We tried to eat the world's largest pizza...
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SNAPCHAT - Calluxx

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If you see this comment saying ' WOW THAT PIZZA IS SO BIG OMG '

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Author woody Holmes ( ago)
funny video in the world

Author Haques Games ( ago)
Listen 2 wat callux says at 4:14

Author N4MC1 ( ago)
is it me or does will look like david dobrik

Author DaisyGG Cuties ( ago)
Mmmmm pizza 🤤🤤🍕🍕

Author محمد علي ( ago)
اذا ترجمتو شو بصير 😒😏

Author Christoph Theodor Renard ( ago)
best video ever made

Author hush mush ( ago)
should have got calfreezy hes got a big mouth

Author infinite flxme ( ago)
one of my fave videos i love this so much

Author Tony Criollo ( ago)
David dobrik has done this

Author SnapMan Ting ( ago)
Fucking hell the kid at the end

Author SnapMan Ting ( ago)
Hahaha so funny

Author Meemieee ( ago)
that gay guy gives me life

Author Sadie Price ( ago)
"Free pizza for a shag"
I'm fucking weak

Author Ricky Gomes ( ago)
that guy with the umbrella he is just fucking gay

Author HolyFrenchFry ( ago)
wtf did I just watch?

Author Ellis! Roblox - & More! ( ago)
it would feed me and my brother for 1 day...

Author Tesco's Nit lotion ( ago)
Subscribe to me if u need some nit lotion

Author Harry Ogley ( ago)
She kissed Joe weller for 4 seconds

Author Grapes! ( ago)

Author Ahmed Alhabsi ( ago)
4:18 seventh nation army,LOL!

Author Ronnie Alderman ( ago)
We are here with the 54 inch cock

Author Pipa Meka ( ago)
2:24 gay

Author Purple._ .Panda ( ago)
"World peace and PIZZA!!!"

That's my motto!!!!!🍕🍕👍👍👍👍👍👍👌

Author T -man ( ago)
"You've got nice shampoo"

Author lad vlogs ( ago)
If you had furious pete there

Author Bad Boy ( ago)
We want part 2

Author STRONGE ( ago)
The fuckboi at the end ruins it.

Author SirClock63 ( ago)
that guy looked like samuel L Jackson tbh 3:10

Author Kornel Wegner ( ago)
Make 3 pizzas and make them gummy

Author FliPed Star ( ago)
Yeah you are you ate my dick !!

Author XKANGABEASTX ( ago)
that guy with an umbrella what a fucken fagg

Author LensFlares ( ago)
Buzzfeed gonna make a video on this.

Author Stefan Markovski ( ago)
Hello JOSH

Author Jamie Fort ( ago)
That savage kid at the end

Author Umar Jan ( ago)
The last kid was a firat class bellend

Author Review Stuff ( ago)
1️⃣5️⃣ Help me reach 💯 Subscribers by my birthday on Friday

Author INAUDIATIOSNESS 43 ( ago)
It said if 7 people ate it not 100

Author Hazza 214 ( ago)
His is name josh

Author Roy Velasquez ( ago)
At 10 seconds in the back isn't that progamerjay

Author 〈3HeyItzFoxy〈3 ( ago)
Should've given it all to me ;(

Author panquake ( ago)
your life is so fucking fun fuck you

Author GamingCentre101 ( ago)
Deji`s dad at 3:11

Author Pancake Time ( ago)
3:23 did you see how fast this girl came when she saw the pizza

Author Ronan Dsouza ( ago)
For so long I thought that I was subbed to callux but today I see that the whole time I wasn't I watching his videos for like years

i wish i was there :(

Author CoconutBeauty ( ago)
THAT'S ME AT 4:21 hahaha I didn't this was a youtube video, I just thought these guys were with an organization giving pizza away.

Author Xavier Gong ( ago)
Callux call me next time u have a food eating challenge

Author moinuddin shaikh ( ago)

Author TronCreeper PlayZ ( ago)
you pretty good at eating dick? (btw this is no hate just cause you said i can eat a lot of things or whatever i had to)

Author James Brathwaite ( ago)
that is big

Author Lulan Lurescu ( ago)

Author Ahmed Moalim ( ago)
imma order now

Author Jacob Bassett ( ago)
I'm the 999,000th viewer

Author Fozia Sheikh ( ago)
1 21 0 1 0 8 8 8 8 1 9 8 1 17

Author 123plab g ( ago)
World peice.... and pizza

Author Iivo Huopaniemi ( ago)
1:00 you're sounding like a bunch of seagulls

Author Thaya n Baba ( ago)

Author Beckie Burgess ( ago)
I wanna see Elliot Crawford eat it.

Author Logan Tahi ( ago)
i love pizza

Author Logan Tahi ( ago)

Author bob king ( ago)
I'll eat the whole fucken thing myself

Author Emilio Muñoz ( ago)
Push the 8 on your keyboard several times !

Author Amarlee Hamblet ( ago)
Elliot:you've got nice shampoo 😂😂😂

Author James Martin ( ago)
ooohhh that was a prolonged one lololllololol

Author Sean Moran ( ago)
I was in santa monica 6 months too early ffs

Author Prachi Kalra ( ago)

Author Eric ( ago)
Ohh, that was a prolonged one!- this had me dying

Author Antonio Connola ( ago)

Author Thegoalgamer 0: ( ago)
I'm hungry...

Author football challenges 2 ( ago)
try worlds largest gummy pizza like if you agree :)

Author Bella H.L ( ago)

Author marvn minecraft animator ( ago)
i wish i was there i was gonna take all the pizza and eat it lol

Author GameFuzzyTv ( ago)
kids in africa wouldve eat that in 10 mins

Author Duel Links ( ago)
After that pizza on top of the car I would pass lol.

Author Bobby Mock ( ago)
I would be a great team member I'm a fatass

Author Glaiza Pantinople ( ago)
this was actually cute

Author Renārs Ziediņš ( ago)
"It's like roulette, because you don't know which ones we've drugged"

Author Stephan Dunn ( ago)
3:03 Samuel L. Jackson's voice???

Author Al Diablo ( ago)
shit, now I want 🍕

Author dead meme ( ago)
Weller's face at 2:23 is priceless

Author Kwasi Osei ( ago)
i was dyin at the end "you have nice shampoo"

Author Victor Welin ( ago)
The Dude who took the last pizza slide looks like the biggest Dbag eva

Author Freemanzz ( ago)
is it me or that was such a vio when the boy called cal josh

Author Misty Pie Pie ( ago)

Author Red Bred ( ago)
its not the largest... the largest is like 7m wide

Author kev la ( ago)

Author Joakim Nilsskog ( ago)

Author JakesOtto ( ago)
id fuck that pizza

Author MR.i. playgames ( ago)
So you all ate 1 slide each

Author kerak dankin ( ago)
world record? the world s largest pizza is 40 mts in diameter, while the longest pizza is 1853,88 mts

Author UnboundGodz ( ago)
You've got nice shampoo...

Author S. Mariya ( ago)
what the fuck was this video lol

Author XT Closer ( ago)
Is that Ryan kesler at 2:30???

Author !ItsErinHere! ( ago)
the last sentence in this video ¨you got nice shampoo¨ xD

Author yoda won ( ago)
where can I get this pizza

Author yoda won ( ago)
where can I get this pizza

Author Fatoumata Keita ( ago)

Author Awesome ( ago)
If I was gonna eat that I'd starve myself a few days in advance.

Author Ramy ( ago)
The wife beater hahaha

Author Jas Deol ( ago)
Are you crazy an African family could've ate that plate

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