My Thoughts on Sports

"Meh" James says.
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Author Renzo ( ago)
I scored a home run. WOOOOOOOOOH

Author Oswald i TLR ( ago)
Golf... and Baseball...

Author CoDeXKxirito ( ago)
My thoughts on sports: I don't care. I'm not good at any sports. But one day... I was playing Basket ball. Some kid thought it was funny to get a ball, fully pumped and throw it at me. Hit my head, almost passed out. Last time I ever played Basketball.

Author Andrea Amis ( ago)
Make soubway4

Author Adam FCTV ( ago)
Y r u being so mean to England u hurt a lot of feelings

Author CrafterOmine Gaming ( ago)
I made a comic and it was so funny I selled my comic and I got 73637463737474646484737474847647464746482738587474847747474928384675 million dollars

Author Crazy_woman 16 ( ago)
James should watch cut throught kitchen

Author Crazy_woman 16 ( ago)
i completely relate to him

Author Daniel Galvez ( ago)
Did anyone else notice tracer from overwatch?!???!!!

Author William .b ( ago)
hahahaha lol

Author Demon Blast ( ago)
"Why are you watching someone play a game if you can just go on the computer and play it yourself!!"

well james because I can't even get the game but i want it.......8(

Author NeonBlue ( ago)
Being someone who lived in England, I thought 0:02-0:13 waS FREAKING HILARIOUS PIP PIP CHERIO M8 GOD SAVE THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEN

Author Coolness Boss1738 ( ago)

Author Pierson Wekkin ( ago)
I'm sorry for your injury James

Author Pierson Wekkin ( ago)
I play kickball everyday and I am so good at it

Author TermPent ( ago)
What do you use for your animations?

Author Frisk Pines ( ago)
When you realize James' head looks kind of like a football...

Author Yep Nope ( ago)
Why watch the rest, super bowl 2016...

Author Sam Martin ( ago)

Author saba khan ( ago)
i hate whaching sport and i love whaching roblox

Author Daniel the human roar ( ago)
its a touch down

Author Sergio Ramirez ( ago)
does frisbee fight count as a sport?
apparently everyone in the other team all targeted me

I never pulled of so much Matrix movements in a row

I nearly took a frisbee to my neck

Author Luke Perring ( ago)
THATS NOT HOW WE SOUND (btw im britesh)

Author DrakonG ( ago)
Ur so much like me

Author Kylie pro ( ago)
Shut Up about lodon or i will find you and kill u and if your English like and comment

Author blog boi ( ago)
You annoyed me James you said Britain was just England it's actually Scotland,Northern Ireland,Wales and then England

Author Connor king ( ago)
don't worry James I also sat and picked at the grass too like if you did it

Author Alex Carrozzi ( ago)
"...he was gone a lot. He always talked about Heather."


Author Melinzu ( ago)
if from england and I can just FEEL the hate towards Britain... the touch down screech makes up for it

Author Stardancer Kitty ( ago)
DUDE IM *ALWAYS* LAST TO BE PICKED,my soccer club made a rule so I wouldn't be last. I still don't play sports.

Author Maria Al Sheikh ( ago)
When I saw the intro I laughed and I showed it to my grandma and she laughed to ._.👍🏻

Author virtual shelf ( ago)
You do know 'stiffy' means erection, right?

Author Luke Wakeford ( ago)
when you say England but draws south off Wales

Author twenty one pilots fan ( ago)
im 11 and sports is my life and there is the neck to neck moments

Author Luke Stine ( ago)
I'm British and that intro was funny but are contrite isn't lame

Author Dan Pilkington ( ago)
What us English would actually say was

Fuck you u wanker it's football not soccer

Author Craig Storey ( ago)
Grow you dick the uk is fine

Author Stupid N' Simple ( ago)
Why call a game where you kick BALLS with your FEET soccer? The hell, America?

Author Stupid N' Simple ( ago)
Why call a game where you kick BALLS with your FEET soccer? The hell, America?

Author Katie Sayle ( ago)
English people don't talk like that

Author My Nan noscopez and gives me dorritoz ( ago)
We don't talk like ur example of English people we talk like this big up jack wilkinson big up little t

Author Monkeymedz- Rocket league & more! ( ago)
I'm English :(

Author Killer MinecraftRo ( ago)
at soccer, I always get chosen last AND get hit with the soccerball in the face. I hate my life.

Author Floof The panda ( ago)
Oki, i'll follow my dream. Where will you be going tho?

Author TheLegendaryBJQ7 ( ago)
just noticed 0:19 on the left is 420

Author sarah lawson ( ago)
I hate watching sports but I love playing sports

Author Christopher ATTIEH ( ago)
Why did you draw tracer.

