Big Sean - Halfway Off The Balcony

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  • Kimberly Ramírez

    Big Sean Is The Best Rapper 😎💞 I Cant Explain How Much I Love All Of His Songs There All Fire Asf. I Love Him So Much And His Songs 🔥. If He Doesnt Get An Award For Being The Best Rapper Im Gonna Get Pissed Of 🙄. Because He Is Fire Asf And Hes A Talented Musican 🎶. I Love You Big Sean .💞

  • Litttlestinger
    Litttlestinger 3 days ago

    I didn't really mess with Big Sean's music but then I DECIDED came out....

  • İlker Neslioğlu
    İlker Neslioğlu 3 days ago

    This masterpiece can be the best song of this album . This verses are meaningfull.

  • Godgamer Andre Martinez

    1:35 why does he need headphones if he has no phone to use, am I right?

  • blew4200
    blew4200 5 days ago

    fuuuuuckkkk i love the beginning..just like voices in my head

  • Keith Future
    Keith Future 5 days ago

    dope track I heard this when it first dropped and thought this wt we need more off!! 💯@bigsean

  • xxmsp freekxx
    xxmsp freekxx 6 days ago


  • Neversaydye
    Neversaydye 8 days ago

    Big Sean this fire Fam!

  • Doomy 837
    Doomy 837 8 days ago

    This is shit just like all rap

  • Tony Tyler
    Tony Tyler 9 days ago

    this hit made me wanna drive to work on my off day haha.

  • Jayden Mccallion
    Jayden Mccallion 9 days ago

    Everyone know bounce back and judge his music over that song but like his music actual lit

  • Mansoor Bawazir
    Mansoor Bawazir 9 days ago

    This is a masterpiece!

  • Chardai Adams
    Chardai Adams 9 days ago

    Really just fire. I'm 19 and this feels like like my depression song about working so much for the bigger picture. This feels like grind and no sleep😍

  • Mincey918
    Mincey918 10 days ago

    Hello i make music myself i will appreciate if you can check it out on my YouTube channel thank you.

  • Ginette Pierre Jean-Jacques

    I'm going with a little more man Love is a very nice of him in his work on your own home in time for a long time ago business in this case is a very nice of him in his work on your own home

  • Johnnita Skipper
    Johnnita Skipper 11 days ago

    all his new songs are futrerisyic

  • Daddy Rgs
    Daddy Rgs 11 days ago

    Best song to get high to

  • Random Memes
    Random Memes 12 days ago

    2:23 he goes for a high five and gets rejected Lol.

  • a1duzit
    a1duzit 12 days ago

    man one day i so hope big sean the credit that he so deserves

  • Peter Ng`aru
    Peter Ng`aru 13 days ago

    Just got my fortune read, she said i got more coming

  • Hec's Vids
    Hec's Vids 13 days ago

    So someone explain to me why y'all are sleeping on big Sean

  • M To
    M To 13 days ago

    Get me 10 likes 😀

  • Benjamin Kostiuk
    Benjamin Kostiuk 14 days ago

    One of Big Seans most underrated songs

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker 15 days ago

    I love how each video that I've seen so far, all have something to do with that house.

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker 15 days ago

    Every song that I fucks with on this album damn near has a video. And..... I love it!

  • Eilat Nik
    Eilat Nik 15 days ago

    we can tell his job is way more then a calery

  • Skreet Waduh
    Skreet Waduh 16 days ago

    he said everything im going through

  • Jdaub
    Jdaub 17 days ago

    Big Sean isn't like these other rappers following tyga he never switch lanes he grave his own path he has no road beef with no other rappers he just keep it 92 + 8=💯 with us what's not to love about this fool

  • arman shaqer
    arman shaqer 17 days ago

    big sean is the best

  • JO Akrofi
    JO Akrofi 17 days ago


  • Cesar Torres
    Cesar Torres 17 days ago

    ba bara ba ba Mcdonalds!!!

