Punjab Police raid on a hotel in Lahore and arrest 20 Prostitutes

Punjab Police raid on a hotel in Lahore and arrest 20 Prostitutes

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Author Fiaz Bhatti ( ago)
inspector kasy fraarr hogea koty dy bachy inspector ko kue bhaga dea

Author Ali Raza ( ago)
Police ko is hotel se monthly nhi i ho gi lahore ka konsa aisa hotel hai
jahan ye kam nhi hota or sare aam shrab na bikti ho

Author honesty ( ago)
hamari police ko bas yani kam ha!! dunia ka sara genuine mujrim mar gai
hain kya?? sharam ani chia police ko. itna bura halat mein agar log thora
APNI marzi se enjoy kar raha hain to kya farak parta ha???

Author Danyal Tanveer ( ago)
lanat he tum sub par ma bhen k bhi shram ni 55sala budha whn apni beti ko
chudwne gya tha gshti k bache 

Author RightHandPossession ( ago)
Muhammad assassinated his critics. He robbed people in the middle of the
night. He raided merchant caravans; he looted villages and towns and stole
the herds of shepherds; he burned trees and destroyed wells. He raped women
after torturing to death their husbands. He massacred entire populations
with false accusations. You'd have to be pretty stupid to follow that
filthy sack of shit. You're even more stupid for not knowing the ass-hole
that you worship like a brain-dead moron Fuck off Muhammad

Author mona zeb ( ago)
If he was a thief, a rapist and a murderer..half of the world wouldn't have
respected him and titled him as an inspiration cz those people were not
some teeny boppers over some random singer. Those people were scholars and
scientists who followed Him and made Him the reason of giving us a life of
being a human, otherwise we are animals. And you my friend have NOT enough
knowledge or authority to judge a person and his ability, as criticizing
someone else is world's easiest remark. 

Author mona zeb ( ago)
And how would you know that whatever written in those books is true? Do you
know those writers personally? This is something like we say Justin Bieber
is a talented singer and everyone gets on with it. Speak for yourself,
whatever your belief is or are you just a 2 legged social animal with a
plenty of brain to be superior than other animals...Who are you to
disrespect my Prophet?? You can't judge a person with a couple of so called
authors giving opinions.

Author mona zeb ( ago)
kuch tou sharam karo Pakwanderer! Mohammad Ali Jinnah ki kahawat ka he
khyal kr mulk main koi pathan, Punjabi, sindhi baloch or muhajar
nae hai, sab muslman hain" jb mulk ke logon main he farq ho tou chal para
Pakistan. jaahil. Yoon tou main bhi baloch hun or jitney wehshi or bahadar
baloch hotay hain wo tum balochistan ja ke dekh lo! is dar se tou jata bhi
koi nae wahan ke kahin se goli na chal paray ;) baat krta hai..uloo ka
patha. hahaha

Author RightHandPossession ( ago)
How would I know He was a murderer, thief and Rapist? From Islam's most
trusted and authentic sources of course. The Seera and Sunna are filled to
the brim with stories of Muhammad and his gang of thugs Killing, Raiding,
Stealing, Looting and raping their fellow Arabs. It is impossible to read
the sunna without discovering straight away that Muhammad was a
serial-rapist mass-murdering paedophile pretend-prophet. In other words,
your lack of self-respect becomes known by your ignorance.

Author mona zeb ( ago)
How would you know He was a murderer, thief and Rapist?? were you there
when He was (Astaghfirullah), in your words, doing that? If you people hve
lost your beliefs and we muslims are somehow stuck with that
suddenly makes our Holy Inspirations, baddies as well...Bravo! Have faith
in your religion or leave us alone with whatever we have left as a its going to fade soon as well I know..thanks to the Western
influence! I'm liberal myself but I didn't like what you said!!!!

Author mona zeb ( ago)
LOL Mr. or Ms. Kangaroo, you are a son of your neighbour as he had sexual
intercourse with your mother many times, despite the fact that your mother
was dating/married to the man you call dad/father, and in a result of that
sensual intercourse, you were emitted from her vagina, with a sack of blood
called, placenta. DOES this make any sense to you?? SAYING SOMETHING on the
basis of assumption or general knowledge, criticizing someone's religion
takes you no where, but you become a DISGRACE!