Author Skatedoge ( ago)
You really don't understand sports like a lot can happen out there, making plays, the way you score that feeling of winning like that feeling of achieving something in a video game

Author R.B. ( ago)
The difference between sport and Super Mario is complexity. Most sports are insanely complex and the athletes improve over time, so it's not like playing the same old game over and over.

Author Charism Gaming ( ago)
Nice to know that I'm not the only long-term captainsparklez viewer! I've been around since TNT and his first vanilla minecraft series.

Author Leona Wolfwa ( ago)

Author TheKIngOf Dark ( ago)
69 k3kekekekekkeke

Author Magical Unicorn ( ago)
0:35 Are you talking about Heather Chandler, Heather Duke, or Heather McNamara? Yep, Heathers reference

Author hops ( ago)
I smashed my keyboard to like this video and my keyboard stopped working :(

Author Kanaan Faseler ( ago)
6:03 yeah and those boys that watch my little pony... which I'm not... definitely....

Author John Defo ( ago)
Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen and my sister was watching football and we both know that we like the opposite XD

Author Ryan Russell ( ago)
It's called the Harlem Globetrotters

Author Tito ( ago)
You look like BionicPIG

Author MrFoxythepiratefox ( ago)
You have a fox mug I LOVE FOXES!!!!!

Author TheSeventhSavage :3 ( ago)

Author Heather Farrell ( ago)
I luve pupy bul sooooo cute

Author creepergirlyt ( ago)
*James is talking to England and You'll be back from Hamilton comes on*

Author Hunter :/ ( ago)

Author Shadow blade ( ago)
youre so right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Coop0108 Papin ( ago)
How do you have over 2M subs tell me theodd1out

Author Sophia Meek ( ago)
Sports change. Different teams play each other :>

Author Jacobgames Smith ( ago)
But have you seen Barca 6-1?

Author DSD ( ago)
you mean a touchdown not a homerun

Author Noah Huth ( ago)
You don't like watching sports same

Author Painted- Badge0 ( ago)
My friend also has his hands shake

Author UTFurry ( ago)
6:07 how dare yew

Author JB Bros ( ago)
o dammit james, another 69 joke reference.

Author applelemonz ( ago)

Author applelemonz ( ago)

Author GD Valkexx ( ago)
I don't like sports. I'm not good at running. lol maybe ill be like james

Author Myles Barry ( ago)
Did you actually let go of the handle

Author Nika loves TACOS! ( ago)
I hate kickball!!

Author Star Pixen ( ago)
I'm British, lol the intro is so offensive!!!

Author -KERZAKINZ - ( ago)
420 on the jersey

Thats DANk

Author arash ramezani ( ago)
I think sports too

Author E Cool Worier ( ago)
JUST CALL IT AMERICAN FOOTBALL AND BRITISH FOOTBALL nobody likes soccer (in my appinion)

Author Talisq Oppongaa ( ago)

Author Frantic Ching ( ago)
Dude, I'm English and idc if you call it soccer...anyone who gets butt hurt is retarded. I understand bro dw about clarifying for idiots...

Author Lilly Lee48 ( ago)
Why are you dissing England mate we don't talk or look that bad😭

Author KBro Gaming ( ago)
I hate sports too

Author Slasher Wisp ( ago)
he scored a homerun!

Author Hamouda Baccar ( ago)
I respect your point of view but man you so stupid
if you don't know shit about sports just don't talk about it

Author Hamouda Baccar ( ago)
Its football not soccer you dumbass piece of shit pussy son of a bitch

Author Just Debbie ( ago)
I was once in a volleyball team from 7th to 8th grade and then I quit bc I dont enjoy it anymore(i was probably forced bc of me playing in our intrams and our coach thinks i have a shot to do volleyball so yep)

Author Hisoka Morou ( ago)
the only sport I can watch without killing myself is volleyball

Author SadeceVideo SadeceEğlence ( ago)
ıs that tracer in 7:32? WOW your classmates are soo cool.

Author PINGUNATOR ( ago)
Hey America, Call it football like the rest of the damn world!

Author Moon LordGaming ( ago)


Author Coolord _Gaming ( ago)
i agree with you james

Author MLGDOGE 360FAZE ( ago)
OMG 5:37 KC my home team.

Author Electedsteam 1629 ( ago)

Author Electedsteam 1629 ( ago)
"Notice me senpai"

Author Electedsteam 1629 ( ago)
2:31 😂😂😂😂 "it's just a game guys we're supposed to have fun!"

Author TheGamingAces// \\Gaming Pros ( ago)
I watched the Super Bowl and it was the ick the pats and the Falcons and at the beginning the Falcons were in the lead and then at the end the Falcons lost😣
(I hate the patriots because there are stereotypes of who gets to root for which team and plus I am from New England those dang stereotypes tho my goodness anybody with me?Nobody nobody at all.......... Ok I will be here on my own being drowned in the comment section)

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