Alien Covenant - movie review

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  • Jill Sandwich
    Jill Sandwich 3 days ago

    The instant David decided to cut his hair...anybody with a brain knew the ending.

  • Lo-Fi Drunken Ninja

    I liked this video!

  • unseenufo
    unseenufo 4 days ago

    depends on the host.

  • airmac504
    airmac504 5 days ago

    better than alien 3?! no way!!!!

  • Woolson
    Woolson 6 days ago

    I would like to see the Nerd review this.

  • EmilianoRockacrack
    EmilianoRockacrack 6 days ago

    To be fucking honest, I find ¨Covenant¨way better than Aliens.

  • rickdsr
    rickdsr 6 days ago

    If they want to keep doing these , they should let Netflix do them like a series and let the studios go back to the original formula or a story arc like in Alien Isolation with Ripleys daughter .

  • Cuzjudd
    Cuzjudd 6 days ago

    Unfortunately The Last Knight is definitely not the last Bay Transformers film. But rebooting the series would be genius and this time, have the bloody Transformers look like the real Generation One Transformers like they should for the real fans. I don't know who should direct doe

  • Michael Boltz
    Michael Boltz 7 days ago

    I thought this movie was amazing!

  • Sebastian Schlicht
    Sebastian Schlicht 7 days ago

    I just CAN´T understand why people hate this movie so much... I had such a good time with it and I love "Alien" and "Aliens" (I even like 3, 4 and really like "Prometheus" for doing something fresh with the concept). Good cinematography, good acting, good Action, great score and interesting themes with David and Walter! I enjoyed "Covenant" and I saw it twice in the cinema!

  • Daniel Abdala
    Daniel Abdala 7 days ago

    Im ok with the reviews without Mike. Anybody?

  • game overland
    game overland 7 days ago

    blade runner harrison ford? not rudger hauer?

  • theanimerican
    theanimerican 8 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority, but I'm closer to James on this. I liked the movie, but I do agree with a lot of others about the lack of helmets and the incubation times. I prefer the sci-fi elements presented in the movie over the Alien lore stuff, and it's probably better enjoyed if you don't know much about the franchise.

  • Daniel Courter
    Daniel Courter 8 days ago

    The reason shit hits the fan so fast is they know that know that everyones attention spans are so small now compared to back in the day.

  • Pepin Nator
    Pepin Nator 9 days ago

    The nerd should stick to games. He is a quite bad movie critic. This movie is actually a mess, everything else is just more of the same.

  • DesertDemon
    DesertDemon 9 days ago

    Would you guys consider reviewing the movie Witch?

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo 9 days ago

    I've seen millions of star trek episodes with them walking around on unknown planets without any kind of helmets or anything, why is no one ever complaining about that? Could anyone please explain this to me? And it's not just Star Trek, it's basically the entire science fiction genre. Why are people all of a sudden acting like this is the dumbest thing anyone has ever done in a movie?

  • Connor Ferry
    Connor Ferry 10 days ago

    The youtube teaser had James Franco in it, then he was in the actual movie for like 20 seconds hahaha

    • Connor Ferry
      Connor Ferry 10 days ago

      I also feel like Covenant was just the same story as Prometheus, it just has xenomorphs in it

  • Dessan01
    Dessan01 10 days ago

    God fuck these adverts in the middle of every 5 mins now

  • DesecratedReaper
    DesecratedReaper 11 days ago

    here's a hypothetical. What if Prometheus and covenant swapped places with alien and aliens, the methods of production swapped. Alien is made with cg and Prometheus with practical effects. Would Alien and aliens get the same complaints that Prometheus and covenant get?

  • RadioClash81
    RadioClash81 11 days ago

    Best to stick with the original trilogy and pretend the series ended with Alien 3.

