Somali Student Association - Dhaanto and Fashion Show

The Somali Student Association performs perform Dhaanto, a well known Somali traditional dance. This is a joy dance which the Somali people perform at occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and parties. There is also a fashion show part of the video.

Recorded at Taste of OSU on Friday, January 29, 2010 at The Ohio State University by Office of International Affairs videographer Victor van Buchem.

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Author Zahra Yusuf (24 days)
walal markad dhaqan soo bandhigasaan ma laydinka baahna ianad calan ku so
lebistaan waxa laydinka baahanyahay guntiino iyo sadex qayd waa la ogyahay
inad somali tihiin calanku hido iyo dhaqan maaho teeda kale isku daya inad
dharka hidaha iyo dhaqanka sidii loogu talo galay aad usoo xidhatan. si
aduun weynuhu u ogaado dhaqan keena quruxdisa. any way waad dadaashen

Author burci2 (4 years)
you people need to organize this event more next time....I'm student at
OSU...If u need help I can help organize this event..ya'all need to reach
me next time....

Author cabdisomali (4 years)
Lool Damn, can't watch it past 30 seconds; too damn embarrassing.. Oh well,
I guess they are at-least trying. So I give them an A for effort! But
please, if you gonna represent, represent us well!!

Author abdi1983 (1 year)
wtf are the girls wearing?

Author hibaaq ali (3 years)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk saana mexey aheyd

Author komarock (4 years)
SSA always on top...proudly presentin thier culture....plz IGNORE them

Author Marian Uthman (2 years)
verder ik vind't erg leuk

Author Umm Zubair Wa Salmaan (4 years)

Author Leo H (3 years)

Author mpendwaa (4 years)
Wiilashu ismaba qaadi karaan. Waaba dhalin yaree maxaa xoogoodii kudhacay.

Author Mint Fuschia (1 year)
Clothes, I guess.

Author daariq100 (4 years)
it is ok laakin tan kale oo lagu dhigaayo ogaadeenya home baa tan ka fiican
anyway good job long life ogaadeenya loveu

Author Farah Hakim (3 years)
At 3:49 check the chinese boy in red near the speakers even he can dance
the dhaanto better then them.

Author Saiyaman (2 years)
kuwaan wa bilash ,dhaqanka haku dheelina

Author MrOhio04 (3 years)
loool all the ppl had made negetive comments about his dhaanto have two
things ya dnt know nothing abou dhaanto cuz if ya do ..can we
see wat u have? two this is not dance contest...its called dhaanto u moran
not dance.. you dnt dance in dhaanto u played a sens ..u use ur hands then
ur legs then ur body dance u use ur fingers ur ass ur it before u start hateing.....

Author Abdirrashid (3 years)
@sajokal20 thats fake !!!

Author Maxamed Yare (4 years)
amazing job================i love all somalian pple they are funny pple

Author MrAmmm08 (3 years)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk caaadi ma ahan

Author reallyreallynotreal (2 years)

Author Somali boy (2 years)
I guess they tried their best, lol wiilasha ayaa badhaasuqiyay ciyaarta
gabdhahaa dhaama just saying : )

Author shukran8 (3 years)
Dhantadii ayay iga ceebeeyaya lol ku waan, lkn waa ok.

Author komarock (4 years)
fuck you hater!

Author Hai Baran (2 years)
dheerkaan isoo xigo meesha halaga tuuro. labada kale waa isla heystaan,
waad na ku mahadsan tihiin dhaqankiina oo aad ku faaneysaan

Author Sajokal Horseed (3 years)
Ancient egyptians said that they come from of land of Punt, now,in East
Africa , Somalia .Firstly,Egypt was invaded by Persians in -525 before
christ,then Alexander and greeks in -333 b-C ,then roman -30 b-christ ,
then the arabs in 639 after christ .Diodore of Sicile,greek historian wrote
that 200 thousands egyptians soldiers come to live in Ethiopia before the
collapse of Egypt Empire . Somali people live in Ethiopia and East Africa
and share alot of similarities with ancient-egyptians

Author baniez1 (3 years)
what a poor example of somalifolk dance.....blooody retards,,,these fools
mite b somali ,,they sure cant dance,,,PUT UR BACK IN" IT OR GET OF THE
STAGE,,,iv seen lil kids dane the folk dance
better,,ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,,,couldnt watch the rest of the video,,out
of shame......the girls,,silly tarts,wasnt doin shit,,,,i expected

Author faataxa (3 years)
kuwo wax yaqaanaba ma aha kuwani !!!!!!!!!! lakin way dadaalayaan

