Guided Deep Sleep Relaxation: For a stress free sleep

The footage used is from a movie called 'Sand Pebbles' with Steve McQueen. The photographs are from -an extensive internet archive of vintage glass negatives. Various artwork used I have collected overtime. The audio recording was a free sample from a company called Pzizz, they have a iPhone app now.

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Author Matthew King ( ago)
So happy I found this again! Had to search for Steve McQueen movies and
ended up searching "the Sand Pebbles relaxing narrator".

Author BEN 22403 ( ago)
this is all jus pzizz

Author ledzelda9 (1089 years ago)
What's that song at 5:50?

Author Lauren Stasyna ( ago)
How is this the only one? :(

Author ElectroIsMyReligion ( ago)
Your voice really sounds like Phillip Seymore Hoffman's voice.

Author thudson99 ( ago)
I'm now using the Pzizz app and I'm in love with it. The voice is Michael
Breen, master Neuro Linguistic Programming coach and trainer. The music
composed specifically for pzizz by Paul Staveley O'Duffy, grammy nominated
producer, composer and miser. Binaural beats induce theta brainwaves. You
can take power naps or a sleep up to 12 hours. You can turn the voice on or
off for power nap mode. There's much more to it involving alarm settings,
favorites, background image, and more. I just started using it and I'm way
into it. I think it will help my headaches and I'll definitely use it as a
DEstressor for sure. I also think maybe it could be used for meditation if
you're into that. I've only used it twice so far and I'm sold. I used it in
my car alone for a power nap. I felt utterly refreshed! Hope you enjoy it
as much as I did. Be well.

Author lunatikattv ( ago)
i want to marry his voice...

Author JenGriff1959 ( ago)
Over the last couple of week's I've been trying lot's of these! At last
I've found the one. I remember something about cloud's. Now its morning
Mmmmmmmm thankyou for a brilliant nights sleep.

Author Zeb Wezensky ( ago)
My cat just fell asleep less than two minutes in haha

Author Username ( ago)
The music, voice and footage kinda gives me the creeps.. So eerie.. But
relaxing at the same time haha

Author Tamara Marwood ( ago)
Your voice is beautiful

Author Amanglophile ( ago)
I love this music. It is my type.

Author Nicole Gage ( ago)
this is straight from the iphone app pzizz

Author xanadude1967 ( ago)
Does anyone know where to find this so you can download this audio to an
iPOD or mp3 player?

Author Ariel Gross ( ago)
I've been searching for this audio for literally years. I think four years.
Thank you thank you for posting this

Author Brooklyn Johnston ( ago)
Thxs but it dosent work for me lol

Author Christopher Ballesteros ( ago)
I'm not a molester

Author LpsGlamlove5 ( ago)

Author BodhisattvaChris ( ago)
For STEP by STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. :)

Author Kevin ( ago)
This video is very relaxing that it lkasjdasdlkjfdjgpalokjflakjfal...

Author majfunkmeister ( ago)
my voice

Author Carla Foggie ( ago)
Who's voice

Author Samson ( ago)
this made perfect SLEEP! Haha

Author Carla Foggie ( ago)
Anyone know the music

Author MegaRemlap ( ago)
Oh my gosh, YES. I will sleep like a baby tonight!!! I've missed this video
for so long = ) Thank you so much for bringing it back!

Author Carla Foggie (902 years ago)
Who 's voice?

Author Ashley :) ( ago)
YESSSSS !!!!! I've Waited So Long For This To Come Backk !!!! Now I can
finally sleep better :D

Author Paul Collings ( ago)
Just wish it was a bit longer ,

Author Pwarriox ( ago)
I sleep to this every night Love it

Author Thierry Empeigne ( ago)
Yeeeeea buddy. Welcome back.

Author Powellyy93 ( ago)
Its finally back. Thanks!

Author Othebear ( ago)
Finally I can sleep again! Thanks!

Author Geoff Bernstein ( ago)
Thanks for adding this again!

Author ArousingAdmiration ( ago)
SORRY EVERYONE: Had not realized this video was blocked. Disputed claim for
fair use, considering the clip is very brief, cropped and filtered from
its original form

Author Notunder Arock ( ago)
Please, I need this. Whatever has changed I have had a sadness wash over my
being. :(

Author Ashley :) ( ago)
-.- haven't got a good nights sleep in so long .. Maybe I'm exaggerating
about how long it's been like a week but still I'm a growing young lady

Author MegaRemlap ( ago)

Author Othebear ( ago)
Pls undo!! My toddler only falls asleep to this!

Author MegaRemlap ( ago)
Undo it undo it!!

Author Thierry Empeigne ( ago)
Come on man. Really? How the hell am I supposed to sleep now? Please undo
the change made to this video. Please!

Author MegaRemlap ( ago)
Yes, undo undo!!!

Author Ashley :) ( ago)
Please whatever you did PLEASE UNDO IT ! I can't get a good nights sleep
without this video or anyone else that I've tried please bring it back

Author MegaRemlap ( ago)
I've listened to this forever...since when is it not available in my
country!? Fuck!

Author Ashley :) ( ago)
Can you make it playable on iPod again

Author alexxew ( ago)
Argh! I was right on the edge of sleep and then at the very end my flatmate
decided to start banging and yelling outside my room and the whole thing
was undone.

Author Ashley :) ( ago)
It works for me !!!!!

Author Molly Browne ( ago)
I have been listening to this every night for the last 3 weeks and fall
asleep between 4-8 minutes. :) lovee thiss. 3

Author MrNekromania ( ago)

Author lunamaariful (33 years ago)
omg it works. i listen to it, im german but it works in english, and when i
wake up in the morning i have my ipod in the ears and i cant remember if i
listened to the end.. i sleep in in the middle of this video, now the
second time! thats so good because i had problems to sleep in, thank you
very much!! :)

Author James Shields ( ago)
i already did, should i smoke another??? :P

Author PeacefulViolence Feck ( ago)
It's from a free preview of their work, ya turdburglar.

