Top 20 NEW Upcoming OPEN WORLD GAMES of 2017 & 2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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  • Top 15 NEW Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2017 & 2018 | Most Anticipated Open World Games of 2017

    00:00 ClawHunter

    01:55 Lost Region

    04:04 Vestige of the Past

    05:55 Middle-earth Shadow of War

    07:46 Dark and Light

    09:02 Edge of Eternity

    10:25 Scum

    11:45 theHunter Call of the Wild

    12:51 GreedFall

    13:40 Identity

    16:25 Die Young

    17:40 Freeman: Star Edge

    19:39 Spider-Man

    20:55 Days Gone

    22:01 Red Dead Redemption 2

    22:26 Star Citizen

    23:34 Ashes of Creation

    24:30 Hunting Simulator

    25:50 Sea of Thieves

    26:27 Escape form Tarkov

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Comments: 668

  • sami Nat
    sami Nat 1 hour ago

    19:55 is that Sasuke's voice ??!!?

  • SoundEssence
    SoundEssence 4 hours ago

    everytime i see a new surivial game i feel like game industry is dead

  • Colaallegator gator
    Colaallegator gator 13 hours ago

    slow down on the adds shit

  • Joe Richie
    Joe Richie 1 day ago

    Clawhunter looks good on the paper, the graphics were okay, but lets see the story first

  • Jack Somethin
    Jack Somethin 1 day ago

    The add every 2 seconds killed this for me

  • TheEternalMangekyo

    What ever happened to Horrors of the Gilded age that has now been renamed to Hunt Showdown?? Is that still coming to xbox one and ps4????

  • Mike Shiva
    Mike Shiva 1 day ago

    Greedfall looks good.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 2 days ago

    i pllayed all already

  • Daniel Gemelli
    Daniel Gemelli 2 days ago

    Music Name in the Freeman: Star Edge? Please...

  • David
    David 2 days ago

    At least half of those games looked just terrible

  • brye templet
    brye templet 3 days ago

    so is the first one ARK Survivals retarded cousin?

  • tacoblocko
    tacoblocko 3 days ago

    ok, some of these look really cool, like dark and light, and greedfall, and also shadow of war at least from the trailers, but then why did you choose so many shitty looking open world games?

  • Milk dud Squad
    Milk dud Squad 4 days ago

    Claw Hunter is Ark 2 lol

  • Cherry 1.0.9
    Cherry 1.0.9 5 days ago

    Can't wait to buy these games!

    NEEDVELTEX 6 days ago

    Fucking 10 mal Webung

  • Hyp3rW1red [INVOKE]

    half the games like star citizen and die young aren't only coming out on PC checked

  • Okalume
    Okalume 7 days ago

    -Star Citizen
    -Red dead redemption
    -Escape from tarkov
    -Ashes of creation

  • Rulo Turati
    Rulo Turati 9 days ago

    tHank you som uch for putting the list on the descriptions! :)

  • LiveLove Learn
    LiveLove Learn 9 days ago


  • Armand B.
    Armand B. 10 days ago

    yeah let's make more hunting games so kids grow up with dream to be hunters and we finally put an end to animals in this world.

  • MrMTKkiller
    MrMTKkiller 10 days ago

    Looks like that scam nammed stomping land

  • amine amine
    amine amine 11 days ago

    I think I'm in love lol

  • Thomas Cunha
    Thomas Cunha 11 days ago

    at 0:57 did he say dick?

  • Royce Mydler
    Royce Mydler 11 days ago

    I've heard the hunter call of the wild is coming to ps4 and Xbox

  • Royce Mydler
    Royce Mydler 11 days ago

    Not sure if shadow of war is considered survival but I'm still excited

  • Royce Mydler
    Royce Mydler 11 days ago

    Second game would be better if it was in first person

  • Moldy Potato
    Moldy Potato 11 days ago

    wheres worlds adrift?