  • Sean Sebastian
    Sean Sebastian 17 days ago

    My name is Sean

  • Los Crozo
    Los Crozo 19 days ago


  • tony Rosa
    tony Rosa 20 days ago

    This boy can rap his ass off omg he's so slept on this album is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥the last one was even better Top 5 dead or alive new generation of rappers who agree with me leave comment he's better than lot of rappers trust

  • ROI Luv
    ROI Luv 21 day ago

    When that 2nd verse hits when you high and god puts his hand on you're shoulder to keep you from death because it's to fire

  • Jan Kunc
    Jan Kunc 21 day ago

    sit down big sean, be humble :D

  • Dakarai Ward
    Dakarai Ward 21 day ago

    Detroit Music!!!!

  • DOZER. SGV 626ers
    DOZER. SGV 626ers 22 days ago

    lot of shit been going on ...I hanging halfway off the balcony..

  • Zay.
    Zay. 22 days ago


  • young Tied209
    young Tied209 22 days ago

    that alchemists line 🔥

  • Ayanna Dominguez
    Ayanna Dominguez 23 days ago

    Lotta shit been going on... days been going wrong... so don't ask for me.

  • Addisu Yetunde
    Addisu Yetunde 24 days ago


  • Hidden Hurricane
    Hidden Hurricane 24 days ago

    Big Sean or Post Malone??

  • Civil Clutch
    Civil Clutch 24 days ago

    I think big Sean is on the verge of suicide jump out the window halfway off the balcony idk 😐 just a theory

  • Obrian Music
    Obrian Music 24 days ago

    Slapping like a muthafucka!!.. Welcome back!!.. Stay beasting on this niggas

  • Take It Eazy
    Take It Eazy 24 days ago

    yall gotta respect the director and the gaffers in charge of the lighting of this music video. Shits insane.

  • Rick DLC
    Rick DLC 25 days ago

    Definitely bounced back.

  • Kevin Cabral
    Kevin Cabral 25 days ago

    this video make take a shit while crying

  • Luis Valle
    Luis Valle 26 days ago

    this song is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cole White
    Cole White 27 days ago

    Big Sean too hard

  • SIRVER PRO Никита Кривоблоцкий

    Русские есть?

  • mizry n the souls
    mizry n the souls 28 days ago

    one of the hardcore work it's amazing u find it

  • imm. ejayy
    imm. ejayy 1 month ago

    big Sean:half way of the balcony
    big Sean :I think I'm ready to jump out the window
    Travis Scott: don't u open up tht widow
    Lil Uzi: push u to the edge
    drake;jumpman goes to big Sean's new music vid

  • Tyrece Samuels
    Tyrece Samuels 1 month ago

    Pa pa pah pa pa pah🎶

  • Backpacking Cape Breton

    I'm here to admit I was straight sleeping on Big Sean until 2 weeks ago. I've since seen the light. This is incredible.

  • 3m0_Wr3ck
    3m0_Wr3ck 1 month ago

    slept on production only 7 mil

  • Adeleke Gbenga
    Adeleke Gbenga 1 month ago

    love your music

  • Adeleke Gbenga
    Adeleke Gbenga 1 month ago

    you a king sean

  • Hikaze Yattis
    Hikaze Yattis 1 month ago

    we're born to change the unheard and right the wrong, however we feel like it, we can fix it when we're the gods

  • Hikaze Yattis
    Hikaze Yattis 1 month ago

    yo who is that that keeps talking to him?

  • Chris Piana
    Chris Piana 1 month ago

    man big sean reall changed since phone numbers and a$$. the best kush will make you psychotic. still killin it though. BOY!

  • Aj
    Aj 1 month ago

    This is the best album I've heard in years, from any rapper. 💪🏾

  • Domini Gai
    Domini Gai 1 month ago

    Voices in my head // stick to the plan video

    campaign by Dominique Gaines ig gainesdominique

    LTTDGAMING 1 month ago

    Wow 🔥

  • Chino Bambino
    Chino Bambino 1 month ago

    The real question is...

    Is he halfway off? Or halfway on the balcony?

  • - Oni -
    - Oni - 1 month ago

    Big Sean isn't the best, but he definitely grows on you after a few listens.

  • STACKZ World
    STACKZ World 1 month ago

    this is music for everyone inn
    their 20s! raw depression & actual things we go thru every single day
    this shit is mediation for me!!

