The Mummy - Movie Review

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  • A retelling of The Mummy and a start to Universal's cinematic Monster universe dubbed "Dark Universe". Here's my review of "The Mummy"!

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  • Rashidat Agu
    Rashidat Agu 5 hours ago

    disappointing movie

  • canadavatar
    canadavatar 7 hours ago

    And that's why the only reboot franchise that never disapoints us is Planet of the Apes!!!!!

  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool 11 hours ago

    The mymmy actress was SMOKING hot in the movie and a badass, i dont know why tom cruise chose the generic blond over her, she was a real beauty

  • Sir Iron Duke
    Sir Iron Duke 1 day ago

    The ones with Brendan Fraiser where better...except for that 3rd one.

  • Aidan Gilliatt
    Aidan Gilliatt 1 day ago

    I kid you not, to add to the jarring stuff that's already in the movie, the projector shut off near the end scenes and just stayed like that for like 7 minutes. It took 10 minutes to get the audio back on and 15 to get the visuals to show. Pretty sure I wasn't missing that much though.

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn 1 day ago

    i wish they kept her in monster figure, rather than building up to go back to her old self appearance. to stick with being a monster...

  • Peanut butter Waltz

    Weak = Universals attempt to mimic Disney in any arena. Be yourself Universal, also don't forget to submit weekly blood sacrifices to the comcast gods

  • Adarsh Raikwar
    Adarsh Raikwar 1 day ago

    This movie is (DOGSHIT)

  • Butter Ras
    Butter Ras 1 day ago

    where's the review for it comes at night!?

  • David Smith
    David Smith 1 day ago

    i liked it

  • LeonOrenValentine

    I bet she moans like a mummy in bed.

  • Jordan Wagner
    Jordan Wagner 2 days ago

    I enjoyed it. it was a fun movie

  • 8th Sun
    8th Sun 2 days ago

    movie sucked

  • Dragan Franc Srdoč

    When Universal and Tom Cruise pays you to make an review you get this review. Well it is your opinion but when movie makes me go to sleep in the middle of an action scene and cringe in scene between oscar winner an true thespian Russle Crowe and Tom Cruise doing himself, then you know it's bad, but hey your opinion that's payed for, use to be my go to guy to decide what to watch during movie rush hours, well not anymore man. Still keep up the work, most of your content is sopt on.

  • Richard Corrales
    Richard Corrales 2 days ago

    finally someone thinks tom cruise is like Nathan drake

  • Henata Sheahan
    Henata Sheahan 2 days ago

    11:13 Watch Full The Mummy Online HD >>

  • Blue Twin
    Blue Twin 2 days ago

    I must have horrible taste because I loved this movie.

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 2 days ago

    this movie is paying tribute to the 1930s mummy movies not 90s mummy movies

  • Ryder LS
    Ryder LS 2 days ago

    I liked this movie a lot

  • Мартин Николов

    injusice 2 t-shirt

  • Ben Garbutt
    Ben Garbutt 2 days ago

    I thought it was messy

  • Paul Kaumba
    Paul Kaumba 2 days ago

    This movie was not sure what it wanted to be. At first, started as a horror comedy with the horrible jump scares. Then tries to be serious by telling the story of something that actually happened a long time ago.

    Secondly, I don't know if the acting was terrible at first or the sound tracks did not match the characters, but it seemed like the actors were trying to hard to be serious in a comedy and that made the entire thing seem like a stage play. You could see right through the fake "Oh my god" emotional blackmails.

    Tom Cruise is a great actor but this movie let him down. My opinion.

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 2 days ago

    This movie may not be perfect.

    But I'm eager to see the other movies on this cinematic universe

  • Soda_84
    Soda_84 2 days ago

    this movie is terrible! avoid it at all costs or download a torrent

  • Glori Castillo
    Glori Castillo 2 days ago

    Should had it set in the early 20th century and have a more creepy thing like the older movies.

  • virgen fj
    virgen fj 2 days ago

    Nobody likes Tom Cruise because he abandoned his baby Suri becsuse of scientology!!!!

  • Timstuff
    Timstuff 3 days ago

    Jeremy Jahns for Nathan Drake 2018

  • wolf7elite7
    wolf7elite7 3 days ago

    please review "It Comes At Night"

  • Charles Waker
    Charles Waker 3 days ago

    review all eyes on me ...get some color on this channel

  • xxsherryx
    xxsherryx 3 days ago

    I saw it last weekend and it sucked so bad! the movie had no direction at all it actually made me so confused and I just had a wtf look on my face the whole time... the romantic scenes at the end where just cringe worthy and so badly made. I really wanted my money back for the waste of time...
    ow and let's not forget the funny best friend that just wasn't funny and seemed like the friend you did't invite to a party but they show up anyway and it makes the whole thing awkward...