  • Peasant
    Peasant 11 days ago

    After watching Prometheus for the 20th time and then watching Alien Covenant I can tell almost immediately that Ridley Scott's creative freedoms were finite. He was told to do things by people with money in suits. The people wanted alien not Prometheus so thats why this wasn't Prometheus 2 albeit it would have been 10x better than this shlock.

  • Simon B.
    Simon B. 11 days ago

    I loved Resurrection....

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 12 days ago

    All the aliens after the original were BS. The original showed you that a low budget B movie can be turned into an A film with good writing and cinematography.

  • Javi O
    Javi O 12 days ago

    It is a mess, but worth watching. I liked it. I ordered the novelization too.

  • jesusdelmas
    jesusdelmas 12 days ago

    i think the movie is fine. people are forgeting what is cience fiction!!! also say that mark opinion is so nonsense that makes you think if he has seen actually the movie

  • ADMS11984
    ADMS11984 12 days ago

    Dudes... this is not a movie review, you keep talking about the previous films and bitching about how you "don´t get the same sensations" with this new movie. I get that you two are nerds and know a lot about the old classic movies... but come on... you are getting old when you just talk and bitch about how things were good and now they suck. This is a good movie and worth watching.

  • EricTheCleric
    EricTheCleric 12 days ago

    I loved Prometheus and was incredibly disappointed with Covenant. There was a huge setup at the end of Prometheus with the promise of going to the Engineer homeworld and getting answers, and they completely threw it away.

  • Joseph McDade
    Joseph McDade 12 days ago

    Instead of rebooting Transformers, can we just shutdown Transformers?

  • Eduardo Murua
    Eduardo Murua 13 days ago

    James should talk too

  • Moejii -
    Moejii - 13 days ago

    this movie was sooo disapointing....i primarily got into the ALIEN series to learn the back story of the xenomorphs and who created them so when prometheus came out they did that for me and i ENJOYED prometheus even tho alot of people hated it...but then this movie covenent was supposed to tell us more about the engineers and tell us how they created humans - well this movie FAILED at all of that...this was such a disapointment this movie was all about david and HIS creating story and solved nothing about the back story about tthe engineers

  • Woogie Wagnoski
    Woogie Wagnoski 14 days ago

    Too bad it was so poorly written you would think Ridley was out to lunch.

  • Rayjay Henry
    Rayjay Henry 14 days ago

    About the aliens in aliens vs predator? Did David make those aliens in the pyramid?

  • oolong2
    oolong2 14 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that Walter basically had the same voice as Bishop? At least it seemed like Fassbender was basically mimicking the same voice. I thought that was a really cool nice touch.

  • dicknavis00
    dicknavis00 15 days ago

    I like how James appreciated the cinematic creativity that the film actually had and talked about the different aspects of the plot vs. the subject matter and Mike was how he always is about everything...."it wasn't made at least 20 years ago so its fucking garbage."

  • tigertank06
    tigertank06 15 days ago

    So basically Alien: Covenant hit the margin for error on James' and Mike's scales? I guess that's better than Prometheus to Alien fans and the general public? I, for one, felt that it moved too fast. It was like out the gate aliens are popping up and killing people. There was no slow exposition in this unlike Aliens 1-4. I also don't like the fact that Ridley Scott seems to making David the creator of the Xenomorph race and not the Space Jockey's.

  • Jake Westbrook
    Jake Westbrook 15 days ago

    so I thought this movie had some good scenes, and most of the problems were character motivations and rushing. I'd also say Prometheus also took more risks, but this at least gave us a few new things.

    and here's my ranking of the series (as of right now)
    1- Alien- A++
    2- Prometheus/ Alien 3 Rough Cut/ Aliens- B+
    3- Alien Covenant- B-
    4- Alien 3- C
    5- Alien Resurrection- C-
    6- Alien Vs. Predator- C-
    7- Alien Vs. Predator Requiem- F++

    Also one of my Uncles managed to sit next to Dwane Johnson on a flight once. no joke.

