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Author igoteggigotchicken11 (4 years)
@chaoyouayiayang Lol. But I guess its okay. I don't really listen to Tsom
Xyooj. I'll be waiting for Duab Ci's new movie and album with Tsom Xyooj.
They're having an album together right?

Author mai lee yang (4 years)
one more thing I like to mention toall actorand actrees please make a good
act and smille txhob yoj tes yim taws tsis zoo saib .

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@nenou95 LOL, did my silly subtitle that bad ???? Actually I like hmong
actors and actress to have this kind of acting; showing emotions but I
totally dislike their hand motions .. in every hmong music video, they have
to over do the hand motions too much !! beside all that, I love the movie
plus the music itself. I just love this clip so much ^__^

Author igoteggigotchicken11 (4 years)
@CheekyLadee09 Lol. Really? Tub Yaj's in it. Its on youtube

Author QegTaub Yang (3 years)
@1411321 koj puas muaj zaj instrumental of this song os...

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@igoteggigotchicken11 There are in MI too especially during the 4th of July
event. Hmmmm .. I'm not too sure if they are even around anymore, It got
borrowed so often and some of the movies never got returned to me. And
beside some are in VHS and bad shape.

Author QegTaub Yang (3 years)
@1411321 ua li mas....thaum twg khoom mam tso los tau... ua tsuag os

Author SSjoyMi (4 years)
@SSjoyMi Thank you! :D

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@xeethao Yog koj kuj los pes koj zaj seb mas lod? LOL ^__^ Kuv twb hais
tias, txoj kev kawm yeej tsis ploj rau lub ntiaj teb no. Yim kawm, yim paub
ntau mus ntxim xwb. Nej cov lus qhuas los kuv thov ua tsaug, nej cov lus
thuam los kuv coj mus muab kawm ntxim mus tom ntej no kom kuv paub tshaj no
xwb. ^__^

Author Calora Thao (3 years)
It's called, "Xum Ua Nkauj Fa Poj Nrauj" i like this song

Author HmongShee Yee (4 years)
@MultiKay12345 ..zaj movie no tiag tiag kuv yog kom tub yaj los ua pheej
ej...zaj storyline thiab cov nkauj kuv twb sau tau tas lawm tabsi qhov teeb
meem ces yog ntawm tub xwb. yog tub tsi ua ces cia saib Tsom thiab Es twg
twg kam ua xwb. kuv xav tias zaj no yuav yog ib zaj best movie ua hmong
shee yee tsim tawm...mas zoj qab mloog mus saib puas ua tau os.....Vim kuv
tseem tab tom sau zaj HLUB NROG KUA MUAG parts 3 thiab 4 vim neeg coob leeg
xav kom kuv ua zaj no mus tsaug os.

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@khosiablee Yog nawb, kuv pheej tsis tau taub, vim licas es hmoob cov
movies, tseem yog music video los sis, pheej yoj tes yim taws tag li
xwb?????? Thaum twg hu nkauj pheej piav tes, yim taws tag li xwb, xyov li
tiag ?? ^__^

Author MultiKay12345 (4 years)
@chaoyouayiayang vuag koj hais tau ua kuv laj tos ua luaj li, laj tos txog
2012 es tau saib koj zaj movie zoo. vim hais tias koj cov movie tib co zoo
zoo zwb ntshe zaj no tseem yuav zoo tshaj thiab kuv xav pom dhau lawm os.

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@xeethao Es Koj tsis nyiam los? ua siab loj mas, kuv tuaj loj tim MemKuj
teb xwb, kuv twb tsis paub lus hmoob thiab paub sau ntawv hmoob zoo thiab
lus MemKuj los tib yam. Kuv sau li qhov yoojyim xwb, yog koj tsis nyiam
thiab tsis tau taub, qhov ntawd nyob ntawd koj xwb. Koj tsis nkag siab cov
ntawv MemKuj los, koj twb yog Hmoob thiab ces, nyaj yuav yuav tsis nyuaj
luaj twg thiab os ^__^

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@igoteggigotchicken11 YES, every movies and music videos LOL . You're still
young, no need to rush your money. I usually buy those old movies from Herr
Production and Moonlight Production when those big huge events like July
4th in WI and the Labor Day events in WI.. $100 for a tennis racket? it
must be those super magic racket? just teasing you. I brought 5 racket ball
rackets and it cost me nearing to $100 too. I was having a fit but its the
fun of it so I just let it go. LOL ^__^

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@chaoyouayiayang Tsis xav licas thiab os, hais txog nej cov movies uas kuv
tau pom tag los no, tsis muaj dabtsi phem thiab os naws. Peb tshuas yog
hais in general vim muaj tej cov actress los yog actors pheej yoj tes yim
taws heev dhau lawm xwb os. Again, nej cov movies tag nrho yeej zoo lawm
mas, kuv kuj tsis complain dabtsi txog li thiab os naws, kuv tshuas yog teb
tus phoojywg khosaiblee ntawd cov comments xwb.

