arab ass رقص معلاية مو booty girl

Arab booty party

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Author banlamai (5 years)
i think the religious minded jack off to these videos and then feel guilty
and breach

Author mar7yan (6 years)
ahha theres a guy in front of her en he is dancing to

Author nardinodr (6 years)
ممممم تمام والله يعنى الرقص ده علنى كده مش بنات مع بنات بس؟ يعنى ترقصوا
امام الرجال كمان؟ ماشاء الله ربنا يحرقكم جميعا امين

Author statix888 (5 years)
hey now, god created the woman's booty too man... i'm just a little
surprised how the arab muslim culture celebrates them. usually i see news
about girls being stoned to death for doing something like this...

Author Son of Cyrus the Great (6 years)
islam = hypocracy

Author OBZRV82 (5 years)
@banlamai Ur right... nothing wrong here... between U and me, I enjoyed it

Author sonidax (7 years)
واود ان برنامج المشوره التقنيه الى الابد ولكن هذه الفتاة والزواج.

Author cutiegoodas (6 years)
and they talk about the west going to hell lol.

Author Borris Ugano (7 years)
this chick got an incredible ass

Author George Tadros (6 years)
Christianity teaches common moral and proper behavior. The essence have
living a respectful and peaceful life. The Koran... Well you can see above.
And I am from the Middle East so I am not an ignorant biggot. I know and
have seen.

Author ja88wer (6 years)
واللة رقص فظيعايش هالطيازالجميلة

Author Danny Kamp (3 years)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this muslim women want in ass...come to holland baby

Author se2e (6 years)
ابوكم لأبو ابوكم شراميط هذولا حثاله لوطيين اندق ضرس من نزل المقطع ^_^
فضحتوا العرب حسبي الله عليكم

Author BlackHash (5 years)
it's Malayya.You could watch Malayya at weddings..etc.İt's just a
celebration way..

Author komonology (6 years)
niahahahaha..whata loser u r ..i am not parsi ..and i donot care about the
blablabla u said ..poor shit u tailk ..u act like a bitch ..bitch

Author levar1979 (5 years)
Exactly. here

Author iPhones2009 (6 years)
اكيد مصرية ممحونة عايزة زب في طيزها.

Author hijabiflower (6 years)
the guy on the floor was shaking his own butt like he's a girl lol watch it
closely and you'll see

Author chempacha doll (6 years)
tiger show with purdah?

Author ICee5 (7 years)
lol, I see alladin in the background

Author leeleemee (6 years)
@cutiegoodas: I'm here watching, mouth open like, WHAT IN THEE HELL??!!! I
came unglued (LOL) after reading your comment. Thanks for the laugh!!!

Author Adi Gaban (6 years)
Shemales? That's a whole lot of ass for shemales. Incredible.

Author fxxxxxf (7 years)
يقومون بالرقص بنات من بلوشستان وليسوا عرب

Author خالد علي (5 years)
The name of the dance Dgueni It is found in Oman and the UAE

Author JOEL FLSA (6 years)

Author pikalena (6 years)
you moslim no you fock off

Author rotolly (7 years)
Allah see's all brothers and sisters!

Author salud y riqueza (4 years)
Mora fea meneando el culo!!!

Author Imran khan (6 years)
thz r not girls lolsss they r shemales

Author Thickluva (7 years)

Author fudged71 (6 years)
is this a wedding? ahaha

Author عادل أبوزيد (7 years)
very good

Author cutiegoodas (6 years)
and yall have the nerve to hate america lol not only was she poppin that
ass she was clearly humpin the arab man ass. lol allah gonna get yuh

Author A Hussein (6 years)
Be proud of being a Muslim. Good job Sister. Great bod and great booty.
Allah Hafiz

Author 20mhd08 (7 years)
يالعن ام الحاله الرجال الي قدام الشريفه يهز بعد ............ كثر الله
الشرفة الي مثل كذا

Author 480VIP (6 years)
Id ride dat arab booty all night long

Author albaqaahuna (6 years)
what do they do to get such big asses ? Did you compare the ass of she male
with a real woman ?

Author سنحيا كراما ان شاء الله (6 years)
منظر زباله ايه الارف ده هو ده اسمه رقص دا انا كنت هرجع كل اللي في بطني

Author quincey361 (6 years)
It is woman just like this down in Lynchburg , Va. All day Everyday
dawg.Not only black. It the black white, and India woman. Its has got to be
the food . Food does the bodies good. VA all day. Best of both worlds
between north and south. Dead in the middle of it all.

Author throllkhing (6 years)
Töbe töbe araplardan beklenmezdim :(:(:(

Author sekky123 (6 years)
its not a woman its a man. look at what the guy infront of 'her' is doing.

Author Amer Abdullah (6 years)
I AM Muslim myself and proud of it but with all do respect you do not have
the right to say that other religions are wrong. that was really ignorant
on your part.

Author komonology (6 years)
islam = life+death alla=allah islam=heaven you=0 without relegion

Author XXXMANCIBER (6 years)

Author theSecular2008 (4 years)
ياليت كنت معاكم يا جدع انت وياه

Author throllkhing (6 years)
ama İyi Sallıyo haaa Azmamak elden deyil a.q

Author Kissra Lynnkay (4 years)
@BoAbkal this is because religious people need sum tiza booty shake and to
justify it they talk smack thinking one will equalize the other...what else
could it B ;) what I don't get is why she has vail and shake her ass?
shouldn't she do one or the other??? or dis is called respectful booty
shakin ;)

Author holmesd5003 (6 years)
very nice...

Author bademployee (7 years)
theres a guy in front of her on the floor shaking his ass too.............
what the hell is this!!!?????

Author kafenwar (5 years)
@sumaridesfree Hey, I did, so screw you, Jew.

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