Sesame Street: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Julia & Elmo

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. She also likes to sing and look up at the night sky. She and Elmo stargaze as they sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” and their star grows brighter and brighter.

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Purple Yoshi HDPurple Yoshi HD (1 day ago)
Elmo + Julia = Elmia

redskeletonart2redskeletonart2 (2 days ago)
I have two cousins with autism and this just hits me right in the feels. Julia's such a sweet kid just like my cousins 💕

Emzie the nerdEmzie the nerd (3 days ago)
i ship it

Annika BergesonAnnika Bergeson (4 days ago)
It's so nice to hear newcomer autistic Julia sing a full song! Usually she just says one or two words at a time! I care about kids with autism because I know that we are all different on the outside, but on the inside we are the same!

Gaming with GenesisGaming with Genesis (5 days ago)
Julia makes me cry 😭 because she has autism

Sylvia VieraSylvia Viera (5 days ago)
I have autism too

Baller BobBaller Bob (6 days ago)
75% of the comments: People who have autism making positive comments
24% of the comments: People who have cried about this
1% (my comments): Shipping trash

Baller BobBaller Bob (7 days ago)
Okay, we were ALL thinking it...



Morgan BennettMorgan Bennett (12 days ago)
I had autism and I love looking at stars

Kiarra SimmonsKiarra Simmons (16 days ago)

Alexis Styles-Rainies-ThompsonAlexis Styles-Rainies-Thompson (21 day ago)
So cute

Gary BullockGary Bullock (28 days ago)
Can't stop crying,

ekalbelddirpekalbelddirp (1 month ago)
I am on the spectrum and it's nice that Julia is acting as a role model for autistic kids I wish I had that. I was a little more verbal then Julia at age 4 but I do see a lot of myself in her

Ali The Cutie Pie 546Ali The Cutie Pie 546 (1 month ago)

CaY StewartCaY Stewart (1 month ago)
i love song a boat staers to😎😎😎😎

ajsanimeajsanime (1 month ago)
While the stemming she was doing with her arms was accurate. Most with Autism, like me with Aspergers, don't like being touched. So the arm on her back could have bothered her. It all about Sensory inputs. Though maybe she was comfortable enough with Elmo to not be bothered by it.

Iara AmeliaIara Amelia (9 days ago)
She actually hate getting touched. but she doesny minds being touched by Elmo. He was his very first friend

Sparkly PizzaSparkly Pizza (1 month ago)
I love Julia. I am sixteen and I have high functioning Autism. When I was a kid there was no one to look up to. No famous character. (Mostly just stereotypes).
Julia is so cute. I love her so much. This made me bawl.
I am so glad young children with Autism can look at a screen and go "She is like me!"

Tavonia JohnsonTavonia Johnson (1 month ago)

Jadah CrumpJadah Crump (1 month ago)

Hector LopezHector Lopez (1 month ago)

Selena BellSelena Bell (1 month ago)

Johnny FescoeJohnny Fescoe (1 month ago)
2 sjc. The only problem Melbourne

Sophie HansselSophie Hanssel (1 month ago)
I have Autism and I love this

Brad's Ultimate ShenanigansBrad's Ultimate Shenanigans (1 month ago)

Nadya von KARLsHORSTNadya von KARLsHORST (1 month ago)
oh HEAVEN , autistic JULIA is so beautiful , congratz Puppeteer Stacey Gordon 4 sure she has soo much to share & teach future Children to handle our overloading MULTImedia-WORLD. I already crushed into her! <3

Nurys Acevedo GaeteNurys Acevedo Gaete (1 month ago)
my mom cried 'cause she saw me as a kid with Julia

Bunny LoverBunny Lover (1 month ago)
So soo cute

AniPlus MediaAniPlus Media (1 month ago)
Julia is my new favourite Character! So adorable! I can't wait for her debut on the show. She's gonna be the hero to a lot of Children. I can say that one of the few traits me and her share is that we both move in various ways depending on how we feel. I'll be going to college soon and I'd love to have a plush of her in my dorm! I think it would speak out "I have autism and I'm proud" since we both are on the spectrum.

