How To Mod Your Halo Reach Credits *Online*



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Author Zanderr (2 years)
@volca23 they wont suspect an offline account they dont even know about
offline accounts (dont know as in dont have information

Author Brent Lucas (3 years)
how much credits can u get without getin reset?

Author XxRaPiDxXfIrE (3 years)

Author XxemothgirlxX (3 years)
This doesn't work its obvious cause bungie put a limit to how much u can
earn offline EVEN if u played online and ur rank is colonel or field
marshal and u do this it will automatically reset it cuz bungie obviously
knows u cannot receive thousand of credits offline and jump ranks without
playing a single game lol so ya u can get banned but its no use trying it
will eithere reset u to a recruit or keep ur rank the same and get banned
idk not worth the risk

Author mewthree88 (2 years)
@Jamez20091 well aint that just bad for you

Author Zackariah Kadri (2 years)
Can they reset you offline because I have a modded offline account with
2bill credits and still haven't been reset

Author vaseline02 (2 years)
thanks, i did 45k and it worked , not banned and its been 4 days so.

Author Cheezor1215 (3 years)
can u do this wirelessly

Author TheBdog2000 (2 years)
but it can damage ur computer

Author mastachief2 (3 years)
can u let me use this for a day iwant more cr to buy this one thing pm is
if yes or no

Author oddskull34 (3 years)
@clawditeelite Yes it works and the only thing that happens if you mod them
too high is that they just reset the credits the maximum for a single day
is 60 000 cR.

Author DarkLitStudios (3 years)
@TutorialsVideosS No its not?

Author HoodieNinjaMe101 (3 years)
When you mod credits do you level up with them too or no

Author Stan Day l StanMPL (3 years)
@minion6500 let me know if this works m8 :D?

Author lysolcoke2HD (3 years)
This doesn't really work, only 1000 a day online. Confirmed by pretty much
all of Horizon community and the devs.

Author majmeo (3 years)
only 1000? why ?can i do more and just risk getting banned?

Author James Calverley (2 years)

Author mewthree88 (2 years)
@penguinchip same happend to me bro. i moved my profile to someones xbox
and then put it back in my xbox, had to do like 4 updates :(

Author Zackariah Kadri (2 years)
1 more question if i use horizon and get caught whats the worst that will
happen will i get reset or console banned

Author EV1Lpunkstudios (3 years)
Okay. Nice tut but also fail. As soon as the mods are seen online (Increase
of credits in such short time) your account will be banned and possibly
console banned if they want to. You cannot mod on Halo. Not at all. You
have to do it offline or nothing at all.

Author mewthree88 (2 years)
can i have some conformation about this? does it work?

Author minion6500 (3 years)
what if you add 2,000,000 cR, then buy Inclement Weather so it takes away
the 2,000,000 cR. (all offline of course) and then get online...... its
like you havent gained any credits......would their still be red flags

Author CortanaFTW (3 years)
so... it costs money to do this.

Author Mew [Jacob/PwnAzn] (3 years)
This costs money!

Author halo3glitches123 (3 years)
Do i get banned or suspended from this or none

Author SqSNiNjA (2 years)
I wonder if you can get banned for doing the GPD mod for reach because
bungie went to PS3 now

Author thatwasbuttery171717 (2 years)
if you can only do 1,000-2,000 a day then why the fuck would i do this i
can get that many in 5 minutes. fuck it im doing like 500,000

Author Smashing (2 years)
I'm field Marshall in one of my profiles and I just wanted to hack another
profile that I made because it's fun.

Author TheGeralch (2 years)
you need an USB for this

Author Smashing (2 years)
@Vaseline02. I can make 40000 cr in 2,5 hours no cheats just a glitch that
have been patched for xbox live users. I don't have live.

Author AK47shotsz (3 years)
sick im doing it now

Author Neptune0970 (2 years)
Hi, can i borrow your account, send me pm please :)

Author TayTay Watt (2 years)
@8LiGhTs8 people who say other people have no lives, generally say that to
encourage themselves, because the usually have no lives.

Author FEARClanPictures (3 years)
What Kind of Ban are we talking a 1 week ban or a life time
console ban?

Author MrKINGoofASSASINS (2 years)
1000 cr

Author Mikey Nava (1 year)
wtf nobody going to get diamond for horizon

Author believeXcarni (2 years)
dont work for me

Author XxslayerXx123 (3 years)
my computer sucks every time i try to open my drive on modio it jst stops

Author SFUxBOUNDLESS (2 years)
Betcha u got banned afterwards

Author iTzxPReCiSioNx (3 years)
I just bought horizon, but it didnt work? It won't add the credit online!
Can you help me?

Author mewthree88 (2 years)
@Jamez20091 so u turn up the volume?

Author Sean Jamison (2 years)
@vaseline02 yea you can do up to 59999 cr each day before you can get reset
just make sure you dont play a match after adding that because there is an
automatic check of your account when you pass 60000 cr a day

Author TutorialsVideosS (3 years)
@DarkLitStudios Sorry It was when i tried it and wouldnt let me typw in the
number :/

Author LemonSlayerz (3 years)
Easy ban? Usb? and How much money? lol

Author jokerklown123 (3 years)
@NerdyKid1231 u do relie 343 studius is all the ppl who worked on h1 h2 and
h3 so yea they do not tryin to be a dick but just so u no

Author JackNDS777 (3 years)
are u sure this works online without jtag and without being banned

Author 8LiGhTs8 (2 years)
who pays for diamond? bunch of no lifes.

Author zZHunt3rZz (3 years)
its so pointless to do this, horizon failed

Author iHydrogenetix (1 year)
I earn 2000 a game now anyway and you could just credit boost challenges.
No matter what kind of mod you do, you will get a 2 week credit ban. If you
mod at all your better off doing a 30000 credit challenge then changing
your timezone and getting the most out of it all at once.

Author chris catalano (2 years)
only 1k per day? that is so slow u get that in 1 game...?

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