Raider CS-35 vs Alpha Trooper CS-18 - Nerf Socom VS

This is the first video in the Nerf Socom 'VS' series. Comparing both slam fire rifles. After the comparison of the two guns, the Raider CS-35 wins overall due to jamming and cocking issues in the CS-18.

- - - - - Raider CS-35, 28-30 foot range (Winner)
Alpha trooper CS-18, 22-25 foot range (CS-35) (CS-18)

NOTE: Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to compare the internals.

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Runtime: 11:47
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Author Katie Holland (4 months)
dude could pretend to be out of ammo because you can't see the clip

Author lendis mylordos (3 months)
: I this vid is soooo old. They both have different voices now.............
And their intro is also different..xD 

Author nuju2221 (2 years)
AND IT FIRES 5 DARTS PER SECOND(depending on how fast you can prime it) YOU
CANT DO THAT WITH THE RAIDR go test it and come back and thumbs this up so
everyone can see it

Author Jasper Parducho (2 years)
alpha trooper is better

Author NMAPDblogs (2 years)
they made the raider with a bigger magazine because it fires faster

Author Ale Mateos (2 years)
i use the 18 drum clip with my longstrike and it jams a lot, what can i do?
please answer

Author knis2me2 (2 years)
haha good video but your weights are way of haha.

Author kieran harper (1 year)
1. The cocking issues are due to a lock in the gun that lets you half cock
the blaster 2. The jamming never happens with my AT so you cant base it on
just yours 3. It looks even better with the new barricade stock

Author Mariogamer999999 (2 years)
I think you said it wrongly it should be the raider that shoots up to 23 ft
then the alpha trooper 28 ft!

Author nerftboy (2 years)
how come you talk about his alpha trooper more than your raider

Author Sir, TotallyCooki (2 years)
@TheRussianMercenary I have the raider i have never had the problem with
reloading. It has never jammed unless the darts were broken. orange mod
works raider get i do believe equal ranges.

Author HERCULEZ2000 (2 years)
you put your scope backwards

Author SSJ3Goku2000 (2 years)
the scope was on backwards

Author magikarp2000 (2 years)
the 4 shot clip can be good for spys

Author kieran harper (1 year)
Thats what I was thinking

Author chanryan407 (1 year)
your longshot scope is upside down :D

Author firefoxsm (2 years)
raider+recon=alpha trooper

Author nivel97 (2 years)
I think alpha trooper is much2 better.people want to buy raider cuz of it's
nice front grip and has alot of ammo

Author TheNerfClip (1 year)
what is better alphatrooper,raider,recon or the stampede?

Author Matt Lintz (2 years)
I love the alpha trooper

Author mattinator4567 (1 year)
i used elite darts too

Author Crona Gorgon (2 years)
@stunning349 its only at target

Author nerfkid181 (2 years)
raider wins

Author ELITExXxProductions (1 year)
rampage all the way

Author Jason Vargas (8 months)
This is great, I actually have both and modded both today. Internals are
fairly similar, I think the Raider is far easier to mod in my opinion.

Author TheNerfClip (1 year)
when did you start and how did you start it?

Author ahi0803 (1 year)
i prefer alpha trooper- it shoots better stock, its smaller ( width wise)
cheaper and the drum is amazing. also the raider drum gets in the way when
you put it in the raider.

Author 56bbeck (2 years)
is there a tactical rail on the cocking action on the Cs 18?

Author parker white (1 year)
I prefer the raider, i put 6 round mags in it,but I find it more accurate ,
and the fore grip on the trooper sucks, I can barley get my hand on it

Author NerfEliteSquadV2 (1 year)
This Episode Was Cool Well Done Guys And Good Luck In The Future

Author Nerf Socom Mods (2 years)
@TheRussianMercenary Actually. the Orange Mod Works Alpha Trooper kit only
comes with a 5kg spring, while all of the others (including the Raider)
come with a 6kg spring. Also, I have had the raider for over a year now,
and I have not one had the reloading problem you refer to.

Author Blake Grimshaw (1 year)
But never jams

Author Galina Stoletneya (1 year)
Julian is faster at shooting then you

Author Ohad David (1 year)
My Raider Jammed Because I Shoot Very Fast, Don't Shoot Extremely Fast

Author niek9812 (1 year)
if i slamfire the raider.. the load thing probarly breaks in 4, maby 5 sec

Author cafeconmilk99 (2 years)
I use the tactical rail as a sight

Author Mafiawars192 (2 years)
alpha trooper kinda reminds me of beneli

Author Nerf Socom Mods (1 year)
They both are CS series, they both have drum mags, they both have slam
fire, and they both have stock adapters. They are comparable.

Author Nerf Socom Mods (2 years)
@commanderstealth You can use the rails to align your shots, but they are
not sights.

Author nuju2221 (2 years)
@56bbeck no

Author thomasfargo101 (1 year)
i am getting raider for my birthday

Author BlueCyclone (1 year)
actually the 35 dart drum can mke a nice sheild

Author williaaam6554 (2 years)
@NerfSocomMods yes exacly

Author osboro (2 years)
thank you

Author Shadowkillar11 (2 years)
Scope is backwards

Author TheNerfClip (1 year)
why is the sit bad?

Author john the ginger (2 years)
it's way better then the alpha trooper the raider is alot of the things you
say are dumb but nice vid though

Author Samuel W. (1 year)
Maybe the 18rd drum didn't feed as well, or was just defective. There are
now 18rd elite magazines on Amazon for about $10.

Author John Arnold Mendoza (1 year)
They only jam by either: User error Bad darts or because of the locks
inside the gun.

Author Patrick Standing (2 years)
you put the scope on backwards

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