Vietnam - Traps of the Viet Cong / FNL

A Vietnamese Guide explains simple but horrible traps the Viet Cong / FNL built in Vietnam War. Recorded December 2004 in Tay Ninh Province north west of Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City.

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Author mamobster1500 (5 months)
I'm baffled at all of the people criticizing the VC.What were they supposed
to do exactly? They had inferior firepower, lacked air support, and
artillery. Of course they are going to do whatever it takes to survive.

Before you go around saying that what they did was dirty, consider this

> The U.S. dropped more bombs on Vietnam than the entire western front of
> Napalm and agent orange which still has affected the population to this
> We went into their country... Even the South Vietnamese (Our allies) saw
us as oppressors after some point.

Author Garrett Souza (5 months)
Goddamn Charlie and their savage traps 

Author nicktesla45 (2 months)
I know how to make some of these traps , Not all of them , Only the most
gruesome ones , to get ready for the coming revolution . I call my
favorite The Meat Grinder ! 

Author ihc1974 (1 year)
Yeah tens of thousands of South Vietnamese boarded rickety watercraft and
sailed out to sea rather than be "liberated" by the Communists. Communist
Gov'ts, through the course of the 20th century killed 100 MILLION of their
own citizens for various reasons, some simply because it was inconvenient
to feed them. So don't tell me about capitalism "enslaving" people. You
have access to the internet look at what REALLY happened.

Author June28July (1 year)
I'm still waiting for the specific name of the law.

Author joaopaulocataldi (2 years)
in my opinion both sides were damn brave but the us had more complicated
weapons and lesser training.. the vietcong i think didnt have any training
at all but they had simpler weapons and as much effective..

Author TheRagingFoxhound (2 years)
South Korea was being overrun. The south Vietnamese were being forced to
assimilate by the north. We could not stand the idea of communism
spreading, even if opposition to it was not all that great. Today, Vietnam
is doing well. They would have been just fine without us interfering. There
is a big difference korea and vietnam.

Author t3h8d9 (1 year)
The only ones the VC beat were the ARVN. You can't name a single battle
they won against US troops.

Author mihailolord (2 years)
Great people and great warriors!!! Salute from Serbia to brave Vietnam!

Author Jurassicparkrules96 (1 year)
Fuck you.

Author Dan Phariss (1 year)
THE GENEVA CONVENTION its the international law on warfare. If this is too
difficult to grasp I am truly sorry and see not point in further discussion

Author G58 (1 year)
Clever little bastards who lived on a handful of rice and berries and
pushed their ordnance to the battle on push bikes along animal trails. And
they beat the most mechanized army of the richest nation on earth. Respect
is due to the superior opponent.

Author gillisledoux007 (2 years)
souvenir trap....that's very creepy

Author Yellow Submarine (1 year)
You guys invaded them into their land and also calling them who fight for
their homeland as Bastard? Tell me how good the american are.

Author chuckthedestroyer35 (2 years)
When we started to bomb the North they went to the table how come we did
not do that early in the war it would have saved lives I don't get it ?

Author fulvio staiano (1 year)
very goods viet cong

Author JustinBeerBeur (2 years)
Yes, I live in Ho Chi Minh city, my life is good, i'm so happy :)

Author Bao Pham (2 years)
@NewSoviet507 U.S helped S.Vietnam control their country (keep them safe
and a way from communism),...They supported S.Vietnam to industrialize and
modernize, like i said. They didn't control S.Vietnam, because S.Vietnam
has a president. So South Vietnamese can solve internal problems by their
own. Sorry if it doesn't make sense...

Author Tom Steeves (2 years)
awesome video

Author MrFreeman0179 (1 year)
Germanic tribes and the Vietcong they both defeated a mechanized and well
trained troops in a forest.

Author Faty McFatlard (2 years)
they sure use a lot of poop and spikes

Author TheCashistrash (2 years)
I would not think that they were better than we were. We lost about 60k
soilders including french troops maybe total about 100k at the most. The
vietnamese lost over 2 million soldiers not including civilians. If the war
had lasted long enough and americans had used more brutal techniques we
would have won simply by the fact that we killed 20 vietnamese for every
one we lost.

Author pianicata4 (1 year)
probbably the booby traps are unseenable,

Author PhreshFunk (2 years)
souvenir trap because they couldnt remove it in the field they had to take
the whole thing back to medics

Author Kevin James (2 years)
the smartest enemy we ever faced where the Vietcong

Author dinoclaws777 (1 year)
Lol he is a bad translator

Author Dennis Purdy (2 years)
I was unlucky enough to study VC booby traps in field. What they are not
mentioning is the fact that the bungy tips were dipped in shit and dried.
It was very effective. But the purpose of war is to our terrorize your
enemy. Should we be upset that they were better at it than we were? What we
should be upset with were and are the lies of our government. This was not
about the spread of communism but the end of colonialism.

Author Pueofql (2 years)
Since you're country is communist,what do you notice that is different from
capitalist countries? By the way,congratulations on unifying your Vietnam
from the Americans.You guys fought alone outnumbered by many allies and
still got your own land back.

Author 529wes (2 years)
Viet Nam is still a totalitarian state and is now apparently emulating Red
China. That said they would probably like us for an ally to help counter
China's growing power. Hind sight is easy and like I said we don't know
what would have happened had N Viet Nam been able to run unopposed through
Laos and S Viet Nam in the early 60's. Conceivably we could have been
fighting that war in Thailand at a later date.

Author TheXWitcher (2 years)
@JustinPham21 Comunism industrialise, democracy loot ppl.

Author Jaz Ayala (1 year)
wtf dude

Author Storm Alpha (2 years)
We came because that was the height of the Cold war and the Russians were

Author Jessica jones (1 year)
They are fuckin horrible bastard but Intelligent

Author maciverandy1 (1 year)
heh that sounds weird.

Author pianicata4 (1 year)

Author Cameron McClease (2 years)
if it wasent for world court we would have buzzsaw rifles and chainsaw
bainets and liquid nitrogen gas grenades

Author Pueofql (1 year)
They dont mean anything because they are dogs helping America to slave
Vietnam into capitalism.

Author June28July (2 years)
The traps were meant for American and South Vietnamese soldiers.

Author Rutzorr11 (2 years)
I wonder if anyone got stuck in those Hole things Where they hide

Author Ray Kay (2 years)

Author June28July (2 years)
That was an incomplete sentence...

Author hairbandfan1967 (2 years)
They did what the Americans did in New Orleans during the War of 1812
against the British; a rag-tag army defeating a superior force with
intelligence and the will to fight. Technology is a poor substitute for the
will to fight.

Author PaulieVideos (1 year)
Does exist anymore Vietnamese trap, that don´t have spikes? :D

Author AndersonSilvaFTW (1 year)
i bet that dude is vietcong served when he was young =)

Google, Battles that america lost in vietnam, theres around 50 of them.

Author Xps3ubox60wii (2 years)
hard to believe that my grand father stepped over that trap on 1:38, but
his second in command officer stepped into it. I knew people died by booby
traps, but i never expected these. 0_0

Author LukeAndJema (1 year)
All I Herd Was No More Baby

Author lilartist10 (1 year)
have to agree

Author June28July (2 years)
Wow, talk about jumping to conclusions! All from my claim that Al Qaeda
targets civilians and from looking at my background. Good job! So if AQ
doesn't target civilians, who/what do they target?

Author Emmett Basterache (2 years)
dam they had a lot of nails

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