  • AkA Gaming
    AkA Gaming 15 days ago

    I hope James Franco gets an Oscar for his lengthy role

  • Kairi Loops
    Kairi Loops 16 days ago

    Everyone in this film is a total jackass. Whoever says this movie is good, is an idiot as well.

  • figureheaduk
    figureheaduk 16 days ago

    Regarding the use of hypersleep (or whatever you want to call it) rather than interstellar warp speed in the "Alien" series, in the novelizations of the original films it's mentioned that faster-than-light speeds have now become the norm, but even at these speeds it can still take years to get from Earth to these distant parts of the galaxy, hence the use of hibernation.

  • Xbox Jared
    Xbox Jared 16 days ago

    Tbh I don't knw what all the Transformers hate is about. Sure it may not follow the story directly but what Hollywood movie does?

  • Aron Jansson Nordberg

    But can we all agree that AVP Requiem is the worst "Alien-related" film of all time?

  • Aron Jansson Nordberg

    Just take out the Xenomorph shit. Just have it about David, artificial intelligent, philosophy, the engineers etc etc.

  • BUTTFEET.LSD Productions

    Am i the only one who doesnt like JMM's

  • Eternus179
    Eternus179 16 days ago

    Prometheus was terrible, a garbage movie. I hate that movie and if you equate this to that movie, then there is no way I am going to watch Alien Covenant.

  • Andrew Steel
    Andrew Steel 17 days ago

    Sigourney weaver? Come back? Good actor but she's gonna have to use a walker unless they cgi her in.

  • TheDude4077
    TheDude4077 17 days ago

    I think this movie was a fun summer blockbuster, but that's about it. Good fun, but nothing to write home about.

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez 17 days ago

    I think the movie is anti-climatic and the end is disappointing.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 17 days ago

    Oddly enough, I think Dead Space was the true in spirit sequel to Alien and Aliens.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 17 days ago

    Alien; Aliens; Alien 3; and Alien : Isolation are the real Alien stories. I think the Alien franchise needs to end. At this point, I think there needs to be movie made in the in the same vein of horror suspense as Alien or the same vein of action horror as Aliens.

  • GoldSkula 64
    GoldSkula 64 17 days ago

    -James Rolfe 2017

  • Parker Pshebnisky
    Parker Pshebnisky 17 days ago

    They will never top James Cameron's aliens!!

  • Tim Sevigney
    Tim Sevigney 18 days ago

    1. Aliens
    2. Alien
    2.5. (Alien Isolation for ps4 xbox one (LAWLZ))
    3. Alien Covenant/Prometheus (Tie)
    4. Alien 3
    5. Alien Resurrection

    From best to worst in MY opinion... And James or Mike if you somehow see this PLEASE do a James and Mike Mondays playing Alien Isolation. Very intense survival horror that I know would be right up your alley!

  • Robert
    Robert 18 days ago


  • Immortan Joe
    Immortan Joe 18 days ago

    You guys missed a major plot hole. It's mentioned that The Covenant is not designed to land, so this MASSIVE ship, with 2,000 colonists, tons of supplies, equipment, even pre fab housing, has just one dinky little drop ship that holds about 10 people? How long would it take to get everything planet-side? 50 years? What if they have to abandon ship? What if the drop ship malfunctions? Would they just be stuck on the ship forever?? That's like a huge cruise ship having only one 10 person life raft.

  • sillybaboy
    sillybaboy 19 days ago

    This movie is a disaster. It's easily the worst in the franchise James, excluding AvP.

  • Two Minutes Turkish
    Two Minutes Turkish 19 days ago

    Next week on Cinnemassacre:

    James and Mike discuss golf.

  • Nicola Acoust
    Nicola Acoust 19 days ago

    I get what you're trying to say about 'shit hitting the fan' too early in the movie, and I tend to agree with that, but you're not really catching the timing of modern theaters. When I watched the premiere in my town, there was this bunch of dyed noisy unrespectful not so young adults who were making all kinds of noise and comments, laughing at their occurrences, who couldn't do anything but shut up after 'that' scene happened. They had to remain silent in shock and awe because of the remarkful tragedy that just happened.

