How to shift a 10 speed tractor trailer

*****WHEN GOING DOWN A have to be in the proper gear BEFORE you start down the hill...failure to do so may lead to an "Out of control situation" that may cause DEATH!!!*****

How to shift a big truck in 3 easy steps, LOL! When I got the silly idea I wanted to drive truck I searched You Tube on how to shift these things and really couldnt find anything good. I tried to make this as simple as I could. The biggest thing is not NOT over complicate this! Just think of it as a 5 speed... Lift the "high / low selecter" and it's another 5 speed. Slowing down is the harder part. Look at your speedometer, add the two numbers together and put it in that gear....Sounds easy? it is.... after a few days. Just remember when slowing down, in a worst case scenerio, if you mess up and can't get it in gear, you to come to a complete stop and start over...just throw your 4-ways on. Don't panic, stay calm, it's just a truck! In a few days you'll be shifting like a pro!!!
Hope this helps! If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

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Author Nando Cas ( ago)
your not sopouse to push the clutch all the way its bad for the
transmission youll mess it up

Author Prince Dabby ( ago)
this is really help me thanks a lot

Author Princefaro ( ago)
Hey, I am Ish. Thank you for this very helpful video. you are appreciated
so much.
I am getting ready to start driving for Universal. It has been about 4
years since i was in a truck. thank you

Author Scott Schalow ( ago)
i passed my cdl a in a 10 speed. that is what the company has in our trucks
. would like to learn the other 15, and 18 speed . possablity go owner
operater . down the road

Author donald mittan ( ago)
only use the brake when when your going to hit something
...brakes overheat very fast ......use the tranny

Author donald mittan ( ago)
only use the brake when when your going to hit something
...brakes overheat very fast ......use the tranny

Author Dustin Collins ( ago)
great help simplifying 10 thx

Author vettepassinbye ( ago)
You are so right, because I dont think I will learn it. I will let you know
ok good luck to me.

Author Alhourani ( ago)
youve got one hellofa leg!

Author Raymond Williams ( ago)
You're really good at explaining the gear shifting; I Even understood the
18 shift video, too! Thanks, I've always wanted to know how they worked.
Got them both first time-and I'm Dyslexic!

Author SUPERMAN 7 ( ago)
if you know how to shift a msnual car transmission, you can master a big
truck, its not hard at all!!! Confidence is key, perception, just do it....

Author SUPERMAN 7 ( ago)
Great video!!!

Author Shawn “S_Dawg” Flaherty ( ago)
I had to lmao and I just couldn't stop laughing out loud when he said "It's
just that simple", because for a newbie who has NEVER shifted before, it
never seems "...just. that. simple." lmao

Author Eddie James ( ago)
You should NEVER push the clutch in as far as this guy is doing when
shifting through the gears!!!

Author Jim H ( ago)
when shifting gears, it is not necessary to press clutch all the way down

Author Jim H ( ago)
when u downshift, press down clutch to N and rev. up rpm. and N again and
pop into gear.

Author Don boyd ( ago)
what if you in tenth gear and had to slow down fast so now you going 15mi
hr could u go straight to 6th gear. how do you react to that situation?

Author seth myers ( ago)
This video used to be titled "awww shittttd!!!!! escaping the cops and
teaching you how to double clutch"

Author A M.Sadler ( ago)
Thanks man

Author John McDermott ( ago)
I am going to a class for my CDL next week. I've always known how to drive
a regular manual trans, but I was always curious about these big rigs. Good
information here, thanks!

Author Yomayra Marquez ( ago)
I did like it, exactly how it is in cdl classes. love the way he explained
it much better understanding

Author E Galindo ( ago)
What a great tip about finding the gear you should be at 40 MPH. It was a
very good video.

Author Erika Drummond ( ago)
You don't happen to live in north Florida, do you?

Author Double D ( ago)
When do I hit the actual brake? Im lost

Author Rami7605 ( ago)
Question: why truck needs so MANY speed shift? Why cant just have 6 as a

Author Weldon Mebane ( ago)
Great Video just started UPS Feeder School,great info!!

Author wavyheat305 ( ago)
I start off in fourth like a real man.

Author theOntarioFisherman ( ago)
Are u atleast wearing something xD?

Author Wayne Brown ( ago)
thx very informative hood job bunny

Author Radioman909 ( ago)
So when you went from 4 to 5 gear, instead of pushing in the clutch you
flipped the switch on the gear handle to switch from low to High? Is that

Author Jason Shea ( ago)
SkilledEddie is absolutely correct. Only press the clutch pedal all the way
to the floor when the truck is at a complete stop. Otherwise, you'll
destroy your clutch brake in a hurry.

Author Shisha Singh ( ago)
great video thanks

Author rdashmine359 ( ago)
Awww shit! Escaping the cops and teaching you how to double clutch!!

Author MAD MEX ( ago)
thank you for the lesson, really helped me out.

Author Jean Arias ( ago)
Is it hard

Author Douglas Gonsalves ( ago)
My left leg hurts now.

