World In 1,000 Years From Now

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  • Ridddle
    Ridddle 1 month ago

    Do you like this video? Do you want more?

  • bob
    bob 1 hour ago

    The end made me feel like a badass idk why

  • CJWarlock
    CJWarlock 1 hour ago

    Great narration at the ending. :) However, it's all from the technological point of view, which is doomed as strictly material, thus limited. Technological development without spiritual (or ethical) development is sooner or later doomed to cause problems with abuse of technology. When ethical development preceeds technological development - technology is being kept in check and abuse of it is rare. This is the most important quest. Human race's survival and good life depends on it.

  • Dr Monkeys
    Dr Monkeys 5 hours ago

    I love how some people assume that this fidget spinner fad will last 1000 years

  • rajeev singh
    rajeev singh 5 hours ago

    we will go in stone age in 1000 years

  • arimasruffdoesvlogs
    arimasruffdoesvlogs 6 hours ago

    Hello 3017! Hmmmm I wonder if anything I'm writing down would make sense

  • GamLy
    GamLy 7 hours ago

    if any of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren ever see this, you should know=you are all alive because of a mistake. cheers!

  • hatboxful
    hatboxful 7 hours ago

    White people will be extinct

  • Halotopic
    Halotopic 8 hours ago

    In a thousand years people will be playing VR pokemon go

  • Aaron Weber
    Aaron Weber 10 hours ago

    casual cigarette online prior civil good architect into coffee cloth.

  • Andy TM
    Andy TM 11 hours ago

    Proverbs 1:7King James Version (KJV)

    7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

  • Kikoogrupgaming //Theogrupersteam//

    Why do they do try to tell the future in 1000 years when they don't even know what will the wether be tommorow

  • ReDFiRe Doan
    ReDFiRe Doan 12 hours ago

    In 1000 years maybe half life will come out

  • //Rawenclaw //
    //Rawenclaw // 14 hours ago

    will there be memes?

  • Matija Glisic
    Matija Glisic 14 hours ago

    1917: There will be flying cars, in next 100 years !
    2017: There will be flying cars, in next 1000 years !
    3017: We are all going to visit Aliens !
    4017: (Aliens will explain us, how to make flying cars, in next 1000 years) !
    5017: We did it ! First flying car, 6,999,999,999 left, in next 1000 years !
    6017: All *Flying* cars maded, we need now Time Machine, we gonna probably learn, how to make it, in next 1000 years !
    7017: Time Machine maded, 1 time travel = 999,999,999,999,999,999 mega American dollars, in next 1000 years !
    8017: Time travel shop started, we gonna make better school, in next 1000 years !
    9017: (Kids) WHAT THE HELL, IS THIS !?!?!
    10000: Nuclear War (End of Adults) Kids rule the world, and only game that you are allowed to play is MINECRAFT !!!

  • Busterfly
    Busterfly 14 hours ago

    If we think that the robots that we make are going to kill us why are we still making them smarter!?? It's like we see a tornadoe and it's coming to us we don't walk closer *unless you want to die*

  • Mediterranid guy blah blah blah

    humans are gone by 2200 realistic prediction not only my geography expert opinion

  • BassNBeards
    BassNBeards 21 hour ago

    Nano robots would be the easiest form of mind control, and we would sacrifice everything about our freedom should we undertake such an endeavor. I feel that life expectancy increments will come in the way of stem cells and other organic sources. After all, it is nature that is the most immortal creature of all. Because when everyone is dead, and our cities are barren, the planet will reclaim all.

  • Ernest Markham
    Ernest Markham 22 hours ago

    in a 1000 years youtube will be a kid friendly bitch, oh wait that already fucking happened!

    I need GIRLFRIEND 22 hours ago

    we are the aliens they are the evolution of our humanity.

  • Alakazam!
    Alakazam! 1 day ago

    Hi I'm from the future and I just wanna I like the anime back then in good ole memeful 2017

  • MareThere
    MareThere 1 day ago

    Such videos both scare me and get me exited.. mostly scare me tho, because it sounds so much like we humans will actually be turning into machines (i know it'll probably have positive impact but still that is terrifying to think about)

  • Ouma Ched
    Ouma Ched 1 day ago

    who is from 3017 and watching this bullshit? people were so weird!!

  • Jill shah
    Jill shah 1 day ago

    1000 years later, I'm still single...

  • Derpy Gaming
    Derpy Gaming 1 day ago

    If we keep acting like this (coming up with no dank memes) we will surely die in 100 years

  • Derpy Gaming
    Derpy Gaming 1 day ago

    3017: Half Life 3 will be delayed for 10000 years because of technical difficulties
    13,017:Half Life 3's first and only copy is out for only 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 galaxies

  • vvchea 101
    vvchea 101 1 day ago

    but dat endding

  • Danah Banana
    Danah Banana 1 day ago

    Who's watching in 3017? anyone?