Annbelle RosaAnnbelle Rosa (1 month ago)
awww I can't wait to my son see he just like her :)

J. B.J. B. (1 month ago)
Elmo: "Look at that star twinkle"
My 30-year old self: ....ITS PRINCE SAHU!!!! :D

Guy With Image of 19th Century BureaucratGuy With Image of 19th Century Bureaucrat (1 month ago)
There is a lot of people with Autism.

private userprivate user (1 month ago)
I cannot wait to watch. I am raising my grandson who has autism. I just wonder if you will be showing the melt downs? The defiance? The running? All the not so nice stuff that comes w autism. My great nephews are hving a hard time understanding that part of Tyler. I hope you do and explain it.

Matthew CameronMatthew Cameron (1 month ago)
Who would dislike this. This is kinda inspiring because the girl has autism and it brings back memories to my childhood!

jk Vangjk Vang (1 month ago)
So daughter love this.

Mr. Mc CleanMr. Mc Clean (1 month ago)
Wow. These comments are so nice, while comments on Julia on Ifunny are really harsh.

Carlos Daniel MuñozCarlos Daniel Muñoz (1 month ago)
Thank you Sesame street to put an autism character and put information about autism 👍🏻💙💙💙

Jesus Osvaldo BrochJesus Osvaldo Broch (1 month ago)
I never thought I would ship Sesame Street characters

Jessie_x o_36Jessie_x o_36 (1 month ago)
its nice to see a character in a kids tv show with autism like i have a 3 year old brither with autism and my whole family likes the way that they now have a carater that realates to my brother so that my younger brothers under stand what autism is about and how they efects peoples lives and its nice to see it in a tv show i grew up watching
thank you sesame street and the creators of julia

Hope LaMondHope LaMond (1 month ago)
There go the feels on the feels factor...

Steven ConnellySteven Connelly (1 month ago)
With this world full of chaos, it's nice to see tender moments like this for a change.

Kyleigh MckinneyKyleigh Mckinney (2 months ago)

Donna GlickDonna Glick (2 months ago)
This soo special to moms like me who has a aldult with autism!!!!Daniel did not have this kind of awareness when he was growing up!!!!He is now 19 and graduated from High School!!!!It brings a new perspective about autism in a world that people needs to learn aldults and children with any challenges are people tooo!!!!!From a mom who knows all about autism and also live it!!!!!!!💑💑💑💑💑!!!!Thank you Julia for all the children and parents that deals with autusm in thier everyday lives!!!!!

山内貴実子山内貴実子 (2 months ago)
Ahhh! When Elmo asks Julia a question, and she just points out that there's a star in the sky- me too!!!! I do that too!! :D

Verlyna NoviyantiVerlyna Noviyanti (2 months ago)
Upin ipi

Upin ipin

corjonbettcorjonbett (2 months ago)
Yes Julia and ELmo sound good singing together... Julia and Abby do NOT! Too high pitched!

Tucker CaldwellTucker Caldwell (2 months ago)
Julia is just the kind of role model children on the spectrum need, and Sesame Street provides the perfect example of how they should be treated by others, and that they are also beautiful, complex people that deserve respect. They simply process the world differently. Some of the greatest minds in history were autistic. My two little brothers are on the spectrum. Autism is extremely varied, but Julia's character is amazingly well done. PBS is just so wonderful, and our president wants to defund it. What a shame...

Roxana J. DonnerRoxana J. Donner (2 months ago)
That was just so cute. 😁

RaveleijnRidderRaveleijnRidder (2 months ago)
Julia is awsome, and Elmo is a really good friend :D

ashanti a. mitchellashanti a. mitchell (2 months ago)
my baby girl is autistic too and I see a lot of her in Julia. I look forward to us watching together.

Ashri ViandariAshri Viandari (2 months ago)
what a beautiful song.... love you cutiepie Julia 💝

Julia PowellJulia Powell (2 months ago)
Man, she's such a cute character. Wish i had more knowledge of autism when i was younger. Also great name ;)

Aisha Al YammahiAisha Al Yammahi (2 months ago)
My brother has autism and his favorite show is Sesame Street. I cried when I found out that they created Julia and cried even harder watching this. Thank you Sesame Street for Julia!

