Addisalem New Song

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ethiopian christian music


Author Samuel Alem (22 days)

Author abenezer lema (26 days)
God bless you more and more addisalem

Author Zion Awoke (5 months)
Addisalem, God Bless You Keep up!!

Author diva jimma (7 months)

Author Kebede Bekele (1 year)

Author Belay Wedajo (1 year)

Author taressa ejeta (1 year)
Our Lord's Grace and Peace be for you Addisiyye

Author Terefe Gudina (1 year)
mini tarki Alnii,tarkachiin iyesus

Author Yonatan Etana (2 years)
I love this song,I can't stop lising this mezmur.

Author lidya Alemayehu (2 years)
Wow amaizing song!!!!!May God bless u all.

Author Yared Amelga (2 years)
God bless you ......

Author hararisrael (2 years)
That is true GOD is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author Sami Goitom (1 year)
Bless u sister

Author kumela neda (2 years)

Author fanta bekam (2 years)

Author Ayalnesh Duressa (2 years)
waaaaaaaaaaaw, Balebezu Moges Egziabher.

Author hanna wolde (2 years)
GOD bless u

Author Sami Goitom (1 year)

Author Mary J'd (1 year)

Author endashaw debebe (2 years)
addiseya netam yamrbeshal God always bless ur Life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author sisay dugasa deressa (2 years)
it is very nice.GOD Bless you

Author beti427 (1 year)
May God bless you!!

Author Semere Nat (2 years)
Geta yebarkshh Sister

Author whole07 (3 years)
This song is so Anointed, I can't stop listening to it. Addis Alem has such
a sweet sprit. Awo " Ante neh Amlakie bante new yamarew tarikie" This is so
true for most of us. I believe this is my tesimoney. Thank you Lord!!!

Author hellen sebhatu (1 year)
GETTA fikrun yechemirilish.

Author Tigest Woldetsadik (1 year)
Ewnet new. yes; it is true. because of Jesus heaven knows my name.

Author MrAhud77 (2 years)
wawww I love this song. plz keep singing sis Adis . its awesome God Bless u

Author bol thach (1 year)
i really really like this song n ogd bless you sister

Author Fekadu Ayele (1 year)
I praise my God about you Addisalem! be blessed!!!

Author Giovanni Zigaldo (2 years)
what a song!!!!!

Author sweeti153 (2 years)
I love this mezmur GBU

Author engmul (2 years)
wow how inspiring song is it!!!!!!!! God bless you my sister!

Author Js A (3 years)
Bless you. May you spirit be tuned to the Holy Spirit to receive more songs.

Author desalegn kebede (2 years)
wonderful song with powerfull message!!

Author rebecca abraham (2 years)
God bless u sis

Author liluv1987 (2 years)
Tebareki endebarekshin! What an amezing song!

Author yafet25yafet (2 years)
Almighty God bless you for this awesome song!!! Keep singing, praising,
worshiping and adoring the mighty God, JEHOVAH.

Author beti427 (2 years)
God bless you Adissye!!

Author Mon Rich (2 years)
Oh...geta min aynet selam, min aynet ereft new bante

Author tamru gezahgne (2 years)
OMG! i really LOVE this song may GOD bless u sister........

Author Legesse Negash (2 years)
How inspiring song is! A gift from our Almighty God to us! Abundant
blessing to Addisalem!! knlegejim

Author hadgu ambesa (3 years)
The song is very blessed..all over the VCD .. but since the song is new .it
is early to post on YOU tube ..we christians have to be carefull on privacy
of brotherss...cos the VCD makers ..want to have same ......for next VCD

Author Tigsit Endale (2 years)
Adsie Geta Yebarkesh.

Author asle84 (2 years)
Very beautiful song and decent clip, God bless you immensely as u have been
a blessing to us.

Author Js A (3 years)
Sorry for typo on the previous posting - May your spirit be tuned to the
Holy Spirit to receive more songs.

Author kumela neda (2 years)
Best Masmur new Tebarakli!

Author Desale Haile (2 years)
betam yemibark mezmur. kibatu yibzalish.

Author berhanu beyene (1 year)
addis Geta Yebarkesh Betam Tbarkeyalwe God bless you

Author Tsehay habte (3 years)
wooow...what a wonderful song!! praise the LORD!!! ... GOD bless You more
AddisAlemyeee & Jossy as well!

Author emnet sitotaw (2 years)

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