yousef payambar

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Author Nagwa Atti ( ago)

Author nining cah gadingan ( ago)
love youuuuu mostafa zamani

Author Alekber bagirov ( ago)
obajayu etat film

Author MessageofTruth (298 years ago)
So this is the work of Jews and Christions that they make Prophets (BHUT)
in Films and most of our Muslim Brothers unfortunately very sadly following
them not the Prophet (PBHU) you know why because the Prophet (PBHU) said
you will imitated the Jews and Chritions until if the enter a lizard hole
you will enter it too, but in the other Hadith he (PBHU) said Khelafel
Mushreken means do the opposite of the Non-Believers these are not my words
check it up in Hadith books or ask the Scholars,Thanks

Author MessageofTruth (868 years ago)
Its Mentioned in Quran in Surah Al-Baghara Ch. 2 V. 136 and many other
surahs that Say, [O believers], "We have believed in Allah and what has
been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and
Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus
and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction
between any of them, and we are Muslims [in submission] to Him." 

Author MessageofTruth (989 years ago)
Thanks from your kind comment but first I hope you respond my Question in
the above text the Question was if I or you or this guy act in a Film
instead of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) WILL YOU ACCEPT IT if yes the Muslim
world will call you a Kafir if No why???? Its very easy to close your eyes
and call the other people Non-Muslim, but Prophet (PBHU) said if anyone
calls his brother a Kafir (Non-Muslim) this word will come back to him,
read the next comment too

Author Anthony Deagan ( ago)
totally bull shit

Author Usman Salafi Ibn Hasan ( ago)
go to hell, you bloody Shia kaafir

Author Anthony Deagan ( ago)
toaly crap and fucking useless

Author Anthony Deagan ( ago)
go and fuck yourself you ars hole

Author MessageofTruth ( ago)
Seeing to these kinds of Films are Haram, its prohibited in Islam, this
Brother may be a good brother but he can't be like Prophet Yousif (PBUH)
Astaqferullah I don't know why these people are so far from Religion which
is even beyond imagenation, today even the kids when they see this Brother
they says oh look Prophet Yousif I am asking you if someone act in a Film
in place of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will you accept? And according to Quran
all Prophets are the same, plz don't make Fun of them.

Author Shakir Moledina ( ago)
why is there such a song for something relating to islamic series?

Author Anthony Deagan ( ago)
I think he is an arshole and can not sing and loves himself too much ,and
think women like him... what a creep.He looks like a pretty boy who needs
his mama beside him and worship him ,just tell him for me to pack it in or
get your act together and try to grow up and be original if you are a man..

Author Fazal Fawad ( ago)
what is the name of singer and song...???? 

Author Usman Salafi Ibn Hasan ( ago)
Lets make Khomeni as Donkey and Dog, lets make Mehmood Ahmedinejad as Pig

Author kazim hassnain ( ago)
Salam! im from Pakistan, we watch the film Hazrat Yousaf, the boy is really
very handsome and attractive. i love him ... thanks for sharing his fancy
pictures of real life.

Author Ismail Kaya ( ago)
what is name of the song

Author Fahim Sid ( ago)
and cOmparing Hazrat Yusuf to the Greatest Prophet Muhammad PBUH
.....Hazrat Mohammad PBUH was 100000000000000000000000000000 timez more
beautiful than Hazrat Yusuf....and its out of range of we hUmans to even
think about that............... Jazak -a Allah ... 

Author Fahim Sid ( ago)
Maybe Allah gave this beautiful face to Mostafa zamani to make him have the
role of Hazrat Yusuf in this movie...... Mostafa zamaniii might have the
less less than 0.1 percent bEauty of Payambar Yusuf out of
10000000000000000000000000000000 %

Author Fahim Sid ( ago)
Hazrat one of the greatest pyambar.... If we gather all the
beauty of this world it wont be enough to compete his beauty ..... In this
World cant find someone like him so they had to select Mostafa Zamani....
and I hope that this movie should have affected Mostafaz real life.... cUz
after doing the role of Hazrat Yusuf he might have felt the purity of Islam
... ...

Author Ben abesib ( ago)

Author Farie Gharib ( ago)
@fatteme I really enjoy watching this series of Yosouf payambar .

Author pmn asp ( ago)
ajab kosie kone zandan nayofte chon az ghazi gerefte ta
darbone zendan hame mikonanesh

Author farakhan ( ago)
baba shomaha dige ki hastid (no offence or anything) the iranians dont
watch this cuz of teh actual usef payambar or quran or anything, they watch
it cuz its and interesting film, its like a romance, fairty tale thingy!

Author shaahin rajabi ( ago)
please someone tell me whose the singer of this song thanks .

Author Piper5468 ( ago)
I love this movie too!! I always love reading Surah Yusuf in the Quran.
Whenever I reach that Surah, I wouldn't close the Quran until I finish it.
And when I found they made a movie, I was so glad. True, we cannot
visualize his true beauty (he's for sure way more beautiful than in the
movie) But the important thing was the story. I cried so much too!!

Author kadir bozkurt ( ago)
فیلم بزرگ

Author ZidaNe10ChawShiN ( ago)
yeah true

Author ZidaNe10ChawShiN ( ago)
god gave half the beauty of the world to prophet yusuf and now you bring me
this guy u think he is beautfull as prophet yusuf LOL

Author zehirli bal ( ago)
watch?v=qGNi6T8BFKw watch please

Author chaoughi ( ago)
سيدنا يوسف يكون اجمل و ابهي من ممثل الفلم

Author tofan popal ( ago)
hoooof che yak bache ziba

Author ‫داني ماشي‬‎ ( ago)
كيوتي شبه تويتي

Author mehrovar lavunchaev ( ago)
ами музикара ки мехонад???? шери ирански

Author Bah Aba ( ago)
oh mer30 kheili mamnoonam..mishe azatoon khahesh konam ahange kamelesho
bezarid too youtube? kheili mamnoon misham

Author Bah Aba ( ago)
who is the singer?

Author ZS SeK ( ago)
very nice song, can someone tell me where can i see more movies van mostafa
zamani and what is the name of the movie. pls tell me .

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