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Author JenGriff1959 (23 days)
Over the last couple of week's I've been trying lot's of these! At last
I've found the one. I remember something about cloud's. Now its morning
Mmmmmmmm thankyou for a brilliant nights sleep.

Author Zeb Wezensky (1 month)
My cat just fell asleep less than two minutes in haha

Author Tamara Marwood (5 months)
Your voice is beautiful

Author vi3t123bby (4 months)
The music, voice and footage kinda gives me the creeps.. So eerie.. But
relaxing at the same time haha

Author Rurne (2 years)
Thank you.

Author RespectMyCountry (2 years)
Too many sounds happening at once makes my active mind focus on and analyze
all of them. Ineffective for falling asleep.

Author Othebear (1 year)
Finally I can sleep again! Thanks!

Author LpsGlamlove5 (11 months)

Author Kevin Moya (11 months)
This video is very relaxing that it lkasjdasdlkjfdjgpalokjflakjfal...

Author Amanglophile (5 months)
I love this music. It is my type.

Author andro8138 (1 year)
Perfect!! Listening to this really makes me fall asleep.. I prefer smoking
a joint or two first though :)

Author K Henderson (2 years)
i started to feel like i was melting into my couch

Author BodhisattvaChris (11 months)
For STEP by STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. :)

Author Carla Foggie (1 year)
Anyone know the music

Author zadnik50 (2 years)
@laceylue311 Exactly what I'm doing to fall asleep

Author XcherokeefupaX (2 years)
@ochocinco852307 keepvid(.)com

Author Carla Foggie (1 year)
Who's voice

Author vibes17 (3 years)
I had a very strange dream after listening 2 this last night, coincendence
maybe! It did help me get 2 sleep though so many thanks :)

Author Mreasee (2 years)
@angie4josh You may have undergone an OBE

Author Sunil Kumar (2 years)
I tried this few times so far and it looks promising till now. Thank you so

Author JASSMEENBANGER (2 years)

Author Easyway1 (2 years)
This is my lifesaver. Ive had many good nights with this one (:

Author notunderarock (1 year)
Please, I need this. Whatever has changed I have had a sadness wash over my
being. :(

Author Dmitri K (2 years)
i never got to the end....I always fall asleep before the video is over
thanks to vodka too

Author Rurne (2 years)
Hu h

Author acascante1 (2 years)
It is kind of creepy if you watch it awake. I prefer one of the rain sounds
videos, and one of the longer ones

Author insanity152 (2 years)
i slept so relaxed now my back is hurting me :/

Author drealbigdada12345 (1 year)
why would we put it in 1080 then close our eyes

Author Kahlia Blake (2 years)
Didn't work for me :( I can never get to sleep on school nights :(

Author Mike Ryan (1 year)
please make another...

Author Alfythom (2 years)
I never comment on videos, but this is amazing!! Is there a longer
version!? or can you upload a longer version?

Author Msleo498 (3 years)
Welcome to the TWILIGHT ZONE! Literally this video is too creepy for guided
deep sleep mediation. More like guided nightmare meditation. I will most
def be checking this out again during the daylight hours because it did
seem interesting and appreciate the images....... but yeah, not the last
thing you want to look at before trying to hit the hay for the night.
Especially if you have sleep disturbance issues to begin with.

Author SS_Squalo (3 years)
Why does his voice remind me of the old spice guy o.o

Author yousoccomonwango (1 year)
Not available in my country since when!?

Author Karen Perry (2 years)
This video is the only way I can fall asleep. It works every single night.
Thanks for the upload!

Author jdhorrorstruck (2 years)
one of my fav! It work just to relax! Helps with controlled breathing too.

Author Geoff Bernstein (1 year)
Thanks for adding this again!

Author mckidd555 (3 years)
I love this video...i too have lisrened to it every night for a month and
dont know what the end is like!

Author jaydua (1 year)
Me too.

Author payasitarosita (1 year)
For better sound...

Author CollateralSmurf (2 years)
That first clip is sand pebbles, I just watched that. That scene seemed to
flow with the music and dialogue in this video.

Author Abdullah Suleiman (2 years)
were can i download this?

Author KayyKayy9513 (3 years)
I'm scared to watch this because of all the people complaining about
nightmares, kinda makes me wonder if a person can do that one purpose

Author T1carus (3 years)
fantastic video

Author looseSpark (2 years)
I watched this video and died in my sleep. Don't watch it, it's evil!

Author ACEnBEAKY (2 years)
Hurrah for the anteater.

Author Antonio Villanueva (2 years)
i was watching this vid while kind of sleepy and somewhere during the video
i passed out because, after remembering that i watched this the nxt thing
was waking up lol

Author smarthottie123 (1 year)
It works for me !!!!!

Author MegaRemlap (1 year)
Undo it undo it!!

Author smarthottie123 (1 year)
YESSSSS !!!!! I've Waited So Long For This To Come Backk !!!! Now I can
finally sleep better :D

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