My Thoughts on Sports

"Meh" James says.
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Author alex brocklehurst ( ago)
Is that a insult James because I am British

Author Sirlaughs alot ( ago)
lol the odd ones out doesn't like furries? awesome 😂😂😂

Author Kangs 859 ( ago)
3:32 lets go Hawks

Author Lori Tato ( ago)
I love sports and I'm super competitive, but at the same time, I'm lazy asf

Author Ammie B. ( ago)
Any volleyball players out there? And if so, what position? I'm a middle😜 also I love haikyu

Author Plasmaman642 ( ago)
7:34 well a grownup kicked a soccer ball as hard as he could. and it hid me right in the nut sack!!!!!!! ;(

Author Wolfie MSP ( ago)
ppl probs watch video games cuz they dont wanna spend money on pixels... I would tho ;)

Author dash parel ( ago)
TRACER! UH!!!!!!

Author Big Daddy ( ago)
I have a blonde friend named Mycah who loves soccer

Author Five Facts With Fern Bennete ( ago)
I agree with you I HATE SPORTS

Author J Quez ( ago)
i always play sports and everything

Author Nerdy ( ago)

Author SupersonicBagel GD ( ago)
I like fencing

Author Shygifter ( ago)
So i never really played sports i mean I don't really need it weighing at like 92 pounds most people join sports i didn't join any sports but i did join an art club or something

Author Eclipse Panda ( ago)
Sports are pointless ikr!

Author Cheri Chapman ( ago)
i was hit in the head with a soccer ball by a coach

Author dreadout5 ( ago)
I follow my dreams of going to a furcon and shooting it up to cure the world

Author Universal Saiyan ( ago)
please don't hate on england your president is donald trump soooooooooo please dont

Author Elemental Elite ( ago)
Really a home run it's called a touchdown

Author Bean 6 ( ago)
us is run be a dead meme

Author Hedgehog Paws ( ago)
There's two tipes of weird there's the good wired which is unique and expressive and the bad weird is the weird where it's like stalking and creepy stuff

Author tanya the wolf ( ago)
you used a.... animating app on a laptop lol for the sticman

Author tanya the wolf ( ago)
noooooooooo ur a stereotype of a British person but I do love tea

Author dj lili ( ago)
this is affending me

Author Jelissa Lewis ( ago)
I got a home run WHOO

Author Its Swahina ( ago)

Author Lainey_Fowler ( ago)
did anyone hear him say notice me senpi or is it just me?

Author Katniss Evergreen ( ago)
6:46 my hands shake but it's because I have familial tremors. It's a genetic thing

Author Amelia Kingsley ( ago)
The video on the computer was a POPULARMMOS video (ya now the computer in the scene where he is being told why are you watching someone play video games when you can just play)

Author Carmela Alkuino ( ago)
man dont judge us when we like watching sports you captain sparkles stalker

Author Hakeem ammar gurbadi ( ago)
i hate soccer UUUUUUGGHGGHHGGGGH >:(

Author Cutegalaxy Cat ( ago)

Author Mia LaRuffa ( ago)
"I scored a home run" dead

Author cjeckersley ( ago)
Watch when Man City won the English Premier League in 2012. Movie plot devise IRL.

Author TheNugget Bacon ( ago)
RIP old TNT.

Author Donna Sachs ( ago)
Spots are sooo boring

Author Hello ( ago)
......he never got the CaptainSparkles t-shirt....


Author Rocky Wolf ( ago)
Lol he said home run when it's called a touchdown

Author Kiwi 34298 ( ago)

Author TheGaming Martian ( ago)
i agree with you with buddy movies and im an 8 year old

Author Chase Mccullough ( ago)

Author MARIO & LUIGI ( ago)
Hate em

Author Baby Taylor ( ago)

Author Michael Farník ( ago)
6:52 Did anyone else read "just a 'mind tumor'" on the screen or am I the only retard in the audience?

Author Luminous ( ago)
Btw I'm from Scotland and I call soccer football and football rugby FUCK YOU

Author Olivia B ( ago)
I love the Pivot animation joke

Author Dark knight willams ( ago)
hey bitch i live in Sunderland

Author WowSaysTheDoge _ ( ago)
1:58 When you score a HOME RUN in FOOTBALL

Author shammi kii ( ago)
James I'm in England it is FOOTBALL ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Author Kid lego 2017 ( ago)
I agree with James, SPORTS IS BORING!!!!!!

Author Bob's Wrestling ( ago)
YOU SCORED A HOME RUN?!?! Isn't it touchdown, or am I just dumb?