    Ridley literally disciplined those morons into sitting down and watching the movie. I'll be forever thankful for such a move.

  • yasar ali
    yasar ali 19 days ago

    mike wtf comparing to star wars tech.

  • yasar ali
    yasar ali 19 days ago

    I liked it.

  • George
    George 19 days ago

    "We can agree, no one wants to get back in the pods."

    End of the movie, they get in the pods anyway.

  • Petter Sjöberg
    Petter Sjöberg 19 days ago


  • cinemar
    cinemar 20 days ago

    Prometheus was a great concept with a terrible script and atrocious dialogue. Covenant is a terrible concept with another terrible script and stupid characters.

  • bnkydaclwn
    bnkydaclwn 20 days ago

    I couldn't disagree more. Alien: Covenant was the movie I was hoping to see back in 2012 when I watched Prometheus.

  • Jansim Blank
    Jansim Blank 20 days ago

    Aliens are not supposed to be gremlins jumping around trying to kill people. They are lurking in the darkness, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. One shot, one kill. That movie got it all wrong.

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 20 days ago

    My opinion
    Your opinion

  • Kisame66
    Kisame66 20 days ago

    The follow up to Aliens was something neill blomkamp wanted to do and unfortunetly it is a dead project.

  • Christopher Doxtator

    the incubation time of the chestbusters is up to 7 hours with the exception of a queen. A queen Xenomorph gestation period can last several days to mature in the host before it will rupture for from the host bodies chest cavity like her drone counter parts I would argue that from the time of Oram's implantation to the point of which he is discovered by the remaining ground crew would land within a 3 hour mark the plus the amount of time it should take a spacecraft and shuttle to enter low orbit through a hurricane like ion storm would coincide with the established time frame. Kane's implantation would also land within this 5-7 hour mark from being discovered by his crew on the derelict engineers ship transported to the shuttle, boarding the Nostromo up to his demise in mess hall.

  • billy crispy
    billy crispy 21 day ago

    watching their friendship and 2 friends talking about stuff is cool I'm lonely and angry bitter I wish I had someone to talk to like this

    THESLICKNESSEDM 21 day ago

    I love AVP

  • RW : V
    RW : V 21 day ago

    that movie is insulting to people who have intelligence. hollywood thinks we're all dumb. and i guess they are right, because we keep paying to see this garbage....

  • black ops fan 15
    black ops fan 15 21 day ago

    I actually saw two of the prologues(tell me if there are more) including where they introduce the crew, I didn't really learn much more after I already watched the movie and I got bored pretty quickly so I shut it off before it ended and why they didn't include that in the movie is a mystery for me and a bad move for my opinion. But the other one with Shaw and David was pretty good.

  • Weyland Yutani
    Weyland Yutani 21 day ago

    I think lot of people and more important lot of the fan base took this movie the way of common sense serious and take more so bad in the scientist way too.

    This kind of thinking and understand it's a movie and it's sci-fi do not expect a scientist making a movie in hollywood. Lot of people already hate the movie because James Franco dies at the very beggining.

  • Juhad Kuri
    Juhad Kuri 22 days ago

    I want to see James review on his own, he knows and understands Prometheus and the other Alien films better than Mike. It would be more interesting.

  • dave schall
    dave schall 22 days ago

    new movies just need to rethink things.I swear I haven't seen a great film in years

  • Night Light
    Night Light 22 days ago

    Just have to remember to not include the AVP movies right.. I mean Waylend died in the antarctic then he was around in promethius so just go Aliens 1, 2 3 then Pro and Cov

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales 22 days ago

    can we get a Resident Evil series review by James

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz 22 days ago

    such shit opinions and a shit video to boot. barely focused. low quality stuff, wtf happened? cinemassacre used to have higher standards.

