Desiigner, Lil Yachty, Rae Sremmurd & More Hit The Grammys Red Carpet

Complex News hit the red carpet for The Grammys in LA and chopped it up with Desiigner, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty, Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q and many more.

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Author Dee S ( ago)
pretend world

Author HOMERTUBE ( ago)
Desiigner sounds like he's been holding in a hot and still is and Yachty looks like he has Skittles for teeth.

Author Lovell Bell ( ago)
bj I see u

Author Rewnyx ( ago)
why do not Lil Yachty get high?

Author Kabita Naorem ( ago)
lil yahcty design is so good.. lol..

Author thatOROMOclassicDUDE ( ago)
hey random cool person scrolling through the comment section i hope you have a great day.

Author I Hate Myself ( ago)
Yachty get them maa'fuckin fruity pebbles out yo' teeth!

Author Miguel Moore ( ago)
Damn lil yachty a candy store he got twizzlers on his head. And skittles in his teeth.

Author Cloudrace ( ago)
Does designer not know what a shirt is

Author Yeezy_ Million ( ago)
Blaaaaaa keerrkkrkekrke bla

Author PRINCE SAJAY ( ago)
Desiigner had me rolling on the floor....

Author Diego Ledezma ( ago)
lol Skrillex low-key gay for Rick Ross

Author Angel Espinoza ( ago)
Aye this one for mississippi pow pow💥💥 - slim jim

Author Rx man ( ago)
Desiigner's mom : geez geez rahhhhhh , that part

Author Chino Beast ( ago)
designer sounds like a ghetto version of kermet the frog

Author notiƒication gang ( ago)
Jidenna is a black ginger

Author tommy trinh ( ago)
Yo lil yachty had fruit loops in his teeth xddddd

Author Jesus Jesus ( ago)
Who else lost it when desiigner's mom actually did it

Author azdren Shala ( ago)
yachty's teeth are faker than his voice

Author trash boat ( ago)
I like how she said that you speak cursive and desiigner started talking normal

Author X ( ago)
*I speak Broklynese*

Author KNOCKED ( ago)
lil yachty is desiigner but not hyped

Author Xristos Georgiou ( ago)
wtf is wrong with Desiigner?

Author Anthony Felter ( ago)
Desiigner is more understandable when he sings than when he talks

Author ナノ 。 。 ( ago)
omg desiigners voice....XD

Author Micheal Persaud ( ago)
desiigner sounds like a fool

Author Hoop Racks ( ago)
Hope desiinger will not be sick for too long, he has such a bad cough

Author Fello ( ago)
that yachty grill is so dope

Author Fetty Sheng ( ago)
I thought she's a girl 💖💖

Author Fetty Sheng ( ago)
I think desiigner is low key literally crazy 💖💖

Author Ariel Garcia ( ago)
Desiigner is like a smart illiterate

Author yvng Mark ( ago)
designer voice

Author Mango ( ago)
haha how excited desiigner was to say something lol xD

Author - SHQ ( ago)
Wow, Rae Sremmurd are one of these rappers who can actually talk normally.

Author xXKilla KushXx ( ago)
When I saw yachty's teeth I was thinking of a box of crayons

Author Boss Gaming ( ago)
Skrillex and Ross 😍😍

Author Abraham Catalan ( ago)
bruuuh dram and his momma have the same teeth opening in the center 😂😂

Author KEARDAN BOLEN ( ago)
Wow lil yachty has skittles in his mouth

Author joe bonilla ( ago)
Desiigner looks like he never came down off the molly

Author Genisy gaming ( ago)
Panda 🐼

Author Ben Donaldson ( ago)
Desiigner put on a shirt


Author Subhankar Roy ( ago)
Yachty's teeth tho

Author Titanium ( ago)

Author Ollie Gee ( ago)
Yatchy has been eating fruit loops🤣

Author Aidan Newell ( ago)
desiigner ain't even speaking english 💀💀

Author hyper kidd ( ago)
sub to my channel

Author Tito Cruz ( ago)
Is lil Yachty auditioning for the next skittles commercial 😂

Author Blac Diamond ( ago)
Chance is like the only one dressed proper.

