How to Solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube: Easiest Tutorial (High Quality)

I found this a very easy way of solving the 3x3 Rubik's Cube and I hope you are able to follow along and solve the cube yourself! (Algorithms and other important info in description!)

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1) Step 3: How to go from Right to Left...

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Step 1 - The White Cross 1:15

Step 2 - The White Corners 3:15

Step 3 - The Sides 7:15

Step 4 - The Yellow Cross 13:50

Algorithms in Step 4:
"Hook" F, U, R, U', R', F'
"Bar" F, R, U, R', U', F'

Step 5 - The Yellow Corners 15:43

Algorithms in Step 5:
"Sune" R, U, R', U, R, U2, R'

Step 6 - The Corners 18:23

Algorithms in Step 6:
"Same Corners" R', F, R', B2, R, F', R', B2, R2
"No Same Corners" R', F, R', B2, R, F', R', B2, R2

Step 7 - The Final Step 20:10

Algorithms in Step 7:
"Clockwise" R2, U, R, U, R', U', R', U', R', U, R'
"Counterclockwise" R, U', R, U, R, U, R, U', R', U', R2

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Author nicole grant ( ago)
suck a dick complicated fool

Author ĆỖŞΜᎥĆ ( ago)
What if you don't get the "fish"

Author Gavin Horkey ( ago)
I messed up and gave up at 3:00

Author LittleGenius ( ago)

Author Ledgendz ( ago)
Yay it actually works

Author NoaPlejer ( ago)
I will never solve it im out


Author Bobsled Awadis ( ago)
mine solved in the 6th step?

Author Aniayah M ( ago)
Every time me and my cousin try to use on algorithm in this video to solve the corners, it completely messes up and we have to start all over again. Any advice?

Author abryelle kong ( ago)
I still can't solve a Rubik's cube that show how stupid am I 😐😐

Author Cleveland Gamer 14 ( ago)
Really great video 👍 It really helped me. (I solved it)

Author BeauDoesEveryThing * ( ago)

Author BeauDoesEveryThing * ( ago)

Author Optic Immortals ( ago)
Worst YouTube ever

Author avijit singh ( ago)
you are a amazing man

Author VCGames ( ago)
All my friends are like
"Why are you doing the Rubik's cube, they're boring etc"

Author Maggie Cool ( ago)
i did the whole thing!!!

Author Maggie Cool ( ago)
thanks for everything

Author Luigi Tob ( ago)
Its impossible

Author Audem Fall ( ago)
he must have a diffrent block it didnt work for mine

Author Cole Wheeler-Questad ( ago)
Dear lord every rubix cube tutorial goes 5000000 miles per hour

Author Child Prodigy ( ago)
I only have one problem I did exactly what this told me too and when I got to the white cross my colors didn't a line it I tried many times but still couldn't fix it so I say forget this and forget this video.

Author Alaya Metwally ( ago)
YES! I DID IT! I restarted about 23 times but that work payed off! Thanks!!

Author GamesR4 Real ( ago)
I'm trying to solve he top yellow and when I use the method it always stays the same

Author Power ( ago)
i didnt even get close to the fishy thingy

Author Alaya Metwally ( ago)
I got a T for the move set! What do I do?

Author Eb's World ( ago)
There should be cubicle in India

Author Jon why ( ago)
I did it!!!!!!!!!

Author Frazer Rich ( ago)
I'm from the future of the century 2017

Author Frazer Rich ( ago)
dude this Haaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddd

Author Liurma Vazquez ( ago)

Author Nilay Patel ( ago)
I have the white and blue side opposing eachother//weird...

Author Tommy Vaughn ( ago)
Thank you

Author Britdogs Jr ( ago)
this helped me sonmuch

Author Shinyhunter24 ( ago)
+Noah Richardson Thanks so much you helped me a lot

Author Metrone Mix ( ago)
I really really REALLY greatful that you have made this video otherwise i wont find it simple to solve a rubik's cube so... HUGE THANKYOU for that one :D

Author md emon ( ago)

Author NS Cat ( ago)
Your tutorials are fantastic. I tried other videos for both my 2x2 and 3x3 cubes and got them right away; you go slow enough that I can follow and the method to get the middle layer is easy to remember. Thanks!

Author The Poke' Collector ( ago)
Thank you very much

Author GoldenStacker36 ( ago)
13:50 that part is hard

Author TheSlimJim 105 ( ago)
I almost had it you dont explain this right everything with you is in my case everytime i follow you i mess up

Author Hash slinging Slasher ( ago)
The colors are screwed up on my white cross

Author Alluible ( ago)
ok i can only memorize up to step 3

Author Adnan S ( ago)
I solved mine in 18:15 of this video and I didn't even have to do the other steps

Author Bleach ( ago)
instructions unclear
penis stuck in rubiks cube

Author Dylan Intwala ( ago)

Author Venti ( ago)
Great vid! It worked for me!

