arab ass رقص معلاية مو booty girl

Arab booty party

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Author zip511 ( ago)
كس امك يا مسيحي ياللي منزل المقطع روح الكنيسه الحق امك بينيكوها

Author Danny Kamp ( ago)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this muslim women want in ass...come to holland baby

Author commiepervert ( ago)
perverted Muslims hypocrites!

Author VoidRou ( ago)
lol is this allowed in a muslim country ?

Author theSecular2008 ( ago)
ياليت كنت معاكم يا جدع انت وياه

Author Kissra Lynnkay ( ago)
@BoAbkal this is because religious people need sum tiza booty shake and to
justify it they talk smack thinking one will equalize the other...what else
could it B ;) what I don't get is why she has vail and shake her ass?
shouldn't she do one or the other??? or dis is called respectful booty
shakin ;)

Author عـبـد الـقـادر الـجـزائـري ( ago)
that girl ain't midle eastern, but north african...kabyls and chaouis are
the one who dance with their bootys, and i can reconise the "gasba" music

Author ggggg541 ( ago)
شوفو الضب الي بينهم

Author salud y riqueza ( ago)
Mora fea meneando el culo!!!

Author Arabian_Stalion ( ago)
@HEIRON33 its NOT saudi man lol its gypsy's from Zanjbar such dance exist
only in some nigros part in Oman i believe.

Author mrik21 ( ago)
Now i understand why arab girl have enormous sexy booty , that's the way
they improve their muscles !

Author StyngRay1 ( ago)
Nice muslim ass. gota love dat! S

Author kafenwar ( ago)
@sumaridesfree Hey, I did, so screw you, Jew.

Author haidlour1 ( ago)
@statix888 dont be surprised my friend hh

Author sumaridesfree ( ago)
before any thing else i love this video and man do i want that ass
baddddd,i love arab and black and ispanic women,white chicks just dont do
it for,NOW @strictly bizo, first of all motherfucker i am very sure my dick
is bigger than yours,i am an arab so listen up you ignorant horny nigger
fuck,the cover up is religious doesnt have any thing to do with
insecurity,so fuck you bitch @OBZRV converting to islam for an ass you are
fucking shallow

Author خالد علي ( ago)
The name of the dance Dgueni It is found in Oman and the UAE

Author BlackHash ( ago)
it's Malayya.You could watch Malayya at weddings..etc.İt's just a
celebration way..

Author wc78229 ( ago)
How do you say "nice butt" in arabic?

Author OBZRV82 ( ago)
I'm converting 2 Islam 4 a few days, just in till I find me a booty shaking
Arab mami like this one.

Author OBZRV82 ( ago)
@banlamai Ur right... nothing wrong here... between U and me, I enjoyed it

Author unis blizzy ( ago)
وابويه حتا لأجانب يطالعون معلايه خخخخخخخخخخ شو يبون بالمعلايه

Author solomonpilot767 ( ago)
u r right but,some people got dirty mind!

Author Bad Coincidence ( ago)
That was beautiful black men would worship her in America.

Author gaajo99 ( ago)
trust me, i lived in saudi arabia, they do this too. nobody gets stone to
death down there maybe one in every 10years. so called arab lands are full
of whore houses and stripers.

Author statix888 ( ago)
hey now, god created the woman's booty too man... i'm just a little
surprised how the arab muslim culture celebrates them. usually i see news
about girls being stoned to death for doing something like this...

Author MACKINTOSHA ( ago)
وأود أن أقول مرحبا ، بالنسبة لجميع الرجال السود في أميركا. علينا جميعا أن
أحبك! ونحن جميعا إخوة وأخوات!

Author mabdiuhrman ( ago)
OMG!!! where and how can I get some!!! lol

Author tabaraia ( ago)
شعب اخو شرموطه اوسخ من الجنب وليهود انتتو ولاد شرموطه

Author bigslickd ( ago)
dam is dat what they b hiding under those skirts??

Author George Tadros ( ago)
Christianity teaches common moral and proper behavior. The essence have
living a respectful and peaceful life. The Koran... Well you can see above.
And I am from the Middle East so I am not an ignorant biggot. I know and
have seen.

Author Amer Abdullah ( ago)
I AM Muslim myself and proud of it but with all do respect you do not have
the right to say that other religions are wrong. that was really ignorant
on your part.

Author OğuzhaN ( ago)
ama İyi Sallıyo haaa Azmamak elden deyil a.q

Author OğuzhaN ( ago)
Töbe töbe araplardan beklenmezdim :(:(:(

Author sekky123 ( ago)
its not a woman its a man. look at what the guy infront of 'her' is doing.

