Vietnam - Traps of the Viet Cong / FNL

A Vietnamese Guide explains simple but horrible traps the Viet Cong / FNL built in Vietnam War. Recorded December 2004 in Tay Ninh Province north west of Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City.

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Author lotsofsnow2 ( ago)
the best trap iv heard of was the Americans leaving boxes of 7.62 ammo in
the Vietnam jungle that was rigged with small amounts of explosives in the
cartridge, so when it was fired through an AK it would bow the upper into
bits. smart tho because it wouldn't hurt civilians only people with
malicious indent, dont think it was used much , only ever heard of one
incident recorded

Author youafag yesyouare ( ago)
thats why America lost this war! Vietcong know there Jungle.. and very
smart! 17 years of fighting! i wonder how many people died with this traps!

Author Dan M ( ago)
Got to give it to the Vietcong, they made some impressive traps. I feel bad
for anyone who did fall into these traps.

Author Kurumi Tokisaki ( ago)
I am 100% sure this is at Củ Chi tunnels! been there during the summer of
2014 with my dad. My dad had a factory near there so we went there Saturday
afternoon! There's also a gun range near by and its pretty badass too!!
AK47s, M16s, M60s, M30s.. etc... Good times~

Author Negative Person ( ago)
Somebody HAS to put a ballistics dummy in some of these traps...

Author Fuck­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ you­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ (You dick head) ( ago)
i rather live witha vietnamese in the remote forrest than an ameircan
solder, sorry boys

Author lennon494 ( ago)
thats why i love vietnam!!!

Author skinner5974 ( ago)
These are actually some pretty cool traps

Author james hall ( ago)
Good Job VietCong time those dumb old Vietnamese killers have a
parade with their dumb Vietnam war vet hats on, I will tell them about this
video and also tell them its hilarious.

Author enforcer84021 ( ago)
The Vietcongs were very smart setting up bobby traps. They took many
American lives. We were not ready for a guerrilla warfare. God Bless the
Vietnam Veterans who went through hell.

Author Mr.Nobody ( ago)
Best traps for zombie apocalypse

Author superduperboyx ( ago)
I couldn't understand the part at 2:47, there's poison on the stake, and
they put mice under it which poisons other soldiers around him as well? Can
someone help out?

Author MikeR-Tank ( ago)
I especially like that door trap

Author MikeR-Tank ( ago)
And these same tactics would work today against gun grabbers :)

Author nicktesla45 ( ago)
I know how to make some of these traps , Not all of them , Only the most
gruesome ones , to get ready for the coming revolution . I call my
favorite The Meat Grinder ! 

Author Denis Triton ( ago)
Как только американцы получают пиздюлей, они сразу прикрываются Женевскими
конвенциями и правами человека. Но сами не стесняются никаких средств и
методов — очень подлая и жадная нация.

Author Denis Triton ( ago)
Почему Америка везде сует свой нос со своей «демократией» и долларом? Вы
уже всему миру осточертели.

Author mamobster1500 ( ago)
I'm baffled at all of the people criticizing the VC.What were they supposed
to do exactly? They had inferior firepower, lacked air support, and
artillery. Of course they are going to do whatever it takes to survive.

Before you go around saying that what they did was dirty, consider this

> The U.S. dropped more bombs on Vietnam than the entire western front of
> Napalm and agent orange which still has affected the population to this
> We went into their country... Even the South Vietnamese (Our allies) saw
us as oppressors after some point.

Author Savage_Souza ( ago)
Goddamn Charlie and their savage traps 

Author Andrew Acomb ( ago)
The "No more babies" trap....

Author zava34 ( ago)
LOL whitey invade their country in order to exploit their resources. Did
you expect them to just give up?

Author TheMaskedVoice ( ago)
Vietnamese bastards.

Author DJBeano555 ( ago)
I just can't believe americans are laughing while viewing these things that
decimated our troops

Author Yellow Submarine ( ago)
You guys invaded them into their land and also calling them who fight for
their homeland as Bastard? Tell me how good the american are.

Author Don F ( ago)
In reality, the NVA did terribly during the Vietnam war because they used
conventional warfare against an enemy superior in conventional warfare
(USA). But the Vietcong indeed were successful in their guerrilla tactics.
The death toll on the Vietcong side was way higher than Americans. But it
was still considered a tragic loss of life as it should. These days it's
relatively different.

Author Don F ( ago)
>People actually believe this

Author ThePhoenixSlope ( ago)
Search up Mylai massacre, you think shooting babies and women are better?

Author ThePhoenixSlope ( ago)
They also beat the French and the Japanese right before the Americans came
in, they were just very resilient. To be fair they were fighting on their
own land, what else could they do without freedom.

Author ThePhoenixSlope ( ago)
Vietcong was just defending their country, talibans breeds terrorist and
kill innocents.