BIBBYSBIBBYS (2 months ago)
twinkle, twinkle, julia is a potatoe

M. NourishadM. Nourishad (2 months ago)
BIBBYS And Elmo is a tomato.

datumzinememoriesdatumzinememories (2 months ago)
I been crying watching these clips. I have a daughter in grade kinder. with red hair with autism. we love twinkle twinkle.

junejulyaugustjunejulyaugust (2 months ago)
omg I just cried my son has autism. and loves twinkle twinkle little star and loves sesame street and Elmo. Thank you sesame this is why you'll be #1 for my family

rhds32rhds32 (1 month ago)

Anthony PlayzAnthony Playz (2 months ago)
my kid to

Ash KAsh K (2 months ago)
I've been crying about this. I'm a seventeen year old girl with Autism and my whole life I've never had a role model to look up to who has Autism. But now that younger kids on the spectrum will have someone to look up to makes me so happy.

Emma JaneEmma Jane (15 hours ago)
I am 13, I have autism, watching Sesame Street, I am not ashamed that this makes me feel safe :)

Nalmarie AaronsNalmarie Aarons (1 month ago)
Diana Bundocdmn?

Fernando CarrascoFernando Carrasco (1 month ago)
Yllkkkonnijjjuhgb nbhhohh

Dana KellisonDana Kellison (2 months ago)
Elmo's interaction with her is much more pleasing than Abby's. Abby just seems... I don't know. I did like this video, though. Her and Elmo. Elmo treats her like he would everyone... and that's the point.

Tavonia JohnsonTavonia Johnson (24 days ago)
Trek001 ' u

Trek001Trek001 (1 month ago)
Julia doesn't like people touching her - yet doesn't object when Elmo puts his arm around her because Elmo would never hurt her

Elmo would never hurt any of us

Shiela IngramShiela Ingram (1 month ago)
Dana Kellison i agree

Ohemgeeits MarlenOhemgeeits Marlen (2 months ago)
I ship them sorry I just had too their so cute!!!

noobshrinenoobshrine (1 month ago)
Ohemgeeits Marlen #OTP

Mee MowMee Mow (2 months ago)
this made my heart so happy. I absolutely adore Sesame street!

Evylen BrookstenEvylen Brooksten (2 months ago)
From someone on the spectrum, I can say that I'm truly grateful for Julia. Autism hardly ever gets any representation, and when it does it's layered with stigma. Sesame Street did a great job not just with Julia, but the other characters interacting with her.

Andrew HagerAndrew Hager (1 month ago)
Evylen Brooksten As someone on the same spectrum, I'd say... “you can say that again.” 😉

SkeletonToastSkeletonToast (2 months ago)
Julia is so precious and pure I love her so much. 💜💚💜💚

Annika BergesonAnnika Bergeson (4 days ago)
SkeletonToast i know she's very cute and is just lovable because she loves everybody and is everybody's friend

ninjaghost 921ninjaghost 921 (2 months ago)

Baller BobBaller Bob (4 days ago)

Melinda KinnairdMelinda Kinnaird (2 months ago)
That's so beautiful

Cherry Bloosom ProductionCherry Bloosom Production (2 months ago)
I swear to God there are gonna be some people who are gonna ship those two

I don't have a problem with it, I just feel like someone is gonna ship it xD

PhantomhiveSassPhantomhiveSass (19 days ago)
Megan Anderson Uh, yes, you should. These are children. It's creepy that people who are more than double (or triple) their ages ship them. It's just as creepy as shipping an adult with a child or child-like character, and can be very dangerous.

RozeIvy WoofRozeIvy Woof (19 days ago)
Cherry Bloosom Production Im srry but I have to

Megan AndersonMegan Anderson (1 month ago)
PhantomhiveSass people don't really care about how old th e.g. are... you can't stop a ship once it's sailed

PhantomhiveSassPhantomhiveSass (1 month ago)
Cherry Bloosom Production It's really weird to ship them. They're (the puppets I mean) all generally children (ex. Julia is 4) and that's.. kind of gross.

