Japanese daddy

japanese daddy is talking

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Author fvidalh (6 years)
oh yeah, you can also type in: gay samson samson is the name of the company
that made the video, you will find other videos from samson which i totally

Author pc4rtr (6 years)
great male

Author fvidalh (6 years)
yeah, select search for videos and type it in search bar, i know for a fact
that this video's name is ideal mature man. so look for a file with this
name: gay japanese older men - ideal mature man

Author kaisershadow2 (4 years)

Author fvidalh (4 years)
Just type in Gay Samson look for japanese tittles and make sure the format
of the videos are either .AVI or .MPEG and larger than 100mb if they are
.WMV and smaller than 100mb they are viruses or fakes

Author fvidalh (4 years)
you probably don't have the codecs to play the video... try downloading
Divx or official windows media player codecs. SIKE! Another possibility is
that the video is a fake and thats why it asks you to get the license, but
there is a 99% probability that you do not have the codes to play the
videos on you windows media player

Author allllavallla (1 year)
I love you

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
does it normally take so long i havent found anything yet

Author fvidalh (5 years)
I have no idea of where to buy this video or others from samsom but you can
find them online on programs like emule, you can google it and install it
once you do that you can search for this video and download it just type in
gay samson or gay japanese daddy/chubby or bear but the titles are in
japanese so you just have to take a guess till you find it

Author fvidalh (4 years)
no no no, i told you man, Ares and Kazaa are useless, YOU MUST GET EMULE,
emule has all the possibly existing files in the wolrd! you will find all
the (ripped) Samson videos there is on the net. AND YES SOME OF THE WILL
on with emule online and emule will do it's job and then bam! you will have
this fucking awesome videos, I got about 30 or 40 jap daddy, bear, chubby,

Author MrHotboykam (4 years)
id love me sum japo silver fox

Author fvidalh (6 years)
i got the video LOL

Author fvidalh (6 years)
no problem, I will start sharing my videos on ares including this one so
more people can find them and download them. Once you get a video you like,
PLEASE make sure you share it too so more pleope can have it and share it
which will make downloading these videos easy to find and download. Peace.

Author acfugoso (5 years)
i really love to watch japanese old men doing sex!!!!!

Author MYThoTG (4 years)
co bo nao o my tho ko vay!

Author renzyrenzyrenzy (4 years)
wow!! nice info buddies! allright, EMULE ON THE GO! thanks man! btw, i
already download the "japanese mature men- ideal mature man #2". i thought
at first it was this video, but then it wasnt. its like the continuity
about this video, part 2.

Author khanabir1 (3 years)
i want to get full video please send me

Author sanrucheung (4 years)
omg very handsome I love watch this!

Author fvidalh (4 years)
That is one of the videos... quit ares, Emule is the way to go

Author VivaHelsinki (5 years)
Okay. I didn't grade this video, because everyone else has been grading
with 5 stars. I can't do that 'cos I don't understand a word of japanese.
To me this video was a waist of time...

Author Walter Beng (2 years)
Sorry, go to blog onlyjapsdaddy

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
where can i get it all

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
sweet thank you

Author rbrtttzw (5 years)
Oh, daddy, I love you so much. I want talk to you. I promisse, I'm discret.
Please, write to me.

Author petercox9 (4 years)
hmmm...i thought i was the only one intrigued by seeing dignified japanese
men stripping out of their conservative, strict business attire and getting
totally bare-assed with one another. man, i can't believe how enthusiastic
some of these older gentleman are. truly, the young american twinks could
take a lesson. some of the american adult male performers seem bored in
their movies, but these japanse gentleman are so passionate...i mean legs
raised in the air...buttocks exposed...

Author dadpix (6 years)

Author fvidalh (5 years)
If the file you downloaded asks you for a license it means you downloaded a
scam file (fake) try another file, hint: to make sure u get the real vid
make sure the size of the videos are between 100mb to 900mb they take a
while to download but those are full lenght vids also make sure they are
.mpeg or .avi format if they are .wma they are fake and will ask u to
acquire license bs. plus these japanese vids are loooong they last like
over an hour each

Author renzyrenzyrenzy (4 years)
did u have direct link to the video? i have ares, but there are no ones out
when i search it. btw, did u happen to know that daddy name? i wanna know
other movies he plays..

Author Walter Beng (2 years)
@weiquan1996 go to blog alljapsdaddy

Author Leon Weiquan (3 years)
send me full video plz.....

Author rbrtttzw (5 years)
Hi Dadpix! I want talk to you, please write to me. Kisses!

Author 敏幸 岡本 (1 year)

Author khanabir1 (3 years)
@acfugoso me also

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
thank you so much dude

Author Adrean Khoo (6 years)
pls pls send all the video. plssssss.

Author olie171 (4 years)
He's soooooooo cute!

Author fvidalh (4 years)
No such thing as a link to download the videos, You must download emule and
download them from that program, just type in gay samson and several videos
to download will pop up

Author fvidalh (6 years)
yeah it does, the thing is that since ares is a "sharing" program you have
to wait until somebody that has the file gets online, just keep searching
gay samson or gay japanese older men and something will come up, some files
are in japanese and you won't understand shit but it always says gay
japanese in english. be patient, the best thing to do is leave your
computer on and ares connected and you will download the file at one point.

Author fvidalh (4 years)
yeah no problem

Author lopkttqb2009 (1 year)
this addy very handsome man pity, this video made in 2007, long time ago, I
don't know, this daddy still alive or die I hope that, this daddy still
alive in this earth, very handsome daddy

Author renzyrenzyrenzy (4 years)
lol. dont worry, all i got is more than 100-200 mb, each. thanks for the
warning buddy.

Author MaxamillionGat (5 years)
this is the teaser interview before a porn, that guys a JP porn star, ive
seen things he was in, JP porn sucks cus its illegal to show genitals, so
the pixelate everything, they dont pixelate it alot, you can still see
outlines, but its what they do, and i dont see it changing soon.

Author fvidalh (6 years)
i have that video :)

Author Italiano Capiche (5 years)
video uito legal.gostaria de saber como fazer para te-lo por completo.

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
what is that

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
how and where this is too hot to keep underwraps

Author fvidalh (4 years)
BUT!!! BE CAREFUL with what you download on there since it has every
existing file, several of them contain viruses, so be warned. BUT if you
look at the size of the videos you will know which ones are fine and which
ones are fakes/viruses all of the japanese daddy chubby, bear videos are
over 200mb of size so is they are between 1 and 20mb they are viruses plus
the tittle will have long tittles like xxx, hot,slut,bitch,gang
rapping,cock, female, cunt and stuff like that and the format is .WMV

Author renzyrenzyrenzy (4 years)
i already download ares, but after i type gay samson, nothings out, even
after 12 hour. all i got is japanese mature men- ideal mature man #2

Author superblackman16 (6 years)
i just got ares do i type it into the search bar

Author fvidalh (6 years)
you have to have emule or ares to download them, then type in gay japanese
or asian (chubby, daddy, older, or bear) and you will find many videos to
download, i got shitloads of those videos, i love japanese chubby, daddy,
bear and older men.

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