  • Makhias Romain
    Makhias Romain 1 day ago

    I'm watching this in the furture, today is the 24th of 2017😂😂😂😂

  • Authentic Aesthetic

    I wish it was 3017 already

  • Sebastian Four
    Sebastian Four 2 days ago

    I don't wanna be part of this life anymore or this world I wanna go to heaven where peace is.

  • Sleep
    Sleep 2 days ago

    The future looks really ugly for some odd reason

  • jeng brugada
    jeng brugada 2 days ago

    only GOD knows

  • Fast tiger mgr
    Fast tiger mgr 2 days ago

    Hi I'm from 3016 the WOR!l

  • Jaylen Williams
    Jaylen Williams 2 days ago

    one of my favorite videos

  • Sturmtruper
    Sturmtruper 2 days ago

    Loved the ending

  • YourFellowEcho
    YourFellowEcho 2 days ago

    I dont think in 1000 years the future isn't going to happen my prediction is fossil fuels are going to run out, a country will be gone and great weather changes

  • Abdullah Osama
    Abdullah Osama 3 days ago

    1996 : in 20 years we expect to cure cancer
    2016 : don't Pokemon and drive

  • Ciarra Waffle
    Ciarra Waffle 3 days ago

    This is very disorganized and confusing

  • Blossomtail the Warrior

    *sees futuristic looking car*
    *sees a Dodge journey*
    You've got to be kidding me, my mom has one of those today!

  • Chubby mini
    Chubby mini 3 days ago

    im scared for the future

  • Mihajlo Milisavljevic

    This guy really deserves 5 million sub.

  • Mihajlo Milisavljevic

    Why would I care what will happen in 1,000 years?I would be dead anyway.

  • Ṭһє Ṅȏȏɞʟєṭ IȎI

    Guys, my mom said people used to live a thousand years below after the creation of earth

    You guys know what this means?

    The more time flows, the lower our average death at age will be
    If we would be younger, there could actually be an extinction to humans
    Because below 30 we can't develop humans yet
    7b can actually go down to half its popularity, with a disability to develop humans
    The far future known as Tomorrow, can be the extinction

    *dun dun dun*

  • Zach Courtney
    Zach Courtney 4 days ago

    1:22 you've got to be kidding me

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 4 days ago

    in less then 100 years we will have been wiped out by an asteroid impact so we would be extinct in 1000 years

  • gaston0770
    gaston0770 4 days ago

    Prediction. In 3017 there will still be imbeciles in front of you with 99 items at the express check out at Walmart. Idiots that have never heard of a signal light. And employees at the drive thru that do NOT understand the difference from "no pickles" and "sweet tea." Oh yeah. I do want to live to be 200 with a robot coming out of my ass...

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 4 days ago

    If there was immortality
    Then the world would be overpopulated

  • The Parrotious PL
    The Parrotious PL 4 days ago

    0:08 Warsaw! =) Greetings from there. =)
    Cześć Polsko!

  • nakul suryan
    nakul suryan 4 days ago

    kya bc, kuch bi

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W 4 days ago

    The rate of birth is decreasing, so in 100 years the birth rate will doubtably be double

  • PEN15
    PEN15 4 days ago

    Which dumb cunt made this video?

  • Clickbait Semi-God
    Clickbait Semi-God 5 days ago

    thats what they said in 1963

  • Cris Robles
    Cris Robles 5 days ago

    I don't give a shit.

  • redstormfighter29
    redstormfighter29 5 days ago

    This is unfair that we Humans now have to die of old age while our descendants in the future get to live forever!!!!! I say we boycott having kids this century so these jerk descendants of ours don't get born to have the stuff we'll never get!!!!!

  • GameSta Gaming
    GameSta Gaming 5 days ago

    we will be living in mass effect literally

  • the three musketeer

    greetings me in the future

  • Flashwave XL
    Flashwave XL 5 days ago

    "life expectancy is an AMAZING 79 years" in 1000 years it will probably be 79,000 years lol

  • Shahzad Aslam
    Shahzad Aslam 5 days ago

    Hey humans 3017 if you reading this message can you being me there ?

    • Shahzad Aslam
      Shahzad Aslam 5 days ago

      I guess i would like to bring some who were visionaries at that time to see and get amazed what they were imagining.

    • Alex Aga
      Alex Aga 5 days ago

      If you could bring someone from 1017 to 2017 have you would wanted do it ?

  • Shahzad Aslam
    Shahzad Aslam 5 days ago

    Hey humans in 3017 if you are reading this message can you bring me there

  • raidon raidon
    raidon raidon 5 days ago

    37 year life expectancy at the year of 1800 is lie I think u don't have enough knowledge about science and about history

  • A A
    A A 5 days ago

    Here is my prediction,
    we will continue like this
    until a super big crisis betwen destroys everything (2.020-2.500)
    and just a few survivors will create a new generation of humans wich will do a really good job compared to us.
    - low but quality population (after crisis)
    - humans will merge with our biological and artificial tecnology, creating inmortal, intelligent, wise and strong entities. (+3.000/4.000)
    - humans will create a virtual universe for living happy forever (+8.000)

  • Laurynas Petniunas
    Laurynas Petniunas 5 days ago

    that thumbnail is a women with and without make up lol

  • meLissa
    meLissa 5 days ago

    i'm commenting so that if there is anyone watching from the future, I WAS HERE

  • Dolfy Hitler
    Dolfy Hitler 5 days ago

    A critical mistake: people 60 years ago thought that we'd have flying cars today. But this is looking 1000 years into the future.

