What's inside a Giant Wasp Nest?

Ever wondered what's inside a Wasp Nest? We cut this GIANT one in half!! Crazy!

We bought it on Ebay and it is huge! Kind of gross honestly but Awesome at the same time!

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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Author Isaac Barton ( ago)
it's not gross it's horrifying!😫

Author Radius Nightly ( ago)
Four times?

Author Jonathan Arturo Zárate Reyna ( ago)
di pause cuando lo abrio porque tenia miedo de que fueran los gemidos:(

Author Miss Yagami White ( ago)
I was really hoping a bunch of bees would fly out and sting the children.....God I'm messed up

Author Herbert The Pervert ( ago)
Tf who wants to buy wasp nest anyway?

Author Miguel Angel Elizarraras Gallegos Elizarraras ( ago)
faquiuu the lvdk mnblhjf

Author BLT MAN ( ago)
What's inside a nuclear bomb?

Author Maximus Van Eyk ( ago)
it looks like very very old rotten lettuce


Author Maximus Van Eyk ( ago)

Author marce sifontes ( ago)
woooh is very large

Author Erin The Demonhog ( ago)
I'm terrified by wasps to, I got stung by one on the shoulder

Author 김민준 ( ago)

Author Natsu Dragneel ( ago)
they create that with their spit and wood and paper.. gross

Author Vycente Arriagada ( ago)
soy el unico que habla español

Author victor roldan ( ago)
se come eso jajaj

Author checharcraft perez ( ago)
soy el unico que habla español aqui :v

Author Elian suzan ( ago)
Is the wasp's net from ebay real one? Someone please reply. I really need one for my hair

Author Luis Pinales ( ago)
Y de aqui se basaron para cortar las cosas en dos pedazos v: putos españoles

Author micheala smith ( ago)
i got stung 28 tims

Author Brando Net ( ago)

Author Jose Ayala ( ago)
NO. ✌😉

Author Phalisity Hernandez ( ago)
where can I find a guy like him😻😻😻

Author Angela Huynh ( ago)
It looks like a beehive thumbs up if you agree with me

Author luna love ( ago)
me encantaría saber a que sabe

Author EL PRO Gamer ( ago)

Author Annette Ruble ( ago)
You have the best videos

Author Hussnain Khawar ( ago)
have you know what inside the world

Author Kiwi blu ( ago)
Its like a big maze inside

Author Emily Sims ( ago)
He saw a dead wasp and Lincoln screamed like a little girl

Author frisk the one who helps flowey ( ago)
I'm not afraid of wasps it's just I try to avoid them so I don't get stung agein

Author spooder man ( ago)
Really love the h3h3 like music in the background.

Author carlos777gamer 2 ( ago)
bee movie

Author solomon Preston ( ago)
Bees from a wasp nest lol

Author Ilya Shirogorov ( ago)

Author Tim Jones ( ago)
I would of been disappointed that it wasn't filled with candy!!!

Author chica ( ago)
im scared of wasps and bees more than lingcon [sorry if i spell your name wong]

Author Myra Martin ( ago)
"Have you ever wondered what's inside of a wasp nest?" Well, there is a 8/10 chance of there being wasps.

Author LookAtThePeanut ( ago)
뽁뽁이도 안넣어주네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Author alex caudwell ( ago)
I hate wasps

Author Arantxza-4-lyfe ( ago)

Author Origami Vids ( ago)
im more afraid of wasps than lincoln

Author Funneh Cake ( ago)
its made of LEAVES

Author Funneh Cake ( ago)
its made of LEAVES

Author Kingston Sylte ( ago)
Has anyone got stung by a wasp like if u have 👍🏾😄

Author Chuck Raymer ( ago)
2:40 When bae sends you a booty pic

Author Joey Plunk ( ago)
Cept that's a hornets nest not wasps lol

Author Sara Torres ( ago)
q ascoooo gaaas ese panal desde afuera y desde adentro pero tambien parece muy chevere por dentro

Author Robert Lawrence ( ago)
2-COOL :)

Author D.I. Wire ( ago)
I have been stung by a wasp. It hurts for a really long time and stings. I can't explain it but it's really bad!

