Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Official Gameplay: Hang Eight Level Walkthrough - PAX East 2017

Check out a Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back level remade for the upcoming PS4 collection.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Release Date Trailer

3 Minutes of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Collection Gameplay

Crash Bandicoot Remastered is Beautiful, But Does the Gameplay Hold Up?

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Reveal Trailer

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Author Jdurr94: The Gamer ( ago)
Hopefully they release new Warped gameplay, specifically my favorite Crash level ever: Orient Express.

Author General OFG ( ago)
my brother stole my ps4, I was gonna get this game too...

Author FG Fullgaming ( ago)
stop de video at 1:39 and look in the distance... Cmon activision got to get that shit done!

Author Jdurr94: The Gamer ( ago)
This is easily the best-looking game I've seen since the Ratchet & Clank reboot. This is DEFINITELY a good year in gaming.

Author ECDT1089 ( ago)
I think it's pretty clear right now that everybody wants to see Warped. Once they release footage of it, everyone is going to lose their minds!

Author thenasterchief1 ( ago)
Now that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :D However the nitro crates aren't has good as the classic games and the sound effect for the hippo enemies was better in the classic.

Author LZM ( ago)
Always hated water levels. But this looks so nice and smooth, damn. Even my childhood flashbacks aren't gonna make this look bad.

Author JACKAPUNCH44 ( ago)
Is it just me or does the music seem too quiet

Author Terence Johnson ( ago)
Omg! Look at the shadows from the clouds passing by! The graphics on this remake is N-Sane!!! 😮😮😮 I can't imagine what this game would look like in 4K.

Author skat26onPSN ( ago)
Now if I could get spyro trilogy remastered and super mario 64 remastered, I'll be happy

Author DanTheMan33088 ( ago)
God, people are NEVER satisfied

Author Danny Mcneil ( ago)
Is this game gonna be 60fps?

Author cesarThePencilest ( ago)
hope they can find a way to make this 2 players. it would be fun !!

Author Emerl The Ultimate Gizoid ( ago)
didn't know ign was good at playing games besides cod

Author Mizhidor Desmugg ( ago)
I want that sound when the doors opens from the old game, just a minor detail

Author MagnaSonic3000 ( ago)
Just by watching (and only Crash veterans could probably see too), but the little jet board doesn't seem to fumble around as much as it used to. One of those crates near the mines you actually had to turn and slow down so you'd get the crate and avoid the mine. It seems he was going a relatively faster pace when he hit it.

Author loghh ( ago)
Hmm aside from not liking some of the updated sound effects this is looking to be really good :P Good thing i picked up a PS4 not too long ago \ o /

Author Rander Damer ( ago)
CTR and Crash bash remakes :))))

Author Hugh Janus ( ago)
My God.. If I get one more ad for Trivago.. -_-

Author NeonBlue27 ( ago)
So... much... wasted... wumpa fruit!!!

Author Willpiece AMV ( ago)
Je sens que je vais aimer les Soundtrack xD
C'est nice que vous ayez fait les mêmes que l'original. ;)

Author Unreal Animation Studios ( ago)
SO many people are gonna buy this game the game developers are gonna be rolling in COLD HARD CRASH!

Author TheOgrelord ( ago)
I'm so glad they made the sound effects sound pretty similar to the original

Author elemileTLDR ( ago)
A little too responsive controller for a classic Crash game, IMO. Needs more suffering.

Author EsquireDaSonJames Edward ( ago)
what happened to platformers???

Author Erik moguel ( ago)
spyro remake please

Author Felipe Guedes ( ago)
PC Please!

Author Sebastian Medina ( ago)
the way he runs looks REALLY lame. ALL you have to do. is make him run EXACTLY like the original 2. VERY fluid. And then it's perfect. don't make him run in that boxy way because of any executive decisions. He needs more ATTITUDE.

Author LeaveTheMark ( ago)
Awesome! But I'd be more impressed if this was also done for Spyro the Dragon :)

Author said ali ( ago)
That was like the best crash ever made

Author said ali ( ago)

Author Denis Sulovic ( ago)
Pls Ps4 pro Patch 4K @60FPS

Author zero rock ( ago)
crash team racing, please. i need that with multiplayer!!

