2.6 Solving Literal Equations for a Variable - Algebra 1

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Author Richard Huynh (2 years)
thank u so much

Author Melfaceablez (4 years)
@DryvBy2 Know how you feel

Author (4 years)
Thanks for the positive feedback..

Author Kim Weaver (1 year)
Thanks man

Author (4 years)
@ksidornseif Yes I record these as I teach my class.

Author Michaela Bernardo (5 years)
well i further understood it! tnx!

Author Kayelend Johnson (4 years)
i love my algabra teacher shes the one who told me to get on here because i
had a very very hard time with this subject and i was doing them with you
and i got for number two -3a over 6+5 over 6=b is that ok or what did i do

Author AlondraPayne69 (1 year)

Author xosrp25 (3 years)
thank you!

Author jaesungauzakim (3 years)
thank you.

Author beachfeet1000 (3 years)
Most teachers will want the b=-1/2a+5/6 since that is truly the right
answer. A negative sign on the denominator of a fraction is never a good

Author (3 years)
@jaesungauzakim Keep watching my videos

Author Nickbond21 (3 years)
Thanks! This helped!

Author Jennifer (3 years)
What grade class are you teaching?

Author (3 years)
@loveyou101able1 I'm glad it helped. I have the whole yr of Algebra on
YouTube at RobbWorld Channel. They are also on my website

Author (4 years)
@blingblinggirl12 Good in your class. Don't give up. Use my website for more resources.

Author muso kenya (1 year)
Thnks but still a little bit confuseled

Author Stillstanding2434 (1 year)
Omg...Thank You!!! You helped me so much lol i want you to be my math
teacher!!!! :)

Author Sierra B (4 years)
ihate my algebra teacher so muchh, she goes through it in like 5 seconds!!

Author dorielle lomax (1 year)
im still very confused plz helpppppp

Author (3 years)
@beachfeet1000 I'm glad it helped.

Author Allyson Esgurra (2 years)
UNDERSTAND HER!!! btw 7th grade algebra 1

Author DryvBy (4 years)
I would like to thank you. After 1 hour of trying to figure out 3 for
literal equations, you nailed it. Now I can go to bed. Stupid me forgot all
of my algebra and have to retake it in high school since it's been 10
years. Lol.

Author Sandra Fortes (4 years)
Very clear, thanks

Author njfionan (2 years)
If you don't think he was correct, then go figure out literal equations

Author xDjRC (3 years)
You really don't understand how much you just helped me!

Author XxchechexX100 (2 years)

Author njfionan (2 years)
If you don't think he is right go figure out literal equations yourself

Author DareOrDie1 (3 years)
@RobbWorld iim in 8th grade algebra 1. thanks for the help!

Author beachfeet1000 (3 years)
The answer at 3:39 is wrong you cannot have a negative sign at the bottom
of a fraction. You should distribute the negative sign back up to the top
giving -3a+5/6. You should never have negatives on the bottom.

Author yoyokid504 (2 years)
thank you i was finishing up a test in algebra and did not understand my

Author PAULJETS75 (4 years)

Author Ryan Holmes (4 years)
Are you teaching a class? Anyways, Very helpful video. I have to agree wit
blingblinggirl12. I do not know her, but my teacher goes through it way to

Author Rkid Mboy (1 year)
it really helped but you also should have said that y was the function of x

Author (3 years)
@xDjRC I'm glad I did help.

Author (3 years)
@rawrpowerx High School Algebra 1 students.

Author Alex Simpson (3 years)
dude u just made my life easier

Author Liana (4 years)
dis is pretty EASY!!!

Author Devonte Diaz (5 years)
Thank you so much ive been looking for a video lesson this all day all the
others were algebra 2 an dthis helped me understand it so much i just dont
get 3) why you have to put a 1 under but thxs so much

Author PAN5Y (3 years)
Thanks bro!!

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