  • Gavin Suwara
    Gavin Suwara 12 days ago

    Really. The compared claw hunter to uncharted? Not even close

  • gideon call of duty
    gideon call of duty 12 days ago


  • gideon call of duty
    gideon call of duty 12 days ago


  • Ulfric Sombrage
    Ulfric Sombrage 12 days ago

    "Cretaceous life" shows a stegosaurus

  • Parry No Stamina
    Parry No Stamina 13 days ago

    Modern day second life?

  • armouredcat23
    armouredcat23 14 days ago

    pretty sure half these games gonna be wack as fuck just like all the other games with good trailers

  • GrayStarStudios
    GrayStarStudios 14 days ago


  • MoogicalCow
    MoogicalCow 14 days ago

    claw hunter why does it look like the stomping land XD

  • Iamnotlegend Ulut
    Iamnotlegend Ulut 14 days ago

    Remember guys never pre order, like no mans sky...

    EXOTIC PIGS 14 days ago

    claw hunter looks sick

  • Smokey Willz
    Smokey Willz 14 days ago

    everyone is buying freeman star edge lol

  • Kenh Chuan
    Kenh Chuan 14 days ago

    love dream all truth nice day for a black wedding BattleGrounds K-E-Y nice eyes

  • Dr_tiny
    Dr_tiny 15 days ago

    clawhunter = the stomping lands 2.0

  • maythe101
    maythe101 15 days ago

    I just hope that new spiderman game isn't going to be as cartoony as the previous.

  • Atheris Nerayen
    Atheris Nerayen 15 days ago


  • Mr. Swagg
    Mr. Swagg 15 days ago

    GTA 6 needs to be like IDENTITY 13:40 and thats how we customize our aparments online

  • Jack SepticEye2
    Jack SepticEye2 15 days ago

    For once I would like a zombie game that would allow you to drive vehicles around. Even maybe some customization to the vehicles as well.

  • Snooze00
    Snooze00 15 days ago

    mmm not much to get excited about here.

  • Yung Retard
    Yung Retard 16 days ago

    Unfeathered dinosaurs is like dogs with lizard scales.

  • Hnopsonel
    Hnopsonel 16 days ago

    red dead redemption 2 is already out

  • Matt E
    Matt E 17 days ago

    Fucking "survival" games are so fucking overdone and they're all fucking trash. Stop supporting them, they don't care about you, they care abut making a quick buck, not longevity or fun.

  • Llama
    Llama 17 days ago

    most of these games look like terrible hypewave crap that will be on a steam sale within 6 months of release

  • Z man328
    Z man328 17 days ago

    Spiderman now that's a game I can get excited about.

  • para
    para 17 days ago

    first one is Ark..?

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 17 days ago

    That first one feels incomplete. The plant life looks so bad and doesn't even move in the wind a little bit.

  • Elm Tree
    Elm Tree 17 days ago

    10:12 "What? No, it's different! I did not rip off John Williams."

  • Retro Remix
    Retro Remix 17 days ago

    Lmao, bad genes ark

  • FUSTER jojo
    FUSTER jojo 17 days ago

    the first game reminds me a really bad game all the dude who buy it know "Stomping island" I think it is that or just the first word but I will not buy it if it is not done yet (I speak about the new game)

  • Allan Survo
    Allan Survo 17 days ago

    i need a game where i can jack off in a virtual life

  • MufuginMagician
    MufuginMagician 17 days ago

    Really 8ads in 30mins what a sell out bitch

  • aloluk
    aloluk 17 days ago

    17th century did NOT have dinosaurs!

  • Iggy HD
    Iggy HD 17 days ago

    the adds on this video wow i have a add blocker

  • Erik D.K
    Erik D.K 17 days ago

    Lol claw hunter??? Really? change the name for gods sake.

  • RealPancakeman12346
    RealPancakeman12346 18 days ago

    the first one looked like shit lmao

  • Roko Pavić
    Roko Pavić 18 days ago


  • Br33z13
    Br33z13 18 days ago

    Literally just a shittier version of ark.

  • NᴏᴠɪᴄᴇIɴDɪsɢᴜɪsᴇ

    Game studios are like Twitch chat, they copy-paste everything

  • ThePols87
    ThePols87 18 days ago

    7:01 the dragon's perspective for the opening to Skyrim?