Author Adrian Paradala ( ago)
good video,double clutch for the dot drive test. then just use the clutch
for the first gear,good well explained video.

Author silverscorpion73 ( ago)
nicely done way better than my instructor who just barks thins out and
yells when u dont get it like he says

Author Nookerdog777 ( ago)
Yea go ahead and shift like that. Your clutch break will be burnt out in an
hour lmao.

Author Gustavo Kennedy ( ago)
question can you shift like in a car or small pick up double clutching
sounds like a lot of work to me .

Author Shema Harris ( ago)
you pushing the clutch too far. don't need to push the clutch in that much

Author Michael R ( ago)
Finally... One more thing. Trying to add and subtract numbers on your
gauges? A brand new nervous as it is driver is now also gonna be doing math
problems hoping maybe? Just maybe the light will turn green by the time he
gets there! Here's a trick... Be prepared and know how to stop at all red
lights. Don't hope or assume they're gonna change to green... Someone can
be killed. And if you wind up getting a little hung up getting moving
again, so what. That's how you learn, there is no magic pill you can take.
Miles in the seat... There's you're answer. Please no math problems behind
the wheel.

Author Michael R ( ago)
I don't mean to hate but this is both oversimplifying and complicating at
the same time. I stopped halfway thru cause I couldn't take it. You can't
just keep saying "it's that easy" because if it were than anyone could just
jump in and do it. What you did do was gloss over the most important thing
which is matching engine speed to road speed. Sitting in your underwear and
socks moving a gearshift around doesn't explain what really needs to be
understood which is matching engine speed to road speed and road
conditions. It's all done by listening to the engine, knowing what gear the
engine needs. It's all by feel and unfortunately the only way to learn it
is by getting behind the wheel and fucking up until you learn it. It's only
"that easy" once you've mastered it. That being said, it's not 'Rocket
Science' and most will get the hang of it rather quickly. Furthermore I've
never driven a big truck that would coast to a stoplight in 10th or 'top'

Author Cesar Velasquez ( ago)
why is double clutching important or necessary?

Author EZrussian ( ago)
Good explanation. Covered everything.

Author IronFarmer 112 ( ago)
What RPM range do you need to be in to down shift?

Author Keith Bertschin ( ago)
Great video, going to take my class 1 so this is great prep, thanks

Author Florida Joe ( ago)
You're depressing the clutch way too far!! You're also not double clutching
on this video! You never depress the clutch all the way to the floor while
moving. But thanks!

Author Adventurer Simone ( ago)
lol thanks for the speedometer points! Should make me look like a pro
tomorrow at training!

Author JJ Carpenter ( ago)
All I see are SOCKS!!! Can't concentrate on anything else... C'mon man!!

Author Morphs Of Manchester ( ago)
So As A UK driver (auto only) I have tried a 4 over 4 but failed miserably
(not the best teacher tbh) So considering we have sync gears would I just
change like a car as that's what I was doing on my lesson but because of
the ridiculously stupid placement of the changer on a Scania stuggled to
hit high range

Author Sticky Kingpin ( ago)
on my Toyota Rav4 I always rev match before getting on the clutch

Author Sticky Kingpin ( ago)
or does it not matter? I just don't want to ruin the clutch.

Author Sticky Kingpin ( ago)
great video, but from what I've learned, when down shifting and rev
matching, I heard you should hit the accelerator pedal first while in
neutral when rev matching before going to the clutch so not to burn out the
clutch. in this video he is saying to get on the clutch firstwhile in
neutral, then rev match, is that incorrect? Shouldn't it be rev first to
the desired rpms and then hit the clutch?

Author ace frehley ( ago)
Why don't transmission manufacturers put in synchronisers so you don't have
to double clutch , it is 2016.

Author Juan Lopez ( ago)
great video man this helped me a lot!!!...the only part i got a question is
about the speedometer you said (add some numbers) i got lost on that part i
dint see what numbers u adden to determine what gear to be in when u slow

Author Anas Khan ( ago)
thank u so much for uploading this video , what if we dont do double
clutching ?

Author sccstudent0311 ( ago)
great video!

Author F M- Ali ( ago)
Still I didn't get the numbers for example(1+5=6)...Etc...Hows that ?

Author Ryan Wood ( ago)
Good video, thank you!

Author Kevin Stanley ( ago)
you should not pre select hard on every thing

Author Dave Sielaff ( ago)
Altho people will try to tell you it is easier on tranny to double clutch.
It is way faster and easier to not use the clutch at all. Ease up on the
fuel, pull into neutral and when engine rpm drop enough just slide into
next gear( this does take some practice, but then so does double clutching

Author Dave Sielaff ( ago)
Bet your mechanics hate you. You do not push the clutch down that far. When
you do you are engaging the clutch brake( which you only do at a complete
stop). This is for Trucks to stop the transmission from free wheeling so
you can engage the gears. If you do this while moving you will attempt to
stop the gears in the tranny that are being turned by the wheels.

Author stillsmokin53 ( ago)
this was a great video. thank you

Author Mario Long ( ago)
Good video. Yours is easy to understand. Like in your other video you
said DOT wants you to double clutch when taking that test. You are correct
Sir. Learn to double clutch first the right way. Good videos. Keep up
the good work Thanks....

