1906 Olds Gas Engine

This is my early Olds gas engine. It has a reproduction Seager Olds decal on it but it pre dates the Seager take-over.

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Author geoduck00 (7 years)
No, this has a high tension coil & spark plug. I believe you are thinking
of the low tension & ignitor type of ignition.

Author applecounty (7 years)
The Somerset Levels here in the UK used to have dozens of this type of
engine spluttering and banging away. Excellent pice of kit, I can't wait
until the Summer and the start of the Steam rally season. Thanks for
posting this.

Author Miroslav Kolar (7 years)
Great video! Does this engine have so called "low voltage ignition"? I
don't quite understand how this ignition system works. Is there anywhere in
the web where this is explained? Thanks

Author cumminsturbofan101 (5 years)
what was this engine originally used for and how many hp?

Author Bidone1967 (4 years)
Nice hit and miss engine. Great sound!

Author figamarsa (7 years)
Wow! Great engine

Author john robert (7 years)
Under load it would fire evenly?

Author geoduck00 (7 years)
Yes, it would.

Author fivestander (7 years)
Is that a barker on the exhaust pipe. Ive been told theyre pretty nice.

Author rroberts383 (4 years)
@geoduck00 it doesnt hold the valve open to freewheel like most? interesting

Author ztwntyn8 (7 years)
gotchya. isn't it called a hit or miss engine or something along those

Author Ray Main (6 years)
Now that's cool !!!

Author Valtomotive (5 years)
nice engine

Author Circlotron (6 years)
Sopwith Camel 'planes run exactly this way, just faster. On the non-firing
strokes, does it allow unburned fuel/air to go straight through or does it
just suck in a stroke full of plain air?

Author ztwntyn8 (7 years)
That explains the inconsistancy of the bang. Thanks!

Author ztwntyn8 (7 years)
what is the mechanism doing that makes the bang every so often? cool
engine, what is it used for?

Author geoduck00 (7 years)
That bang is the engine firing, the mechanism is the contact between the
coil and ground to complete the circuit to allow the spark plug to do its
job. The engine "hits" (fires) then the governor allows the engine to
"miss" and slow down, then it repeats itself.

Author Nick K (7 years)
Exactly what he said. It's just like a rev-limiter on an automobile.

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