2.6 Solving Literal Equations for a Variable - Algebra 1

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Author AnimeRage8 ( ago)
i'm a senior and just can't grasp this shit

Author Omar Maqsudi ( ago)
Thanks found this video helpful

Author Dan Nick ( ago)
Thank you, I was struggling to do this homework before, but now it is

Author Eraclea Vazquez ( ago)
thank you for making this video because Kim currently in 8th grade and
learning this but have trouble but now I get this subscribed

Author Eva ( ago)
This helped so much!! Thank You So MUCH!!!!

Author Ash Cat ( ago)
Thank you so much it helped a lot!!

Author tioziam ( ago)

Author Rehmaan Momin ( ago)
it really helped but you also should have said that y was the function of x

Author Kim Weaver ( ago)
Thanks man

Author muso kenya ( ago)
Thnks but still a little bit confuseled

Author dorielle lomax ( ago)
im still very confused plz helpppppp

Author Richard Huynh ( ago)
thank u so much

Author Allyson Esgurra ( ago)
UNDERSTAND HER!!! btw 7th grade algebra 1

Author ( ago)
@xDjRC I'm glad I did help.

Author ( ago)
@loveyou101able1 I'm glad it helped. I have the whole yr of Algebra on
YouTube at RobbWorld Channel. They are also on my website

Author Alex Simpson ( ago)
dude u just made my life easier

Author beachfeet1000 ( ago)
Most teachers will want the b=-1/2a+5/6 since that is truly the right
answer. A negative sign on the denominator of a fraction is never a good

Author ( ago)
@beachfeet1000 I'm glad it helped.

Author beachfeet1000 ( ago)
The answer at 3:39 is wrong you cannot have a negative sign at the bottom
of a fraction. You should distribute the negative sign back up to the top
giving -3a+5/6. You should never have negatives on the bottom.

Author ( ago)
@jaesungauzakim Keep watching my videos

Author ( ago)
@rawrpowerx High School Algebra 1 students.

Author Jennifer ( ago)
What grade class are you teaching?

Author Kayelend Johnson ( ago)
i love my algabra teacher shes the one who told me to get on here because i
had a very very hard time with this subject and i was doing them with you
and i got for number two -3a over 6+5 over 6=b is that ok or what did i do

Author ( ago)
@ksidornseif Yes I record these as I teach my class.

Author Ryan H ( ago)
Are you teaching a class? Anyways, Very helpful video. I have to agree wit
blingblinggirl12. I do not know her, but my teacher goes through it way to

Author PAULJETS75 ( ago)

Author ( ago)
@blingblinggirl12 Good in your class. Don't give up. Use my website for more resources. 

Author Sierra B ( ago)
ihate my algebra teacher so muchh, she goes through it in like 5 seconds!!

Author ( ago)
Thanks for the positive feedback..

Author Sandra Fortes ( ago)
Very clear, thanks

Author DryvBy ( ago)
I would like to thank you. After 1 hour of trying to figure out 3 for
literal equations, you nailed it. Now I can go to bed. Stupid me forgot all
of my algebra and have to retake it in high school since it's been 10
years. Lol.

Author Liana ( ago)
dis is pretty EASY!!!

Author Devonte Diaz (1284 years ago)
Thank you so much ive been looking for a video lesson this all day all the
others were algebra 2 an dthis helped me understand it so much i just dont
get 3) why you have to put a 1 under but thxs so much

Author Michaela Bernardo ( ago)
well i further understood it! tnx!

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