Author Rene Johnson (1236 years ago)
Add the two together what two!

Author Rene Johnson (1295 years ago)
What he talking about look at the speedometer and ad the two together,

Author Richard Adrian ( ago)
just gonna throw this out there. when downshifting DONT hold the clutch
when you rub the engine. defeated the purpose. the whole purpose is to
match the speed of the the input shaft to the rest of the drive train. the
engine is needed for that process and pressing the clutch releases the
engine from the input shaft. I am guessing he was just getting dyslexic but
either way let off the clutch, rev it, clutch it and shift.

Author Nolan Gustafson ( ago)
Why would you start in second with a trailer wouldn't be heavier

Author Alpha Dan ( ago)
Well it's 2016 & up shifting comes down to get to 1300 Rpms starting on 3rd
coupled & ready to go before you double shift tap tap on the clutch &
simultaneously move up to 4th.. Same thing when you reach 1300 on the lower
range tap tap clutch shift to 5th .. When you reach 1300 again & ready to
get to 6th hit the range selector up first then tap tap shift to 6th then
tap tap to 7th keeping your selector up.. & so and so on till you reach
10th.. Now it's time to downshift .. Super easy you know how to do it pro
drivers ...

Author Wen Jiang ( ago)
very nice and good education video

Author Joe Stewart ( ago)
Excellent vid

Author Chirss Rios ( ago)
using double clutching is not the best way to shift mostly if you are in a
big city area. I drive trucks with 10-speed transmission everyday and I
have never used that technique

Author Lux Rome ( ago)
your video is awesome thanks man.

Author 2011FCBARCA ( ago)
Great video sir!!! I have problems downshifting

Author David Vader ( ago)
put on some pants man xD

Author kavissen0101 ( ago)
Thank you :)

Author Robert Kozlowski ( ago)
why did you take your shoes off lol

Author Luke Hoisington ( ago)
are most trucks 10 speed? I'm planning on driving for swift In a few
months. I'm 20 and have wanted to truck drive since my dad took me on a run
with him when I was 12

Author John A ( ago)
It's just that simple

Author navajocapi ( ago)
Good.. Now go and wash those socks... I see the shoes... Should wear them.

Author Dennis Santos ( ago)
Great vid, but what's this talk in the comments about a clutch brake?
What's it for and how is it used? I drive a rigid body in the UK with a
straight 6 speed and have never heard of those. I'm all ears!

Author Adam Phillips ( ago)
This video has really been educational!

Author Dylan Meinhardt ( ago)
My brother is a professional truck driver, he's been driving semi legally
for about 10 years, but his dad was an independent trucker, and taught my
brother how to drive a semi when he was 7. My brother doesn't know how to
double-clutch, and he's never ruined a transmission. He floats, and only
uses the clutch to start and stop. When on the road with my brother in the
summer, when he went into his high gears, I never saw him go into high
range until he was going into 6th

Author That Trucker Wes ( ago)
FYI: you don't have to push the clutch that far when you're double
clutching. Only you are coming to a stop or taking off that you do. Just
push about an inch from the free play area.

Author Solorio559 ( ago)
good tutorial man very detailed and helpful

Author eduardo mercedes ( ago)

Author trent ( ago)
Newbies teaching wow lol

Author trent ( ago)
I don't normally comment but he is wrong on some points. With floating if
you have a loaded trailer and you are doing 40 don't go to 8th gear. The
weight is pushing u your tractor will catch up. And if u don't push in ur
gas while pushing in a clutch .. Unless u don't want your clutch any

Author Lucas Johns ( ago)
AH, you forgot to mention don't push the clutch to the floor when shifting!
If you shift how you show in the video i don't know how you get it into the
next gear.

Author sstroh08 ( ago)
by the time I added the mph numbers together and remembered which one was
7th gear or whatever I'd have stopped moving lol, I never have payed much
attention to RPM on these just by the sound of the engine, I guess maybe
its because I've learned on tractors idk

Author David Jamison ( ago)
Learned to float 18 spd tomorrow start in a 10 spd great refresh but gonna
miss my thumb switch LOL great video

Author David Jamison ( ago)
Learned to float 18 spd tomorrow start in a 10 spd great refresh but gonna
miss my thumb switch LOL great video

Author JBwrath ( ago)
saying it's like a car, that's not good it's SOOO Different from a car,
also you're supposed to NEVER fully depress the clutch unless stopped!

Author MONTANA MAN TM The Yaak Attack ( ago)
Real helpful.

Author Andrew Pinder ( ago)
i dont see the point in Double clutching, i just float the gears.

Author SkilledEddie ( ago)
I watched another video and the guy said you shouldn't push the clutch down
all the way when double clutching. You only have to press the clutch in
slightly you''l feel the slop of the pedal go away and that's all you
really need to push. The reason is if you press it too far you can possibly
engage the clutch brake and destroy the transmission. You only bottom out
the clutch at a complete stop going from neutral to a gear.

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