Author Conrad Fincher ( ago)
I never played crash but i watched my brother so I'm exited

Author FESS MEER ( ago)

Author DarkDestiny3 ( ago)
U know ur suppose to jump on the box with lines????

Author 991yugioh ( ago)
Everything in this lvl is good except the music. Why is there no tug boat toot in it. Instead we get a generic guitar rift. Please change that because it doesn't fit the feel of the original lvl.

Author Eric Stilthool ( ago)
looks beautiful but not challenging at all

Author gavalon01 ( ago)
Does whoever playing this not know how the striped boxes work?!

Author FireHitPanic ( ago)
I will by a PS4 just for this. Crash Bandicoot 2 was the second console game I ever played and I still play through these games (ps1 games) every couple years. The once they hit ps2 they got were mediocre. tag team racing, however, I really did enjoy. Loved the way it blended racing and the running around crash action style.

Author Jupe ( ago)
Gameplay seems to be as fluid as before, seems good!

Author Joe Hobbs ( ago)
Ok fir me this looks fantastic only problem I have is there's not enough gameplay or even a view of the warp room

Author JoltyVappy / PinkSylveon ( ago)
Ok, I can't complain. Despite how he looks, I call this a rebooted and a remaster. But a beautiful one at that. It's gameplay is still too fun to say I don't like it.

It's good to have you back Crash. We missed you more than these new copycats....

Author MrAlexg91 ( ago)
this is how we all saw crash bandicoot when we played it as kids.

Author Nnamdi Anyanwu ( ago)
Throwback! Can't wait to get Crash back in my life!

Author Euronymous ( ago)
I'm going to quit my job

Author Ultimodestructico ( ago)
Anyone else love the bonus sound track and the blue gem level soundtrack I'm so ready

Author Secretxxx67 ( ago)
wtf at 03:02 bad shadow graphic when entering the cave

Author Raigetic ( ago)
Why are people whining so much about little things "it's too realistic" "it's too cartoony"

Author KennyKennTV ( ago)
I wont lie this would be the perfect game for Switch

Author Jaxionisnum2 ( ago)
Ohhh why'd you grab the check point should of kept running for the gem, oh so much nostalgia, one f my favorite crash tracks, I love how the platforms actually make a hovering noise now

Author dan will ( ago)
I did 1000% on this as a kid no platinum required

Author Diego Aguilar Caicedo ( ago)
Make Crash Team Racing Remake and you'll got everything from me and everyone who had childish.

Author The Lost Nights - Chiptune covers ( ago)
The colors are so meh

Author Bashir Sfar ( ago)
listen man nobody is perfect u couldnt control it. Im not even a subscriber man and even i feel really bad for u

Author Bashir Sfar ( ago)
take it easy man start off slow on ur diets and stuff and build it up

Author Jean Pierre Wehry ( ago)
Now if they could just show us Crash Warped gameplay my Nosalgiasm will be complete.

Author Authintix ( ago)
whoever is playing this is making me mad. WHY ARE YOU SPINNING THE BOXES THAT REQUIRE JUMPING ONLY!!! and Stop spinning the WOMPA FRUITS AWAY!!! should have got me to play it correctly smh

Author ToineJakTheOnly ( ago)
Crash N Sane 2 seems more speedrunable than the original, that first platform skip didn't need a slide spin to get over like it needed in the original. FYI I'm coming for the world record, fund me to help me break it (there's nothing to fund, don't fund me). I'm coming for your record sUpErBoOmFaN

Author ToineJakTheOnly ( ago)
Hold on, does Hang Eight not have 2 gems anymore, or has the timer gem not been implemented yet?

Author LALFAST ( ago)
looking good

Author WickedAnimeTroll ( ago)
so, I guess the only way for activison to release good games now is to remake their old ones :P

Author Leon Reaper ( ago)
This is why PlayStation is the best ^_^

Author Videos De Internet ( ago)
crash team racing please with multiplayer is mario kart for playstation please?

Author Mike B ( ago)
I have a 6 week year old son at home.. he has no idea yet how lucky he is. This looks sooo good compared to when this first came out when I was a kid.