  • ruudik niitmets
    ruudik niitmets 6 days ago

    greetings from the future

  • TraciPeteyforlife
    TraciPeteyforlife 6 days ago

    Life was never meant to be forever

  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT 6 days ago

    Why does that redhead keep making weird expressions?

  • kurd product
    kurd product 6 days ago

    your voice is great

  • Gerald W. Owens
    Gerald W. Owens 6 days ago

    humanity dropped its population by millions in under 10 years over political tension, i'm not sure we'll make it another 1000.

  • Zeek the Freak
    Zeek the Freak 6 days ago

    wassup people from 3017

  • Nasya Walker
    Nasya Walker 6 days ago


  • Jordan Voss
    Jordan Voss 6 days ago

    this world wont last 1,000 years

  • Marble League
    Marble League 6 days ago

    Civilized society is unraveling at the seams, and we're all too concerned about political correctness to be honest about it. In 1,000 years, if the human race even still exists, it will look more like the movie Idiocracy than anything else.

  • David Rajtr
    David Rajtr 6 days ago

    1000 years from now, there will be no civilization, maybe humans will be extinct or in small numbers because diseases and overpopullation destroy our civilization by the end of 21st century.

  • Roblox Pros
    Roblox Pros 6 days ago

    Man he can predict what will happen in 1000 years but can't figure out what's tomorrow weather

  • Flamer997
    Flamer997 6 days ago

    Did you work for Discovery because you sound familiar and I can't remember where

  • J the boy
    J the boy 6 days ago


  • Eidoss
    Eidoss 6 days ago

    The narrator sounds like he's talking to someone with learning difficulties.

  • Just a postive person :D

    2017: I'm a hipster I don't use electronics!
    3017: I'm a hipster! I use year 2999 electronics!

  • EliteHD
    EliteHD 7 days ago

    Greetings from 2017 where we find spinning stuff entertaining

  • Marie Ambrosio
    Marie Ambrosio 7 days ago

    even if you become immortal, the planet's gonna die anyway.

  • OnIxEbbs
    OnIxEbbs 7 days ago

    I don't wanna live forever, cause I know I'd be living in pain.

  • Ven0m0usP0tat0
    Ven0m0usP0tat0 7 days ago

    its 4327... I'm typing this with my mind... The demonstration was pleasingly accurate.

  • AroundSun
    AroundSun 7 days ago

    Maybe we'll all just get lazy and say screw this and 4017 will look a lot like 2017

  • savage savage
    savage savage 7 days ago

    Our body instead of consuming will use sun energy too move

  • Death Kid
    Death Kid 7 days ago

    I wonder what the robot pussy would taste like in 3017

  • Abbi Ravindhran
    Abbi Ravindhran 7 days ago

    a 1000 years from now, a meteorite hits the planet and we all die

  • StinkyCheese Man
    StinkyCheese Man 7 days ago


  • PsGamer Live21
    PsGamer Live21 7 days ago

    hey I am from planet A77BC3 I can not belive how much prestorical people was upset by these future and we have intraplenetary tegnology that's how you guys say it....

    and really in 2017 the age aspects were 79? now are 459 and what is cancer ? I do not know what that is and yes we do have "nano bots" there name it's MM5GF4HM


  • The Weird Jobot
    The Weird Jobot 7 days ago

    Humans weren't meant to live forever, and some diseases weren't meant to be cured. If these predictions come true we will be facing the threat of over population. Plus, do you really want to live forever? At one point I'd just want to go to heaven. Honestly, I'm scared for earth's future

  • Bella Luna AB
    Bella Luna AB 7 days ago

    your voice is really good...baritone!
    and your videos are awesome!

  • Lastkingof33
    Lastkingof33 7 days ago

    The day they cure pain and suffering is when I'll sign up for that shit.

  • MJ10111
    MJ10111 7 days ago

    3017: Child responsible for the creation of a sentient fidget spinner, I for one welcome our new robotic overloads and all of you should too.

  • Mustafa Kul
    Mustafa Kul 7 days ago

    in 1,000 years Istanbul were the Capital of the World!

  • Sami
    Sami 8 days ago

    We'll all be fucking dead.

  • Ricardo Ocampo
    Ricardo Ocampo 8 days ago

    i w i c l f e i t w

  • Jesse Caissie
    Jesse Caissie 8 days ago

    Or 1 month ago

  • Jesse Caissie
    Jesse Caissie 8 days ago

    I'm from a few weeks later you posted two weeks ago

  • Gavi Pinnock
    Gavi Pinnock 8 days ago

    I am from 3017. Greetings.

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