  • Angelus
    Angelus 4 days ago


  • Victorian Oddity
    Victorian Oddity 4 days ago

    Team Ahmanet. Everything else was subpar. If I can just get Tom and Sofia back, I'll be good.

  • Tristan Turiano
    Tristan Turiano 5 days ago

    Two things:
    1) This Mummy movie made me giggle a few times. Wasn't so bad; wasn't so good.

    2)I like Jeremy's original "yeah now it's a party" picture (when he gives the "Better when Drunk" rating.)

  • Torsten Nasenberg
    Torsten Nasenberg 5 days ago

    I got some heavy Uncharted vibe, too. Sad to remember that we will only get Uncharted Babies with Tom Holland...

  • Jenema2
    Jenema2 6 days ago

    It's not going to win an Oscar, but it's a fun movie and it does its job!

  • Rena Kennedy
    Rena Kennedy 6 days ago

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  • userbosco
    userbosco 6 days ago

    Cruise is NOT on cruise control. The last MI was very mediocre and predictable, the last Jack Reacher just sucked, and now this? He's on shit patrol, not cruise control.

  • sunsignhealer
    sunsignhealer 6 days ago

    I really don't like Tom cruise, he's weird, and watching him on the big screen is like watching my dad try to be cool. I'm not saying he shouldn't act anymore, I'm just saying he shouldn't do action movies. Either way I did go see wonder woman instead!

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    So, are there other characters in this movie beside The Mummy and Tom Cruise? Doesn't sound like it.

  • God Of Light
    God Of Light 6 days ago

    Logan = Last of Us Movie
    The Mummy = Uncharted Movie
    Now we need Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter movies

  • M Drew
    M Drew 6 days ago


  • JediNiyte
    JediNiyte 7 days ago

    I LOVE a lot of explanation behind a story. I couldn't find a thing wrong with The Mummy. Two thumbs up!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 7 days ago

    This Dark Universe should have never happened or exist

  • Shane
    Shane 7 days ago


    I didn't really buy into the movie. if this girl came to me and said you can be an eternal living God and I'll be your queen I'd be like, "Fuck yeah, stab me with your dagger!"

  • sasuke270 13
    sasuke270 13 7 days ago

    basically go see the 1933 version

  • Øath Betrayer
    Øath Betrayer 7 days ago

    Nothing will come close to the old black and white movies.

  • Jose Delgado
    Jose Delgado 7 days ago

    Is that Captain Morgan?

  • masterpassword2
    masterpassword2 7 days ago

    I always find it irritating when people try to use latin phrases and then fail miserably. It isn 'et xetera'. It is ET CETERA!

  • Ankit Das
    Ankit Das 7 days ago

    Just came here to read the comment section... where people are complaining that they should have watched wonder woman instead of the mummy. guess what bitches your money has already been taken. should hve thought of that before dumbfucks.

    and there are other people who are constantly reminding everyone they are going to rewatch wonder woman for the 15th time instead of the mummy. FINE ALRIGHT WE GET IT. you have chosen to watch one movie over and over again for the rest of your lives. dont have to advertise it and pull another completely unrelated movie down.

    its has become public opinion that decides the movies in the box office these days.

  • Narendra Kamde
    Narendra Kamde 8 days ago

    This movie is the best movie in the entire world, it is super success if anyone wants success in there's life then he should watch this movie bcoz this movie is amazing

  • Noah Medina
    Noah Medina 8 days ago

    Don't watch it! Saw it today, fucking terrible!

  • Manu fm
    Manu fm 8 days ago

    I thought it was pretty good, better world building and better stand alone movie than BvS

  • The Most Hated YOUTUBER

    Yes this movie is good. But the friend thing  to much comedy they should of let him stay serious or let him stay friendly because it throws the whole movie into a real intense scene to a he makes a joke so its not so intense anymore.

  • jaboy150
    jaboy150 8 days ago

    I saw the movie today in HD watch it here 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Jace Carsonne
    Jace Carsonne 8 days ago

    Oh god this movie was horrible.

  • Shin Gojira
    Shin Gojira 8 days ago

    Just saw it. My rating for it is yeah I'd watch it no alcohol required but Tom Cruises character for me felt like a role basically anyone could of played. I would've much preferred if Brandon Fraiser played Nick in the movie since every time Tom made a joke I was thinking in my head if Brandon said it it would've been funnier in my opinion

  • Nerd With Me
    Nerd With Me 8 days ago

    Guy great video as always. You always tell it like it is and make
    so many fun reviews.I thought the same thing. This film felt like a re-skin of "The Mummy(1999)".
    Sofia Boutella can wrap me up anytime. I've loved your reviews for
    years now and me and a buddy just start reviewing films ourselves. We
    love to get your feedback on our videos. So please come check out
    channel Nerd with Me.