Author mona zeb ( ago)
apki mama bhi wahan thi lagta hai isi liay ziayda ghusa a rha hai.. haram
ki nasal ko..!! Or Pakiza Hazrat pr mat ja warna musliman kuch kahen na
kahen lala g Khuda tou teri chutney ki bhi chutney bna dalay ga.. :D Wait
kr tu zara marnay ka..baari tou sab ki aani hai.. saari lund ki akad nikal
jaye gi hehehe 

Author mona zeb ( ago)
Challlow jee!! Saudi Arabia se aik wehsha or uskay 2 dallay Iran shift hoye
or jab logon ko pata challa ke wo wehsha hai, unhn ne usko dono dallun ke
sath chowk pr bandh kr aag laga di...or Islam men Zanaa ki sza hai ke sary
aam mard or orat jo garam masala kooten, unhain pathar maar maar kr halaaq
kr do. Mard ko isi ly tou 4 shadiyon ki ijazat hai taakay wo kuton ki tarah
mun na maray bazaron mein...Allah ne yeh nae kaha ke mujray dekho ja ke aye
mere pyaray banday, CHOR KI DARHI MAIN TINKA :D

Author mona zeb ( ago)
Or log kehtey hain 'Pakistani Idol' logon ko kanjar bna rha hai! wah ji
wah, munafiq qoum!

Author Oceanic Trading Co ( ago)
randi ki nasal hay tu. 

Author young man ( ago)
Kutay najaiz ki olaad.... 

Author jasonbruneck ( ago)
can some1 pls explain to me what happened? what punishment will they get???

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
Kya faida hai es raid ka? Jab tak mahalay walay ya koi or complain na karay
tou ya raids ghair shar'aeee hain. Es pay research honi chahiya, or eska
koi hal nikalna chahiya, na k gharoun k ander ghus k 2 4 20 50 larkiyoun ko
arrest kr liya jaya without any complain from neighboring community etc.
Hera mandi mai raid kyn nhi hoti? kyn k agr wahan sa sb khtm kringy tou ya
log gali mahaloun mai phail jayaingy. Koi solution nikalna chahiya! Police
ki b kamaai ka zariya hai ya sb. Most people know

Author King Jani ( ago)
What if the chardewari is called "Red light square"??? Kaisi islam ki
taleem de rahey ho aap? Koi road pe to prostitution nahin karta... sab
ander khaney he hota ha. Police did what they needed to do. 

Author sarohap ( ago)
Abe rock moulder tere ghar se bhi tha kya in 20 randiyo me se

Author rockmoulder ( ago)
aur sabh ke lund teri maa ki kuss mein honey chahiye lol

Author sarohap ( ago)
Islam me tatti karte hue tissue paper ka istamal nahi karna chahiye.. Aur
Islam me sabse land Kate hone chahiye....kissi ka bhi Lund Mohammad se bada
nahi Hona chahiye

Author RightHandPossession ( ago)
Hinduism and the caste system are ratchet, I agree. But nothing is beneath
Islam. Your paedophile hero was a marauder, a rapist and a thief. What sort
of people would cling to such a role-model? How would they turn out? No
need to guess. We take a quick and know straight away. Which part of my
"abuse" do you see as unwarranted? No muslim can match the legitimate
accusations that the world brings against Islam and it's disgraced
followers. Like what can you say...I'm not Indian, so go ahead...

Author Meher Awan ( ago)
I agree with you 100 percent. In a Poor country like Pakistan we must not
be judgemental. In a Capitalist country like ours sometimes Poverty makes
you do somethings that you dont want to do. All people who are abusing and
disrespecting here are the sons and daughters of the same elite who are
abusing these girls and we must eliminate them to have a Social System in
Pakistan so that Poverty will be eliminated for good. 