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
I wonder if designer can talk properly

Author Frazer aaa ( ago)
subtitles for desiigner please

Author la tech la tech ( ago)
he can taste the rainbows

Author gOsHtFaCe Ballaz ( ago)
Dat grill yachty got on looks Fuked

Author jo fiamz ( ago)
Lil yachty looks cool

Author Austin French ( ago)
why tf is designer popular

Author Andres Ortiz ( ago)
Jedenna hair got fucked up

Author wtfMYRON ( ago)
love how desiigner name is all in the comments lol he's a good guy though

Author J B ( ago)
Desiigner sounds like a battered dog that was left out in the rain

Author Matthew Major Weenus ( ago)
Oy don't bring politics into this. Mainstream figures just follow all the garbage that the mainstream media grinds out

Author Az cardinalds ( ago)
Cant wait for Rae sremmurds new music

Author TheNCisOverPowered ]MLG[ ( ago)
1:24 what?

Author Aaron Flynt ( ago)
Honestly wish Yachty would grow his head twisties lomger.

Author Elevate and Create ( ago)
Tf is up with desiigners voice bruh

Author Lord Maxwell ( ago)
Desiigner never fails to make me laugh!lol

Author OMGvapor ( ago)
Man desiigner is something else i think in a year his voice will be so raspy he won't be able to rap anymore

Author Steven M ( ago)

Author Caesar The Ape ( ago)
Desiigner is the most entertaining talker I've ever seen😂

Author Psychological Logic ( ago)
Yachty's rainbow grill to cold

Author moneyhungryyt ( ago)
is that common at 2:10

Author Manny Henderson ( ago)
they are letting anyone be famous now and days

Author Pandomii ( ago)
Brooklyneese you diiiig

Author Telly Green ( ago)
I love desiigner. He's funny af

Author David Nej ( ago)
I saved Desiigners mom doing the adlibs to use them as samples

Author RG4L- GOLDENPANDA ( ago)
cant wait for desiigner to record a song with his mom trrrrrrrrrrrraaa

Author Yomama420-69 ( ago)
Lil yachty sounds like he talkin with gob stopers in his mouth

Author Carlos Serrano ( ago)
Who else thinks designer mom ganna be the next hit lmfaooo????!!!!!

Author drew b ( ago)
Rae sremmurd = underrated

Author Mad izy Hinds ( ago)
Lil yachty

Author Hotshot_9930 ( ago)
When is desiigner's moms debut album dropping?

Author Hotshot_9930 ( ago)
I can never not laugh whenever desiigner opens his mouth 😭😭😂

Author Dank Memes ( ago)
Designer sounds like the didn't freakin go to school or something

Author allan mckinney ( ago)
Lil yatchy sounds decently smart

Author skinny pimp ( ago)
so schoolboy q a femenist,Cool

Author ACA$H ( ago)
3:17 Desiigners ma doin the libs

Author KevinPlayz ( ago)
Designer stay turnt

Author Malik Mccadden ( ago)
Every body follow lul babyboy on instagram

Author The Best Bleach Ever CLOROX BLEACH ( ago)

Author Taco Watson ( ago)
designer Sound like Meatwad

Author ben agyeman ( ago)

Author Robert OHanlon ( ago)
lil yacht looks so awkward in the thumbnail!

Author chanell creecy ( ago)
Why lil yatchy look like he have the kernal or kernel sanders suit on GET YO KFC FRIED CHICKEN HERE AT YO LOCAL KFC

Author fuckz:0 ( ago)
Desiigner is the perfect example of mommy knows you best.

Author Daniel Hernandez ( ago)

Author Emma Lee ( ago)
I died when desiigner started talking 😂😂😂💀😭😭

Author Ellis foley Foley ( ago)
Lil yacht teeth 😂

Author Geurtsy Films ( ago)
does desiigner have a mental disability or something

Author Zoned ( ago)
designer sound like he tryna talk and cry at the same time

Author Fabo Andolini ( ago)
Mya looked sooooo good in that jersey dress

Author Amani Beatz ( ago)
New free Lil yachty type beats on my channel

Author Sleepi Alleyne ( ago)
yachty rockin that colonel sanders bow tie

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