GIANT SPICY Chicken & Hand Pulled Noodles: Xinjiang Cuisine Guide

Xinjiang cuisine is some of my favorite! In this video I tried some classic including the famous BIG plate of Chicken and hand made chinese noodles. I had the Xinjiang dishes at Eden Silk Road restaurant in Fremont in the Bay area.

The Restaurant:

My noodle recipe:

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Author Kouya Sakurada ( ago)
Those California prices hahaha. I live in Fremont so the pain is real.

Author Seroga Kron ( ago)
there are actually similiar dishes in ex soviet states and russia

Author Tugce Kaplan ( ago)
it looks almost like Turkish, im surprised 😲

Author Johnny Tran ( ago)

Author Francis Peposhi ( ago)
I've just watch 17 coco pops ads in a row all unskippable, I've lost my will to live

Author B1ackjack ( ago)
looks really good I love spicy food too

Author Mh Arif ( ago)
great video mate

Author Jacky P.A. ( ago)
Seems pretty expensive! I suppose they can say you're paying for the experience, but... O_O
Also raisins and rice!? NooOoOoOo.

Author Brandon Acosta ( ago)
00:17 "the wiggers" ?

Author pizza forbreakfast ( ago)
you went medieval on that lamb

Author Zena Safadi ( ago)
that first meal was totally misdle eastern!! i love how cultures merge

Author rockerdrake ( ago)
" _...a lot of people don't like to call it Xinjiang food because there's lots of different ethnic groups within Xinjiang_ "well...if anything is right that is to call it Xinjiang food and not uyghur food...han food...hui food

Author Mr Randumb Stuff ( ago)
I Just Observed That You have Interesting T-Shirts.

Author One Love ( ago)
i was waiting to see you eat a red pepper lol /....

Author Jack Off ( ago)
Since you love spicy. So do I. Have you thought of doing a hot pepper challenge? Eating some of the worlds hottest peppers. That is if you haven't already done so.
I find that most if not all the hot chili oil in the restaurants or supermarket bought are not spicy at all.

Author TheNikhil85 ( ago)
Hi Mike, one quick question, have u ever got food poison. Do u take any precautions before eating out. By the way u look so handsome :)

Author Eric Pule ( ago)
Looks good but I'll leave out the potato, because there's enough starch from the noodle 👍🍴

Author Daaniyaal Mirza ( ago)
the rice is just like kabuli pulao :O

Author Evelyn Paonessa ( ago)
I think that you make a lot of exercises.

Author Quo Tanzient ( ago)
long grain rice for the win :P I grew up eating mainly long grain, but I like sticky rice too.

Author Jacob Parody ( ago)
That's like pisam (my southern Indian homies know this) without noodles

Author landa landa ( ago)
We drove to Canada after seeing your video. We tried Joojak and we really loved the foods. They told me that within the last 2 weeks they had more people visiting their restaurant. We want to think that it is due to your video recommendation. 😊

Author 2525shion ( ago)
2:10 wtf you cant do that man. Thats obscene pornography.

Author Raj Singha ( ago)
That lamb shank dish was born on the silk route via arab traders. it's exactly the same as persian, pakistani and afghani cuisine versions! In the northern Muslim realms they still eat lamb dishes like it.

Author Tahuan Tinsuyo ( ago)
I have eaten in this restaurant in San Mateo, and everything that Micky says is TRUE. I greet them with Salaam Aleikum, and they will smile. The food is halal and good.

Author Justin Bush ( ago)
i know ur full as hell

Author Marc Walton ( ago)
"until we eat again" ... great catchphrase

Author Rebel ( ago)
I want you to know that I'm living vicariously through you. Everything you eat looks amazing and I basically can't have any of it :'(
I have a tongue condition that means if I have food that is spicy or acidic it feels like someone took a razor blade to the sides of my tongue and then poured lemon juice in all the cuts. I can't even handle jalapeños. I love the taste of spicy food...but it hurts so much :'(
Eat for me. Eat for those of us who can only have bland things.

Author pokey640 ( ago)
Did anyone ever tell you that you look like and sound like a young Jackie chan. And I love your expressions when you eat food it sounds like you're in love. Love your videos...

Author SailorIda3 ( ago)
would they be upset if I didnt use the nuts? Im allergic and dont want to end up at a hospital. Some people I know get really cranky if you dont eat everything, despite beeing allergic.

Author My Phone is Dead, Vincent ( ago)

Author ๖ۣۜHïếu ๖ۣۜNguyễn๖ۣۜTrung ( ago)
xem gần hết video mới thấy áo ông có chữ tương ớt:))

Author Gary Manis Jr ( ago)

Author Pernell Taylor ( ago)
that look yummy my mouth watery

Author Magus8019 ( ago)
this would be my heaven, looks delicious

Author Annietje01 ( ago)
I just saw you in a video from the channel beyond science! Is that channel yours? I didnt know that!

Author Cat 181314 ( ago)
any places in Philadelphia or DC recommend?

Author Yao Teck Ng ( ago)
he looks like between Jackie Chan and Jack Ma

Author katherine louey ( ago)
does he eat all of it in one sitting or does he just eat the rest off camera?

Author daraxiong19 ( ago)
find yourself someone that looks at you the way Mikey looks at food.

Author TJH ( ago)
I'm supposed to be studying but I'm watching a guy eat food

Author radiantlf ( ago)
i'm salivating so hard

Author erik s ( ago)
It kind of sucks that you are moving from the bay area because I was really hoping to see more Bay Area videos.... I know all your videos will rule however so rock on

Author Salama Omar ( ago)
waooow so good , great video love you guys enjoy your food

Author Proeda11 ( ago)
One thing that no one has ever mentioned is that most of the food Mike eats contains MSG.

