Cooking a Steak in a Dishwasher

Throw out those grills, ovens, and pans- it's dishwasher cookin' time. GMM #1075!
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Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
Art Director: Colin J. Morris
Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
Production Assistant: Mike Criscimagna
Content Manager: John Warder
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs
Intro Music: Pomplamoose
Outro Music: Pomplamoose
Wheel of Mythicality Music:
All Supplemental Music: Opus 1 Music |
Microphone: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones

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Runtime: 13:30
Comments: 3267

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Author Jake Alda Coffey ( ago)
My mouth watered during this entire video!

Author TheOneBadAssGamer ( ago)
i put my phone down and lost it while watching. hello darkness my old friend

Author Dah Lama ( ago)
8:30 might as well go up and bite the cow

Author ByronGamingHQ ( ago)
you guys should make a radio station

Author dylan wcisel ( ago)
I was watching TLC extreme cheapskates and someone done this

Author Rad Queen ( ago)
"Yours is bigger than mine"
"I knew it"

Author saxdczxc3 ( ago)
I guess Link is an Iron Chef then

Author Catarina Johnson ( ago)
8:00 ehhhh I'm eatingggg😂😫

Author Zack Mash ( ago)
that musicman bass in the back was making my mouth water

Author Marsbar1164 ( ago)
"Turn and burn" me: gonna turn and burn gonna turn and burn and burn with you! Where my RPDR season 7 squad at #teamfarrah

Author Lethal Chicken ( ago)
does rhett usually put his meat into chickens?

Author Isatnt waffle man ( ago)
i have the same toaster as them!! Hamilton beach!

Author Crystal Henderson ( ago)
There is no such thing as suck

Author Zeruda On'nanoko ( ago)
Rhett & Link: Upsetting vegans everywhere since 2010

Author The QMS ( ago)
Welcome to Viet Nam

Author Michael Strain ( ago)
My moms making steak rn😂

Author BigMushroom Top ( ago)
I was eating steak while watching this video.

Author Nick John ( ago)
I was eating steak while watching this.

Author QuakBoiPlayz 34 ( ago)
Steak steak the magical meat, the more you cook the more you eat!

Author Lady Archibal ( ago)
The comments is just full of innuendoes😂😂

Author Hailey Kim ( ago)
I didn't know he knew about pho

Author Blood Of Blackula ( ago)
Where can I get that Star Wars shirt?!?! I needs it!

Author Ali Rafiei ( ago)
Rhett: "Yours is bigger than mine"
Link: "I knew that"

It's funny how they're so PG but they always secretly throw inappropriate in between it. xD

Author Ali Rafiei ( ago)

Author Dragon Master ( ago)
You cook steak by putting it in ice cream

Author Logan Taylor ( ago)
boiled for safety !!!

Author rasmuskp93 ( ago)
goddamn raw stakes everywhere ;)

Author Kunal Ghosh ( ago)

Author 13thMaiden ( ago)
My stomach says 'GIVE ME' and my brain is screaming 'WHY ARE YOU INSULTING STEAK LIKE THAT?!'

Also, soooo many innuendos XD

Author Christian Salvador ( ago)

Author Akeelah Ammah ( ago)
"Yours is bigger than mine" Rhett: "I know that" Link"

Author Phantom Demon ( ago)
Rhett:"yours is bigger than mine"
Link:"I knew that"

Author Irene Kissock ( ago)
myth busters dud something like tis

Author BoostAddict ( ago)
so.... steak in a chicken... like a mini turduckin?

Author William Busselle ( ago)
You cook it after you suede it.

Author Bug ( ago)
Who else thinks that they should upload the unedited versions of the episodes on the rhett and link channel?

Author Jace Boredom ( ago)
11:48 taste like chicken noodle steak

Author Hylian Ruler ( ago)

Author drake faudel ( ago)
when rhett said "yours is bigger than mine!" i think i heard link say "i knew that"

Author Noah Lawton ( ago)

Author Noah Lawton ( ago)

Author SmartCookies45 ( ago)
Who else is watching this while eating a steak I am

Author Salt Bae ( ago)

Author Dr. Leonard hofstadter ( ago)
Link says " Rhett pass me the mushroom gravy, thats how i like my steak."

Author Steelwater 13 ( ago)
Just started the vid what if they put seasoning and sauce in the place where u pit the soap

Author Joseph Bettencourt ( ago)
0:18 Rhett is so confused

Author Going Nanerz ( ago)
Link wears that star wars shirt a lot.

Author Prateek Bhatt ( ago)
Why are the viewer videos at the end always awkward af

Author Taia Brymer ( ago)
let that chicken know who's boss im screaming

Author Bookworm 2021 ( ago)
7:58 -> anyone heard the greek myth of Prometheus?