Author Meher Awan ( ago)
Sharam Karo. Bye the way One is your sister, the older one is your mother
and the rest are your cousins. But since you are calling them sexy but i
will always give them the respect they deserve. You seems to be Fake Khan
from Karachi where Abusing Girls and making fun of other girls based on
ethnicity other than Urdu Speaking is a part of culture. I hope someday i
will found you in real life and will tell you what is meant by a Respect as
I you are bad apples of our society. 

Author RightHandPossession ( ago)
shut up you filthy animal. I see you practice your death-cult religion
correctly killer. well done maggot...the world regards you and your toilet
country like a zoo-cage filled to the brim with rabid animals good for
nothing. Have fun killing and raping one another like you filthy pieces of
shit do...imitate your serial-rapist paedophile pretend-prophet of
fools...loool even the arabs see you as the shit beneath their sandals
hahaha...just really are the shit of the world.

Author Umair Sherry ( ago)
life is hard ... we have no right to comment on these... and pakistan main
kuch elements hain bury .. but still we should hope for the best... 

Author radoslav banyatov ( ago)
Isan ki ek majbooi hoti hai! Kabhi inse poocha hai ki inki kya majboori
thi! Hum internet trolls kabhi nahi poochte ki aksaariyat kya hai! Jis
mother ke 4 masoom kids hai usko kya majboori ho sakti hai?? 

Author The 12th Man ( ago)
Qabil-e-Aitraaz halat mein....lolz 

Author naresh kumar ( ago)
inspector farar ho gaya lol hahahhahahahahahahah nice one

Author amli nu maal dao ( ago)
Women are meant to be respected whether they belong to any religion or
country.I think they must have some problems which takes them this way , I
strongly condemn this act ... May god bring them in mainstream. Peace

Author mirwais khan ( ago)
lag ta hai iss mien raid mein app ka b koyee janay wala ta ;)

Author Rana Quetta ( ago)
Sir ji, Its Lahore Not Spain...and Pakistan is not an islamic state. Its a
state of so called muslim, hypocrates, milawat khor, murda janwer kaa gosht
bechnee wale aur jhot bolnee wale. Islam tu mazaq ben gia hee and thank to
zia bastards..if red light areas are closed, what will the young man boy...its also expensive and 2 number

Author MB mb (1216 years ago)
All girls are in burqa. This is called Sharia-Compliant-Prostitution.

Author Abdul Raheem ( ago)
Pakistan Ki muslim Hai Is tarha ki tu koun kya karega jise allah Ka Darr
Nahi aur kis se darega 

Author Shark Bait ( ago)

Author Muhammad Aslam ( ago)
Shame on you, you should condemn it rather on enjoying it 

Author suvi0518 ( ago)
aaj to punjab police ki aish ho gayi ;) .. free ki raandein

Author Binte Hawa ( ago)
wat the hell...kam dekho to munh p niqab q charhaye hein.......naik parda
nasheen orton ko b bdnam kr rai hein.......

Author shy sad ( ago)
haha look how thy cover thir faces..MAY ALLAH protect us from zinna.AAMIN

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
Hijab wali ortoun ki pic mard banaty han. Agr koi co-education mai nahi
parhna chahti, tou os k liya higher studies k govt institutes her jaga nahi
hain. Govt public dealing main females ko her chez k separate setup ki
facility honi chahiya, ta k jo joint setup koi jahan tk avoid kr sky, kry.
Male of female interaction ko govt offices main, khusroun k zariya
krwayain. Es sa pardaydar log pardy main rahaingy, or khusroun ko jobs
milaingy or wo gali gali nach k roti nahi khayaingy. Islam bs islya

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
Islamic govt ka kaam ya nahi k wo her ksi ko zabrdasdi momin bnaya, or na
he ya hai k her waqt her bandy ki aisi nigrani kry ko woh koi ghair sharaee
kaam na kry, or agr kary tou osy pakar k saza di jaya. Islamic govt ka kaam
ya hai k aik aisi environment banayi jaya, jahan her Muslim azaadi sa Islam
ko follow ker saky, or osy ksi ghair sharee kaam pay majbor na kiya jasky.
Passport office ja k daikhn, ortoun k liya koi system nhi. Govt k master
level institutes mai co-education ha, or koi sep