Author Celina J ( ago)
How many channels is this guy on????

Author Layth ( ago)
How the hell can this guy eat so much and still stay in shape? I want his secret so I can eat like him!!!

Author Norma Brasile ( ago)
Mikey love this video!! Just got back from New about doing a video there, the food was fantastic!!

Author Nikstar2000 ( ago)
man if you love skewer you need to try russian shashlik!

Author Greg Austin ( ago)
That last dish though !!!!!!!!
Look's fantastic.

Author grandiosu1 ( ago)
Mike, you should definitely check out QQ Noodle in Milpitas if you haven't already!

Author Met3lAngel ( ago)
Do you share all that food with someone off camera or do you eat it all?

Author Ben FTB ( ago)
Who is the weakes..that's what I heard

Author HeroInWonderland ( ago)
would love to have a friend like you to go eating nice things and talking about mindfuckthings thats my dream im planing a trip to find a asian friend who must not be asian

Author gul sial ( ago)
finally some halal food😊 btw the lamb and rice is an afghani dish called kabuli pulao!

Author captian V ( ago)
the food looks to good 😭😭😭😭😲.

Author hyebyebyehye ( ago)
'tell me your mouth isn't watering right now' it did actually.. Xd

Author okasha61 ( ago)
mikey your killing us with your videos man

Author Rejuana Ahmad ( ago)
The tea, carrot/raisin rice and lamb, and kebabs are all middle eastern dishes

Author Dan Gonzalez ( ago)
i bet you were really good in math.... youre the biggest tool bag. but i tip my hat to you for embracing your faggotness. take a lot of balls

Author I C ( ago)
Could never walk past a single yangrou chuan stand. Left a fortune there.

Author Germanium ( ago)
Free Xingjiang from Red Chinese oppression!

Author Đạt Nguyễn ( ago)
your t-shirt is in vietnamese 😂

Author Shaora 1212 ( ago)
Mouth watering here

Author karan9613 ( ago)
His hands are weird

Author Daniel Zha ( ago)
My family is from Xinjiang.

We eat this stuff all the time. The restaurants overseas don't compare to what you get in Xinjiang.

Author Monsterlover ( ago)
omg your channel has grown soooo much! soooo sooo much! i was here at 60k i think 🖒

Author Jady Lu ( ago)
I've always regarded this place as the best xinjiang restaurant in LA

Author Leslie ( ago)
No offense but Chinese always over price everything and I'm from Massachusetts, but I still love you Mike 😔

Author ricepicker562 ( ago)
An almost 10 dollar salad?? Now that's a rip off.

Author moon beam ( ago)
I friking love your videos!

Author Hasan Khan ( ago)
This is Afghan food! Afghanistan borders western China

Author Spoter vlogs Li ( ago)
My dad said he saw you on the streets of flushing couple times xD

Author Dechen Bhutia ( ago)
It was tibet before

Author Samuel Shi ( ago)
ayyyy I've been to that restraunt its super good. Do you live in the Bay Area? Lots of really good chinese restaurant around here :D

Author rockvader playminecraft ( ago)
when you want to subscribe but you already did

Author Vixor ( ago)
I'm a vegetarian for ethical reasons, When I watch a video where Mike eats something I question my morals.

Author Team 600 ( ago)
Why do you always talk about asia?

Author Keeno Simms ( ago)

Author angelevelyndoyle ( ago)
Mike I really appreciate you so much you help me open my culinary pallet over the year and I have tried so many new things with your recommendations - i been watching you for years since Off the Great Wall

Author Benito Encarnacion ( ago)
I just dont understand how he can stand something so spicy... it looks like hell for me. Like, he probably eats ghost peppers as a snack or something, its insane! I just dont get it...

Author Chou Cillitbang ( ago)
wtf expensive!

Author Ville John ( ago)
I can't help it, my mouth is watering.

Author chris moylan ( ago)
So much better than every other shitty food reviewer on YouTube.

Author Spanner HD ( ago)
that's like Pakistani food ( well not exactly , only the barbeque , but you gotta get your country in the comments )

Author 2exx ( ago)
Raisins everywhere. Not for me :S

Author XBeastPlaysX ( ago)
NO WAY :O thats what i eat everyday

Author Adrian Garcia ( ago)
any places u recommend? i live in so cal...riverside county

Author javed ahmad ( ago)
my mouth is still watering I think all food was halal

Author Braj Ranjan ( ago)
hi Mike.. excellent video.. keep it up.. Love your videos...

Author gramerpolise ( ago)
u and the food ranger make the best food traveling videos

Author KensJourney ( ago)

Author Ruii Uan ( ago)
Nice after effect. Much better than what you did before.

Author First Last ( ago)
Deez Nuts

Author Rty102 ( ago)
It's so cool to see that you moved to the Bay Area! I loved watching your videos in New York because it felt so different from the atmosphere that Northern California provided. If you are looking for a hole in the wall but fresh Cantonese Seafood Dinner, I recommend Fu Lam Moon in Fremont too :)

Author Ivy Greyson ( ago)
I don't eat meat because of health reasons and these videos have helped me so much with my cravings! Thanks Mike!

Author bing hu ( ago)
Not really Xingjiang at all. Not even a bit. Since when Xingjiang food get pull noodles? At 5:00 the action is little slappy lol. I rarely comment on youtube but this one made me want to. I guess I have to say something.

Author Aisha Iftikhar ( ago)
Xinjiang province's border meets Pakistan's. We Pakistani also eat Kabuli pulao here (one with raisins and carrot), of Afghan Origin. Salad is also similar. So is the BBQ. Thanks for the video. I like your food reviews.

Author KingDennisJensen ( ago)
I drool every time he uploads a video. *hnng*

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