DAISI (Sunset)_Paliashvili. Part 7: Dance

Georgian genius is expressed not only through distinctive folk harmony, but through glorious Georgian dance.

The particular dance for which this music was created is called Kartuli (meaning "Georgian"). This simple name shows how close it is for Georgian nature.

On the web site of famous Georgian dance ensemble Sukhishvilebi we can read:

"Georgian dances are divided into solo, pair and group. Each dancer has to subordinate to the requirements of a common plan and its expression in the dance. At the same time the performers do not lose their individuality, since several dances demand competition between partners in strength,agility, elevation and bold movements..."

"This unusual duet of a man and a woman, reminding us a forgotten cult ritual, was assigned to be the indisputable sign of being Georgian. This dance may contain something no Georgian confesses even to himself. The emphasized expression of chivalry towards the woman is the first thing that is most visible for the spectator. During the dance the man is not allowed to touch the woman and moreover, he should keep a certain distance from his partner. His movements are restrained, the upper body is motionless, even the hem of his robe does not stir and only his expression and the rapid, elegant motion of his feet reveal his emotions and desire. A man has to control his feelings."

I thought too many subtitles would have tarnished viewing these beautiful clip. Some of the tapes here have historical meaning.

Thanks the user Ditogam for making this marvelous video.

The dance music is a part of the opera, namely, the feast. It comes after another dance - Perkhuli and is frequently performed separately from the opera. The name "Daisi" is mainly associated with this particular melody, not the whole opera.

Chorus and Symphonic Orchestra of Georgian State Opera and Theatre.
Conductor: V. Paliashvili.

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Author David65740 (3 years)

Author TheFactoryOfLight (2 years)
Proved: Georgia, the country with the best dancers, the best singers, the
best composers, such moving music, populated by kind, hilarious, gorgeous
looking people,encompassing both ancestral traditions and open-mindedness,
with such a rich culture, such literature, the most astonishing landscapes,
the sweetest of beaches, the most incredibly beautiful architecture. In my
modest opinion, if there be a Paradise, it hasn't got to be very far from
Georgia.Signed:A polish man.All the best, Georgians!

Author Nata Kalandarishvili (4 years)
фантастика! обожаю эту музыку и танец. огромное спасибо всем кто исполнял
этот танец раньше,кто танцует его сегодня и всем кто будет танцевать в

Deepest appreciation to both AnryK2690 and Ditogam for making the world
into honorary Georgians by presenting this thrilling, elegant, divine
ritual of dance and music for all to hear and see! More than a dance
presentation, but a cultural rite of passage made more intimate and
understood by your excellent explanatory test! Thank you, dear friends, for
enriching our lives and inspiring our spirits!

Author SuperLuckydream (3 years)
Gorgeous! All the performers are brilliant. Thank you AnryK2690 and Dito
for creating such a lovely video!

Author ditogam (4 years)
@zuriko10 Isn't it wonderful presentation ? Not raw and very interesting
... Just enjoy :)

Author ditogam (4 years)
@zuriko10 0:00 - 0:17 / 0:54 - 1:57 Keto and Kote (Sukhishvili) 0:17 - 0:28
/ 1:57 - 1:16 Dance Daisi/Kartuli(Sukhishvili/Sulaberidze) 0:28 - 0:40/
1:16-1:31 Dance Kartuli(Sukhishvilebi Elizishvili/Tsidadze)
0:40-0:54/1:45-1:57 Dance Kartuli(Erisioni) 1:31-1:45 Dance Daisi (Rustavi)
3 different generations, 3 different ensembles, 3 different dances, 3
brilliant performance under a wonderful (one of the best) recordings of
Paliashvili's masterpiece and all this dances are very like each other.

Author MegaMalha (4 years)
bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ditogam (4 years)
... and of cource, BRAVO GEORGIA :)

Author ladeliziosa (4 years)
fein, fein..

Author ditogam (4 years)
My most BELOVED music and dance ... Bravo Paliashvili, Bravo
Sukhishvili&Ramishvili&Virsaladze, Bravo Rustavi&Sulaberidze, Bravo
Erisioni&Chkuaseli .....

Author AnryK2690 (3 years)
@SuperLuckydream Thanks. I will be uploading the rest soon enough.

Author DalilaCarmen (4 years)
@ladeliziosa musukaa Paliashvilis Daisidan!!!

Author AnryK2690 (4 years)
@Kievest Thanks a lot!

Author ladeliziosa (4 years)
keto da kotec daisia? (PP)

Author sopho ber (4 years)
umagresii udzlieresiii da dzalian dzalian dzalian miyvaars

Author marhomist (4 years)
Brtsikvale kolazia.Tqwen did da sasiketo saqmes aketebt aseti videoebis
atvirtvit-didi madloba!

Author SuperLuckydream (3 years)
@AnryK2690 I am looking forward to it.

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