Author 데스크톱 ( ago)
한글자막 감사드립니다

Author Gamingtitan 997 ( ago)
the wasps start coming out, the bees harm the kids, then dan gets sued

Author Devonta Stroud ( ago)
as hats in side your mom photos

Author Jennifer Howeth ( ago)
I'm more afraid then Linken ps sorry if I spelled ur name wrong

Author 탈론 ( ago)

Author Ashley Adhitim ( ago)
looks like "Baso Beranak"

Author Isabel Damiao Johnston ( ago)
good point

Author . 지나가던 닝겐 ( ago)

Author Lego Ultima ( ago)
Ur correct In Brazil and the UK say football. The us say soccer ball.

Author awesome studio's ( ago)
WOOOOOOOOOOW They still have dead eggs in there😂😂😂😂

Author Manaury ibarra ( ago)
I got attacked from a army of wasps and then I had to go to the hospital

Author Pikachugirl 87 ( ago)
One time a stink bug flew/walked on to my hair.. a min later....AHHHHHHH I literally cried 😅

Author Cailynn Edwards ( ago)
You guys could of gotten killd

Author Cailynn Edwards ( ago)
You guys are crazy

Author Fiona Gustard ( ago)
I got stug 7times

Author Alacat 8976 ( ago)
I got stung by a wasp only once

Author darell morrow ( ago)

Author DashingCakeYT Roblox and more ( ago)
sared of wasp so scared

Author KawaiiSalamance ( ago)
I had wasps in my house all the time

Author sst super spectacular things ( ago)
i am as scared as Lincoln because i got stung by a wasp and even when I see a tiny fly i think its a wasp and i freak out and almost scream
i agree with Lincoln because it hurts soooooooo bad

Author BazDaSpaz ( ago)
I got stung 7 times

Author Grace Kalauta ( ago)
Its so yuck but so cool

Author celeste7974 ( ago)
Do what's inside a music box

Author Alejo Mendez ( ago)
si ablan en ingles porque el titulo y la descripcion esta en español?

Author Riley M ( ago)
"there's one. BZZ"

Author Alana May ( ago)
that kid tho "that is HUGE!" honestly

Author SARABHAI vs. SARABHAI ( ago)
Lee aato madhpudo 6!!!!!!!!

Author Ebonyrose Hollingsworth ( ago)
What inside of a frog

Author Nora Flores ( ago)

Author Angelina Gaming ( ago)

Author Peter and Jean Beaty ( ago)
been stung 12 times at ounce 8 in the ear 4 in the arm

Author Jim Madison ( ago)
lol they act like they never seen one... you see things like that everywhere..

Author Ss G ( ago)
I'm as scared of wasps like liken

Author Will Duque ( ago)
I got stung on the eye by a wasp when I was four ) :

Author TilinyAJ Roks ( ago)
do what's inside of a monitor.

Author Peter Cozmo ( ago)
I have seen a wasp 100 times

Author Peter Cozmo ( ago)
When I was in preschool there was a HUGE bee hive I was freaked out I ran into the class and hid far 10 minutes no one found me

Author EMP HD ( ago)
Nest vs the 1000000 degree knife

Author LPSSythe ( ago)
I hate wasps sooooooooooooooo much.................NEVER AGAIN

Author Tricia Hornback ( ago)

Author Kyleigh Furnas ( ago)
Want to know what's inside me?
A broken heart

Author YotamSi ( ago)
whats inside a giant wasp nest? five year old: "HONEY!" then walks towards the tree and bumbs into it, the nest falls down and he gets stinged to death,.. the sad truth :(

Author zoe puah ( ago)
its soo crispy i feel like eating it

Author Ade Wight ( ago)
I thought a face hugger was going to pop out.

Author MCmaster2005 ( ago)
Ur guys so duh it's gross

Author Facundo Facundo Choque ( ago)
rata el que creo este bideo

Author Sebastián González ( ago)
a 14 mil abejas no les gusta esto xd

Author Scott Harding ( ago)
I got stang 8 times

Author Galilea Puga ( ago)
a las avispas ni0o ls gusto eso

Author Michael Lara ( ago)
you cut open a paper wasp nest

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