  • givem thefinger
    givem thefinger 9 days ago

    the cummy.

  • ragingfiip
    ragingfiip 9 days ago

    Don't waste your time. The Mummy was effing terrible. I should've seen Wonder Woman for a third time instead.

  • darrell best-wadley

    Jeremy. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! review All eyes on me this weekend. I enjoyed your straight outta Compton review and I'm curious to see your thoughts on Tupac's movie.

  • TWO76
    TWO76 9 days ago

    This Remake is " DOGSHIT"

  • reggiebm
    reggiebm 9 days ago

    the movie was fine but o was disappointed with the seeing the same old mummy powers. mummy screams here comes the sand with a face mummy sucks life from other people calls on their dead buddies. They need to get more creative it's like watching the as mummy in every movie

  • Shelby O.
    Shelby O. 9 days ago

    This movie was terrible! The Brendan Fraser Mummy movies are way better!

  • Asa Reid
    Asa Reid 9 days ago

    JeremyJahns If there is going to be a Dracula movie, Benedict Cumberbatch should play the Count.

  • Lucy Hun
    Lucy Hun 9 days ago

    I wonder what Jeremy thinks of the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies. The first one makes me so nostalgic.

  • Lemon Juiced
    Lemon Juiced 9 days ago

    So, I'd say this movie was great, but only film deserves that title... The Allegheny Portage Railroad

  • delegate zero
    delegate zero 9 days ago

    This is insanely better than WW

  • Kari Lari
    Kari Lari 9 days ago

    It was weird but I kind of liked it, it was shot well

  • Colorless Man
    Colorless Man 9 days ago

    Wonder women sucked I left early.

  • shane c
    shane c 9 days ago

    just saw it and I liked it. never trust critics

  • omgzac
    omgzac 9 days ago

    It's no Mummy movie without Brendan Fraser

  • Galuh Mawarni
    Galuh Mawarni 9 days ago

    the movie sucks

  • Liza Rubiles
    Liza Rubiles 9 days ago

    No, We have just seen X-MEN Apocalypse! not uncharted..

  • Pralak Bhargav
    Pralak Bhargav 9 days ago

    jeremey..... turn off that fan or whatever is running in the background... the noise is not cool man.... it stops briefly at 3:15 and there is sooo much peace.... Love your videos man... keep it up :)

  • Andre Sandy
    Andre Sandy 9 days ago

    Show me the MUMMMMYYYYY!!!!

  • Luke M
    Luke M 9 days ago

    I'm glad you didn't hate it. I can't wait for American Made.

  • samuel villarreal
    samuel villarreal 9 days ago

    it sucked I fell asleep. But did anyone catch the book of the dead on the movie

  • majah paine
    majah paine 9 days ago

    exactly! I thought I was watching the uncharted movie. love the game's but this movie sucks!

  • howtoeataham
    howtoeataham 10 days ago

    This is such an unnecessary cinematic universe. Too many, nobody even wanted this stupid ass dark universe shit

  • shwonsh
    shwonsh 10 days ago

    I thought it was pretty good sequel to Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua 10 days ago

    another classless reviewer dropping f bombs...

  • Lucas Olivieri
    Lucas Olivieri 10 days ago

    Damn this movie was a fucking letdown. I'm a Cruise fan and I'm disappointed in him. Not as actor - his performance is great - but as a decision maker. Why would you accept this role after reading that mess of a script? Holy shit.

    Like Jeremy said, the movie explains. A lot. Then it re-explains. And it does so using flashback after flashback. Like.... it can't just have two actors talking to each other. There has to be a flashback scene to remind the stupid fucks in the audience (us), who just watched the damn scene 10 minutes ago, why "this curse can't be broken WAH WAH WAHHHH"

    And OMFG the zombies. Why the fuck is this a zombie movie? This is much more a zombie movie than a mummy movie. And it's fucking pathetic. Enough with the goddam zombies, Hollywood. There are zombies in almost every fucking scene here past the halfway point. We're in the water? Zombie. In a tomb? Zombies. Out in the streets? Zombie. Zombies everywhere. Zombies coming out of anything. It gets annoying fast. And it does that horror cliche, where you have two actors, looking at each other. They look safe. It cuts to actor B, actor B speaks, then cuts back to actor A and LOOK OUT! Zombie behind you! It does this over and over... it gets annoying FAST.

    And the girl in the movie? Useless. Another cliche. "Help me Tom Cruise, you're my only hope!" That kind of cliche.

    Also... it steals things from so many other monster movies... Tom Cruise's friend from American Werewolf in London... the ending fight sequence is EXACTLY like the ending fight in one of the early Underworld movies....

