The Story Of Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is probably the most interesting character in the engineering field today. His vision of the future is ambitious but despite the many skeptics it is slowly coming to fruition. Watch and learn the story of how Elon Musk came to be. Doesn't matter if love him or despise him, it's an interesting watch.

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Bloomberg - Risktakers | Elon Musk:

Elon Gets Introspective:


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Author James kng ( ago)
i am inspired by elon musk,
I'm going to go on to do great things in life.
Going to follow my dreams and believe in myself period.

Author Johnny Vargas ( ago)
He reminds me of a comic book villain for some reason. Like lex luthor... most of those evil genius villains all seem like great people to the public.

Author Sanjeev Beekeeper ( ago)
You have very inspirational videos and the talk as well. Keep up the good work.

Author Seattle Condo Buy and Sell .com ( ago)
Good Video. Thanks and Go Elon!

Author Leslie Louise Ann Marie Booker ( ago)
A Gr8 lot of accomplishments way 2go!

Author Aquaponicpi ( ago)
11:23 charistaristics :D

Author Trrnit™ ( ago)
this guy

Author joel jorge ( ago)
Elon is literally the coolest African American ever,fuck 2pac.

Author Prometheus Crystal ( ago)
Go Elon Go!

Author Fresh Maker ( ago)
Probably the most important man of the 21st century

Author Creative Tech ( ago)
*best informative channel*

Author Victoria W. ( ago)
Well done!

Author Gordo ( ago)
QLF Que la famille

Author charler cat ( ago)
i love this

Author charler cat ( ago)
He must have an exceptionally low anxiety level

Author m sc ( ago)

Author Zhixing Zhang ( ago)
This is a really great episode. I enjoyed it very much.

Author Joey Mantka ( ago)
How come Elon Musk's name sound futuristic? Is that his real name?

Author Christian Romero ( ago)
i want to be like him, let´s work hard!

Author the team sniper 62 ( ago)
Elon musk is a inspiration to all

Author Dale Garland ( ago)
Elon Musk for President of the Galactic Federation

Author Desiderada ( ago)
elon for president

Author sohan alam Rasel ( ago)
fascinating character 👍

Author vaibhav gawde ( ago)
motivational are too great....make a videoa on reliance

Author Anatoly Khalizev ( ago)
Anybody knows what accent have author of this video? British?

Author Masrur Khan Annan ( ago)
If you're interested, you can make a video analysing the bio of our Current Bangladeshi president, Abdul Hamid. Surely, you'll love his lifestory.

Author Mgr Jade ( ago)
What's the song in the beginning?

Author Lucia 23 ( ago)
I hope you asked Shapeshifter if you could use their music....

Author motivation provider ( ago)
Elon Musk in childhood looks like mr monkey from eh bee family😄😅😆

Author James Bond ( ago)

Author Elliot Sterling ( ago)
Don't compare him to Mark Zuckerburg, he is more on the level of Steve Jobs.

Author Mainak Bag ( ago)
No. Do what yu love.

Author Anass Assri ( ago)
Keep up the good work !

Author supersmex ( ago)
Musk is a powerhouse

Author Arashdeep Singh ( ago)
This is the bestest channel that i have ever subscribed .. Kudos to your hardwork👍🏼

Author Grant Swanepoel ( ago)
remember these day you will get interviewed about growing up in the Musk era....

Author Daniel Bradler ( ago)
Elon Musk is a genius!

Author shankar sharma ( ago)
for me he is the next STEVE JOBS, elun musk is inspiration , motivational .he really inspired me a lot .

Author makkerandy ( ago)
actually this video DEMOTIVATE me : ))

Author Guru TV ( ago)
Amazing video

Author BB Wolf ( ago)
Guys, who is this kid Elon?

Author Clash With Willy ( ago)
That intro song 😍, can anyone tell me the name of that song, i searched a lot but couldnt find it,

Author Tad Strange ( ago)
Whoo South Africa!

Author Clive Nethersole ( ago)
We are the Dreamers who build things we dream up

Author kishlay raj ( ago)
thanks for making this video... its really inspirational

Author Clark Clements ( ago)
After watching this video, I realised how similar I am to him.

Author Forflies ( ago)
What a badass. There are gonna be movies about him for sure.

Author Nova X ( ago)
This guy is such an inspiration love the dude

Author Majorblazer 90 ( ago)
Say Characteristic again!!

Author Dhyanesh Ubendran ( ago)
he does a lot of homework

Author lovesh garg ( ago)
Always thought what happen if world has person like Tony Stark - smart, intelligent, rich billionaire, inventor how it would be. Recently heard about on such ELON MUSK, ....intelligent,, ....inventor, ....iron man without the iron suite having a compassion and vision to do something for world and to change it.

Author Kristiyan Kirchev ( ago)
With his money he cares about pushing humanity forward towards space exploration and faster commute on land and sustainable energy. At the same time the google guys care about military robots and extended life (war and eternal power for the elite), facebook cares about providing free internet in Africa (ie deliver ads to African users), microsoft cares to cure world diseases... From them all I like Elon Musk the most. And there are other huge companies which do nothing at all except more money.

