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Author Levente Erdélyi (3 months)
My favourite the: episode 20 The finale

Author jessevan 2004 (2 months)

Author KeJuan Robinson (3 months)
you cant compare and contrast them because your raider is modded

Author Levente Erdélyi (3 months)
1000 szer nézem meg Hungarian

Author Felipe Montes Ladeira (7 months)
Funk you you youtube have a bichi

Author Felipe Montes Ladeira (7 months)

Author Natalie Curtis (9 months)
it doesn't if you get the elite version

Author Dan Blaster Master (8 months)
+nuju2221 That's slam fire. That's in the both Raider and Alpha trooper,
they even say it in the video.

Author Faze Gameplay (10 months)
Alpha trooper jams

Author hahaman1231000 (11 months)
I prefer the raider

Author lendis mylordos (1 year)
: I this vid is soooo old. They both have different voices now.............
And their intro is also different..xD 

Author nuju2221 (3 years)
AND IT FIRES 5 DARTS PER SECOND(depending on how fast you can prime it) YOU
CANT DO THAT WITH THE RAIDR go test it and come back and thumbs this up so
everyone can see it

Author Jasper Parducho (3 years)
alpha trooper is better

Author NMAPDblogs (3 years)
they made the raider with a bigger magazine because it fires faster

Author Goggles yo (4 years)
@NerfSocomMods Fair enough :)

Author Ale Mateos (3 years)
i use the 18 drum clip with my longstrike and it jams a lot, what can i do?
please answer

Author knis2me2 (3 years)
haha good video but your weights are way of haha.

Author ksrahe (3 years)
The stock is like that to hold an extra clip. The clip makes it sturdy

Author MrRonDrummer (3 years)
but the alpha trooper is the replace mant for the recon

Author kieran harper (2 years)
1. The cocking issues are due to a lock in the gun that lets you half cock
the blaster 2. The jamming never happens with my AT so you cant base it on
just yours 3. It looks even better with the new barricade stock

Author Johnpudding21 (3 years)
I think you said it wrongly it should be the raider that shoots up to 23 ft
then the alpha trooper 28 ft!

Author Sir, TotallyCooki (3 years)
@TheRussianMercenary I have the raider i have never had the problem with
reloading. It has never jammed unless the darts were broken. orange mod
works raider get i do believe equal ranges.

Author HERCULEZ2000 (3 years)
you put your scope backwards

Author SSJ3Goku2000 (3 years)
the scope was on backwards

Author Gilgamesh (Sir Pavio) (3 years)
the 4 shot clip can be good for spys

Author JLids (4 years)
ur videos make me sleeepy hahahah

Author kieran harper (2 years)
Thats what I was thinking

Author chanryan407 (3 years)
your longshot scope is upside down :D

Author firefoxsm (3 years)
raider+recon=alpha trooper

Author PS04 MILAS. (3 years)
I think alpha trooper is much2 better.people want to buy raider cuz of it's
nice front grip and has alot of ammo

Author Teepeel.productions1213 (2 years)
what is better alphatrooper,raider,recon or the stampede?

Author Matt Lintz (3 years)
I love the alpha trooper

Author mattinator4567 (2 years)
i used elite darts too

Author Crona Gorgon (3 years)
@stunning349 its only at target

Author ELITExXxProductions (2 years)
rampage all the way

Author HTWfilmz (3 years)
u put the scope on the wrong way

Author Swaggy G (1 year)
This is great, I actually have both and modded both today. Internals are
fairly similar, I think the Raider is far easier to mod in my opinion.

Author Teepeel.productions1213 (2 years)
when did you start and how did you start it?

Author bruce wayne (4 years)
ok you need to do the alpha trooper range test again it does not go 23 feet
it goes a bout 40 feet

Author parker white (2 years)
I prefer the raider, i put 6 round mags in it,but I find it more accurate ,
and the fore grip on the trooper sucks, I can barley get my hand on it

Author Nerf Socom Mods (3 years)
@TheRussianMercenary Actually. the Orange Mod Works Alpha Trooper kit only
comes with a 5kg spring, while all of the others (including the Raider)
come with a 6kg spring. Also, I have had the raider for over a year now,
and I have not one had the reloading problem you refer to.

Author ReallyBrave2001431 (3 years)
Liked & Subscribe

Author Blake Grimshaw (2 years)
But never jams

Author Galina S. (3 years)
Julian is faster at shooting then you

Author crazyguykdawg (4 years)
Ok for the squeaking put technician grade Di-Electric grease on all the
moving parts and there are locks in the cs-18 that make it click twice

Author Ohad David (2 years)
My Raider Jammed Because I Shoot Very Fast, Don't Shoot Extremely Fast

Author niek9812 (2 years)
if i slamfire the raider.. the load thing probarly breaks in 4, maby 5 sec

Author josh smith (3 years)
can't u put the spectre stock on the alpha trooper

Author Karen Smith (4 years)
actuallly raider is alot more powerful then alpha

Author cafeconmilk99 (3 years)
I use the tactical rail as a sight

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