    And the MIND CONTROL... OMFG I HATE MIND CONTROL. it is the CHEAPEST fucking trick in the universe. When you're too stupid to write a decent script.. use mind control! Mind control should BE BANNED from movies. IT NEVER WORKS and its cheap as fuck! It REALLY doesn't work here.

    The only good things in this movie: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, the airplane sequence, the first 20 minutes, and I kind of like the ending.

    Gave it a 5 on imdb soon as I left. Might lower it though. It gets worse the more I think about it.

  • offbrand101
    offbrand101 10 days ago

    You know those lyrics by three days grace "I hate everything about you, so why do I love you?" Sums up how I feel about Jeremy lol

  • Ahmed Andalusi Adam
    Ahmed Andalusi Adam 10 days ago

    I liked it
    But i wanted to see More of Egypt and the story of the Princess.
    If they did that, it would have been perfect for me

  • - Jai
    - Jai 10 days ago

    i'd like to see a review of War of the Worlds by Spielberg, also starring Tom Cruise. One of my favourite movies of all time.

  • Addison  Dobbins
    Addison Dobbins 10 days ago

    Lol am I the only one who like, enjoyed it? Like I LOVEEEEE the mummy movies but this one is not bad?

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton 10 days ago

    does Tom Cruise, really have that much drawing power? i couldnt care less if Tom Cruise was in a movie, lol. Is the movie good? Id probably care more if Matt Damon or Leonardo was in the movie. Russell Crowe, is more of a draw for me than Tom Cruise.

  • hisyam amiruddin
    hisyam amiruddin 10 days ago

    book of the dead from brendan fraser the mummy appear as a cameo in it....

  • hisyam amiruddin
    hisyam amiruddin 10 days ago

    i actually like this movie. im guess this movie will end up become a league of monster where monsters like dr.jeckyl n god seth cruise n other monster team up against big bad baddie like a devil something.

  • Jade Lynx
    Jade Lynx 10 days ago

    The movie was entertaining. Not the greatest but more enjoyable than wonder woman.

  • Prop Paper
    Prop Paper 10 days ago

    im beside my self.... the movie sucked, another $30 of my money (ticket and snacks) just got shit down the tolit

    i got to say...the world has changed, A LOT familys dont go to the movies anymore, Really almost no one over 30 years old goes anymore its almost all 12 to late 20s

    the theater is great for comic book heros and cartoons and thats about it, frankly i enjoy my 84 inch big screen with surround sound in my lazy boy chair watching netflex and amazon and hulu.... im pretty sure im done going to the theater to watch big budget flops

    what I really enjoy about a good film you cant get from Hollywood anymore... when the movie has audiance report, it really draws you in, like its hypntic, and you care alot about the characters in the film like you have a relationship with them...then you find yourself constantly thing about the film for like 5 days later esp doing meaningless work like washing dishes .... why cant we make film like that anymore, anyone remember highlander, spawn, deer hunter platoon, uncommon valor, the good the bad the ugly the lottry, even the goonies, lord of the rings....those were all films that sucked you in and made you and transported your soul to some other far away place

    this mummy... it wasnt a total waste i made out my shoppjng list, and planned out meals for the next week, wrote some work emails and posted on rotten tamatos why everyone should pan this movie

    the industry is changing... maybe theaters are starting to go the way of sears/kmart the calculator the phone book and the drive in movie

  • Anthony Tiny Head
    Anthony Tiny Head 10 days ago

    What's even the point of making a movie about mummies? WHO CARES?

  • Moises Medina
    Moises Medina 11 days ago

    this movie was awesome I enjoy it alot!!

  • Tim Macone
    Tim Macone 11 days ago

    The ending was one of the biggest "WTF" moments in my life

  • salamander337
    salamander337 11 days ago

    I feel like Tom Cruise should just go back to being a Vampire. I think he really is one in real life. Noone's 60 years old and look like they're in their early 30's.

  • Raiden4019
    Raiden4019 11 days ago

    "Good", "Bad", "Better", or "Worse," don't really do well for descriptors when I compare this movie to the Brendan Fraser version. For me, I'd say this one was equally as entertaining as the first, for different reasons.

  • Leonel Castañarez
    Leonel Castañarez 11 days ago

    18% on Rotten Tomatoes......say goodbye to the DARK UNIVERSE! just sayin'

  • 11 days ago

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  • K Smith
    K Smith 11 days ago

    I recently read a trilogy of books based on Egyptian mythology/Gods and they used the wrong God!! The God they used and what they said he was the God of was completely wrong! If they had of used the proper mythology and wove it into the story it would have worked out way better.

  • H3H3 Nation
    H3H3 Nation 11 days ago

    Wonder woman is better than this one.

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