Author Micah Lankford ( ago)
Kelly look at the views

Author Prince Iskandar ( ago)
I'm just solved​ a Rubik's cube ....but actually it's difficult for me to remember the algorithm

Author Goldstoflame 51 ( ago)

Author ANTHONY ALANIS ( ago)
That was awesome thanks

Author Joseph's Podcasts ( ago)

Author Sonja Doust ( ago)
whi am i in some in a vid i was going to plar roblox

Author 2_lucky ( ago)
The red and the blue side and the green and the orange side ate switched for me and i cant get them back D;

Author aneisa Mohamed ( ago)
this is hard

Author Pria Saha ( ago)
i cant do it and i think i messing it up i have a white cross in my cube but something is wrong

Author Jackie Lanzas ( ago)
dosent work will i dont know yet i havent finished lol😂

Author marking mavrik21 ( ago)
thank you so much now I know hoe to solve the rubiks cuve anytime👍

Author PotatoChipsGamer ( ago)
Best rubik's cube video ever!!!

Author MIGHTY SCRUB ( ago)
wow!!! great video. first time completing it by myself without given steps on an app

Author Dazwah Mogwai ( ago)
Hey it worked! Took me ages and lots of rewinding and replaying..... 1 hr later done!! Thanks

Author Brynnbaee Yas ( ago)
The third step was from l to r.What if mine is from r to l? How will i do it?

Author Leda Bongcaron ( ago)
I cant solve

Author Lightsaber Duels ( ago)
Thanks bro,

Author Hear 04 ( ago)
if you are watching this thinking you are ognna remebr all of this think again,

Author SHIVAM_HANDA2000 ( ago)
That was probably the best cubing video ever!

Author Umair Masahir ( ago)
Could someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong in step 5 I got the yellow cross (bottom left picture) and I followed all the moves but it won't turn out to the "fish"!!!!

Btw I definitely followed all the moves cuz I tried this three times and it gives me nothing like what he's shows

Author reverendbug ( ago)
that was actually super fucking helpful

Author yann.53 ( ago)
When the step 5 was finish i already solve the rubiks lol

Author KeMeTaurus ( ago)
Noah Richardson!! 😁😃 you are hands down THE BEST Rubiks cube instructor!! Thank you!! 2 👍👍

Author Zavier Walker ( ago)
Is the small "T" after getting the important?

Author Blake's Dirt bikes ( ago)
I can't get the hook

Author R Mazur ( ago)
so confusing>???!?!!!

Author Saira Feroz ( ago)
this is a stupid video . how much ever I try my cube won't get solved. your (noah richardson) 2×2 video is good.😔😔sad#angry😠😠😠

Author Nasr Gaming ( ago)
THANK YOU SOO MUCH you have the only video that works

Author Tongue Tied ( ago)
i got bar .. what to do?

Author Jonathan Santos ( ago)
Thanks for this! Easiest video to follow on youtube and first time completing a 3x3. Many of my pieces were out of place in the beginning steps so it took alot of time figuring out the different directions i needed to turn the cube.

Author Marissa Hernandez ( ago)
What if a yellow is one of the ones on the top?

Author Marissa Hernandez ( ago)
What if we're not going from left to right? What if we're going left to right?

Author Eshan Lal ( ago)
bro mine whole white is solving buf the band of same colours r not coming pls tell me y is this happening

Author Benjamin Lee ( ago)
i cant create the yellow cube

Author LMA ( ago)
I still can't solve my rubrics cube after watching a million videos! Looks like my rubric's cube will never be solved. *laugh

Author Lollipop talks ( ago)
its making me mad

Author Eoin Forrest ( ago)
I wasn't able to do step 4 cuz I had a yellow 2*2 square on the yellow side, can anybody help?

Author Toni Blosl ( ago)
you suck

Author Branbro 71 ( ago)
Thank you so much I've been trying to do this for a year now and I could only solve one side but now I got it completed!!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!'

Author dissaray ( ago)

Author Amy Wong ( ago)
this is the best rubics cube tutorial!!! it's work!!!!

Author Eb's World ( ago)
Who's watching in 2017

Author Ka Te ( ago)
i cant complete my top side 😭

Author Elsa Carandang ( ago)
this is soooooooo hard

Author Elsa Carandang ( ago)
this is soooooooo hard

Author Seb 101 ( ago)
Omg this is so annoying! In the final step when yellow is facing up I complete all sides except two and the the side pieces are inverted and idk what to do!!!! Pls help!!!!😞😞😞

Author Night Longer ( ago)
Very helpful. Now I can solve a 3x3 :)

Author Amanda Salazar ( ago)

Author John Kimbo ( ago)
Step 4 is just too confusing you won't end up with those patterns all the time which sucks and ruins this whole tutorial

Author Chicken Master02 ( ago)
Wait if when you do the t shape can their be the same color right next to the t or does it have to be alone and surrounded by different colors

Author TheGalacticRoboGamer ( ago)
On the 3rd step mine is a yellow square, what do I do???

Author Amelia Seville ( ago)
I have got the white side but the colours on the other sides aren't in a T shape so I can't proceed to step three. How do I resolve this? Please help!

Author notme ッ ( ago)
Thanks for the video today was the first time I solved a rubix cube lol... It might take time for me to memorise the algorithms tho.

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