Clash Of Clans Movie 2016 - All Animated Trailers

Clash of Clans Full Movie. All Animations so far (2016).
I combined all TV commercials and created a short CoC Movie.
All rights go to Supercell (Clash Of Clans).

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Author Магомедрасул Абдуллаев ( ago)

Author ___JluMoH4uK ___ ( ago)

Author Muhamad Fakhar Azam ( ago)
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Author Another Angry Cookie ( ago)
They should make a movie about this shit

Author Newslyt Le légendaire ( ago)
hahaha 2:13

Author Menara 123 ( ago)
sombong mu

Author Thillai Sudhakar ( ago)
Balloooooooooooon Paraaaaaaaaadeeee

Author LokoMagicCo ( ago)
ha ha this is good

Author Mamay_Pro ( ago)
Прикольная игра просто офигеть там лучники блядь война деньги бы что-то Куликову есть👍😂😂😂😂😂

Author Jong Deischer ( ago)
ʜᴇᴇᴇᴇʏ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅᴢ ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ғᴏᴜɴᴅᴅ ᴡᴏʀᴋɪɴɢɢ ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ ʜᴀᴄᴄᴋ ᴠɪsɪᴛᴛ : -

Author Blueherobrine Blu ( ago)
Hey the voice for the wizard is garfeeeeellld

Author Virender Gautam ( ago)
Nice video

Author yahya imthiyas ( ago)

Author shailesh mane ( ago)
what's beautifully animated

Author WIN HABRA ( ago)

Author Khmer story 2017 ( ago)
help to subscribe me too

Author Nikita Savrasov ( ago)
clash plans is a best game guys keep Playing

Author Fjd Djd ( ago)


Author dian dita ( ago)

Author Babu Sazzad ( ago)

Author Nickie Randolph ( ago)
There's a ge-ms giveaway at

Author Bn Vv ( ago)
H E Y , N E E D F R E E G E M S ?
G E T N O W =>
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E & P L A T F O R M I F N E E D H E L P !

Author brandin Roberts ( ago)
0:54 & 0:16 Fanboy and ChumChum reference

Author Daryna007 ( ago)
░H░e░y░ ░G░u░y░s░,░1░0░0░%░ ░F░R░E░E░ ░G░E░M░S░ ░H░E░R░E░!░!░
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

Author KominyKidz100 ( ago)
loved it haha too bad i stopped playing

Author yendiel bohorquez ( ago)
jajaja minuto 3:36 la arquera

Author Ina Cayank ( ago)

Author Arihant Wardha ( ago)
love third video

Author yesenia arizmendi ( ago)
alguien que hable español?

Author TheCaptainsAntics ( ago)
What's the song playing during flight of the barbarian, not "Wigwam" the one in the video.

Author Marpet Macaorog ( ago)
I hope you can make clash of clan the movie ..that we can watch on cinema

Author Quang cối ( ago)
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Author Медведь ( ago)
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Author 1D isMyHome ( ago)
any larries over here??

Author Julia Sanchez Guzman ( ago)
R.I.P ala arquera min 3:35

Author Крум Тонев ( ago)
много е готино

Author Крум Тонев ( ago)
много е яго

Author 4 monkeys Dancers ( ago)

Author Sr Nt ( ago)
G U Y S , N E E D F R E E G E M S ?
G E T N O W =>
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E & P L A T F O R M I F N E E D H E L P !

Author Eduardo Feijao ( ago)

Author NekTV лихолат ( ago)

Author Limawan Only Darwin ( ago)

Author Bunny Gaskins ( ago)
G u y s , I G E T F R E E G E M S F R O M H E R E ! !
➜ ➜ ➜
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U

Author Mohammad kher ( ago)

Author vaishnavi singh ( ago)
in which town hall (th) you're playing

Author SaM KiD O7 ( ago)
Larry don't touch that LARRY!!!!

Author Sujina Bastakoti ( ago)
I love coc

Author Giffy WIFFY ( ago)
pls watch my video

Author Rahul Mondal ( ago)

Author prank lord ( ago)
i can't believe pekka is running.... does she really runs in game

Author ZíSHÀÑ SHÈÎKH ( ago)
love this game show much❤

Author Solo Plays ( ago)
I miss clash of clans

Author AXEL ALFARO ( ago)
Buen video

Author Clash OF Clans For Now ( ago)

Author Asumi Bretana ( ago)
angas haha! almost 3yrs ko na tong laro.

Author Lendarios Clash ( ago)
seu viado

Author DutchMeesMinePlace ( ago)
5:21 there's the clash royale hog rider sommun spawn

Author حسوني ابن الحله ( ago)
😂😂😂فيديو خورافي

Author Semeton Patuh ( ago)
best op d best

Author Semeton Patuh ( ago)
best op d best

Author Kadir Kuzaytepe ( ago)
Hog Rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer😂😂😂😂😂

Author Al Maruf Hossain Zim ( ago)

Author NeDengesizBiGamers ( ago)

Author OYUNCU ÇOCUK ( ago)

Author Malkeet Singh ( ago)
please make a coc movie

Author Enrique Flores ( ago)
like por el sabueso bebe 👑

Author Lava Hond ( ago)

Author Rebecca M. Baker ( ago)
G U Y S !! G E T F R E E G E M S H E R E !!->>>

Author Bernie Arellano ( ago)
░G░u░y░s░, ░I░ G░E░T░ ░F░R░E░E░ ░G░E░M░S░ ░F░R░O░M░ ░H░E░R░E░!░!░
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

Author Hasnain amjad ( ago)
Join my clean plzzzz

Author Anchal Mishra ( ago)
enjojoying this video fredss

Author Gamers Id ( ago)
goooddddd chanel.........

Author Howlader Mithun ( ago)
ho ki sexy

Author Le Miner - Clash Royale ( ago)
coo niga

Author Flocon AndCo ( ago)
la plupart commente que mtn

Author Bloni c ( ago)
An 8:50 video is apparently a movie

Author Aadesh Pathak ( ago)

Author Hazelnut Perductions ( ago)

Author fr33zer clash royale ( ago)

Author Kjell's gamer ( ago)
1:30 is so 😆

Author ULayGyi Coc ( ago)

Author Darth Vader ( ago)

Author Faizan Tasawala ( ago)

Author lyon et Lorient ( ago)
trop drôle !

Author Madhur Chopra ( ago)
Stupid monkey

Author sajjad afridi ( ago)
Make a movie of coc

Author serambi cafe ( ago)
hog rider

Author Joe my gosh ( ago)

Author Aman Ali ( ago)
I love only hog rider

Author magiciant tricks'99 magicianvideo ( ago)
Lol story this is fun.. 😂😂😂

Author Karan Khurana ( ago)

Author Nandan Mahapurushia ( ago)
funny and actionable

Author Greninja power shurikin129271 Villegas ( ago)
Hog rider: oh ya LOL XD

Author roodea asa ( ago)
witch is so beautiful women ever

Author Anand MishrA ( ago)
I just love this game so much it's the best game ever

Author satish h.e ( ago)
hog rideeeeerrrrrrrr

Author Vaibhav Gupta ( ago)
please coc we want dragon event again

Author Izoel Zulqadriati ( ago)

Author Yousef Ali ( ago)
this is clash royal

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