Author Farhan Ahmed ( ago)
Wtf after watching this i am feeling sleepy and laughing continously at no
sense :P Fuck u Damn it.. This shit is working :P

Author Mike Ryan ( ago)
please make another...

Author payasitarosita ( ago)
For better sound...

Author drealbigdada12345 ( ago)
why would we put it in 1080 then close our eyes

Author DrGreeen ( ago)
Oiru, you are the biggest turd in the universe.

Author chris thurston ( ago)
Really, people steal stuff on the internet? FUCK SOME KID UPLOADED A VIDEO
OF A SONG!!! pooleeece get heem! Seriously just leave

Author oirudleahcim ( ago)
This rips off the application pzizz. The app uses a British
hypnotherapist's voice to generate randomly delivered hypnotic suggestions
along with music and sound effects. This is copyright and intellectual
property theft, plain and simple.

Author King ( ago)
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat I Was Like Has It Ended and i looked up and it had so i
closed the full screen and realised it was the same time! WOW

Author globalman ( ago)
This is splendid. Wish it was longer. The voice, manner and words are
perfect. My new favourite nightly sleep aid. Thank you

Author stfuandLiftBtCh ( ago)
well if you actually close your eyes, who cares whats on the screen

Author metaldude4563 ( ago)
You sound like a cross between Kevin Spacey and Ron Perlman

Author andro8138 ( ago)
Perfect!! Listening to this really makes me fall asleep.. I prefer smoking
a joint or two first though :)

Author insanity152 ( ago)
i slept so relaxed now my back is hurting me :/

Author youpureloveme ( ago)
@laceylue311 totally!

Author zadnik50 ( ago)
@laceylue311 Exactly what I'm doing to fall asleep

Author Balaita Nicoleta ( ago)
Where can I download it?!!! I adore it!!!

Author Kenny Mack ( ago)
Had to listen to it twice, but worked :)

Author Sunil Kumar ( ago)
I tried this few times so far and it looks promising till now. Thank you so

Author XcherokeefupaX ( ago)
@ochocinco852307 keepvid(.)com

Author Pharoah ( ago)
were can i download this?

Author Rurne ( ago)
Thank you.

Author Antonio Villanueva ( ago)
i was watching this vid while kind of sleepy and somewhere during the video
i passed out because, after remembering that i watched this the nxt thing
was waking up lol

Author Dmitri K ( ago)
i never got to the end....I always fall asleep before the video is over
thanks to vodka too

Author Garvak ( ago)
That first clip is sand pebbles, I just watched that. That scene seemed to
flow with the music and dialogue in this video.

Author Alfythom ( ago)
I never comment on videos, but this is amazing!! Is there a longer
version!? or can you upload a longer version?

Author Kahlia Blake ( ago)
Didn't work for me :( I can never get to sleep on school nights :(

Author ZapPp00 (25 years ago)

Author Krissy Charles ( ago)
This has been putting me to sleep every-night since I found it cuz of my
restless nights of my pregnancy and it keeps me asleep until the morning
thank you so much for your help

Author Karen Perry ( ago)
This video is the only way I can fall asleep. It works every single night.
Thanks for the upload!

Author Dhar504 ( ago)
ive watched tons of vids and downloaded hypnosis aps, this video is by far
the best and only thibg that has truely worked for me. thank u.

Author jayxunned ( ago)
man, i just came back from dreamscape

Author justineinparis ( ago)
Thanks ever so much for this. I've tried so many of the relaxation/hypnosis
videos, but yours is absolutely wonderful: your voice is beautiful, and the
intonation soothing. The production is professional. Brilliant stuff!

Author paul21turbo ( ago)
for the braindead who cant read the description........ The footage used is
from a movie called 'Sand Pebbles' with Steve McQueen. The photographs are
from -an extensive internet archive of vintage glass negatives.
Various artwork used I have collected overtime. The audio recording was a
free sample from a company called Pzizz, they have a iPhone app now.

Author Bree S ( ago)
the only instance when 'this video put me to sleep' is a good thing

Author samheinwitchkilla44 ( ago)
LOL lennytheartist

Author soltantio ( ago)

Author K Henderson ( ago)
i started to feel like i was melting into my couch

Author Lenny Wagenknecht ( ago)
You stole this from "Pzizz Sleep" by Pzizz technologies. They should take
you to court for plagiarizing. You're busted. THEIR TECHNOLOGY IS GREAT.
You are ruining it.

Author Reinier Bosman ( ago)
Wonderful guided meditation. At Presence in Business .com we offer
stress-free living within 30 seconds, for the remainder of the day, or
permanent after a 2-day course.

Author ElleLarissa ( ago)
@angie4josh lol!!!! hahaha now that is funny!

Author samheinwitchkilla44 ( ago)
Great video!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

Author 98com ( ago)
this is so helping me right now thanks

Author Rurne ( ago)
Hu h

Author Love Light ( ago)
OMG! What a voice very nice and soothing.... Thank you!

Author Mreasee ( ago)
@angie4josh You may have undergone an OBE

Author Jedd41 ( ago)
@will1835 ... HAHAH so true

Author Jedd41 ( ago)
@will1835 ... there would be someone quoting fallout hahahah

Author COLLAGE WIRE ( ago)
The reason I can't sleep is because my son is a Sailor in Japan...not quite
the relaxation video I need right now---

Author Lilbro002 ( ago)
Yea i slept hard for 3 hrs and had to wake up :(. I hate waking up.

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