    STEVIE GARCIA 1 month ago

    Ok big sean so you plan to Jump Out The Window, then Bounce Back, then get back up and hang Halfway Off The Balcony, for the Sacrifices...

  • Saus Tartar
    Saus Tartar 1 month ago

    everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy

  • Jace Purdy
    Jace Purdy 1 month ago

    It's not actually alchemy when trying to turn things into gold it's actually transmutation

  • Scott Russell
    Scott Russell 1 month ago

    colonel quality

  • Liam Apollos
    Liam Apollos 1 month ago


  • keep it 100
    keep it 100 1 month ago

    this is what this is about. when hes asked if he wants to answer his moms call who answers first 3:37 once you figure it out thats the lane his in right now(lived it). Real Shit

  • Shea Williams
    Shea Williams 1 month ago

    Big Sean U n My top 20 artist!!!💛from the 803!!!BORN on 4/20!!!NEVER been a hater!!

  • RapGxd 23
    RapGxd 23 1 month ago

    this whole album a masterpeice

  • Andrew Menace
    Andrew Menace 1 month ago

    313 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • levi strauck
    levi strauck 1 month ago

    it's a shame that the good shit won't be popular

  • Gud Kush
    Gud Kush 1 month ago

    Who else noticed his paper-work at 3:41?

  • david abdo
    david abdo 1 month ago

    this album gets deep

  • Ariel P
    Ariel P 1 month ago

    i had to watch this so many times to realize that he is the one who keeps calling himself. its like his future self is calling trying to tell him something. and he's calling on older phones. and then i paused on the notepad at the end and read it and some of the dates written down are in future tense. its like hes predicting it lol "DIDNT FOLLOW MY HEART 2013, GRANDMA DIED 2014, MTV VIDEO AWARD 2015, ACADEMY AWARD 2018, 2X GRAMMY 2019, GETS MARRIED 2021, FIRST CHILD 2023, THE UNKNOWNand on the phone beside the note pad it says "SEAN" calling....hhhmmm interesting video.

  • Jarid Paul
    Jarid Paul 1 month ago

    Good Song From Big Sean and check out this new track

  • Squizard
    Squizard 1 month ago

    Overall I like this song but I think he's a little bit off rhythm

  • Letlhogonolo Setlhodi

    Please rap more, shit you say I fuck with it!

  • Victory Obot
    Victory Obot 1 month ago

    who else paused to read what he was writing in the book?

  • Victory Obot
    Victory Obot 1 month ago

    Best album this year

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia 1 month ago

    The whistle sounds like a train in the distance. Soothing.

  • DabzAndLean
    DabzAndLean 1 month ago

    fire af

    ATOMIC BENZO 1 month ago

    cool song, bro

  • RandoM.5321
    RandoM.5321 1 month ago

    no disrespect to Sean but Chemistry and anatomy are very different things.

  • luis araujo
    luis araujo 1 month ago

    Who else pressed pause when his book was opened at the end

  • Don Dada
    Don Dada 1 month ago

    Sean's production is always the bizness

  • 4smartpro
    4smartpro 1 month ago


  • Elijah Yates
    Elijah Yates 1 month ago

    Dropped some new music on my channel if anybody wants to be a friend and check it out

  • Brennan Lumley
    Brennan Lumley 1 month ago

    im 1 million of these views

  • Asante Simmons
    Asante Simmons 1 month ago

    The most slept on artist of all time! Easly up there with Kendrick Lamar and Drake. All he si, is deep!

  • Elias Lee
    Elias Lee 1 month ago

    Top 5 (current)
    1. Drake
    2. Kendrick
    3. J. Cole
    4. Big Sean
    5. Future

  • kell cole Style Ent
    kell cole Style Ent 1 month ago

    Who did this video ? Any body no

  • sheldon evans
    sheldon evans 1 month ago

    i decided..... that big sean is the GOAT

  • code mine
    code mine 1 month ago

    the lighting in the video was awesome one of the best lighting in a music video and the song was also awesome

  • john lewis
    john lewis 1 month ago

    That forest gump bar made the whole song 😅😩

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