Author Son of Cyrus the Great ( ago)
islam = hypocracy

Author ة_ة -_ة ( ago)
انت بس شوف وجه اللي مطنبز جدامها فرق بين وجهه وو مدقرها

Author A Hussein ( ago)
Be proud of being a Muslim. Good job Sister. Great bod and great booty.
Allah Hafiz

Author Bericman ( ago)
The best side of islam :-)

Author samnad79 ( ago)
dogy style

Author LotBountyHunter ( ago)
yeah it is what the fuck loooooooooooooool

Author asmah hassan ( ago)
tiger show with purdah?

Author XXXMANCIBER ( ago)

Author yourbigbootytown ( ago)
that's bootiful!

Author Wisnia57 ( ago)
on youtube you can find countless videos like that and you muslims tell us
that we exploit the womens body and sexuality in the western countries? you
say that european and american girls are whores? lol! your cultur is based
on two fundamental things: point the finger at others and hypocrisy!!!!!!

Author AbdulGayoom HassaN ( ago)
وااااااااااااااااه لا تعليق No Commen

Author yasseroth ( ago)
يا ابن المتناكه دول من الخليج يرحق ابو اللى جاب امك

Author iPhones2009 ( ago)
اكيد مصرية ممحونة عايزة زب في طيزها.

Author pikalena (141 year ago)
you moslim no you fock off

Author albaqaahuna ( ago)
what do they do to get such big asses ? Did you compare the ass of she male
with a real woman ?

Author xintruderqa ( ago)
uae is in texas

Author Christian Abi-Khalil ( ago)
that is probably a transgender

Author Truteras ( ago)
Essa é a dança do CREU Brasileira, Dança do Créu - Furacão Tsunami Mulher

Author Adi Gaban ( ago)
Shemales? That's a whole lot of ass for shemales. Incredible.

Author moti35 ( ago)
horror humiliation of woman under the hypocrisy of modesty. thats what
happen in islam

Author mahdi198 ( ago)
i want to masage this ass and then put my face between those soft cheeks

Author MrJGM3 ( ago)
.....R U serious? U have got 2 B kidding man. I am glad that U shed some
light on this. U know, it is really scary nowadays man. Just when U think U
R looking at a female, U may not B. Thank U very much 4 the awareness my
brotha. I am not a muslum, but I would like 2 say, "Assalaamalakum"

Author hardway27 ( ago)
united arab emirates

Author JOEL FLSA ( ago)

Author samoolah ( ago)
ليسوا خليجيين هاذول من البراغواي ههههههههههه احلى حاجه في المقطع انها
متحجبه نويت ان اصلي صلاة سعوديه بلا وضوء ولا نيه .. الله أكبر

Author hardway27 ( ago)
she it not fron saudi arabia she from uae

Author mustapha31400 ( ago)
وبعد يتكلمون على الإسلام ويأتونك بلحياهم وحجاباتهم لكن لن يخدعوا الله بل هم
لأنفسم خادعون

Author leeleemee ( ago)
@cutiegoodas: I'm here watching, mouth open like, WHAT IN THEE HELL??!!! I
came unglued (LOL) after reading your comment. Thanks for the laugh!!!

Author HEIRON33 ( ago)
man i didnt know saudi girls had ass....maannnn!!!!

Author namnam52 ( ago)
that ass is tha bomb

Author shararararararara ( ago)
arabs got girls with asses like this and some of them become martyrs? That
shit is beyond me.

Author Najwa6767 ( ago)
they are animals,Sorry to say this is Gulf muslims this is big shame for
them but unfortunately they forget to own relgion for this taste

Author komonology ( ago)!

Author komonology ( ago)
no i worship allah the only god..andi beleave andrespect ..all his

Author komonology ( ago)
muhammed had sex with her when she was his wife couse she was a respectfule
girl..with respectfule..muslim parents..and islam prohibits us from doing
such things u do like having sex in anyplace at anywhere with any who... no
actual the real truth ..u will know that aisha
was his wife ..when she was 9 and he had it with her when she was ready to
have it ..

Author komonology ( ago)
mohammed hired a professional killer ..ahahaha ..wht ..well if he was a
murderer he should have killed him by himself ..or wht would make him hire
sum one if that was true..oh and that was said in the book u have ur
evidance from 2.and how did that assasination happened..u make it looklike
he had a puplic advertisment before even hiring the proffesional ..non sense..

Author komonology ( ago)
muhammad during war with the kofar and on khaybar..said to his army
warriors "donot kill or murder any child or women or oldies..and donot kill
any warrior who puts off his arms and go"..!