Author David Ball ( ago)
What an absolute fucking farce! If you believe this shit, shame on you! I reckon Richard Branson has something to do with this crap!

Author Alaa m ( ago)
Elon musk stole tesla from me

Author MuppetsSh0w ( ago)
Best person on earth

Author Yusuf Munna ( ago)
How visionary a people could be? Elon is amazing.

Author Arghya Kundu ( ago)
Elon Musk is truely an inspiration!

Author Saurabh Sharma ( ago)
What a great guy

Author Family Guy ( ago)
Elon Mask is our lord and savior

Author NayrTydus ( ago)
Thanks for sharing this video!

Author Android gaming ( ago)
almost a million subscribers

Author AO CP ( ago)
You know who is awesome?

Read the first word again. You're welcome. ;)

Author fadhila jebnoun ( ago)
this guy is great!

Author Jefff ( ago)
One day we will have schools named after him.

Author Jaekyung Seo ( ago)

Author maidenair ( ago)
this guys life is too perfect. im only 20 and i know i don't stand a chance

Author Mustafa Simsek ( ago)
Thanks for sharing.I want to recommend to you that if you add subtitle it would be much better for people who are not native on english like me.I am grateful to learn all these informations but if you add subtitle i belive i ll learn so widely and so many people do.

Author Garry Cole ( ago)
He may be spreading himself too much there. Hopefully it does not collapse on him. I think if he concentrate on Tesla and the Solar City it would be more likely of success that will benefit us all. He needs to implement a core value of his companies and let the people he hires follow that such as Samsung.

Author Garry Cole ( ago)
He may be spreading himself too much there. Hopefully it does not collapse on him. I think if he concentrate on Tesla and the Solar City it would be more likely of success that will benefit us all. He needs to implement a core value of his companies and let the people he hires follow that such as Samsung.

Author August Marcu ( ago)
Elon Musk, CEO of the future.

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
And yet when I say the same things, I get discriminated and called ''nuts'' so it really depends on who says what. You can only say whatever you want when you have money.

Author Brandon Soorjbully ( ago)
Fuck Ellon.

Author Thomas Alexander ( ago)
Great Video again,,

This man is my big inspiration..

Author Atharva Champanerkar ( ago)
hey when we r getting Sony part 2 ... I m so exited abt it

Author ahmed elbarky ( ago)
wills from star labs from the flash looks exactly like him lol

Author ` shockwaveBJ ( ago)
What about the people here on earth? He should reinvent the energy industry with nuclear power so those in undeveloped countries can develop without fossil fuels because people don't let them use fossil fuels

Author Mitul Jackson ( ago)
The moment he said "never" tears rolled down my eyes seeing his innocent face and answer. A great salute to living legend.

Author Bones ( ago)
He loved comic books huh? Still sure he's secretly a super villain...

Author Chintan Desai ( ago)

Author Narcissus Pepito ( ago)
women are funny, get over it..

Author Antti Tennivaara ( ago)
Elon Musk is pretty much the definition of "sisu". Even though he's not Finnish :D

Author Ghiri Hari Vvz ( ago)
really a good video! Hats off brother!

Author vivekbgaur ( ago)
Steve Jobs... Naah.. Too mainstream, too over rated... If I have aquired any sense of looking at past with greatest respect for those who changed the course of society, I believe they will remember this guy as an innovator, a visionary, a true genius who changed the way people 'lived'.

Author Dworld Inc ( ago)
your the most influential channel on youtube.

Author Raj Karki ( ago)
Is the narrator computer, I hate first few introduction of Coldfusion, it's boring.......................

Author urban kranjec ( ago)
10:54 - 11:09 damn these onyons again. I wish more people idolized people like him instead of rappers who behave like apes

Author MGHD ( ago)
Hold up a sec...Ferry to space?!?!?

Author samlonzo70 ( ago)
Top professional YouTube channel. Better than watching stupid vlogers

Author Sonali DEB ( ago)
can you do Kawasaki

Author VYPED UP ( ago)
Great video bro very informative

Author PANDATECH ( ago)
and you are one of them..

Author Vishal Khedkar ( ago)
"I don't ever give up. I'll have to be dead or completely incapacitated for that."

Author Nik Shah ( ago)
Elon Musk should fund your channel, its a philantropic initiative in its own brilliance :) thank your for inspiring me with your videos

Author bubbleLoppicus ( ago)
Love these videos.

Author Harish Chaudhry ( ago)
this is just amazing and outstanding video which shows Musk's whole journey with his philosophy

Author uski12 ( ago)
5.4 out of 5?? HOW!? That guy is hiding something.... (I love how great Elon Musk is BTW)

Author Ian oliver ( ago)
Dose Elon know of Steven M. Greer or viceversa?

Author aariz solomon ( ago)
Can you do a video of jeep

Author Chiko Cordero ( ago)
Hi dude. Very complete video. Thanks!

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