Rush Limbaugh: By enabling the investigations of Trump, Republicans put themselves in 2018 peril

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  • Mitchell Davis
    Mitchell Davis 10 days ago

    They know it, and all that pay attention know it..................The "Shadow" controls all. If they get him, it's over. There will no going back. The Establishment will destroy/Give Away everything WE gained them to protect the machine.

  • Lord Draconia
    Lord Draconia 11 days ago

    God damn the cuckservative rino traitors. Voting is a scam. The "Republicans " are just the jv team of the Democrats.

    • Jim M
      Jim M 11 days ago

      Lord D, it makes me sad that I have to agree with you 100%. As for your second comment, I guess I'm going to have to join your platoon as well.

    • Lord Draconia
      Lord Draconia 11 days ago

      there is 0 reason to vote for cuckservative better to get the revolution on now

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