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
Chardewaari "Darul Aman wa Amaan" hai. 2 baatoun main interfere kiya jaskta
hai. i) Agr ghar k andar sa koi genuine complain kry, ya koi aisa fard
complain kry jo os action sa directly affect horha ho. ii) Jab koi aisa
action horha ho, k jis sa kisi ko, ya society ko khatra ho eg Bomb bnana,
kidnapped ko rakhna etc Her insaan ko Islamic society main aik khaas circle
k andr mukamal azaadi hai, jis main sirf oska or Allah ka mamla hai. This
is called personal responsibility. 

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
O mry bhai, oper video main political drama hai. Aj b ya sub kuch horha
hai. Burai ko isliya roka jata hai, ta k woh society ko kharab na kr dy.
Misal k tor pay agr ghar mai koi qameez utaar k b so jaya tou koi masla
nahi. Apny kamray mai koi nanga b sona chahy tou bahir k bandy ka os k sth
koi kaam nahi. Chardevari k andar, insaan ki zaati zindagi hai, society ki
property nahi. Han, agr ksi koi koi masla ho or wo complain kr dy, tou tab
sharaee action liya jaskta hai. Goroun n hum he sa sekha 

Author Saji saj ( ago)
bro, jaha info ho k ghalat kam ho rha chahey waha raid krna lazim hey warna
yaad rakhye gunah k khilaf awaz na utha na bhi bra bar ka gunah hi hey.
Jihad ki aqsam burai ko 1.hath se roko, (highest level) 2.zaban se roko
(moderate level) 3.dil mein bura socho or allah se panah mango (lowest
level) thank you

Author Rab carn ( ago)
this is the only decent honourable life for them i am afraid to say.

Author Rab carn ( ago)
the police will let them go and continue in there buisness but first an
agreement will be made between the pimps and the police on the percent of
the monthly fee.

Author yas nayab ( ago)
buddy i thought the same lol 

Author Raza Butt ( ago)
Now this muslims will rape them. Pakistan are the most dirties people both
mentally and. Physically

Author MrMetalhamer1 ( ago)
police wale in women ki gand bhi marte honge - woh bhi free aur inke paise
bhi kharcha ke liyeah

Author terms29 ( ago)
We all blame them and are disgusted by them but I am sure if these women
are given the chance of a decent honourable life,none of them will work in

Author Xain Sher ( ago)
aur larkiyon ko thana anarkali main jaa k achi tarah thokaa gyaa :p

Author ana jee ( ago)
yar ye ajj waly salon ko jootiyaa marni chaiye bhen k lorey onko paker ray
hain jo merzi sy ye kam kerti hain ismy konsa teermara hai inho ny.becharey
dalal anvee der rey thy lanat hai aj tv pe aj tv ka nam wesy tu koi janta
nai tu inho ny socha rating k liye apni behnu py chapa dilwaty
maza nai aya sari ki sari tu razi thee phir inhu ny paker konsi bezuban ko
insaf dilwana tha.or anchor ko dekho bakery ki shakal wala bara kush ho ra

Author zee khan ( ago)
sharam ani chhyiye ap logo ko 

Author abdul sattar ( ago)
bechari ki maza karab kardy

Author amir jeff ( ago)
police ko paisay dayna bhul gaye hon gay hotel walay ........

Author sweet sunny ( ago)
ue knjrian taxian shiya ki hi q hoti hain?non muslim jo hote hain

Author ArtistDigital ( ago)
Spain mai jab illegal immigrant k pechy police lagay or wo bhagta hoa apny
ghar, hotel k room etc ki chardewari k andar chala jayay tou police wahein
ruk jati hai. Os k bahir nikalny ka wait krti hai. Raid nahi krti. Islam
main b chardewari ka taqadus hai. Allah Sattar hai. Privacy mai jab tak koi
complain na karay, tou kisi ko haq nahi pohnchta k andar ghous k pardy
faash kry. Behbood e abadi waloun ko b rat ko ghar mai ghous k logoun k
condom check krny ki ijazat milni chahiya. 

