How to downgrade WoW from any patch to any patch

This is how to downgrade wow from any patch to any patch

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Author Nino F ( ago)

Author Mohammad Nairat ( ago)
I know we all spent our childhoods in the "hoods" :D ... it was amazing ..
but generations change u know :( u cant do anything about it ... like srsly
.. every 12 year old now has a smartphone, Xbox and a PS3 ... I still have
the nokia 6600 , PSP and I freakin LOVE EM!... but I don't judge kids like
99% of the internet does .. technology has ruined so many stuff ... its not
their fault ... :S but when I have my own kids I will raise them correctly
.. I hope we all do :D ... May God help us all.

Author GLUGSTER1 ( ago)
Why not is it because of all the new files?

Author Raccoonlord ( ago)
You can't

Author Kimo Rappelz ( ago)
now how to DownGrade from 5.0.5 to 3.3.5

Author Elliott Armour ( ago)
At least we learnt how to fucking spell rather than throwing sand at people.

Author AfternoonProductions ( ago)
ohhh haha my bad.

Author TheZerpenT ( ago)
Hello I am from the planet Mars.

Author AfternoonProductions ( ago)
that would be updating. run launcher and let it patch up

Author AfternoonProductions ( ago)

Author riofan5 ( ago)
Can i downpatch to 4.0.6a from 4.3.4??

Author Dub™ | 2014 ( ago)
Dude, This worked before but not now.

Author LeetAndLoot ( ago)
lol thats very incorrect basically what you are saying you are ruining your
child life being on a PC but really life is what you want it to be if
someone likes to play video games let them if someone likes to be a jock
let them reason why everyone has a different opinion like my opinion and
your opinion.

Author jojje amid ( ago)
svensk <3!

Author IlluzionOnTheBeat (1380 years ago)
can i downgrade from 4.0.6 to 1.12?

Author pgeske ( ago)
My god... when will I find a downgrading video with at least 50% likes!?

Author Lipfi 18 ( ago)
You didnt fkin do anything, does someone know how to downgrade form 4.3 to

Author ic3d3monA ( ago)
doesnt work for 4.3 dude ....... srsly fix your vid's NAME

Author nickc2122 ( ago)
How to downgrade from 4.3 to 4.2?

Author BassDownLow4 ( ago)

Author Dub™ | 2014 ( ago)
Guys! This is outdated ! look when it's done ? this was at the time it was
under 4.0.0...

@Svrro Lmao looks like you got trolled

Author TankySpankyPaly1 ( ago)
Well it didint Depatch

Author Hampus Jakobsson ( ago)
skaffa bättre mick för fan

Author bike4tobbe ( ago)
Det funkade ju fan inte ! jag ville fixa från 4.0.3 till 3.3.5 men detta
funkade inte !

Author animalloverzforever ( ago)
how do i downgrade from 4.0.3 to 3.5.5a?

Author DustyProductions96 ( ago)
Wut..... nasty microphone... PIIEEEP and breathing... and a really soft

Author PasStrGr8 ( ago)
@Mrfniss learn how to spell mic/microphone dumbass.

Author marcusap172 ( ago)

Author mumiflip01 ( ago)
can i go back to the patch i was at before?

Author mumiflip01 ( ago)
can u go back to the patch i was at before?

Author One Two Three ( ago)
@EliasOwnage95 Du har rätt man ska inte använda wow.exe eller den på
desktop, men jag har alltid gjort det och det funkar för mig xD Patchar
aldrig upp fören jag ändrar min realmlist till blizzards realmlist^^

Author One Two Three ( ago)
God damnit low mick?! I cant hear a thing!

Author Emil Rasmussen ( ago)
@EliasOwnage95 JAG HÅLLER MED

Author Emil Rasmussen ( ago)
så... jag tog bort '' Wow '' som du gjorde... var det allt?? e det klart?
kan man köra 3.5.5 då??

Author ALMIGHTYONE1908 ( ago)
@cutyouinthere ??

Author Matildo de la concha ( ago)

Author Svrro ( ago)
i get pissed off when kids tell me how to do something... if they tell me
right what i should do its cool and ok, but common :/ kids go and play
outside goddamn, leave the PC, u ruin u'r childhood with it !!! go and
throw some sand on u'r neighbours...

Author ALMIGHTYONE1908 ( ago)
how to downgrade from 4.0.1 to 3.5?

Author CameronWcool ( ago)
@EliasOwnage95 he was talking?

Author methmilo ( ago)
@EliasOwnage95 Ame du, det typ går inte för ja får 4.0.1 installer så ja
fixar den på direkten de går typ skit för mig...

Author Elias Gergi ( ago)
@DreadfulNob jag kom på d , avinstallera WoW installera lich king av CD elr
internet , sen när du e framme vid patch 3.0.1 kmr den vilja hämta 4.0.1
men avbryt och sök på internet typ 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 engb asså alla patches
före 3.3.5a ända tills du e vid 3.3.5a sen ska du altid starta wow med
wow.exe inte launchern elr den vid desktop

Author methmilo ( ago)
@EliasOwnage95 Jag behöver också veta säg till om du kommer på!

Author Elias Gergi ( ago)
jag märkte att du var SWE hur ändrar ajg från 4.0.1 cataclysm till 3.3.5

Author Elias Gergi ( ago)
no point of talking , barely any voice heard

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