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Author ducky811 (6 years)
I am interested in knowing what cue you use? I have two Quest cues. They
are a small company in North Carolina. GREAT cues for the money.

Author pepamethodman (5 years)
Cue stick is a large part of the game,you all are lame

Author hudas75 (6 years)
it dont matter what cue you used or name brand of it ,it depends how you
used it and how you play.

Author zy t (6 years)
what cue does wu use?

Author zhang yiyi (6 years)
almost all top taiwanese players use SW

Author kakkoiBakemono (4 years)
@optimuss1102 wu chia ching isn't even chinese as*hole

Author fahq2009 (5 years)
@earthgreen101 lol pag isnt a young rising star u moron ahaha.hes been
around for a while now

Author nikko (5 years)
it's a ordinary one piece cue stick usually use in billiard halls.

Author esteng4 (6 years)
its not a big deal on what cuestick to be depends on the player
who used me even i used bakawan..i beat top calibre player like
roberto gomez and lee van corteza.

Author hasslehoffs (6 years)
noooooo pagulayannnn =(

Author zsoulja786 (6 years)
i think its a south west cue, same make as yang shin shun

Author m4rtiny (5 years)
where is the rest of the match?

Author earthgreen101 (5 years)
Perhaps two of my favorite young rising stars in pool.

Author zy t (6 years)
sneaky pete?

Author mikep215 (4 years)
@hudas75 I use my cock to play, it's the best cue i've ever used. the babe
says it hits really good and solid. hahahahaha lmfao

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