is not working. 

Author Battletoad02 ( ago)
where do you download dsound.dll

Author ledbus ( ago)
Here is a tip: If you will have you gta iv/EFLC to work so before you do
something so make a backup for the file you mod for examble if you mod
handling so take and make a folden in your desktop called *Gta iv backup*
and cope the file then paste it in the folden and if you gta iov/EFLC don't
work after the mod so delete it and paste the backup off it in so it work
again Please Thump up if it help you so can i see how many i helped PLEASE

Author lidl sweden ( ago)
i cant find the dsound.dll why can't i find it? please would be wery happy
for some help :)

Author MrTupac222 ( ago)
for the dsound.dll run the game with admin 

Author Timotjuhhhh (754 years ago)
@crackdownvids Same problem here :o

Author XXXCompAssesXXX ( ago)
Is your computer a Mac running on Bootcamp Windows 7? 

Author adhyasa dwiky ( ago)
hey, I was install the ragdoll mod but it didnt work :(

Author tctokster99 ( ago)
Hey!, I can get the the game and all to open and run normally but the
trainer won't open in-game, what did I do wrong? i installed the asi and
the ini files and the scripthook.dll and dsound.dll did i miss something?
btw i have EFLC the disk version.

Author Hermann Fegelein ( ago)
@manthefull i got it to work 

Author Tony Vercetti (1858 years ago)
@dialga265 Well apprently u dont have the SYSTEM requirements so i suggest
to upgrade u r pc and install Thanks, Manthefull 

Author Hermann Fegelein ( ago)
what happens when you instal the game at first and you get that fatal error
thing i dont know what to do so can someone help me PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEE 

Author Guido (500 years ago)
Crash :(

Author ZappyxxxD ( ago)
@jordi123ist u click on right button on mouse and press run as

Author ZappyxxxD ( ago)
@jordi123ist u must open as admin..

Author Oskar Furberg (718 years ago)
do you need the trainer to install mods ? 

Author ZappyxxxD ( ago)
@ZappyxxxD no no its ok i must run as admin xD THATS ALL WORK

Author Stefan Svensson ( ago)
i cant play anymore ....... thank you :@

Author yehiawy333 ( ago)
@xmods4Reel ok thanks a lot!

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@yehiawy333 the files for TBOGT are in the folder "TBOGT", so that mean all
the vehicles relating to TBOGT are in there. This file is in your GTA IV
main directory or EFLC main directory, just look for the folder "TBOGT"

Author yehiawy333 ( ago)
@xmods4Reel you you really made a good video but i have 1 little problem in
spark i don't see all vehicles that i have in TBOGT any help? =)

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@yehiawy333 these are the types of comments i make videos for

Author yehiawy333 ( ago)
i am new and i never knew what could i do without you! yes in the beginning
it was complicated now it's a piece of cake i really don't know how to
thank you for this clear and awesome tutorial man!!!! THANKS A LOT YOU'RE A

Author Vikramaditya Patel ( ago)
it shows that script hook.dll shows some problem plspls help 

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@TArboXManT what are you talking about? just follow the instrutions

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@mpeters97 WHAT was when i had a SUCKY computer. i have a new channel HERE:

Author Mike Peters ( ago)
it is really choppy gameplay

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@seansean98 so happy i could help lol

Author xmods4Reel ( ago)
@robert212123 glade i could help........ XD

Author Robert John Casauay ( ago)
it works man your the man i only run as a admin and it works hahahahah THE
BEST!!!!!!!! hahahahahahah IM THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD HAHAH because i
can play now my gta with this mod hahahah :)

Author FLCKZ ( ago)
Nice video dude :)

Author Lucas Leide Drake ( ago)
Do you play on a Mac ? 

Author Lucas Leide Drake ( ago)
Bootcamp , do you on a Mac ? me too . 

Author Dink Dank ( ago)
de thife nonee

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