  • Alexander Khlopuk
    Alexander Khlopuk 22 days ago

    4:20 Mad Max Fury Road managed to. Miracles happen.

  • Robin Wilson
    Robin Wilson 22 days ago

    "Friday the 13th in an Alien film" hit the nail on the head!! Exactly what I was thinking the whole time I was watching this.

  • John Devlin
    John Devlin 22 days ago

    Soundtrack was Brilliant

  • Marco Franciosi
    Marco Franciosi 22 days ago

    Noomi Rapace has been great, i would have seen her in some Alien movies, she could "kinda" replace Sigourney Weaver somewhat....

  • Chris Leonard
    Chris Leonard 22 days ago

    20:50 - "i mostly liked it ... mostly"

  • Matt Dolan
    Matt Dolan 22 days ago

    in Prometheus they only take they're helmets off when they're underground inside of the tunnel systems, the planets surface in Prometheus didn't have breathable air, just saying this cause you guys were talking about it haha

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens 23 days ago

    I think people are forgetting a huge reason Alien and Aliens were superb films...the actors in them were great and had incredible chemistry together. HIcks, Hudson, Apone, Vasquez, and of course Sig Weaver and Bishop. None of the actors except for maybe Fassbender were close to the caliber of performances the other casts produced. Sig Weaver is simply / was simply back then at the top of her craft and believable , grounded completely in her role. Her emotions were palpable from anger to despair to fright.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens 23 days ago

    I think the acting in the original Alien film was unbeatable. Sig Weaver was a force to be reckoned with, I don't think there is another female lead as strong and as good at her craft as she is.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens 23 days ago

    Covenant got a little sloppy at the end. There are some serious plot issues, Ridley says will be answered in the next installment.

  • Kipling Turner
    Kipling Turner 23 days ago

    It's not lowering the bar it's building the bench for it, ya know?

  • 86dill
    86dill 23 days ago

    Funny how James knows cinema so well and Mike seems to make ignorant statement after ignorant statement.

  • True Bruh
    True Bruh 23 days ago

    The story in this movie was great I'm at a point where I look for a good story in movies

  • gjk-2015
    gjk-2015 24 days ago

    Was it just me or was Prometheus a lot like Jason X but better?

  • R.M. Goettenauer
    R.M. Goettenauer 24 days ago

    Nerd? why so skiny?

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 24 days ago

    1: Alien
    2: Aliens
    3: Alien 3
    4: Alien Resurrection
    5: Alien vs Predator
    6: Alien vs Predator II
    7: Covenant

    This movie is on the same level as an Alien themed fridge magnet or perhaps a thermos, except that it is offensive to anyone who likes Alien and Aliens. And because it is even more offensive than the AvP movies it therefore belongs at the bottom of the list. And Prometheus isn't an Alien movie at all and doesn't count. It doesn't even try to be.

  • pyrobison2002
    pyrobison2002 24 days ago

    Fuck this movie

  • Hurr Durr
    Hurr Durr 24 days ago

    Mike "ran over a kike on my motorbike" Matei strikes again

  • Game Lard
    Game Lard 24 days ago

    bro the video is called the last supper.

  • Kimera
    Kimera 24 days ago

    Covenant sucks.
    I don't feel bad for characters getting themselves eating because they are doing incredibly stupid shit, leave that to the Walking Dead, they have mastered that technique for drama.

    Rather than suspense of fear all I felt was contempt for idiots that were about to get what they deserve for their poor choices and lack of disciple, not the kind of people anybody would put in charge for a colonization mission.

    IIARROWS 24 days ago

    There could be viruses or bacteria that could kill you, and simple scan couldn't detect that.

  • Lionel Joseph
    Lionel Joseph 24 days ago

    at least better than its imitators

    8T2OFFICIAL 24 days ago

    Man that film sucked

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