The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm

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  • Have fun sleeping!

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  • Runtime: 4:58
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Comments: 8 658

  • Darren Heart
    Darren Heart 2 days ago

    They Lost their heads?

    Got Ahead of themselves.

  • Grey Sp
    Grey Sp 3 days ago

    I'm scared

  • jessi9787
    jessi9787 3 days ago

    I think someone was living in the attic

  • Lillie Carter
    Lillie Carter 4 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that black figure that looks a lot like a person at 1 min 20 right by the 1 and the barn looking thing?

  • Grumpy's Kid
    Grumpy's Kid 4 days ago

    What if the neighbor killed the family AND there was a drifter/squatter living in the attic??? The drifter didn't kill the family, but he did move the bodies to the barn so that he could live there because it was winter (I'm guessing from the snow on the ground) and he needed a place to stay????????

  • James Brown
    James Brown 5 days ago

    You work at buzzfeed and you don't know you can doc pictures? I laughed so hard!!

  • Obsidiana
    Obsidiana 5 days ago

    Pretty sure thats a pick mattock

  • Snipargtgaming
    Snipargtgaming 6 days ago

    i was playing skyrim while watching this and a bandit pulled a pixaxe on me mystery solved

  • Thomas Xiang
    Thomas Xiang 6 days ago

    the wheezing makes the creepiness less creepy

  • BlackTzar
    BlackTzar 6 days ago

    do video about elsie paroubeck

  • Semra Akkaya
    Semra Akkaya 6 days ago

    The murderer might be living in the attic

  • Hawkeye gamerguy
    Hawkeye gamerguy 7 days ago

    Hans Gruber did it!

  • Kikula1024
    Kikula1024 7 days ago

    And description : "how fun sleeping" - REALLY?! HAHAHA, I'M GONNA DIE TONIGHT!!

  • Dawson Jesse
    Dawson Jesse 7 days ago

    Makes me think of dream theatres metropolis part 2 ( probably just cause of the little girls name ) anyone else tho

  • Courtney Kolenda
    Courtney Kolenda 7 days ago

    I know season three is already set, but season 4 should be missing people, like Madeline McCann for example.

  • jaedanrei
    jaedanrei 7 days ago

    the scariest part of this is that shane isn't here

  • Common Waves
    Common Waves 8 days ago

    Murderer obviously lived in the attic for a long time and planned the murder

  • Corryn Craig
    Corryn Craig 8 days ago

    Nancy Drew can solve it

  • Samantha Whyte
    Samantha Whyte 9 days ago

    Woah, it caught me off guard to hear a different voice instead of Shane's...

  • Nathaly Velasco
    Nathaly Velasco 10 days ago

    Mr. grouper....... like that one fish on Nickelodeon!! lol

  • aloisa maurer
    aloisa maurer 10 days ago

    this is not Shane

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 10 days ago

    The ghost was actually a stalker living In the attic. Then later killed the whole family.

  • XxMikkikoooxX xXThe_TurtleXx

    Lol I love how stubborn Shane is 😂😂😁

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. 11 days ago

    This series terrifies me so much more than Unsolved supernatural

  • Paige A.
    Paige A. 11 days ago

    rewatching but like remember when unsolved was "buzzfeed irl"? lol

  • A Jarjis
    A Jarjis 12 days ago

    I'm so used to Shane now that it's weird to hear someone else's voice

  • Kerriokie
    Kerriokie 12 days ago

    clearly someone was just living in their attic the whole time

    • Kerriokie
      Kerriokie 11 days ago

      RIGHTT. It was so obvious. that last maid they had wasn't crazy lmao

    • Lenny L.
      Lenny L. 11 days ago

      I knew i wasn't the only one thinking that

  • Slay
    Slay 12 days ago

    It matches up..The murderer was living in the attic and when the family was gone stole some house keys and tried to open the shed with the house keys but it didn't work. But the footprints not coming back does not..*Thinks* Ski's? Uhm...Nope. Got nothing..

  • Jazzie 942
    Jazzie 942 12 days ago

    Theory: the maid quit because she knew they were going to be murdered

  • Tamas Takacs
    Tamas Takacs 12 days ago

    the guy was living in the house before murdering them he was in the ATTIC so in conclusion the house was not haunted the maid lext for no reason and turns out a serial killer was living in their attic .wow creepy

  • miki sayaka
    miki sayaka 13 days ago

    what if it was that maid who quit the job? maybe they didn't treat her right and she elaborated all this plan saying 'oh i heard footsteps' and then quit later on living in the attic waiting for the perfect time to kill them...or something haha

  • Girlonmars
    Girlonmars 13 days ago

    Killed them all in one fatal hit🤔 one punch man???

  • Roland Mendoza
    Roland Mendoza 13 days ago

    1920-1960 was the unsolved cases *get the hint go figure* as world turn we live in mystery

  • Liam Sturgill
    Liam Sturgill 13 days ago

    Axeman of New Orleans!