Author James Crampton-Thomas ( ago)
I imagine there are still traps today that have not been activated, and
still hiding. :/

Author Jessica jones ( ago)
They are fuckin horrible bastard but Intelligent

Author MrFreeman0179 ( ago)
Germanic tribes and the Vietcong they both defeated a mechanized and well
trained troops in a forest.

Author curtis mccorkel ( ago)

Author J. J. ( ago)
wtf dude

Author PaulieVideos ( ago)
Does exist anymore Vietnamese trap, that don´t have spikes? :D

Author AndersonSilvaFTW ( ago)
i bet that dude is vietcong served when he was young =)

Google, Battles that america lost in vietnam, theres around 50 of them.

Author maciverandy1 ( ago)
heh that sounds weird.

Author Lucas XYZ ( ago)
face to face yeah but they destroyed hte US troops in not face to face

Author Siyaad Barre ( ago)
have to agree

Author ELPaso1990TX ( ago)
I think Talaban are worse than Viet Cong

Author rushlessons101 ( ago)
Oh, fuck off.

Author fulvio staiano ( ago)
very goods viet cong

Author t3h8d9 ( ago)
The only ones the VC beat were the ARVN. You can't name a single battle
they won against US troops.

Author MrAlex1578 ( ago)
Check my channel for viet cong traps up close.

Author Jurassicparkrules96 ( ago)
Fuck you.

Author franky1l ( ago)
fcking muslim

Author Bravo5656 ( ago)
And a Big Fuck you too

Author Long Tran ( ago)
Thanks for posting this it will help me with my history project immensely.

Author Federal Bureau of Investigation ( ago)
You really are a fucking prick even though the U.S should'nt have been
involved in vietnam. Were still human beings These traps are extremely
painful and the victims have to be amputated or die a slow agonizing death.

Author Oka Satria Pamungkas ( ago)
Traps level = Asian

Author Dae Qway ( ago)
It wasn't just the American that fought the VC...and the VC still beat
them, except for the ROK MARINES.

Author theSaint 1964 ( ago)
the vc had signs and signals on and off the trails, warning their comrades
and the local villagers of the whereabouts of booby traps

Author tbone7356 ( ago)
we americans can kick there little vietnamese asses

Author Tactical Guerrilla ( ago)
I wonder how(if any) many VC were injured or killed by their own (or their
fellow VC'S) traps. I mean think, maybe a few did fall victim to some, any
one know any stories or accounts?

Author pianicata4 ( ago)
probbably the booby traps are unseenable,

Author pianicata4 ( ago)

Author BULLDOGS476 ( ago)
fucking congs

Author SGNexusPrime ( ago)
Vietnamese are too clever compare to Amis ;)

Author G58 ( ago)
Clever little bastards who lived on a handful of rice and berries and
pushed their ordnance to the battle on push bikes along animal trails. And
they beat the most mechanized army of the richest nation on earth. Respect
is due to the superior opponent.

Author TheSovietSamurai ( ago)
Well, jokes on you, the Kalashnikov is the greatest assault weapon of all
time. Oh, and America sucks.

Author TheSovietSamurai ( ago)
North Korea isn't a communist state, how could you generalize all?

Author biser parvanov ( ago)

Author LukeAndJema ( ago)
All I Herd Was No More Baby

Author rjonesbeau1 ( ago)
If you're going to try and lecture people at least get your facts straight.
The Geneva Conventions on covers the treatment of people during war not the
actual application of war. The GENEVA PROTOCOL covers the use of Biological
and Chemical weapons and their application to the field of war. The Geneva
Protocol was not signed by either the United States or Vietnam whilst the
war was going on so they were sadly exempt.

Author cowboy0212 ( ago)
noo moooh babytrap

Author dinoclaws777 (1220 years ago)
Lol he is a bad translator

Author Franz Gago Simeón ( ago)
masters of war

Author Pueofql ( ago)
If you want that,you can't have communism where everyone loves each other
and politically everyone gets jobs and houses and pride and honor for
everyone,if you want communism,you can't go out buying whatever you
want....what about the poor?! Anyway you can't have both.But remember
Vietnam is communist while the south tries to get import capitalism.

Author June28July ( ago)
I know this. What I was asking for was what particular portion of the
Geneva Conventions prohibited poisoned Punji sticks.

Author Dan Phariss ( ago)
THE GENEVA CONVENTION its the international law on warfare. If this is too
difficult to grasp I am truly sorry and see not point in further discussion

Author Dan Phariss ( ago)
People who are interested in what the Communists really have done for their
people can find independent studies that they can read. Or look at a night
satellite image of the Korean Peninsula. Compare the South Korea with the
Commie North. Me I prefer the greater liberty that a free society offers.
This afternoon we going out with several firearms to go shooting for
recreation. I can buy groceries with a wonderful variety. I can drive 2000
miles in one direction with no gov't interference.

