AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

01. Hells Bells 0:00
02. You Shook me All Night Long 05:11
03. Rock 'n Roll Train 8:18
04. Back In Black 12:25
05. Thunderstruck 16:22
06. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 21:00
07. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 25:14
08. T.N.T 30:42
09. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 33:55
10. Have A Drink On Me 37:50
11. Big Jack 41:25
12. Highway To Hell 45:03
13. Let There Be Rock 48:05
14. Shoot To Thrill 53:57
15. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 58:56
16. Jailbreak (1974) 1:02:30
17. Hard As A Rock 1:06:38
18. High Voltage 1:10:35
19. It's A Long Way To The Top 1:14:02
20. Money Talks 1:18:22
21. Spoilin' for a Fight 1:21:27
22. Two's Up 1:24:03
23. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 1:28:44
24. Whole Lotta Rosie 1:32:27
25. The Jack 1:36:57

Hope you enjoyed all 25 AC\DC Songs!
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Author fierrote (4 days)
My favorites: 'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)', 'Let There Be
Rock', "Dity Deeds Done Dirt Cheap', 'Whole Lotta Rosie', and 'The Jack'.

I remember watching AC/DC playing 'Whole Lotta Rosie', 'T.N.T' and 'The
Jack' on TV way back in 1977 or 1978 and just fucking diggin' their style
and music. The were awsome with Bon Scott.

Author Kelly Schimansky (2 days)
9:43 sounds about right! 

Author DroodizTV (2 months)
We need ACDC on spotify it's so good music!

Author XUAN NUONG LAM (1 month)
AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

Author sethwinters35 (7 months)
114 people got Thunderstruck

Author rabia eser (3 months)
Allah belanı versin alican

Author Gary Schneider (5 months)
Everyone loves AC/DC with Bon Scott but don't hate on Brian. He's shown
nothing but class and lets face it, someone was going to take the job. He's
as much part of AC/DC lore as Bon Scott. Remember Bon Scott wasn't the
original front man for AC/DC either but is the one who took them to next
level and that's why he's remembered and loved by all. Both Bon and Brian
have their own mystique. Both are two of the greatest ever at what they
do/did, entertain us with kick ass music. 

Author HAPPYTHELEAF (6 months)
I remember these guys gigging the Roundhouse in the early 70's

Author polkadotpuss (7 months)
bullshit no songs from flick of the switch? have you even fucking heard
about that album?

Author John Loughry (5 months)
lets be honest if there is going to be a greatest hits album... it is going
to have to at least be 2 maybe 3 discs....

Author millertas (2 months)
Nothing to get you dancing with yourself and bopping along like a guitar
riff from Angus and the others at AC/DC

Author Adel de Meyer (2 months)
Been my playlist for the day - this lovely Wild Wednesday... Nothing to get
you through a work day than some great ACDC!

Author artemorbid (2 months)
Thanks for this compilation- truly excellent music 

Author Gamer Elite (22 days)
"Im back in black! I hit the sack! It's been to long I'm glad to be back
(yes I am)! Let loose! From the noose! That's kept me hanging around! I
look up to the sky, cause its gettin me high! Forget the hearse cause I'll
never die! Ingot, nine lives! Cats eyes! Using everyone of them and runnin

Author redcat608 (5 months)
I really love when the song ends it just "fades" into the next song--great

Author CptKrunch (2 months)
AC{DC!!!! One of the best concerts I have ever seen, PERIOD!!! Worth every
penny spent.

Author Roberto Suzuki (7 months)

Author TheMatheusk3 (6 months)
T.N.T :3

Author Jose Manuel Montero Hoyero (2 months)

Author luis bennasar (2 months)

Author mzambo666 (6 months)
Awesome thanks for posting!!!!

Author Karin Karin (2 months)
Sexxxtaaaa!!! Vamo aeee!!

AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

Author Dyzz (5 months)
Highway To Hell <3

Author JABAT0MAN (6 months)
The idea of Angus asking us for 'liking' his new video makes me fun.

Author Lubbock Hospitality (7 months)
Very Very Nice... It was my time...

Author นันทวัน ทันเต (6 months)

Author Taylor Moore (2 months)
great stuff. one of the all time best. 