  • Mickey C
    Mickey C 13 days ago

    Shane sounds so different oh my god

  • Marvelous Marisa
    Marvelous Marisa 13 days ago

    this might be really random but I think the thing that slaughter the family is a skin walker which is a witch that takes form of an animal to kill people and they mostly live in forest. But the witch can take back human form so... yeah I just thought that but it is probably wrong.

  • Sophia Fox
    Sophia Fox 13 days ago

    Who is the other guy? Is it shane

  • lucio Hernandez
    lucio Hernandez 14 days ago

    can u do an alcatraz the island in san fransisco. plz

  • Tom Grandy
    Tom Grandy 15 days ago

    this sounds like the work of the mysterious and infamous Axeman.

  • Colleen JobesShaz
    Colleen JobesShaz 15 days ago

    Maybe they had one of the children locked in the attic (maybe he was deformed or had special needs--they usually hid children like that from society) and he got sick of being locked up (he was the noises upstairs that everyone heard) and he decided to kill everyone so he could live out of lock up.

  • April Sweat
    April Sweat 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed what looks like a silhouette of a man next to the barn when he showed the picture with the numbers over the house??

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton 16 days ago

    how do you loose that many about bad charma lol

  • Mr. Bigglesworth, You Magnificent Bastard !

    seems simple..someone was living in the attic.. eventually murdering the family, staying there for a while as he felt comfortable, eventually leaving the area.

  • Crystal Heart10
    Crystal Heart10 17 days ago

    Whats BuzzFeed without the wheeze?

  • Adam Butler
    Adam Butler 17 days ago

    bavaria is where the illuminati was formed

  • Irma Söderholm
    Irma Söderholm 17 days ago

    Seriously tho, How the f*** do you lose six heads

  • byuntae hyung
    byuntae hyung 18 days ago

    *locks doors hides in the closet*

    forgets the Windows.

  • Dylan Cabacungan
    Dylan Cabacungan 18 days ago

    This is a creepypasta story look it up. I think this massacre actually happened but creepypasta has a story using all the same details and information.

  • Alexander Schestag
    Alexander Schestag 18 days ago

    It really happened. There are many German books about the case. Also, there are some mistakes in your documentary.

  • I Like Pie
    I Like Pie 18 days ago

    i love this show, i really do, but after watching it knowing every little thing, it's kind of disappointing that it's still unsolved.
    like, i just wanna know

  • Smallie :3
    Smallie :3 19 days ago

    It's creepy how many mysteries are still unsolved I wonder if they will be solved one day 🤔

  • Eva-Is-Sans-Ational
    Eva-Is-Sans-Ational 20 days ago

    This makes me very unsettled, considering I live in a house that was originally a farm house

  • Kira
    Kira 20 days ago

    My theory: (I don't know if it makes sense) The old maid heard the new maid in the attic. The new maid had been watching them for some time before she became the maid. She had to get close to them so she scared the old maid away. (Maybe this is a little too far.) But the maid told the little 2 year old or whatever that everyone else had left or something and continued taking care of the farm while the bodies rotted in the barn. The maid finally killed the 2 year old while asleep and then possibly killed herself. The other theory is that the old maid went mad and then came back to kill everyone.

  • XxBlueBabyXx
    XxBlueBabyXx 20 days ago

    who narrated this one Shane and Ryan or....?

  • Sarai Cortez
    Sarai Cortez 20 days ago

    Okay wait the family must have been poisoned by the maid because if you have more than one person dead someone must have screamed and the other would of heard and they would of ran off the maid was in it with the murderer but then she felt guilt she was gonna go report the murder of the family, the murderer, murdered the maid so he wouldnt get caught. My theory is one of the "lovers" the supposed baby daddy killed them because he was outraged he couldn't have the women so he killed them all including the baby because it wasn't his. the murderer staged all the bodys.

  • Alexa Lewis
    Alexa Lewis 21 day ago

    Do the mesa monkey farm

  • Alexander DeLarge
    Alexander DeLarge 21 day ago

    plot twist: The previous maid had a history of mental illness, schizophrenia in fact. She was tired of being told she was hearing things and was crazy. So told her brother who also had a history of mental illness to mimic her delusions and murder. Case solved, next.

  • Visti007
    Visti007 21 day ago

    Its Creepy because my name is Viktoria too...

  • Rika
    Rika 22 days ago

    Who else is hiding in the comments

  • Princess Nike
    Princess Nike 23 days ago

    love this

  • Jasmin escobedo
    Jasmin escobedo 23 days ago

    Can you investigate the Denver airport on Unsolved Supernatural?

  • Fidgeting Jay !
    Fidgeting Jay ! 23 days ago

    At 1:30 you can see a guy by the barn

  • Randomness T.V
    Randomness T.V 24 days ago

    Technically it's a slaughter house?

  • Penny Billings
    Penny Billings 24 days ago


  • calipso
    calipso 24 days ago

    why does the maid have my name???

  • OxyPvpi Flex
    OxyPvpi Flex 24 days ago

    I miss this old format of unsolved

  • It'sEmmi
    It'sEmmi 25 days ago

    holy... I live like about 50 miles away from that😱😱😱

  • MakeupIntuitive
    MakeupIntuitive 25 days ago

    I do believe the killer was living in the attic of the house and it wasn't hunted, which makes this case even scarier.

