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Author やすいけきんご ( ago)

Author Nỗi buồn Trong tôi ( ago)
sau nhiều năm nơi đất khách quê người giờ đây nhócxink9x đã về vn

Author 岡本敏幸 ( ago)

Author lopkttqb2009 ( ago)
this addy very handsome man pity, this video made in 2007, long time ago, I
don't know, this daddy still alive or die I hope that, this daddy still
alive in this earth, very handsome daddy

Author Leon Weiquan ( ago)
send me full video plz.....

Author olie171 ( ago)
He's soooooooo cute!

Author petercox9 ( ago)
hmmm...i thought i was the only one intrigued by seeing dignified japanese
men stripping out of their conservative, strict business attire and getting
totally bare-assed with one another. man, i can't believe how enthusiastic
some of these older gentleman are. truly, the young american twinks could
take a lesson. some of the american adult male performers seem bored in
their movies, but these japanse gentleman are so passionate...i mean legs
raised in the air...buttocks exposed...

Author renzyrenzyrenzy ( ago)
lol. dont worry, all i got is more than 100-200 mb, each. thanks for the
warning buddy.

Author renzyrenzyrenzy ( ago)
wow!! nice info buddies! allright, EMULE ON THE GO! thanks man! btw, i
already download the "japanese mature men- ideal mature man #2". i thought
at first it was this video, but then it wasnt. its like the continuity
about this video, part 2.

Author renzyrenzyrenzy ( ago)
i already download ares, but after i type gay samson, nothings out, even
after 12 hour. all i got is japanese mature men- ideal mature man #2

Author renzyrenzyrenzy ( ago)
did u have direct link to the video? i have ares, but there are no ones out
when i search it. btw, did u happen to know that daddy name? i wanna know
other movies he plays..

Author MaxamillionGat ( ago)
this is the teaser interview before a porn, that guys a JP porn star, ive
seen things he was in, JP porn sucks cus its illegal to show genitals, so
the pixelate everything, they dont pixelate it alot, you can still see
outlines, but its what they do, and i dont see it changing soon.

Author Italiano Capiche ( ago)
video uito legal.gostaria de saber como fazer para te-lo por completo.

Author 立川ロベルト ( ago)
Oh, daddy, I love you so much. I want talk to you. I promisse, I'm discret.
Please, write to me.

Author 立川ロベルト ( ago)
Hi Dadpix! I want talk to you, please write to me. Kisses!

Author Adrean Khoo ( ago)
heh you old man! you think you very sexy!? Shame!

Author Adrean Khoo ( ago)
pls pls send all the video. plssssss.

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