Author komonology ( ago)
ahahahaha...well do u think that u r speakinthe truth by showin me ur
knowledgeandhatredaboutmohammedand the islam ..well that move me to go with
u in a duel..well u have poor and mixed up evidance and we all know wht is
going on ..sum haters have an industry called the isra2liat ..and that is a
copy of all the ahadeeth(speaches) for mohammed just power their
strategy ..and u r obviously misleaded 2 ..or ur non sense hatred made u

Author komonology (1346 years ago)
yes he exists islam=peace+forgivness,muhammad(peace be upon him)wasnot
warmonger and wasn't pedophile of course i DENY that mohamed killed ppl and
i deny that he ordered his followers to do so(please deny it,it will be fun)

Author komonology ( ago)
allah exists ..immams are common ppl they seek knowledge of pure relegion
trying to make thier life better ..and they just help the misleaded to get
to know thier own relegion couse everything in our relegion is very
obviouse and very constant it is concealed cannot change or manuplate the
words of allah ..and thats wise..very not say wht u donot know
couse u ll get a hard lough at ur ass..u ur self makes zero sense..untill

Author kolache87 ( ago)
now that's an arabian rump shaker. Now make it clap!!!

Author komonology ( ago)
islam = life+death alla=allah islam=heaven you=0 without relegion

Author komonology ( ago)
niahahahaha..whata loser u r ..i am not parsi ..and i donot care about the
blablabla u said ..poor shit u tailk ..u act like a bitch ..bitch

Author alkomandoz ( ago)
je ne comprend rien awe il faut un metrayeuse pour je tire dans ces
publique .merde

Author Amar Fakih ( ago)
لى الذين أسرفوا على أنفسهم بالمعاصي!! ...لمن يريد كسب بعض الحسنات تنفعه يوم
الحساب! فساهم معنا ولاتتردد. لحذف المقاطع المسيئة: 1. إضغط على Flag (العلم)
2.اختيار: spam 3. اختيار: Flag this video ----- وحتى يتسنى حذف إسم واضع
الفيديو, المرجو: 1. إضغط على إسم واضعه. 2.إضغط على: Report profile image
violation ???????????? ألم يعد في القلب خوف من رب العباد؟؟؟ ألم يهزنا قول
الله: { إن جهنم كانت مرصادا } ؟ ألم يردعنا قول الله : { والله بما تعملون
بصير } ؟؟

Author mido ( ago)
ودا بقا انشاء اللة ازاى هتجوز كل خول ولا هتجبلة شرموطة تعد معاة كل يوم ياعم
الى فية مرض مبيبطلهوششششش

Author mido ( ago)
احا يعنى معقول وصلنا لدرجة دى من التخلف واللة مش حرام الى بيحصل فينا حاجة

Author fudged71 ( ago)
is this a wedding? ahaha

Author سنحيا كراما ان شاء الله ( ago)
منظر زباله ايه الارف ده هو ده اسمه رقص دا انا كنت هرجع كل اللي في بطني

Author nardinodr (489 years ago)
ممممم تمام والله يعنى الرقص ده علنى كده مش بنات مع بنات بس؟ يعنى ترقصوا
امام الرجال كمان؟ ماشاء الله ربنا يحرقكم جميعا امين

Author horla87 ( ago)
Oh great party!!

Author holmesd5003 ( ago)
very nice...

Author ahmed hassan ( ago)
mustapha31400 مو ادرى ليش قلة ادبك!!يا اخى لا تذم اهل الخليج عامة والا كتبت
عليك ذنوب عظيمة بعدد الصالحين فيه وتذكر ان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من
ارض الحجاز خرج

Author mustapha31400 ( ago)
نالخمار والزنى والخمرة إنكم كلكلم دول الخليج قردة خاسئين معروف عليكم منذ
القدم بالخمرة والجواري ليس الآن ستبدلون خصالكم وبعد تحثون الناس على لتشبث

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
the guy on the floor was shaking his own butt like he's a girl lol watch it
closely and you'll see

Author JerjetjanyGergely (192 years ago)
translated nasrramadan: This dance name (Vlksh Gulf) or (the art of dancing
monkey) Lord Sells Gulf of those Alaossak because they are deployed there
sodomy / Park Lord elders in the Gulf and most distinguished servants, but
not for governors, such as Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Awda and Al-Awadi

Author ahmed hassan ( ago)
هذا رقص اسمه(فلقسة خليجية )او (فن رقص القرود)ربنا يطهر الخليج من هذول
الاوصاخ لانهم ينشرون اللواط هناك/بارك ربنا فى شيوخ الخليج الافاضل وما
اكثرهم وليسوا خدما لحكام مثل الشيخ محمد العوضى وابراهيم العوضى

Author turtleturbo1025 ( ago)
that was some grade A booty shakin!! one of the best ive seen

Author Thickluva ( ago)

Author hsatt66 ( ago)
dam they do it better than americans!

Author Shahram Fayaz ( ago)
LOL what was that guy doing down there?

Author mustapha31400 ( ago)
الخليجيين مسلمين

Author sonidax ( ago)
واود ان برنامج المشوره التقنيه الى الابد ولكن هذه الفتاة والزواج.

Author dalo3a78 ( ago)
احس طيزها خايسه برشا هذه !! ههاهاهاههاه الله يلعنها !

Author hamadbnbn ( ago)
يلعن ابوكم يا الامارتيه هههههههههههه

Author Borris Ugano ( ago)
this chick got an incredible ass

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