Raider CS-35 vs Alpha Trooper CS-18 - Nerf Socom VS

This is the first video in the Nerf Socom 'VS' series. Comparing both slam fire rifles. After the comparison of the two guns, the Raider CS-35 wins overall due to jamming and cocking issues in the CS-18.

- - - - - Raider CS-35, 28-30 foot range (Winner)
Alpha trooper CS-18, 22-25 foot range (CS-35) (CS-18)

NOTE: Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to compare the internals.

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Author That Nerf Kid ( ago)
Am I the only one who saw Adam lick a dart

Author Then Mun Pin (772 years ago)
I just watched the video for the alpha trooper and I want the drum 

Author Andrew Taylor ( ago)
My raider wont exept clips any advice

Author jessevan 2004 ( ago)

Author Swagg Soldier//KR ( ago)
you cant compare and contrast them because your raider is modded

Author Felipe Montes Ladeira ( ago)
Funk you you youtube have a bichi

Author Felipe Montes Ladeira ( ago)

Author Dan Blaster Master ( ago)
+nuju2221 That's slam fire. That's in the both Raider and Alpha trooper,
they even say it in the video.

Author Natalie Curtis ( ago)
it doesn't if you get the elite version

Author Faze Gameplay ( ago)
Alpha trooper jams

Author hahaman1231000 ( ago)
I prefer the raider

Author lendis mylordos ( ago)
: I this vid is soooo old. They both have different voices now.............
And their intro is also different..xD 

Author Gtavfordays ( ago)
Lol put scope on backwards

Author xXJayKaiXx ( ago)
My trooper does not jam. Don't say TROOPER JAMS!! AND THE MAG.And it's not
hard to cock. (2 clicks) Raider (5 Clicks) I hate the Raider! ! 1. Jams
2.Handle squiks 3.Trooper does not jam (Neither mag) Mine Non Modded. Does
not jam like yours. Oh 4. (Raider) the mag bulkieness and mag jams a lot.

Author Leong Kokseng ( ago)
I slam fire faster using the alpha trooper and the raider is unreliable

Author Jowal Nab ( ago)
This is great, I actually have both and modded both today. Internals are
fairly similar, I think the Raider is far easier to mod in my opinion.

Author CJ SP21 ( ago)
They looks so ypung

Author mattinator4567 ( ago)
i used elite darts too

Author mattinator4567 ( ago)
my raider jams every day i use it

Author ELITExXxProductions ( ago)
rampage all the way

Author CPFingerboarder ( ago)
But it is better to get the rampage I think it's better

Author Slender Enders gaming ( ago)
the rampage has the smaller drum clip and it looks just like the raider.

Author xXxDank CSGO FragsxXx ( ago)
It's also stupid how you put "stupip" when p is across the keyboard from

Author th33ninja ( ago)
recon stock is wobly when you get it its like that my friend has friends
who have recons and there wobly

Author Samuel W. ( ago)
Maybe the 18rd drum didn't feed as well, or was just defective. There are
now 18rd elite magazines on Amazon for about $10.

Author Teepeel.productions1213 ( ago)
when did you start and how did you start it?

Author Teepeel.productions1213 ( ago)
why is the sit bad?

Author Teepeel.productions1213 ( ago)
me to

Author Teepeel.productions1213 ( ago)
yes it doose

Author Teepeel.productions1213 ( ago)
what is better alphatrooper,raider,recon or the stampede?

Author th33ninja ( ago)
so the CS-18 has the same type of cocking as the retaliator does it?because
I like that type if cocking but is there any other Nerf guns with the same
cocking type as the maverick?

Author ean ( ago)
Not clip it was a drum mag

Author vignesh anand ( ago)
i prefer the raider

Author hellyeah658 ( ago)

Author Anish Sharda ( ago)
raider and alpha.....BOTH ROCK!!!!

Author Aaron Power ( ago)
my raider jams if u slam fire it with no ammo

Author RCmaniac ( ago)
iv got the raider and ove found that it jams a fair ammount and sometimes
it will completly reck the dart but other times it justs folds the dart or
takes a small chunk of foam out of the back of it and it will do it at
random even with perfectly good darts.

Author Cute Scoot ( ago)
I prefer the raider, i put 6 round mags in it,but I find it more accurate ,
and the fore grip on the trooper sucks, I can barley get my hand on it

Author shadow32894 ( ago)
how is a reverse plunger hard to mod? theyre really easy

Author John Arnold Mendoza ( ago)
They only jam by either: User error Bad darts or because of the locks
inside the gun.

Author TheSpartanSlayer117 ( ago)
nerf don't give a shit if you mod their guns. you do it at your own risk of
breaking it or hurting yourself or other people

Author Eliska Plunkett ( ago)
my thoughts exactly

Author Duke Lettieri (429 years ago)
The alpha trooper only jams because of human error you guys are doing
something wrong

Author BaseBallFreak2732 ( ago)
my recon stock isnt wobly

Author sir render ( ago)
has anyone notice thats not the cs-18 check the nerf homepage

Author Hostile Potato ( ago)
can you super glue a handle

Author Ohad David ( ago)
My Raider Jammed Because I Shoot Very Fast, Don't Shoot Extremely Fast

Author Blake Grimshaw (1455 years ago)
But never jams

Author Blake Grimshaw (1480 years ago)
U need the alpha trooper longer to now lots about it cos it DOES have a
squeak in it

Author iwanturiipod ( ago)
I have a ton of messed up , shredded , twisted darts and i use them in my
alpha trooper and they are just as great except for a little tail spin

Author Parachute Makovikk ( ago)
My AT never gets jammed either and i agree that they shouldn't base it on
theirs. My Recon stock never gets stuck on the AT or never gets tough to
pull off. BTW: Where do u get the barricade stock, is it seperate? Cuz,
mine didnt come with it.