    M3RCY GAMING 18 days ago

    identity looks good

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 18 days ago

    when are they gonna finally put feathers on dinosaurs? they knew about dino feathers even before the first Jurassic park movie...

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude 18 days ago

      i mean the graphics are good enough now they should be able to pull it off

  • emre_ skiman
    emre_ skiman 18 days ago


    • ThePols87
      ThePols87 18 days ago

      have you been waiting for Dayz?

  • Αντωναρας οοο

    I can't stand Chinese dragonball and naruto

  • Jackson Stallard
    Jackson Stallard 19 days ago

    is it really gonna be one of those sequal kind of years where you arent motivated to get a game because you never played the first one.

  • Edgy Fedora Tip
    Edgy Fedora Tip 19 days ago

    all these people judging the game by graphics. too bad.

  • Cat
    Cat 19 days ago

    9x Advert in a 27 minute Video? lol get a job

  • Cat
    Cat 19 days ago

    9x Advert in a 27 minute Video? lol get a job

  • Dung Pie
    Dung Pie 19 days ago

    21:37 Dude where the fuck are your ironsights?

  • Jalin Williams
    Jalin Williams 19 days ago

    As soon as i see a survival game in 3rd person im like nope

  • Justin Barnett
    Justin Barnett 19 days ago

    man fuck pc

    MFR PRODUCTION 19 days ago

    Spiderman is amazing

  • SevereGaming
    SevereGaming 20 days ago

    battlegrounds on console would be the best

  • Roogna89
    Roogna89 21 day ago

    An AD every 3 min is out of control not coming back to this channel!

  • SO_FUN somchai
    SO_FUN somchai 21 day ago


  • Hippopotamoose
    Hippopotamoose 21 day ago



  • kjetil åsland
    kjetil åsland 21 day ago

    Hey guys welcome back to another minecraft tutorial. Today I will be showing you how to get Diamonds within your first day

  • Slenderman Plays
    Slenderman Plays 21 day ago

    wtf my favorite superhero s only on ps4 fuck sakes I hate xbox now

  • Andrew Andrews
    Andrew Andrews 22 days ago

    All those games look gay except Red Dead Redemption.

  • ATV Logic
    ATV Logic 22 days ago

    ClawHunter is basically ark

  • Pewdipie jr
    Pewdipie jr 22 days ago

    days gone is what i want

  • Pewdipie jr
    Pewdipie jr 22 days ago

    lol call of wild is like one of the most majestic animals is a moose noobs beter get a costume of moose so they can get the the most majestic of things in gaming

  • Pewdipie jr
    Pewdipie jr 22 days ago

    wtf is dark light some kinda nigger ver of ark

  • Marius Nael
    Marius Nael 22 days ago

    Can we have a 10 min vid. Its too long bro not everybody the time to watch long ass vids.

  • Wollie
    Wollie 23 days ago


    Except for a few like Tarkov, Shadow of mordor and Red dead...

  • pimp pandaking
    pimp pandaking 23 days ago

    how can they make a lot of hunting game for Xbox but then not give us this one

  • I3LINK
    I3LINK 23 days ago

    Fuck open world games

  • Scm1224
    Scm1224 23 days ago

    First game looks like the stomping land

  • Yoichi Fernandez
    Yoichi Fernandez 23 days ago

    The Identity game looks good. Kinda reminds me of The Sims

  • Nicholas Kilijanski
    Nicholas Kilijanski 23 days ago

    2nd one looks good

  • Killerkiitty_playz
    Killerkiitty_playz 23 days ago

    I don't think any open world games could be better than skyrim and fallout

  • Ocean3404k
    Ocean3404k 23 days ago

    creedfall???? the fuck my nigga? here i was thinking it was empire or sum shit

  • Loctus
    Loctus 23 days ago

    1st one is a ARK ripoff, and it don't even look any better. It looks like last gen console graphics and wtf are those physics?

  • Ahmed Kirkuk
    Ahmed Kirkuk 23 days ago

    Sea of thieves gonna be lit

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 23 days ago

    still no games with gladiators feelsbadman

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