Author William Carter ( ago)
I am English and I don't speak like that and no one I know speaks like that

Author Annabelephant MC ( ago)

Author HenzieTokyo ( ago)
I'm always the last one to be picked...

What is life?

Author Shaneil Young ( ago)
Soo you BROKE MY COMPUTER JAMES! At the end of your video you said "smash that like button..." So I smashed and now I need a new computer, but it was worth it!

Author The really Epic mudkip ( ago)
0:10 British people don't speak like that

Author Jaden Maravilla ( ago)
Me: Thanks girls do best.

Author Kim Aarts ( ago)

Author Tiffany Fuller ( ago)
Whenever you see a F
Get it? cause it startes with a ..f

Author Sam the man 100 ( ago)
Not only is this guy sexist but he is also rastist is this man related to Donald trump or something?

Author xxfluffbombxx ;D ( ago)
I'm engliiiisshh... but whatever

Author Penwoo ( ago)
I'm english but I'm cool ALRIGHT?!?!?!

Author A a ( ago)
im live in England RUDE

Author Irishdoesminecraft ( ago)
'"i hope a stiffy wanks your knockers"
wanks= jerks off
knockers= balls/boobs

.....well done

Author Jackson Holland ( ago)
I watch both

Author Kayra Ramos ( ago)
this is so funny James is having an agreement with him self if you read this can you give me a shout out @kayralitsince2007 my insta😊

Author Fabio Stuber ( ago)
I hate sports^^

Author Eliora Lelono ( ago)
one time i was last and in 2nd grade and my friend screamed "CAN U JUST PICK HER, SHES SENSITIVE, SHES GONNA CRY" then i looked her in the eye and at the end i spit on her arm

Author Ben Sandlin ( ago)
that thing you did at 1:59, how did you do that?

Author Jaden Lim ( ago)
the only kind of sport i wanna play

Author Dj Dowgs None Of YouTubeS Business ( ago)
I'm always time a kid said oh c'mon why him.the teacher dint say some think other then he's on your team deal with it not he's better the you

Author eliza ( ago)
Yea, i'm normally they last or second last to get picked AND my friends always (well not always but most of the time) make me in for tag and stuff even if I have a fricken thing where my foot needs fricken authotics...

Author Elite ツ ( ago)
Anyone from Scotland watching, I don't wanna be alone

Author James Stuart22 ( ago)
hey I live in England

Author spazjnr ( ago)

Author Moonlight_Hunter _86 ( ago)
'Smash that comment bar, and smash... your girlfriend augh I'm sorry'
-James 2016

Author Claire Ward ( ago)
I am English And we don't sound like that genus and people from London don't sound like that

Author Lorenz Niel ( ago)
its not nervewrecking wen the last 5 are standing, because im always last

Author Mystery Bond ( ago)
Something did spice up in sports, the cubs won the World Series 😂😂

Author Monster Cake ( ago)
Pfffffffft England is going to kill you

Author Gabriel Wilson ( ago)
I totally agree with him.

Author Crystal Marie ( ago)
lol ikr? every time we had soccer for pe I never really knew what to do. Anytime I was the goalie the other team was pretty much ALWAYS on the other half of the field. when they were on my side... I failed.... badly....

Author Winnie Tu ( ago)
Is Krate a sport? cause i do krate ._.

Author deathkiller 55 ( ago)
I agree with him sports are boring

Author panderbear ( ago)
I feel so bad for you

Author AnotherHappyFace ( ago)
I know u probably won't see this but u just described my whole life in all your videos. <3 Like the video if you enjoyed he is a amazing YouTube!!!

Author Lil' Jason 2746019 ( ago)
did he say to get an erection between her breasts God bless the queen??

Author Gabriella Haskell ( ago)
I cannot play kickball...

Author Deh derp cookies ( ago)
hey the thing about the team only staying on one side of the field and being the goalie that happened to my friend and I was watching by the way I love your videos

Author The_Awesome_Boy83 ( ago)
I'm English...

Author IcyyBLizzardFox_ ( ago)

Author Penguin Star ( ago)
Dank meme

Author Ellen_o d ( ago)

Author Xiao Sims ( ago)
Heheh I was in track longer than you: a week.

Author Livvy Animations ( ago)
fuck of not all British talk like that

Author Jack Brimstone ( ago)
fursuits are interesting , yet extremely hot inside. (heat stroke likely)

Author Jonas Vain ( ago)
7:33 i Saw tracer

Author Alexis Garcia ( ago)
will you's be my buddy...? 😟

Author xjofficial ( ago)
god damn it the English don't fuc*ing speak like that Asian nigg**a

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