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Author EyeWarnedYouB4 (3 months)
I just bought several sets of these, but haven't taken the time to hook
them up yet.
Thanks for the video!

Author doug daniels (2 years)
@chalkhill714 the stand just sits on the lazy suzan, and strong wind will
get them to move but not much...LATER FROM THE WEST COAST...

Author Vernon Whitehead Jr (5 years)
nice vid. i got the same setup for Xmas and the way i got riged it had
light most the day with the low winter sun. now im lucky if i get 3 hr.
thanks for the low buck tip...

Author GoatHollow (4 years)
Video response accepted... Looking for a cheap way to auto track myself

Author Glenn Hough (1 year)
wont the wind affect your panel? the wind may blow away your panels
specially when its windy or storm..

Author field16 (5 years)
You make it look easy to spin those solar panels way over head. Have you
had any issues with wind trying to pick your panels off the pole? I still
have to make a mount for my panel. I'm a little worried about wind getting
under the panel and tearing it up, like an umbrella in a storm, getting
turned inside-out.

Author doug daniels (2 years)
@jarkosih we know less than a $1 a watt

Author doug daniels (5 years)

Author Frissen alistar (1 year)
Well done andrew, I've been plugging this free energy source for a while
now, but at last I've found someone with a working model :)
ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM I'm looking forward to your progress reports.

Author doug daniels (5 years)
199 + tax=218 thanks

Author Carlos Vega (3 years)
say Doug, could you show the setup from the lazy susan side, so i could see
how you fixed the Lazy Susan to the pole? nice setup. i need to try this.
good idea.

Author jonanddenise112 (2 years)
That's too cool--is it working for you? Do you get very strong winds in
your area?

Author hitmanhite (3 years)
Are those power lines above your pool?

Author jarkosih ajarkosih (2 years)
Homemade Solar panels,reduce energy usage click my name below.

Author Bellum Noctis Caelum (1 year)
Did you say you were going outside to churn your pole? Anyway, all effin'
around aside, I'm working on a pretty stellar trackin system myself. I'll
post some porn later.

Author chalkhill714 (2 years)
nice job does the wind bother your panels or can you lock in place great
idea how did you mount the lazy susan on bottom

Author jakeskatesgood (4 years)
im doing the same thing but on a smaller scale. and im from the west coast

Author doug daniels (3 years)
@vaughn1111 thanx, I live like three miles from the pacific, 3 years with
no problem

Author BeefyCrackers12 (5 years)
i love it! how much do the solar kits cost?

Author Maid Mercy (4 years)
The cost is $159.00 now over on harbor freight. Just thought I would let
anyone know that is looking at getting this system.

Author carlthesolarguy (4 years)
Well, I am happy to see more interest in going green...but 45 watts is
hardly enough to charge that whole bank of batts. If you series your
panels, that increases voltage. Too high a voltage can damage those
batteries, I hope you have a charge controller for them.You need to
parallel the keep the volts at 16-18...but that will increase
the amps. Also, face the panels south and angle them at about 45 degrees
for year around charging for a fixed array.

Author doug daniels (3 years)
@hitmanhite no those r guide lines...LATER FROM THE WEST COAST...

Author vaughn nickel (3 years)
I bought the panels in 2007. I only live a block from the ocean and the
salt air/water got inside and corroded the bottom of all 3 panels within a
year. Needless to say I couldn't do anything with them and had to throw
them away. Just want people to keep that in mind in their design schemes.

Author 1kzrider (4 years)
passing word these are made from topray in china

Author doug daniels (5 years)
It spins super easy, my kid tracks while im at work. she has seen 30mph
wind and it just kinda shimmied a little..I get an extra 40% by tracking I
have had to dump some load lately know I have a turbine so I will have to
start using more or sell it to my buddy next door....thanks for your
comments...........LATER FROM THE WEST COAST......................

Author STARFIRESOLAR (4 years)
Isn't the 37 degrees supposed to be off of the 90degrees striaght up? What
you have looks to be 37 degrees off of horizontal. Not trying to be a know
it all, I'm just saying....

Author Patrick Muscarella (3 years)
I am doing the same thing with the harbor freight system but I cannot find
the parts I need could you tell me where you bought them from and what they
are called. Other than that a great Inspiration to me thanks!

Author Amanda Rodriguez (5 years)
Very nice setup. I like your tracker idea. I have to keep my set up on top
of my back porch, since I live in a community. So I will place my panel
rack directly on top of the lazy susan and attach a gear with a shaft that
extends through my porch roof. This way I will be able to turn it from
inside my porch. Thanx for the great idea. Sam

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