Author zee khan ( ago)
jis ne lahore nahi wekhaya wo jamiya heee nahi

Author tiger man ( ago)
Yaar Pakistan mein bhi Pubs, Bars ko common karna chahiya jaisay west mein
hai. Jab west mein ah kar bhi sab karna hai tu Pakistani mein yeh facility
kyun nehi. 

Author Rafeownsyou ( ago)
ma ki phudi police walon ki ma ke loray madarchod. 

Author p111nad ( ago)

Author Rabatha273 ( ago)
Police walay us wakath raid kerthay hain Jab un ko Paisa dena band ho
jaatha haa. Dunia main koi bee iss trade ko band nahi ker saaka. Tu pher ya
wakath quion zaia kerthay hain. Sirff apnay paisa ka liay.

Author Джавед Ясар ( ago)
Is topi drama a kya matlab ???JAb sab ko patta hai ke Heera mandi randion
se bhari parhi hai ???

Author adnan qadir ( ago)
@12melb these girls are hidues your sisters 

Author Saji saj ( ago)
han is hotel sey bhatta nai ata hoga ... sala baqi jagahein kese chal rahi
hein saloon sey ... harakhor police waley. bechara acha naik shakhs police
mein aney hi nahi detey jo khabison ki dhajjiyan uraey.

Author VEER KAPOOR ( ago)
Hahhaha, the funny part is all those ladies are wearing Hijab's...Ok,that

Author 12melb ( ago)
@zk7975 mera khayal hai tumaharay pados main bachon hoga tho be kaho gay
india ka koi hindu ne kiya hai. Lalay ke jaan aank khola

Author moazzamlxxl ( ago)
@lunphuddimix Oay tare aama rat ko tare bahen k sath idher i the , wo sahe
top ke gashti hai malun nay aisa maira lund ghuma k apnay phuday may lia k
abhe tak thund ni khatam hue ..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mai to khta hon kisi
din tu bhe apne amma or bahen ko khud chod bohat maza krwate hain trust me 

Author lun phuddi ( ago)
@moazzamlxxl jab last time teri dadee ko manay choda jo abhee qabar mai hay
to usay bahut zor say dard huwa tha uskaa bahut khoon nikla tha
begarat...woh dard say budhee bhain bhain kar rahee theee mera lund uskay
ghoosay main bahut andar tak chala gaya thaaqq...lakin i promisee teri
chotee baitee ko mera doggy aram say choday gaa manay usay samjha diya
hai..aur haan teri koee behn wagera ua koee aur larkee hai teray khandan
mai to bhaij day free mai chudwaoon ga...hahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha

Author lun phuddi ( ago)
@moazzamlxxl aur terii dadee, nanee , parnanee aur uskee parnanee ko mai
laga tha to tera pardada aur dada paida huwayy...madar chodd apnay dada say
pooch uska baap kon tha..begarat abhee mera dog jo hai woh teri ammee aur
teri chotee baitee ko karay ga ..aur teri choti betei ka aj fone aya tha
usay bahut jaldeee hai lun lanay keee ,uskee chotee choot koa bahut jaldee
chahiyee lund....begarat too bachay ka naam soch jo mera doggy teri chotte
baitee say paida karayag,,begarat hahahahahhahahahaah

Author moazzamlxxl ( ago)
@lunphuddimix lagta hai tare aama ko 10 12 55 saal k admion nay laga ho ga
, tabhe tujhay zyda pta hai..... agaay say he lagay thay ya pechay say bhe
??? sahe moj ke he ge unhon nay to humain kab apne amma k phuday a tour
krwa rha hai ???

Author lun phuddi ( ago)
@moazzamlxxl kiyun 55 saal kay shaks ka lund nahee hota chootiyay

Author lun phuddi ( ago)
yeh chootia channel aisee hee khabrain deta hai...chawal chootia channell

Author moazzamlxxl ( ago)
giraftar honay walon may aik pachpan sala shaks b shamil hai :p lolx

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