CNN Panel Discusses Is The Press Secretly Rooting for Trump's impeachment? - Reliable Sources

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  • alreadythen1
    alreadythen1 3 days ago

    Hillary = Benghazi, private servers for govt email, Clinton Foundation & Russia Uranium, Bill Clinton rapists

  • alreadythen1
    alreadythen1 3 days ago

    CNN = very Fake News

  • S Cooper
    S Cooper 4 days ago

    wrong title correction Is The Press Secretary Rooting for Trump's Impeachment @mschlapp @kaitlancollins #ReliableSources

  • I Mephibosheth
    I Mephibosheth 5 days ago

    The Deep State' "End Trump" Radical Left media initiative has failed to reach critical mass in generating a popular insurrection as intended. The intent now is to take down Trump later this year and a 'Major Distraction' will be provided in addition to Muellers fake investigation, MSM propaganda and flurry of WH leaks. Expect it to be big, expect it to be bloody with many deaths because that is what Deep State wants and needs to take down the USA. As usual, expect the MSM with one voice to say, "Trump is to blame for this" and yes the GOP will 'reluctantly' acquiesce. Exit the USA...Enter the New World Order!

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 5 days ago


  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk 5 days ago

    Stelters just doesn't understand how bias he is. Every time he talks about President Trump he puts a negative spin on it.

  • Dianne Foster
    Dianne Foster 5 days ago

    Secretly rooting for Trump's impeachment? you have to be kidding me. Everyone in the world knows that CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc. are promoting impeachment and they are inciting violence. It is all over your networks and the celebrities you support. You are violent, hateful, hypocritical at best. You are working for or with propaganda medias that are with the globalists and the goal is to take down our constitutional republic. You promote daily violence and hatred towards Christians and conservatives and anyone that you don't agree with. In fact you are so biased and clueless you don't even realize that many that voted for trump were actually old democrats and independents. They come from all parts of the country and from all economic , academic, and social backgrounds. We are tired of the politically correct pseudo intellectuals that are leading our country towards the destruction of our constitutional republic.
    The satanists are stepping out now and exposing themselves for the entire world to see. Their hatred and abuse of children can clearly be heard in the attacks on Baron Trump and 11 year old.

  • Carol Devine
    Carol Devine 5 days ago

    SOOOO Secret ... that we in Britain can see the FLASHING warning signs .. helllloooooo .... hahahhhhaa a your having a laugh .. we see the Satanists exposing themselves ..condemning themselves with their tongues .. actions .. hypocrisy ..lies .. contradictions .. and narrow minds .. they really think that accusing the DONALD of HILLARYS crimes isn't going to backfire on them . they are AFRAID and SCARED that the VERY Wickedness and CROOKEDNESS .. lies .. Traitorous behavior and TREASON.... that they committed .. will be exposed ... and it WILL .

  • scriban ARG
    scriban ARG 5 days ago

    The only top notch talent that Trump has hired since becoming president is a team of... personal lawyers!

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    no to Democratic party spread the word they are failing

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    trump is the one spread the word spread the word door to door streets every wear

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump pass the word out we must fight fight now

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    trump trump trump trump trump trump trump

  • Jeffrey Trammell
    Jeffrey Trammell 5 days ago

    we want trump we want trump we want trump

  • zorba1111
    zorba1111 5 days ago

    No we are not confused as your are! Brian Stelter, you are just sick! That's it!

  • Jackie Quintana
    Jackie Quintana 5 days ago

    hannity is a political commentator! he can say whatever he wants

  • Willam Unknown
    Willam Unknown 5 days ago

    No President has ever whined constantly like Trump does.  But, his diehard followers like how he whines.   lmao

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green 5 days ago

    Given that 75% of the population is looking forward to Trump's impeachment it's not surprising that a similar percentage of media personnel would feel the same way.

  • Joitin
    Joitin 5 days ago

    Hey Hannity, you're the media too you know just in case you forgot. I'm won't insult most journalists by calling you one, but you are the media.

  • roastbeefdinner
    roastbeefdinner 5 days ago

    the fact that trump may have asked comey to drop the flynn investigation is not remotely an impeachable offense is what bothers most Americans. It is not impeachable for any president to do that. Yet the press keep falsely reporting on it.

  • Kristina Starkie
    Kristina Starkie 5 days ago


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