  • Cheesy Unicornz
    Cheesy Unicornz 25 days ago

    That is sick that someone killed a bunch of people then stayed there

  • Nnnioy The Pumpkin
    Nnnioy The Pumpkin 25 days ago

    Don't lose your head watching this

  • VexedWolf Girl
    VexedWolf Girl 26 days ago

    yall should play the devils bored

  • Dawn Gauer
    Dawn Gauer 26 days ago

    any body here from 2017

  • aimee coudret
    aimee coudret 26 days ago

    axe men of new orleans

  • Hazel Basil
    Hazel Basil 26 days ago

    This Episode's (wheeze) Count: 4
    BONUS: 1 (laughing wheeze)

  • SomeRandomNinja
    SomeRandomNinja 26 days ago

    My theory is that the daughter was a widow right?
    What if her husband was alive?
    What if he had faked his death and was living in the attic all along?
    What if he had slaughtered all of them?

  • Notice Me Senpai! I'm just a weird girl :3

    "You work at Buzzfeed!"
    Made me laugh so much XD

  • Skinny TYB
    Skinny TYB 27 days ago

    THeY KePT ThE PiCkAxE In ThE SHeD

  • Nancy R
    Nancy R 27 days ago

    what if it was the maid that was so upset that the family didn't believe her that there were ghosts. she stole the keys and killed everyone but she kept the baby and the new maid in their rooms because they didn't really do anything to her but she didn't want to leave any witness. she continued to take care of the farm because she knew how already and the animals needed to be taken care of.

  • Delet This
    Delet This 28 days ago

    Stop making these thumbnails so goddamn spooky I'm gettin chills

  • I like cheese gamer 50009543 Jeferzoid3000

    My last name is slaughter

  • Angel Laces
    Angel Laces 29 days ago

    Just realized that this is a different guy with Ryan. Wtf

  • MintyCookie Cola
    MintyCookie Cola 29 days ago

    (wheeze) ❤️❤️

  • Kate Playz Roblox - More!!

    Guys who's that guy in the left down in a house or shelter.. or somethin

  • Mira Pasricha
    Mira Pasricha 1 month ago

    if the house is still there .....could you make that another episode.

  • Ariix
    Ariix 1 month ago

    I think it was a a runaway convict maybe that lived there. Then one day he was found out by one of the family members, so of course he killed all of them to not get caught. He then lived there for few weeks until the body was too foul he had to leave. Though one thing Im curious is that why didnt he bury the bodies? Whoever this man was, he definitely was a psycho to be able to live with corpses laying around his house and could still continue his daily activities

  • Aftab Khan
    Aftab Khan 1 month ago

    WHY THE BABY 😭😭😭

  • TheDragonSylvia
    TheDragonSylvia 1 month ago

    "You wanna know some of the things that caused the other maid to quit?"

  • Madeleine Mcilroy
    Madeleine Mcilroy 1 month ago

    do the hauted zuriich castle hope you guys are not to chicken a victorian women was assinated

  • Madeleine Mcilroy
    Madeleine Mcilroy 1 month ago

    are you guys in germany if ur go to switzerland theres a haunted castle a victorian women was assainated and if you sllep there sleep at your own risk you can still hear her screams

  • mon marti
    mon marti 1 month ago

    walking backwards away from the house creates the illusion of someone walking in but not walking out

  • Namuna Music
    Namuna Music 1 month ago

    Back when you couldn't see their faces lol.

  • Miranda Paredes
    Miranda Paredes 1 month ago

    If you see strange footsteps in the snow coming from the woods into your house and they don't return to the woods, LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Or you know....just stay there and hope for the best and that you won't die...

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 1 month ago

    Of course buzzfeed is not going to show any respect to the dead family. Typical.

  • Cecil Lee
    Cecil Lee 1 month ago

    This entire case is the product for a possible box office Hollywood horror. Like, I can see it now, group of young adult writers/journalists go to Germany in search of inspiration for a new novel idea, hear about this case go to investigate it they get haunted by the headless family and as the days there unfold with each member/ journalist finding out more and more info on the story they all start to get killed until it's actually the ghosts telling them that the killers son is alive following in his fathers footsteps.... I should be a writer. xD

  • festive nipple
    festive nipple 1 month ago

    this case still creeps me out the most I HATE IT

  • Hymen Hitman
    Hymen Hitman 1 month ago

    The bodies in the barn.....was there blood elsewhere? Perhaps indicating where they were murdered ?

  • nicholas musso
    nicholas musso 1 month ago

    This video doesn't help that my birthday is on march 31

  • It's Fucking Raw
    It's Fucking Raw 1 month ago

    who even kills a whole family

    & still live there , eat there and feed fucking animals ?

  • Katia Elson
    Katia Elson 1 month ago

    I think the murderer has been living in the attic

  • pastelpaw
    pastelpaw 1 month ago

    wants to hear house the house was haunted?
    *tells him anyway*

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