GTA: SA DeLorean Railroad Mod

Mod che permette di viaggiare nel tempo a bordo di una delorean versione per binari!

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 2:18
Comments: 47

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Author Terrox (2 years)
how it did that that is Delorean drove after rail

Author Madalin Popa (6 years)
What mod is this and where i can get it?

Author eproductions2008 (6 years)
where can i get this???

Author SambaboysFreestyleBr (3 years)

Author TheDokdo (4 years)
lin to download delorean bttf 3? 0.0

Author Machinimator - Animation Destination (4 years)
omg haha win that is epic

Author Lightwolf333 (4 years)
This is interesting!

Author Jollyjosh19 (4 years)
lol train left but the car didnt XD

Author Beatlesrule123 (5 years)
is this for ps2 and how do you get it if it is?

Author santino (4 years)
the train is terribly wrong :D

Author ondroo harabín (4 years)
ling pls =)

Author wkm600mati (4 years)
jjaa the train XD

Author fiatunocoupe (6 years)
ma si mette come una mod normale?????

Author Shawn Azzopardi (6 years)
woah, u did the code urself?

Author Lagomorph grep (5 years)

Author Calim Brand (3 years)
If you look Carefully The Train Explodes when the Delorean Reaches 88MPH
probably attempting to Travel through time LOL

Author skrapmetal (4 years)
Please let me know where how to download this railroad deloream mod for SA.
It will help me make my video movie remakes =) Thank you!

Author RC Antics (6 years)
they should make it so when you time travel on railroad, when you get back
you actually have to ditch and a freight train will total it, that would be

Author John Smith (3 years)

Author Machinimator - Animation Destination (4 years)
u know whgat a big shame is.when he got out and turned around a normal
train should of came and just smased the de lorean

Author Сергей Машков (4 years)
А где этот мод можно скачать?

Author Ha Ha (5 years)
its called google.

Author skrapmetal (4 years)
@The2Coolest2 Thanks, I actually have it downloaded already, I just never
played with it. I'll have to figure out a way to put it on the tracks!

Author ITA Gamer (3 years)
che gta e''?? san andreas??

Author foxden1992 (6 years)
Does the delorean time travel at all in GTA SA?

Author fiatunocoupe (6 years)
come hai fatto????

Author The2Coolest2 (4 years)
@skrapmetal download the first version of the sa mod it has all the
deloreans until they fix bugs they just left the bttf 2 delorean for now
the first release has it though go to bttfhillvalley[dot]com and check san
andreas in download ssection

Author juliannagarciaromero (6 years)
say me where load?

Author willyXIII (4 years)
Surely, you could have turned the time circuits on and pulled it to 88mph.

Author MrRumbleRoses (5 years)
can the time train go off the tracks? like the cars on the game

Author ravecrocker (6 years)

Author vincenzo199970 (3 years)
ma lai rilasciata se mi dai il link in PM

Author meatballguy1 (4 years)
I bet you need another train

Author gtaisawesome87 (3 years)
@LolGuy619 it wasnt exploding it was the animation for the DeLorean time

Author Valkier071 (6 years)
lol,it should have been hit and destroyed by another train at the end!

Author bttf92it (6 years)
look at the second video!!

Author Someone On A Bike! (5 years)
@Beatlesrule123 No!Its for PC!

Author YouLoVeTOEnTErtaiNmE (4 years)

Author bttf92it (6 years)
ho scritto il codice io stesso!!

Author superspiderboy1 (4 years)
The gta vice city bttf is much better

Author Psy145 (6 years)
Can you get permission to release this mod?

Author samuel6 (6 years)
hwere can download this mod???

Author krysiak21 (6 years)
dove si potrà andare da qualche parte per il download

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