Author MrOhio04 (3 years)
woow somali ppl never gave a credit to each others cuz they r all jealous
of the one who is atleast doin somethin for his/her country...i was there
and i was so proud of they need practices, leadship, volunteers
yes they need all tht but lama ass ppl who goes to OSU dont wanna do shit
so dnt blame the high schoor students trying to represent ya....AND F.Y.I
there was more but ppl but they all got shy to the time of
performaning..but they won#19 of 49 so booo to all hates

Author Abdirrashid (3 years)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Author Darwish Khatumawi (4 years)
beautiful traditional

Author Sajokal Horseed (3 years)
The ancient-egyptians were somalis according to History ::« Again the
representations of the early Puntites, or Somali people, on the Egyptian
monuments, show striking resemblances to the Egyptians themselves. » By
Brian Brown New York: Brentano's[1923] / According to the historian Richard
Pankhurst :"""The Egyptians sometimes called Punt land Ta-Netjeru, meaning
"Land of the Gods," and considered it their place of origin ." (Richard
Pankhurst, The Ethiopian Borderlands:1997)

Author Sajokal Horseed (3 years)
@Abdirrashid , God study history ,brother . In ancient egyptian "AAR" means
"lion , "AAr" means "lion " in somali . In ancient egyptian language "Hes"
means "sing ,song" and "Hees" means "sing and song " in somali . There are
alot of words .and somali people have alot of similarities with ancient
egyptians . I have seen ancient egyptians women dancing this dance called
"Hello" . if you have facebook account ,I will show you the pictures and
historical facts , Byee brother

Author Hassan Shidane (3 years)
dhaaanto aaah ....sounds like baraan bur...worst dhaanto i have ever seen ..

Author soiamcool05 (1 year)
i swear they are bad thoughhhhhh.damn

Author naftiihure (4 years)
waar gabdhuhu mayaqaanan lakiin thy trying

Author yoniss9 (4 years)
Let me guess, you guys knew about this event but somehow couldn't find the
time to practice:)

Author Aabdirahim-Harir Islam (3 years)
kkkkkk iska bood boda CIYALOW. sona bartaa kkkkk

Author R. Said (2 years)
ufff waynagu ciyaaren kuwan!! naaagaha sooo marax

Author mukulalmadow (4 years)
would it do us any harm if we didn't have a dance at all?

Author BARLIN2010 (4 years)
i agree with yoniss9 also it looks boring to me that's my opinion.....

Author xoxkma09 (4 years)
kkkkkkk gabadha @5:20 wey qaladey! hiduhu waa DIRAC iyo GABASAR ee MAHAN

Author Thepaprika101 (2 years)
no practice, not nothing..looking like fucking idiots. Look at
china..getting their drums ready and shit.. and the girls couldn't bother
wearing traditional clothing?..bullshit

Author cadaado cadey (2 years)
ik ook

Author Nisteh (1 year)
somalida daaroodka ah iyo somalida kale fadlan waxan idinka codsanayaa in
aad dhaantadaanada naga wasaqeynin midho uu dad soo tidhiyay ama ciyaar uu
dad soo tuntay ayaad dhar soo xidhataan ayaan shirka la soo istaagtiin
taasina waxey idin tuseysaa in ey hidaha iyo dhaqan midna eyna la haani
jirin markii hodhe oo anaga ayaa nagu daba tugani jirteen hadii aanu nahay

Author somalian21 (4 years)
dat mattafucker iz my nigga abti nu / waxaro wase aka king of ohio aka he
ain't shit for shit aka ana kuwa saa aka where is my money aka u knw u r
most wanted in naptown. bruuuu nigga i ma see went i see u .. l0ov

Author Falisia11 (3 years)
OMG why do we all somali students all dance dhaanto only? we did dhaanto at
our African festival.. some1 gota teach us the real somali traditional
dances honestly. we only dhaanto kaliyah...

Author Marian Uthman (2 years)
kkkkkkkkk this is bad damnnnnnnnnnn , you could do better , looks like the
girls are shying or afraid of the camera . the girls suck the guys are
kinda aight

Author wagwan36 (2 years)
somali student association performing KASWIDA would have been 100 times

Author Najiib Mahamed (2 years)
Ogaden aya Ciyaara Dhaantada E Qabiil Kale Ma Yaaqano Viva ONLF <3

Author Falisia11 (3 years)
OMG i wish we couldd dance like these at our african festival.. they rockd
it.. and talk abot the fashion.. shit.. that brother is rockin the afro,,
so 1980s

Author MrAmmm08 (3 years)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ar see camal

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