AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

01. Hells Bells 0:00
02. You Shook me All Night Long 05:11
03. Rock 'n Roll Train 8:18
04. Back In Black 12:25
05. Thunderstruck 16:22
06. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 21:00
07. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 25:14
08. T.N.T 30:42
09. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 33:55
10. Have A Drink On Me 37:50
11. Big Jack 41:25
12. Highway To Hell 45:03
13. Let There Be Rock 48:05
14. Shoot To Thrill 53:57
15. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 58:56
16. Jailbreak (1974) 1:02:30
17. Hard As A Rock 1:06:38
18. High Voltage 1:10:35
19. It's A Long Way To The Top 1:14:02
20. Money Talks 1:18:22
21. Spoilin' for a Fight 1:21:27
22. Two's Up 1:24:03
23. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 1:28:44
24. Whole Lotta Rosie 1:32:27
25. The Jack 1:36:57

Hope you enjoyed all 25 AC\DC Songs!
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Author ChrisCodeX (19 days)
I'm not earning money, my monetization was disabled from when I use to make
cod videos. It doesn't even let me get money on anything.

Author Kylie Huntahhh (17 days)
seriously my top 2 favorite songs by rock/metal bands right now:
1. AC/DC - Hells Bells
2. Diamond Lane - Cheating Death

Author Ray Galvan (1 month)
Its that kind of Tuesday. R.I.P. Compadre.

Author T Gulle (1 month)

Author XUAN NUONG LAM (4 months)
AC/DC - Greatest Hits [25 Hits]

Author MrBlewvane (1 month)
Here's a tip, don't put ads in vids like this. It ruins the experience and
makes you look like a greedy cunt.

Author Atlas 2450 (2 months)
Im Hard as a Rock hearing this album...

Author Kelly Schimansky (3 months)
9:43 sounds about right! 

Author fierrote (3 months)
My favorites: 'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)', 'Let There Be
Rock', "Dity Deeds Done Dirt Cheap', 'Whole Lotta Rosie', and 'The Jack'.

I remember watching AC/DC playing 'Whole Lotta Rosie', 'T.N.T' and 'The
Jack' on TV way back in 1977 or 1978 and just fucking diggin' their style
and music. The were awsome with Bon Scott.

Author GoingHamburgers (2 days)
I had the biggest smile looking at all the songs In the playlist

Author Tony Mas (3 days)
I thumbed it up. Get some.

Author Dino Vugić (16 days)
This overlaping of the songs ruins the mood. Just a tip if you do future
mixes of songs.

Author Celtic Dave (4 days)
I can't believe that "Let Me Put My Love Into You" isn't on here, thats one
of my favorites

Author VioletGiraffe (11 days)
It's a pity sound quality is so bad in this video.

Author BatheHer AndBringHerToMe (11 days)
why they left "Ride On" off of this is bafffling to me....not only a great
song,but blues-y to the point of tears...

Author PrincessLukaXD (1 month)
I use AC/DC for my exercise one hour per day. Love it to dance to. Have
tried several others but always come back to this one. It's bookmarked so
I can use it every day. thank you so much for posting it. I got the Jack.

Author steve longworth (19 days)

Author John Tman (1 month)
Bon Scott, the best front man of all time!! Brian Johnson is great
also!! Awesome Angus is still fired up!!

Author Tony Mas (3 days)
No commercials. I'm impressed...

Author AC/DC⚡ (2 months)
*Enter here your favorite AC/DC song*

Author Cóchi Bispo (1 month)

Author Muminek Muminek (1 month)
.The very emptiness. Please what is AC DC?

Author Sheila Patterson (1 month)
gotta Listen LOUD!!! sooo many GREAT Songs Great Memories <3 thanks for

Author John Margarit (3 months)
And for those about to ROCK, We Salute You. Saw AC.DC in in indoor venue.
When they closed with those cannnons going off I wasn't sure the building
was going to crumble to the ground. Definitely one of the loudest bands(not
complaining) I have ever seen in concert I have been to many. That was
until I saw Guns N Roses/Metallica, much louder but that was outdoors at
The Rose Bowl

Author NathanPaul Tyson (2 days)
back in black is the best! i ant belive lead singers a pensioner. makes me
feel old...

Author Diego Filippi (1 hour)

Author Henrique Baena Fernandes (4 days)
it's like they say: rap is like scissors, it always loses against rock.

Author chris john (4 hours)

Author Diego Lemes Dirasher (23 hours)
Amo la voz de Pool Mcarnie locooo aguante metalicaaaa <3 

Author charbel fakhry (2 days)
Loveee Thiss Fuckinn Bandd \m/ \m/

Author Kchiefs2427 (7 days)
Live Wire has gotta be on top 25 though..

Author Lucy Gutiérrez (8 days)
Tarde pesada...

Author Jonathan Ayala (15 days)
since we're all throwing out ages here, I'm 19 and I fucking hate the
"music" of today. im in a band and I play bass and our first gig is this
Halloween. me and my buddy Quin just left a Temples concert (check them out
btw) and we were so moved by the 60's/70's vibe they have to them. so we
definitely want to apply some of this to our writing. rock & roll will
never die. 

Author Serg Lugov (4 days)
Вы там опидарасели.,....

Author isnan jaya (6 days)
Yeachhhh !! 

Author Marcos Simoes (5 days)
Missed songs like Rock n roll singer, high voltage, rock n roll damnation,
guns for hire, cold hearted man, evil walks, the razor's edge, war machine,
big jack, the fury, anything goes, black ice,sink the pink, girls got
rhythm,stiff upper lip, ...

Author Andre Harris (9 days)

Author 1111Angels (9 days)
One that is missing from the list is Big Gun, other than that this
collection is ultimately superb!!! Thanks for putting it together in a
seamless function. Too bad I cannot add it to my playlist. 

Author Nilay Singh (5 months)
im only 14 but i love 80s and 90s music waaaaaay better than todays crap

Author Oleg Foight (13 days)
Horrendous sound quality. I am surprised this is getting so many thumbs up.
The music is good but impossible to listen to because of the quality.

Author lesley bray (8 days)
thinking of our brother Malcolm. Love you, man. stay strong and rock on

Author Matthew Robbo (7 days)
this is one of the best montage thing ever.. smooth transition between each
song and in the right order! good rythm song to get you pumped up and then
a song which you cant help but scream along with haha

Author varialheels (10 days)
Listening to a selection of AC/DC songs when the playlist is mixed should
be illegal... AC/DC Outros and endings are compulsive and so this is
almost blasphemous. Unless I have my Youtube on some secret mix setting...
Not cool whoever uploaded this. The band thrive on their song endings.

Author paulkersey13 (8 days)

Author Austin Rehn (10 days)
Love acdc and just struggle that other kids listen to stupid shit they call
music just turned 18

Author john fosbury (10 days)
shame about malcom and his dementia, it must be awful living like
that........our thoughts are with you!

Author skillwho1 (16 days)
Rock N' Roll! AC/DC!! Helping Moi through a Hard Time at the Moment in our
Marriage!!! With her Dad standing over us!!!! Need to get away soon, back
to my folks too and say i'm back!!!!! :)

Author Stan The Man (9 days)
My brother used to listen to Metallica - I thought "Jump in the Fire" Nay
lad I won't fit in t' grate!!!

Author Juliana Melo (11 days)
Thee Best!

Author gonzalo gomez (12 days)

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