Cartoon Uniiverse 21Cartoon Uniiverse 21 (1 month ago)
Elmo and Zoe have been together forever, I think if anything Zoe or Abby are great ships for Elmo. Julia is so cute and I love that about her.

Zombie WillowZombie Willow (2 months ago)
thank you so much for Julia she is a less hyper version of my son

Kathy Sison-SantosKathy Sison-Santos (2 months ago)
First time sesame street made me cry. My 5 year old son is just like Julia. He also loves to sing "twinkle twinkle little star". Kudos to sesame street for creating Julia. Being a parent of a child with ASD, it is truly appreciated. Thank you sesame street!

danceballetacrodanceballetacro (4 days ago)
How awesome. I love Julia because she is going to help the way children and parents treat families with an autistic child

Mat PolkMat Polk (10 days ago)

Nikki CampbellNikki Campbell (19 days ago)
Trevor Bonnell yjjendnsmsmmaskkswi ed

shiekha al-abaadyshiekha al-abaady (21 day ago)
Kathy Sison-Santos v

Trevor BonnellTrevor Bonnell (24 days ago)

TheWriteGirlTheWriteGirl (2 months ago)
There goes my heart.

Sassy TowelSassy Towel (2 months ago)

Idk ?Idk ? (2 months ago)
I really wish I grew up with a character like Julia

HAMMATIC AndrewgynyHAMMATIC Andrewgyny (23 days ago)
Idk ? Me too

Andrew HagerAndrew Hager (1 month ago)
Idk ? Yeah, me too. But hey, better late than never, so says this man under the autism spectrum. 😉

Tessa D'STessa D'S (2 months ago)
blessed that elmo harmonized

Diana BundocDiana Bundoc (2 months ago)
Finally someone said it!

AquaKeyBlade98AquaKeyBlade98 (2 months ago)
Oh my GOSH, she is just so PRECIOUS!! She's so cute.

Guirlaine sabbatGuirlaine sabbat (2 months ago)

Clark MatthewsClark Matthews (2 months ago)
I really want to share this video! Any idea when it will be captioned so that fans who are Deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy Julia's new debut?
*FUN FACT: Captioning helps hearing kids develop reading skills too! Talk about #SeeAmazing ;)

PwnerTheBonerPwnerTheBoner (2 months ago)
Are we so sure elmo isnt on the spectum aswell?

Lexi ReedLexi Reed (1 month ago)
Ernie is definitely autistic

Fritz- JeuneFritz- Jeune (1 month ago)

Fritz- JeuneFritz- Jeune (1 month ago)

mabusestestamentmabusestestament (2 months ago)
Well Bert kinda reminds me of aspergers, with his paperclip collection etc. ;)

Hello World: with MiyahHello World: with Miyah (2 months ago)
I was just thinking the same thing. Actually. I think Bert and Ernie would be as well.

Melanie Czoka Simmons - A Prego Helping PregosMelanie Czoka Simmons - A Prego Helping Pregos (2 months ago)
Yes, yes, yes! I'm watching with my autisic 5 year old and he's loving these videos as much as I am!

j2323jj2323j (2 months ago)

Stephanie MelandStephanie Meland (2 months ago)

Ronnie Faulcon JrRonnie Faulcon Jr (2 months ago)
As someone with autism, I'm glad to see the new character with such grace. This maybe perhaps the first children's character with having a disability at least to me so far.

Jessica AliJessica Ali (1 month ago)
Ronnie Faulcon Jr iiuiiiuuopòol, ,ķ6ùòpĺl9l,.,öpp

Lance BuschLance Busch (2 months ago)
Ronnie Faulcon Jr mbb

Leanne HaddockLeanne Haddock (2 months ago)
Such a good singer!!!! 😘😘😘

Nadir AndreNadir Andre (2 months ago)
Leanne Haddock ui

Ryan DesaRyan Desa (2 months ago)
Leanne Haddock "

herodeanherodean (2 months ago)
man that was cool! i have Autism too! :)

Hello World: with MiyahHello World: with Miyah (2 months ago)
I am excited about her as well

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