Author HmongShee Yee (4 years)
Tus sau zaj nkauj no yog: LEE XA-CHOU LENG... Hmong shee yee tau kev tso
caiv tawm LEE XA ua tej hmong shee yee muab ua duas tso rau nej saib. Ua

Author igoteggigotchicken11 (4 years)
@CheekyLadee09 Your welcome

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@VUE084632 Yeah, sorry, I don't want to deal with issues with youtube and
the producer, hope you understand ^__^

Author mai lee yang (4 years)
age does'nt matter we allways looke for good action have you ever see other
poeple movie compiar to us . we just begining leaner for pro, every year or
the next decade we're improve it .

Author vicki23vang (4 years)
When will this movie be out?

Author Lee Lo (3 years)
wow .she got beautiful voice and so pretty...cute couple

Author Calora Thao (3 years)
hlubsaumhuabcua, it's called Xum Ua Nkauj Fa Poj Nrauj

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@CheekyLadee09 I'm not too sure.

Author susan15forever (4 years)
beautiful song

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@igoteggigotchicken11 Or by the way, you are also welcome to do your own
version? if you want ? Like I said once again to others, if my MV is not
good, they are welcome to do their own ^__^

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@jumonghawj Sorry, but I'm only going to upload just 1 more song from this
movie, the producer had asked me to do it. For the rest of the movie, I
can't, not yet until the producer OK or given me permission. If you don't
mind, go buy the movie and watch it yourself, I actually like the movie ^__^

Author HmongShee Yee (4 years)
@xjohn01 ..Mus toj a nyub tim nplog tau mas....hahaha.

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@pen817 LOL thanks

Author nenou95 (4 years)
@1411321 lol there nopt that bad! haha there just silly!

Author Calora Thao (3 years)
@hlubsaumhuabcua, it's called Xum Ua Nkauj Fa Poj Nrauj

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@chaoyouayiayang Ua tsaug uas koj tau taub kuv os. Yog mas kuv yeej tsis
keej pes zaj nkauj no kom taug kiag li uas hu tabsi, lus hmoob thiab lus
meska kuj muaj tej cov lus yeej tsis tshuas muaj los siv thiab. Kuv yeej
lam pes li kuv paub xwb mas, yog lawv tsis nyiam los, nyob ntawd lawv xav
xwb os.

Author chaoyouayiayang (4 years)
@mickeelauj ..Who marry who? No one got married it just part of the movie.

Author Kuab Vang (4 years)
i like duab ci more better

Author chaoyouayiayang (4 years)
@SSjoyMi ..I am not so sure he will...Still a question mark???? It depend
how the interview go through?

Author QegTaub Yang (2 years)
@1411321 es koj tus email yog li cas os.... kuv mam qhia kuv tus rau koj
xwb mas yom....kuv tus e-mail yog ua tsaug os..

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@igoteggigotchicken11 Its her singing ^__^

Author igoteggigotchicken11 (4 years)
@1411321 Ohh. Its annoying how people borrow and sometimes don't even
return it. I hope to find those movies sometime. I saw some sold online but
its too expensive.

Author Muaj Tiag (3 years)
Koj twb nrhiav tau zaj instrumental rau zaj nkauj no los tsis tau? Yog koj
tseem xav tau zaj IN no tso koj tus email rau kuv, es kuv mam xa tuaj rau
koj mas naws.

Author Muaj Tiag (3 years)
Muaj mas ^__^

Author twobadatless (4 years)
@XiangMian No, not what i meant! proficient or not, how he put the words.
why is funny?

Author SSjoyMi (4 years)
@chaoyouayiayang Oh. Okay! So he has an interview?What interview! Sorry to
ask! I'm just wondering.

Author xavhluavib sim (2 years)
hey it their marry for real?? or just do the song??:)

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@vicki23vang If you live in MN .. go to the tourny, it will be there. If
you still didn't find out, just call the producer on my(informations) ^__^
I watch it, and I love it !

Author chaoyouayiayang (4 years)
@1411321 ..Kuv lam pab pes me me rau saib npaum muaj neeg nyias thaum nkawv
ob leeg los hu yog lis no: You are my strength and I am your soul we were
together, can't be separate I wish in this world just you and me both take
the same path last(love)for ever. This is what the song very meant....What
you think????

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@igoteggigotchicken11 I don't like to get things for free LOL I feel that
money is not a big issue for me, I like to help/suppor any video or music
in the entertainment business so yes, I do pay for the movie rather at the
vendors and pay exrtra more LOL so far every movies that they produced in
the past to the current , I had been buying it, no compliments what so ever
except this recent release one. ^__^

Author missbeautifulgurl (3 years)
could any one upload the movie?

Author Muaj Tiag (4 years)
@msxyong03 LOL, I know, I just want to sub it in a humorous way.
Translating hmong into English is harder than translating English into
Hmong. ^__^

Author Kimmakee thao (2 years)
who is the guy?

Author chaoyouayiayang (4 years)
@SSjoyMi ..Kuv kuj tsis xa qhia yog twg twg? Vim kuv tsis xav kom neeg
misunderstand es tus yuav hais li ca los muaj? yog li no kuv yuav tsis teb
koj tias twg twg yog tus yuav tuaj meska.

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