Author kieran harper ( ago)
Thats what I was thinking

Author kieran harper ( ago)
1. The cocking issues are due to a lock in the gun that lets you half cock
the blaster 2. The jamming never happens with my AT so you cant base it on
just yours 3. It looks even better with the new barricade stock

Author XDproductions212 ( ago)
I prefer AT CS-18. Smaller, no stupidly sized mag getting in you're way,
has almost built in sights (Rails), goes well with baricade stock and red
dot sight mission kit.

Author niek9812 ( ago)
if i slamfire the raider.. the load thing probarly breaks in 4, maby 5 sec

Author SquirmyElk2 ( ago)
i am getting raider for my birthday

Author RealThaMaskRapper ( ago)
do u guys modify ur blasters?

Author Gavin Chan ( ago)
i like both of them but i like raider better cause it has more ammo and has
a nice handle

Author TheGGmanIRL ( ago)
Thanks for giving me all this information and are you going to do more

Author | RiΛN | ( ago)
your longshot scope is upside down :D

Author Camden Trent ( ago)
Nice !!!

Author Nerf Socom Mods ( ago)
They both are CS series, they both have drum mags, they both have slam
fire, and they both have stock adapters. They are comparable.

Author XxAdminChllaxX ( ago)
i think its stupip to compare the raider with die alpha trooper. i mean,
you dont compare the vulcan to the long strike, dont you?

Author Sypharus ( ago)
actually the 35 dart drum can mke a nice sheild

Author Finn Baillie ( ago)

Author James Dean ( ago)
Because you like walls duh... no it meens when you like go around a corner.

Author Zack Aleman ( ago)
it means staying really close to a wall when going around a corner

Author Shawn Barker ( ago)
internal single fire

Author Lane Mosser ( ago)
what does ix mean?

Author Lane Mosser ( ago)
nerf sights are soooo inaccurate but looks fuckin badass

Author Shawn Barker ( ago)

Author knis2me2 ( ago)
haha good video but your weights are way of haha.

Author funnyclipsandvids ( ago)
the recon stock feels weird and bendy on all guns

Author Yash Mishra ( ago)
or 18 dart one for $5.30

Author Yash Mishra ( ago)
with darts

Author Yash Mishra ( ago)
hey can you sell your 35 dart clip to me for $6

Author Kat Von Sperling ( ago)
@MrGingerNinjaRRO That's called slamfire, which was demonstrated on both
guns xD

Author Kat Von Sperling ( ago)
@cheeman4109 In essence, "Revolver" :P

Author Gilgamesh (Sir Pavio) ( ago)
the 4 shot clip can be good for spys

Author noobpwner21 (1373 years ago)
retard u can put the raider clip in the alpha trooper

Author T Wai ( ago)
you guys look like twins

Author cheeman4109 ( ago)
if cs means clip system what does rev mean

Author Vaas Montenegro ( ago)
I think you said it wrongly it should be the raider that shoots up to 23 ft
then the alpha trooper 28 ft!

Author MrGingerNinjaRRO ( ago)
With the alpha trooper u don't need to cock and fire u can just hold the
triger and keep coker and it will fire un like other guns

Author 600sage ( ago)
hmmm should i buy it??????

Author Rackz OG ( ago)
the alpha trooper with the big clip looks like a striker

Author Harry Bird ( ago)
you guys are amazing can you do some more nerf socom

Author nuju2221 ( ago)
@TruthIsToBlame yeah but its not as fast

Author supernerfer101 ( ago)
u guys are wierd

Author Stttutter ( ago)
@nuju2221 Retard, you've never had a raider, you can do you "trick" called
Slam Firing on the raider just like the alpha trooper.

Author Jason Bogart ( ago)
where did you get the four shot clip??

Author Jasper Parducho ( ago)
alpha trooper is better

Author zane hussian (1773 years ago)
alpha trooper is better

Author nuju2221 (681 year ago)
@56bbeck no

Author nuju2221 (733 years ago)
AND IT FIRES 5 DARTS PER SECOND(depending on how fast you can prime it) YOU
CANT DO THAT WITH THE RAIDR go test it and come back and thumbs this up so
everyone can see it

Author Joshua Kyle ( ago)
yah your right about that. Raider can use even the unhealthiest of darts.

Author legomaker8 ( ago)
I have both. In my opinion the CS-18 is better because it's lighter and my
Raider jams a lot for some reason. It's also a pain to do auto-fine! :(

Author Ale Mateos ( ago)
i use the 18 drum clip with my longstrike and it jams a lot, what can i do?
please answer

Author Nerf Socom Mods ( ago)
@commanderstealth You can use the rails to align your shots, but they are
not sights.

Author CommanderStealth ( ago)
not to be weird but you do realize the tactical rails are sights themselves

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