Author Maximum Valkyr ( ago)
all new models, textures, revamped sound design, classic UI, it's like they actually care or something

how strange, these must be the same wierdos as the ones who wanted to make a really good DooM game

Author VladimirDuckTrump RBLX ( ago)
I wish this was coming out on the Switch... Come at me, Sony fangirls.

Author LegendaryWarrior ( ago)
switch port or no purchase

Author CapsLockKeyon ( ago)
I bet you Elena could beat whoever was playing this level. Just saying.

Author Alfred Chan ( ago)
I'm sold.

Author leftymu ( ago)
It's like the boxes don't have any strength anymore - he just seems to be sort of mushing them apart but in the original the distinct feel of how solid the boxes were was part of what made the games feel so *right*

Author Cy Cortex ( ago)

Author Muhammad Akmal Abdillah ( ago)
CTR Remaster, Please!

Author TheUnexpectedOne ( ago)
My Crash will always belong to Naughty Dog, they made him a legend they should make him return. Any other company that has touched CB has literally ruined it more every time...stay loyal to the original version!

Author Stipe Runac ( ago)
My favorite level, it looks amazing!

Author ゆい714 ( ago)
Stylized graphics and gameplay > Realism

Author YoungBandsome ( ago)
These young boys dont know about this 😂 ive always wanted to say that about a game lol

Author Nick ( ago)
they got my money with this one. the original poster boy for playstation is back

Author Fancy Platypus ( ago)
This looks like a fan project made in unreal engine

Author Tr33dy35 ( ago)

Author Dank Meme ( ago)
This is the greatest thing for old time fans, they've remade a classic, like cod4 without ruining it with cancerous add ons and extra bullshit

Author MicxtheGamer _ ( ago)
still waiting for twinsantiy

Author xFalseAngelx ( ago)
Hopefully they release some Crash avatars so I can finally get rid of that fraud one.

Author xFalseAngelx ( ago)
Hopefully it'll have Platinum trophies.

Author xFalseAngelx ( ago)
So as far as ps1 remakes we got this and FFVII. Now we just need Chrono Trigger and I can die happy.

Author Devin J. ( ago)
Minor details should be added such as changing the wumpa fruit sound to more closely like the original. Also when you get the purple crystal is should be like the original where it would shine bright on the center of the screen. And when you get a crate containing Aku Aku make it sound more like the original "woodobuka" sound.

Author Delphox latias ( ago)
hey now they have a crash bandicoot game engine.

crash 4 anyone?

Author Derp Durp ( ago)
Remake Crash Bash! Game was so fun!!!

Author Miguel Alencar ( ago)
I think I'm gonna cry, my childhood right there :')

Author Project Frenzy ( ago)
There's no noise for the checkpoint crates anymore and Aku Aku doesn't sound completely right to be honest. Maybe we could get a fix?

Author Night Wolf ( ago)
All the nostalgia 💖 this game gonna be the only reason I'll buy a PS4 💝

Author Immanuel Weaver ( ago)
This is gonna be sweet :D

Author Alex Hartley ( ago)
Make crash nitro cart

Author Julian Luna ( ago)
how do you dare not to grab all the mangoes??? D:

Author ILikeBulletZ ( ago)
Yeah, we are getting there....

I liked Crash 2. But my favorite of all time and the one I remember the most is definitively Warped!!!!

....Crash 1.... eh, I guess it started it all, so theres that...

Author RMC Entertainment ( ago)
So beautiful <3

Author Roy Prieto ( ago)
BRB, Gon get some Wumpa Fruit. AKA, mangos.

Author Kevin R. ( ago)
pls no suply drops

Author Danterik ( ago)
There are no words that can describe how hyped and happy i am for this.
Only people who share the same memories of crash like me understand.
I played the trilogy so many times when i was a kid and practically memorised all the levels and secrets for each game. Now i even downloaded emulators since my discs are damaged.
I can honestly say the levels ive seen so far are identical like the old ones. It makes me so happy

Author Grapplehook_Lemon ( ago)
have i gone n.sane or am i seeing a new crash game?

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