Author Shooty Mc Shoot-Face ( ago)
They should make a toaster for steak

Author STM Polaris ( ago)
Link: I don't wanna get splashed
Rhett: *Splashes*
I was dying ahahahahahaahahah

Author Isabella Nash ( ago)
This video made me hungury

Author PhantomWolf Pack ( ago)
Windowless oven!?!?

Author PhantomWolf Pack ( ago)
Link: You know that I like chewing. So I'm going to spare you some chewing.
Rhett: (thinking) K?…

Author PhantomWolf Pack ( ago)
I love your guys shirts!! 💙💚 My mom and I have been watching your guys videos for like 3-4 years!!💙💚

Author oisin360 smash ( ago)
The two things you need in a kitchen 1.A toaster 2.A microwave

Author Jas 911 ( ago)
that turkey with a bacon is just disturbing

Author Michelle Carter ( ago)

Author RC Dude ( ago)
I'm eating steak tonight, now I want to try these

Author unclouding ( ago)
Link's meat is bigger than Rhett's. And Link knew that. (4:52)

Author TheDinosaurPugGiraffe ( ago)
*tastes like chicken*

Author Billy Silver ( ago)
Link was so sad when there was no Sprite

Author Christian Sand ( ago)
Imagine inviting your soon-to-be SO to a dinner at your place;
"Hey babe, feel like getting some steak?"
"Sure! sounds goo..."
"Right, gonna grab the flattening iron real quick!"
*grabs two flattening irons and spritzes some teriyaki sauce on the steak at the table, asking her to help you cook it over the table.

Author Iñaqui Silva ( ago)
It's funny because they narrated it like if someone is gonna do it

Author Con4ndr4m ( ago)
Anybody remember This Is Mythical

Author Nat Mo ( ago)
Toaster steak, my favorite. Lol.

Author R14B ( ago)
for some reason,i just want to see these champions get in a fist fight..

Author Katriina Adair ( ago)
Do will it pretzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

Author ElGato7000 ( ago)
This episode came out on my birthday so obviously it's the best this year, RIGHT?

Author carrie jean ( ago)
"Who needs bread?" 😂

Author joseph allen ( ago)
Rhett knows pho. Cool

Author Casey Ho ( ago)

Author Da boi Named Ethan ( ago)
woah woah woah, before they started the dishwasher one i looked on the bottom of the steak and it was pre cooked

Author Da boi Named Ethan ( ago)
woh woh woh

Author Simone Hung ( ago)
Who else is watching without socks and lying down

Author C Jordan ( ago)
Chicken noodle steak

Author Kevin Vo ( ago)
People need to stop saying bad words kids are watching too

Author Darren Duan ( ago)

Author FadedSmile ( ago)
*waiting for someone to send this to a vegan*

Author Generic Genji ( ago)
As a Vietnamese person I am cringing at the way they are saying pho. (Couldn't find the accent for the O.)

Author Blake Andrews ( ago)
Direct second fifteen switch explanation design false behind.

Author epic_gamer cochran ( ago)
who else got a steak ad

Author xXElectricXx ( ago)
10:40 to 10:52 Listen to that with your eyes closed....

Author Hacked by Remorselessness ( ago)
Lol he said like and comment but I didn't comment

Author DeLoni Drayden ( ago)
when they were cooking the steak with the toaster, did anyone else think about the making food out of playdough​ video when Rhett was shaving trouble making the toast😂😂??

Author blujay ( ago)
Me: "Anyone need anything from the store?"
Response 1: "A new 4K TV"
*no more responses*
*never leaves store*

Author Ace Diamond ( ago)
Heh, I was thinking of a Sprite being in there when he pulled the egg out, then Link said it.  Just so everyone knows, that happened.

Author Ace Diamond ( ago)
I just want to clarify: the steak is not metal.

Author TheLegend27 ( ago)
Rhett: Oh, yours is bigger than mine...
Link: Yeah I knew that.


Author Evan Canaday ( ago)
I want these guys to do some stand up!!

Author Cyclone Team Studios ( ago)
The sizzle tho

Author videotie ( ago)
man i love the sprite ones

Author Sumeet Singh ( ago)
You have to go deep in the chicken 🍌🍆

Author Sumeet Singh ( ago)
Rhett : could u spread the legs more
Link: I don't want to be splashed
Rhett: you'll be fine

Author minecraft master ( ago)
Yours is bigger than mine lol XD

Author Flash Gamer ( ago)
I'm surprised that he didn't find a sprite in that chicken

Author Victoria Gill ( ago)
Peeps, lately It is actually amazing!!wotk relate

Author Crunkmaster Flex ( ago)

Author ThuTrang Nguyen ( ago)
omg he said pho right

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