GTA: SA DeLorean Railroad Mod

Mod che permette di viaggiare nel tempo a bordo di una delorean versione per binari!

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Author Edy Vlad ( ago)
plese download

Author Remaker Music ( ago)
how it did that that is Delorean drove after rail

Author Aerox Malossi ( ago)
che gta e''?? san andreas??

Author vincenzo199970 ( ago)
ma lai rilasciata se mi dai il link in PM

Author John Smith (Professor Snape Dafuq) ( ago)

Author Calim Brand ( ago)
If you look Carefully The Train Explodes when the Delorean Reaches 88MPH
probably attempting to Travel through time LOL

Author Jollyjosh19 ( ago)
lol train left but the car didnt XD

Author ondroo harabín ( ago)
ling pls =)

Author willyXIII ( ago)
Surely, you could have turned the time circuits on and pulled it to 88mph.

Author Lightwolf333 ( ago)
This is interesting!

Author Сергей Машков ( ago)
А где этот мод можно скачать?

Author Machinimator - Animation Destination ( ago)
u know whgat a big shame is.when he got out and turned around a normal
train should of came and just smased the de lorean

Author Machinimator - Animation Destination ( ago)
omg haha win that is epic

Author santino ( ago)
the train is terribly wrong :D

Author YouLoVeTOEnTErtaiNmE ( ago)

Author meatballguy1 ( ago)
I bet you need another train

Author wkm600mati ( ago)
jjaa the train XD

Author skrapmetal ( ago)
@The2Coolest2 Thanks, I actually have it downloaded already, I just never
played with it. I'll have to figure out a way to put it on the tracks!

Author skrapmetal ( ago)
Please let me know where how to download this railroad deloream mod for SA.
It will help me make my video movie remakes =) Thank you!

Author Galleon Chua ( ago)
@Beatlesrule123 No!Its for PC!

Author Lagomorph grep ( ago)

Author Ha Ha ( ago)
its called google.

Author Madalin Popa (XtremePrime) ( ago)
What mod is this and where i can get it?

Author Braydon Fox (1080 years ago)
Does the delorean time travel at all in GTA SA?

Author Shawn Azzopardi ( ago)
woah, u did the code urself?

Author Luca Di Giovanni ( ago)
look at the second video!!

Author Valkier071 ( ago)
lol,it should have been hit and destroyed by another train at the end!

Author Luca Di Giovanni ( ago)
ho scritto il codice io stesso!!

Author 5dmc1 ( ago)
they should make it so when you time travel on railroad, when you get back
you actually have to ditch and a freight train will total it, that would be

Author Eric Jones ( ago)
where can i get this???

Author juliannagarciaromero ( ago)
say me where load?

Author Gordon Freeman ( ago)
Can you get permission to release this mod?

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