AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

01. Hells Bells 0:00
02. You Shook me All Night Long 05:11
03. Rock 'n Roll Train 8:18
04. Back In Black 12:25
05. Thunderstruck 16:22
06. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 21:00
07. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 25:14
08. T.N.T 30:42
09. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 33:55
10. Have A Drink On Me 37:50
11. Big Jack 41:25
12. Highway To Hell 45:03
13. Let There Be Rock 48:05
14. Shoot To Thrill 53:57
15. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 58:56
16. Jailbreak (1974) 1:02:30
17. Hard As A Rock 1:06:38
18. High Voltage 1:10:35
19. It's A Long Way To The Top 1:14:02
20. Money Talks 1:18:22
21. Spoilin' for a Fight 1:21:27
22. Two's Up 1:24:03
23. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 1:28:44
24. Whole Lotta Rosie 1:32:27
25. The Jack 1:36:57

Hope you enjoyed all 25 AC\DC Songs!
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Author Jerry King (5 months)
All I can say is the kids of today have NO FUCKING IDEA what they're
missing out on. Music's (Or what they call music these days) is so painful
it should be classified a health hazard.

Author Chloe Reyes (6 months)
I have absolutely no idea why this is my first time listening to this band

Author Sammy Sam (5 months)
I LOVE this music. I wish that AC/DC is as big as now as it was before,
because then I could go up to my friends and they wouldn't be like:
Me: "Have you heard [Insert song name here] by AC/DC? It's amazing!"
Friend: "Who's AC/DC? I only know 5 Seconds of Summer, Nicki Manaj and Lil

Author Torii Johnson (5 months)
No 'Cold Hearted Man', no 'C.O.D', no 'Evil Walks', how can you even call
this a list?

Author Ray Galvan (7 months)
Its that kind of Tuesday. R.I.P. Compadre.

Author James Glaze (5 months)
ahhhhhh the good old days when music was GOOD

Author IMTheMagicRat (5 months)
killer vid!

Author Rafael Lopes (4 months)
BON SCOTT, the best...

Author la Tiziana (5 months)
AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]:

+Paolo Cionco bisogno di carica? Spero possa andare bene 

Author XUAN NUONG LAM (10 months)
AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

Author smokeybirdman (4 months)
Bon Scott picture and not Brian, very cool cause most would agree that Bon
Scott was the key to acdc

Author Adrian Lackey (4 months)
You could easily dump shit like "The Jack" and "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise
Pollution" and replace it with "Problem Child" and "Rock and Roll
Damnation". And where the fuck is "Heatseeker"?

Author Elórin Duvain (4 months)
their newest album is so good.

Author Dominique doumé (4 months)
sa dépote

Author Всеволод Липатов (5 months)
А вот эта музыка будет вечной!!!!

Author Todd Gulle (7 months)

Author Greg Deyermenjian (5 months)
The old cliché is absolutely right on: when it comes to heavy metal/hard
rock, there's AC/DC and there's all the rest.

Author Jeremy Stepp (5 months)
...Why are all the songs ruined by overlapping each other?

Author Jim Kommers (6 months)
The only true Rock Band. Never did a balid

Author Cóchi Bispo (5 months)

Author Serge Fleury (5 months)
XUAN NUONG LAM, il y a trente ans, mes berceuses étaient l`album d`AC/DC,
je me réveillait avec les scratc...scratch...scratches du vinyle... lol

Author darwinjr (6 months)
Where's Sin City, Problem Child, Live Wire, Down Payment Blues, Shot Down
In Flames, Beating Around The Bush? Aside from Back In Black, AC/DC's most
memorable songs all came from the Bonn era.

Author Rap sucks (5 months)
Simply the baddassed rock band ever

Author hatch kelso (5 months)
Greatest hard rock band ever. Seen them twice....Angus puts on a fucking

Author Charles Edward Renshaw (5 months)
Uploader - why have you continually faded out and faded in throughout this
entire 'greatest hits' compilation. I'm clearly in the minority but the
essence of AC/DC is to be kept guessing as to what's coming next. They do
that brilliantly - you don't do it at all. If they played a live gig like
you've done this nobody would go ever again. 

Author angel matias Medinaceli (5 months)
Me encanta la musica de AC/DC! Para hacer ejersicio, con esta me entusiasme
para avansar en mi entrenamiento!

Author bsg2112 (5 months)
I heard Phil Rudd's hitman turned him in because Phil tried to get his
services DONE DIRT CHEAP. (Ye, I went there.)

Author Ben Lecuyer (5 months)
angus young is such a shitty god-damn guitar player, bon scott cant sing
for shit either, its amazing how this band got famous with music now a days
like eminem and beyonce.

Author Lindaduke Thompson (5 months)
Mix - AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]:

Author Ed Hubert (5 months)
Being from Chicago, IL, I can tell you there's more "blues" in AC/DC than
most of the acts that have played "BluesFest" in Chicago in the last 10
years. Want 500,000 paying customers in one day next June, Chicago Special
Events? Invite AC/DC to BluesFest.

Author Athena Kontos (4 months)
Clearly I was born in the wrong era....

Author Shawn L (5 months)
"Back in Black has sold an estimated 50 million units worldwide, making it
the fifth-highest-selling album by any artist – and the
third-highest-selling album by any band."

ACDC rules, but to those that know.. i dont even fuckin need to say it.

Author MonzaMan09 (5 months)
I am 13 and have been listening to AC/DC since

Author MrClaydoeClaydoe (5 months)
Im 16 and I cant stop listening to ACDC. Im not a hipster kid who found
some kick ass music either. I just grew up off this stuff! To bad they
aint touring the united states much anymore. Id love to go to one of their

Author jonnis231 welwne (5 months)
YEAH. FUCK YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author marc comar (5 months)
ac/dc for ever

Author Mark Phillips (4 months)
for me the real dc doesnt start till track 6

Author fuk yoo (4 months)
they might be one drummer short this go around...if you want someone killed
do it yourself...yeehaw

Author MegaDiablodk (4 months)
i tried to make an ac playlist once.. but when i added song nr 41 i stopped
and realized that it would turn into a 20 hours long

Author Juan Pablo Acevedo (5 months)
& Who Made Who??? :(

Author hedojake (5 months)
why is WHO MADE WHO missing...........this is an outrage i tell you!!!!!!!!
i want me money back blokes!!

Author Nicolas Aurora (5 months)

Author Slim Jackson (5 months)
Needs more Bon Scott era in it

Author Josep Marco (5 months)

Author George Kreamer (5 months)

Author chaotic (5 months)
am I seeing things here...''who made who'' did not make it to this List
.and probably their best song !

Author fabio giulioni (5 months)

Author Scott Currin (5 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author TheMcgreary (5 months)
I almost hate going on these kinds of vids because there's always a
circlejerk of assholes masturbating to old times and saying all modern
music sucks 

Author Daniel Clements (5 months)
He'll yes!!!!! Almost 25 and love this shit! !!

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