Author Pueofql ( ago)
Alright I agree,but still.....better than import capitalism.

Author Pueofql ( ago)
If you don't agree with someone,you call them 14 year olds,odd.You still
had not understood what I said,if they kill people,the people are commiting
crime against the regime.This is impossible for you to counteract because
you have no more values to argue on,shows whose right.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
What ever.

Author June28July ( ago)
But what specific portion of the Geneva Convention? And please don't rely
on me to look it up for you. YOU made the claim, YOU do the research to
back up YOUR statement.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
The Geneva Convention is the law on such things maybe you should try that.
Duh! People make statements based on feeling or some "fact" some leftist
teacher fed them, but they don't want to bother doing any research. They
want someone to lead them along. Maybe before making idiotic statements you
should get some experience or at least do some research. Of course I doubt
that the communist propagandist in this video mentions the human excrement
treatment. But commies are not much for truth...

Author June28July ( ago)
I'm still waiting for the specific name of the law.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
Where do you GET this drivel? The communists killed people in the MILLIONS.
People were dying. literally to escape. You post like a 14 year old
indoctrinated with the party line. Last post for me this level of ignorance
is impossible to counteract.

Author Pueofql ( ago)
As you said,for various reason such as betraying the great glorious
people's army and other evil crimes that are stopping the Communist
power,if the south had respected the communist,the killing would
lessen....regarding the feeding part,that is one of the disadvantage of
communist,meaning there is disadvantage in everything.Capitalist is from
America....and Vietnam truly wants communist but had to take capitalist? It
causes homelessness and the cutting access to internet helps patrioticsm.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
The war was lost in the American press and by politicians not allowing the
military to do their job. Johnson, a school teacher turned politician,
micro managed the war. He was TOTALLY unqualified for this. Walter Cronkite
called Tet 1968 a "setback" for the US when in reality it wiped out almost
ALL the VC and most of the NVA in the south, the war was over, the
Communists were dejected. But the American people were told it was a
"setback". Commies see this, think "we can do this yet"

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
Putting human sh*t on pungi sticks and other such things is the same as
chemical or biological warfare. Its illegal to poison the enemy. You could
watch the John Wayne movie The Green Berets or read the book its based on.
Or go talk to someone who was there. While I did not witness it personally
they were known to get civilians between a communist or 2 and Americans,
for example, then fire on the Americans in hopes the Americans would kill
the civilians. Communist war crimes get little press.

Author June28July ( ago)
Illegal under what law? As for human shields: can I get a source for that
claim? That's the first time I've ever heard of it.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
Yeah tens of thousands of South Vietnamese boarded rickety watercraft and
sailed out to sea rather than be "liberated" by the Communists. Communist
Gov'ts, through the course of the 20th century killed 100 MILLION of their
own citizens for various reasons, some simply because it was inconvenient
to feed them. So don't tell me about capitalism "enslaving" people. You
have access to the internet look at what REALLY happened.

Author ihc1974 ( ago)
Since many were poisoned they are illegal in international warfare. But the
Communists killed civilians by the thousands in VN and routinely conducted
military operations in civilian clothing and often INTENTIONALLY used
civilians as human shields.

Author Pueofql ( ago)
They dont mean anything because they are dogs helping America to slave
Vietnam into capitalism.

Author Triet Pham ( ago)

Author Felyxorez ( ago)
that comment makes the relatives of viets killed by americans soldier feel
a whole lot better as well... That's a shame.

Author Logan Smith ( ago)
What about the South Vietnamese? They lost the war, and their form of
government. Do they not mean anything?

Author George Bush ( ago)
Vietnam is paradise ,i go there often

Author George Bush ( ago)
poop and sticks defeat Tanks and bombers , go figure

Author George Bush ( ago)
Punji sticks =US GI kebabs lol

Author Faty McFatlard (1945 years ago)
they sure use a lot of poop and spikes

Author Pueofql ( ago)
Since you're country is communist,what do you notice that is different from
capitalist countries? By the way,congratulations on unifying your Vietnam
from the Americans.You guys fought alone outnumbered by many allies and
still got your own land back.

Author JustinBeerBeur ( ago)
Yes, I live in Ho Chi Minh city, my life is good, i'm so happy :)

Author June28July ( ago)
So I guess I hurt their feelings when I say that American soldiers, whom
were military entities, were the targets of Vietcong action? Will they get
upset if I say that American soldiers were equipped with rifles and helmets

Author stratoleft ( ago)
That makes the relatives of Americans killed in that freak country feel a
whole lot better.

Author stratoleft ( ago)
It's a good thing for them vengeance isn't in the "will of heart" concept
when it comes to the relatives of Americans who were over in that freak

Author Pueofql ( ago)
Do you live in Vietnam? How is life?

Author Tom Steeves ( ago)
ignorant asshole people....don't be alarmed ..... stay in your seats... its
just an ignorant asshole.....

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