Author redcat608 (5 months)
Where's "night prowler"?!

Author Gary Schneider (7 months)
Eggnog and AC/DC, that's why the fat man never misses my house.

Author Alex Christie (2 days)
9:43 sounds about right! 

Author kevin cornell (5 months)
the musics ok, but that commercial before was funny as hell. BTW i can't
believe that Angus is still alive.

Author Raymond Margarit (10 days)
And for those about to ROCK, We Salute You. Saw AC.DC in in indoor venue.
When they closed with those cannnons going off I wasn't sure the building
was going to crumble to the ground. Definitely one of the loudest bands(not
complaining) I have ever seen in concert I have been to many. That was
until I saw Guns N Roses/Metallica, much louder but that was outdoors at
The Rose Bowl

Author Geoffrey Currie (7 months)
yes and no,, a true fan would amend this,,, go deeper into the collection.
(powerage anyone! BEST album,,,,,,,,, 

Author SajAni F. Salvaje (6 months)
Que piezón!!!

Author luis hego (7 months)
super like

Author Pidi S (6 months)
I love that you have alot of Bon Scott :D

Author Dark Evergreen (1 month)
Thunderstruck is my old High School's theme song, our High School's name:
Desert Hills Thunder.

Author tylsimys67 (8 months)
Any of them past the 1980 has no part. And The Jack is still just a joke.
Outrageously ignored at least: Rock'n'Roll Damnation, Rock'n' Roll Singer,
Sin City, Ride On, Riff Raff, Gimme A Bullet, Soul Stripper, Problem Child,
Shot Down In Flames, What Do You Do For Money Honey, Let Me Put My Love
Into You, Shake A Leg, 

Author killinfieldz88 (6 months)
AC⚡️DC - The Bon Scott era. Kick ass hard rock that still lives on even in
the youth today!! I would have loved to have been to Highway to
Hell🔥concert 1979.
Growing up in these times would be a time of your life! (Have a drink on

Author quisor36 (8 months)

Author Nilay Singh (2 months)
im only 14 but i love 80s and 90s music waaaaaay better than todays crap

Author wayne millard (8 months)
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Author shawn bailey (2 months)
The actual greatest hits album WOULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE ENITRE SONG not
just most of it. ok? The tracklist I am about to tell you is the real track

Do not click these timers.

0:00 Back In Black
4:16 Fire Your Guns
7:10 Shoot To Thrill
12:29 Burnin Alive
17:35 Thunderstruck
22:27 Guns For Hire
25:51 T.N.T.
29:25 Hard As A Rock
33:56 Are You Ready
38:07 Heatseeker
41:58 If You Want Blood
46:36 Wheels
50:05 Gone Shootin
55:11 War Machine
58:21 Highway To Hell
1:01:50 That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
1:05:35 High Voltage
1:09:37 Smash N Grab
1:13:43 Big Gun
1:18:05 This Means War
1:22:38 Nick Of Time
1:26:55 Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be
1:31:09 Big Jack
1:35:06 Live Wire
1:40:57 C.O.D.
1:44:17 The Razors Edge
1:48:40 Gimme A Bullet
1:52:02 Lets Get It Up
1:55:56 Go Zone
2:00:24 This House Is On Fire
2:03:47 Walk All Over You
2:08:58 Night Prowler
2:15:14 Ride On
2:21:13 Evil Walks
2:25:37 Spoilin For A Fight
2:29:55 Let There Be Rock
2:36:00 For Those About To Rock

Author Estuses (14 hours)

Author Andrew Snowdon (8 days)

Author Nastazia Paypompee (8 days)
love it

Author David Demailly (5 days)
trop bon son
y love ac/dc

Author Wolfgang Sebastian Maddox (10 days)
Does this person have permission from WMG to post this and SHARE IT FOR

Author Alex Christie (2 days)
21:04 my fav AC/DC song!!! 

Author Catherine M (7 days)
I am drunk now seriously. But. Where is the music like this now? ACDC had
RHYTHM AND MELODY. Someone from another country answer who cares about rock
music. |'m a woman sitting here in Canada wondering WTF happened. Write

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